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One experimental trip only had been accomplished by Mr Soares, who was forced to pay the Makua chiefs 120 dollars footing, to reach a small hill in view of the sea, about twenty five miles off.

This was highly approved of by all and they unanimously said Bana knew what he was about, because he dispenses justice like a king in his own country.

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I replied, if that was the case, the sooner he allowed us to go, the better it would be for him and, reminding him of his original promise to give me assistance on to Usui, said he could do so now with a very good grace.

He had heard our cry an expression of regal condescension and begged we would not be alarmed, for next morning he would see us, and after the meeting change our residence, when, should we not approve of wading to his palace, he would bridge all the swamps leading up to it but for the present he wanted two rounds of ball cartridge one to fire before his women, and the other before his officers and a large number of Kidi men who were there on a visit.

The farther we went in this country the better we liked it, as the people were all kept in good order and the village chiefs were so civil, that we could do as we liked.

A load was removed from us in seeing the Wasui protectors depart, with the truly cheering information that we now had nothing but wild animals to contend with before reaching Karague.

Here, however, he was at last reduced to submission and a better state of his senses by starvation for I must add, the African is much give to such mental fits of aberration at certain periods these are generally harmless, but sometimes not but they come and they go again without any visible cause.

I could not stand this we were literally, as Musa said we should be, being torn to pieces so I appealed to the mace bearers, protested that Makinga could have no claims on me, as he was not a man of Usui, but a native of Utambara, and brought on a row.

During this march we crossed three deep nullahs which drain the Uzaramo plateau, and arrived at the Makutaniro, or junction of this line with those of Mboamaji and Konduchi, which traverse central Uzaramo, and which, on my former return journey, I went down.

I found that he had a complication of evils entirely beyond my healing power, and among them inveterate forms of the diseases which are generally associated with civilisation and 050-704 Real Exam Questions its social evils.

In one or two places throughout the passage of these hills a caravan may be taxed, but if so, only to a small amount the villagers more frequently fly to the hill tops as soon as the noise of the advancing caravan is heard, and no persuasions will bring them down again, so much ground have they, from previous experience, to fear treachery.

If sent to market to purchase a fowl, he comes back with a cock tied by the legs to the end of a stick, swinging and squalling in the most piteous manner.

The weather had now become fine.

The Wanguana still grumbled, swearing they would carry no loads, as they got no rations, and threatening to shoot us if we pressed them, forgetting that their food had been paid for to the king in rifles, chronometers, and other articles, costing about 2000 dollars, and, what was more to the point, that all the ammunition was in our hands.

Adding a little advice of his own, Sheikh Said pressed me to go on with the journey as fast as possible, because all the Arabs had accused me of conspiring with Manua Sera, and would turn against me unless I soon got away.

They thus caught a Tartar for the grey beard no sooner saw them than he went and flogged them all back again, rebuking them on the way for their ingratitude to their chief, who had taken them in when they sought his shelter, and was now deserted by them on the first alarm of war.

I tried again to make him see the absurdity of tying a charm on Whitworth s rifle, but without the least effect.

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Next morning, then, after giving the Tots over in charge of some men to escort them on to Kaze quietly, I set our myself with a dozen men, and the following evening I put up with Musa, who told me Baraka had just left without one man all his slaves having become afraid to go, since the news of the Arab alliance had reached Kaze.

Kites, crows, and sparrows were flying about in all directions, 050-704 Labs and as they came within shot, nothing would satisfy the excited boy king but I must shoot them, and his pages take them to the queen, till my ammunition was totally expended.

The slaver s crew consisted of a captain, doctor, and several sailors, mostly Spaniards.

At the same time reports from the other side came in, to the effect that 050-704 Real Exam Questions the Arabs at Kaze and Msene had bribed the Watuta to join them, and overrun the whole country from Ugogo to Usui and, in consequence of this, all the natives on the line I should have to take were in such dread of that terrible wandering race of savages, who had laid waste in turn all the lands from N yassa Novell 050-704 Real Exam Questions to Usui on their west flank, that not a soul dared leave his home.

A black cat was then given Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+ZENworks 050-704 Real Exam Questions to the Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+ZENworks 050-704 Real Exam Questions messenger for Suwarora, and Musa sent an account of all that I had done towards effecting a peace, saying that the Arabs had accepted my views, and if he would have patience until I arrived in Usui, the four men required would be sent with me.

Altogether we made a good show.

I was assure that he was not a cannibal for the whole tribe of Wabembe, when they cannot get human TK0-001 Exam Practice Pdf flesh otherwise, give a goat to their neighbours for a sick or dying child, regarding such flesh as the best of all.

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They had no cows for me, but each of the Waganda bore a log of firewood, which Mtesa had ordered them to carry until they either returned with me or brought back a box of gunpowder, in default of which they were to be all burnt in a heap with the logs they carried.

I said to those men, I thought he was ashamed to see us, as he had robbed us so after inviting us into the country, else he was too superstitious, for he ought at least to have given us a place in his palace.

This large body of Waganda could not be kept waiting.

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I called Lumeresi 27th , and begged he would show whether he was the chief or not, by requiring Ruhe to disgorge the property he had taken from me.

If I choose to blow up my property, that is my look out and if you don t do your duty, I will blow you up also.

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The queen professed to take this ceremony with calm indifference, but her face showed that she enjoyed it.

My faithful followers however, never deserted me so I went to Rubuga, and put up with old Maula there.

I did not follow her advice to chain either of them with iron, for I found cords of love, the only instrument white men know the use of, quite strong enough.

Kamrasi then wanted us to paint his mbugu cloths in different patterns and colours but we sent him instead six packages of red ink powder, and got abused for sauciness.

It happened to be loaded, but fortunately only with powder, to fire my announcement at the palace for he instantly placed caps on the nipples, and let off one barrel by accident, the contents of which stuck in the thatch.

Kidgwiga called on me to say Kamrasi so very much wanted the white men at Gani to visit him, he had sent a hongo of thirty tusks to the chief of that country in hopes that it would insure their coming to see him.

This reduced the expedition establishment to my men and Kidgwiga s.

They looked upon plunder as their fortune and right, and my interference as unjustifiable.

Not knowing what difficulties I should have to contend with in such a piece of engineering, I tried to get her height by raising her up.

18th and 19th.

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Lugoi s dress, however, absorbed all their thoughts, and he was made to take it off and put it on again as often as any fresh visitor came to call.

The Wasui elders, contrary to my expectation, then came and congratulated us on our success.

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Leaving this valley, we rose to the table of Manyovi, overhung with much higher hills, looking, according to the accounts of our Hottentots, as they eyed the fine herds of cattle grazing on the slopes, so like the range in Kafraria, that they formed their expectations accordingly, and appeared, for the first time since leaving the coast, happy at the prospect before them, little dreaming that such rich places were seldom to be met with.

Kidgwiga with our cattle arrived in the morning.

We halted again at the request of all parties, and much to the delight of old Chongi, who supplied us with abundant pombe, promised a cow, that we should not be put to any extra expense by stopping, and said that without fail he would furnish us with guides who knew a short cut across country, by which we might reach the Wichwesi camp in one march, instead of going by the circuitous route which Bombay formerly took.

Bit by bit, however, I learned that he first went to the palace, and, finding the king had gone off yachting to the Murchison Creek, he followed him there.

They promised to take the message, but its delivery was quite another thing for no one can speak at this court till he is spoken to, and a word put in out of season is a life lost.

The bed of the Asua seemed very large, but, being far off, was not very distinct, nor did I care to go and see it them for at that moment, straight in front of me, five buffaloes, five giraffes, two eland and sundry other antelopes, were too strong a temptation.

It was reported they had been seen in M yonga s establishment and I was at the same time informed that the husbands who were out in search of them would return, as M yonga was likely to demand a price for them if they were claimed, in virtue of their being his rightful property under the acknowledged law of buni, or findings keepings.

To day I went to the palace, but found no one the king was out shooting again.

Whilst engaged in this operation, Baraka, accompanied by Wadimoyo Heart s stream , another of my freeman, approached me in great consternation, whispering to themselves.

I now sent six wires more, and said this was the last I could give they were worth so many goats to me and now by giving them away, C2010-573 Study Guide Pdf I should have to live on grain like a poor man, though I was a prince in my own country, just like Suwarora.


18th and 19th.


This magnificent order created a pause, which K yengo took advantage of by producing a little bundle of peculiarly shaped sticks and a lump of earth all of which have their own particular magical powers, as K yengo described to the king s satisfaction.

It was a perfect paradise for negroes as fast as they sowed they were sure of a crop without much trouble though, I must say, they kept their huts and their gardens in excellent order.

The jemadar of the guard said he commanded two hundred Turks, and had orders to wait for me, without any limit as to time, until I should arrive, when Petherick s name would be pointed out to me cut on a tree but as no one in camp could read my letter, they were doubtful whether we were the party they were looking out for.

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Great XK0-002 Questions And Answers Pdf applause followed this wonderful feat, and the cows were given to my men.

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I sent the picture required, and an angry message to Kamrasi for breaking his word, as he promised us we should go without a day s delay and go we must, for I could neither eat nor sleep from thinking 050-704 Test Answers of my home.

I then gave him a tortoise shell comb to comb his hair straight with, as he invariably remarked on the beautiful manner in which I dressed my hair, making my uncap to show it to 070-547 Training Guide his women, and afterwards asked my men to bring on the affair of last night.

At the same time, the Wanguana, who had carbines, were obliged to be drilled in their use and formed into companies, with captains of ten, headed by General Baraka, who was made commander in chief.

During the day they lured my men into their huts by inviting them to dinner but when they got them they stripped them stark naked and let them go again whilst at night they stone our camp.

Bombay then asked for cows for the Wanguana, getting laughed at for his audacity, and the king broke up the court and walked away.

After this he called me aside, and said, Now, Bana, I wish you would instruct me, as you have often proposed doing, for I wish to learn everything, though I have little opportunity for doing so.

Beads and brass wire, exchanged for ivory or slaves, are the only articles of foreign manufacture any Mganda can hold in his possession.

Finally, all the houses and plantains where my men were wounded had been confiscated.

As I had them all in a good humour now, I complained I did not see enough of the Waganda and as every one dressed so remarkably well, I could not discern the big men from the small could she not issue some order by which they might call on me, as they did not 050-704 Exam Dumps dare do so without instruction, and then I, in turn, would call on them Hearing this, she introduced me to her prime minister, chancellor of exchequer, women keepers, hangmen, and cooks, as the first nobles in the land, that I might recognise them again if I met 050-704 Test Dump them on the road.

A party of Wanyoro, in twelve or fifteen canoes, made of single tree trunks, had come up the river to trade with the Wasoga, and having stored their vessels with mbugu, dried fish, plantains cooked and raw, pombe, and other things, were 050-704 Test Answers taking their last meal on shore before they returned to their homes.

The country is uniformly well covered with trees and large grasses, which, in the rainy season, are too thick, tall, and green to be pleasant though in the dry season, after the grasses have been burnt, it is agreeable enough, though not pretty, owing to the flatness of the land.

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Generally industrious much more so than most other negroes they cultivate extensively, make cloths of cotton in their own looms, smelt iron and work it up very expertly, build tembes to live in over a large portion of their country, but otherwise live in grass huts, and keep flocks and herds of considerable extent.

It had never before been occupied by any visitors excepting Wahinda ambassadors and being near, and in full view of the palace, was pleasant and advantageous, as I could both hear the constant music, and see the throngs of people ever wending their way to and from the royal abodes.

Further parley was useless for, though both my wires and cloths were short, still it was better not to kick up a row, when I had so much to do to keep all my men in good temper for the journey.

A party of fifty men came from Labure, a station on ahead of this, to take service as porters, knowing that at this season the Turks always come with a large herd of plundered cattle, which they call government property, and give in payment to the men who carry their tusks of ivory across the Bari country.


Hearing this I at once wrote to Grant, begging him to come on if he could do so, and to bring with him all the best of my property, or as much as he could of it, as I now saw there was more cunning humbug than honesty in what Rumanika had told me about the impossibility of our going north from Uganda, as well as in his saying sick men could not go into Uganda, and donkeys without trousers would not be admitted there, because they were considered indecent.

The large blocktin box I gave Kamrasi, as part of his hongo, was, I heard, called Mzungu, or the white man, by him.

He was dressed Wichwezi fashion, with a little white goat skin apron, adorned with numerous charms, and used a paddle for a mace or walking stick.

Immediately after breakfast the king sent his pages in a great hurry to say he was waiting on the hill for me, and begged I would bring all my guns immediately.


I sent Kahala out of the house, giving her finally over to Bombay as a wife, because she preferred playing with dirty little children to behaving like a young lady, and had caught the itch.

The men who were with Kari were now sent to the palace, under accusation of having led him into ambush, and a complaint was made against the villagers, 050-704 Dumps Pdf which we waited the reply to.

The sick Hottentot died here, and we buried him with 050-704 Certification Christian honours.

We had already been here too long.

This was too provoking.

To day I went out shooting, but though I saw and fired at a rhinoceros, as well as many varieties of antelopes, I did not succeed in killing one head.


So Bombay and Mabruki, carrying there muskets, and a map and letter for Petherick, departed.

He was sitting on the iron chair in the shade of the court, attended by some eighty women, tweedling the loading rod in his fingers but as my rod appeared a better one than his, they were exchanged.

The town, which I had left in so different a condition sixteen months before, was in a state of great tranquillity, brought about by the energy of the Bombay Government on the Muscat side, and Colonel Rigby s exertions on this side, in preventing an insurrection Sultan Majid s brothers had created with a view of usurping his government.

It stretched across the hut, was higher than the men could reach indeed it was a perfect marvel and the man must be a good one who brought such a treasure as this to Uddu.

But when Grant came, we had it out of him, and found this terrible mystery all hung on Lumeresi s prognostications that we never should get through Usui with so little cloth.

He did not want property, he said, but he could not bear that the strangers had lived with his mtoto, or child, which Ruhe was, and yet would not live with him.

A page was then sent for by Maula, who, giving him a bit of stick representing the gun required, told him to fetch it immediately.

They said they had obtained leave for me to visit them, and were eagerly looking out for the happy event.

After this, Viarungi pleaded the cause of my mutinous followers, till I shook my finger angrily at him before the king, rebuked him for intermeddling in other people s affairs, and told my own story, which gained the sympathy of the king, and induced him to say, Supposing they desert Bana, what road do they expect to get Maula was now appointed to go with Rozaro to Karague for the powder and other things promised yesterday, whilst Viarungi and all his party, though exceedingly anxious to get away, had orders to remain here prisoners as a surety for the things arriving.

They said they had some fearful news to communicate, which, when I heard it, they knew would deter our progress it was of such great moment and magnitude, they thought they could not deliver it then.

In habits they are semi pastoral agriculturalists, and would be useful members of society were they left alone to cultivate their own possessions, 050-704 Book rich and beautiful by nature, but poor and desolate by force of circumstance.

This was a bad job.

Early this morning I called all the head men of the village together, and demanded the beads to be restored to me for, as I was living with them, they were responsible, according to the laws of the country.

Lumeresi then said she ought to have something, because Ruhe was her son, whilst Lumeresi was only her second husband and consort, for Ruhe was born to her by her former husband.

The whole system of slaveholding by the Arabs in Africa, or rather on the coast or at Zanzibar, is exceedingly strange for the slaves, both in individual physical strength and in numbers, are so superior to the Arab foreigners, that if they chose to rebel, they might send the Arabs flying out of the land.

The only marked difference between the two is in the shape of their horns, as may be seen by the woodcut and in their colour, in which, in both sexes, the Ugogo antelopes resemble the picticandata gazelle of Tibet, except that the former have dark markings on the face.

My door was found shut, so they went to Bombay, asked him to do it, and told him the king desired to know if I would go shooting with him in the morning.

The little sheikh was warmly congratulatory as he spoke of the numbers who had strayed away and had been lost in that wilderness whilst Bombay admitted he thought we should turn up again if I did not listen to the advice of the boys, which was his only fear.

He answered, with his usual courtesy, That he would be very glad to oblige us in any way that we liked but he feared that, as the Waganda were such superstitious people, some difficulties would arise, and he must decline to comply with our request.

Mtesa was undergoing the coronation formalities, and for this reason had sent the deserters to Kari s hill, giving them cows and a garden to live on, as no visitors can remain near the court while the solemnities of the coronation were going on.

I was now introduced to the company present, of whom one Mgema, an elderly gentleman of great dignity, had the honour to carry Sunna the late king Mpungu, who cooked for Sunna, also ranks high in court then Usungu and Kunza, executioners, rank very high, enjoying the greatest confidence with the king and, finally, Jumba and Natigo, who traced their pedigree to the age of the first Uganda king.

In a few years after capture, or when confidence has been gained by the attachment shown by the slave, if the master is a trader in ivory, he will intrust him with the charge of his stores, and send him all over the interior of the continent to purchase for him both slaves and ivory but should the master die, according to the Mohammedan creed the slaves ought to be freed.

At this place, to our intense joy, three of Sheikh Said s boys came to us with a letter from Rigby but, on opening it, our spirits at once fell far below zero, for it only informed us that he had sent us all kinds of nice things, and letters from home, which were packed up in boxes, and despatched from the coast on the 30th October 1860.

men emancipated from slavery as they could enlist, to carry loads, or do any other work required of them, and to follow men in Africa wherever I wished, until our arrival in Egypt, when I would send them back to Zanzibar.


I could not lie or sleep on either side.

But when the queen saw what I had done, she gave me the other as well, saying the little one was too young to go alone, and, if separated, she would take fright and run away.

I went again after the herd of six buffaloes, as I thought one was wounded, and after walking up a long sloping hill for three miles towards the east, I found myself at once in view of the Nile on one hand, and the long heard of Asua river on the other, backed by hills even higher than the Jbl Kuku.

Then, indeed, said the whole company, in one voice, we do like you, and your cloth too but you most.

Finally, he settled down to a musical concert, in which he took the lead himself.

He was the brother of the dowager queen of Uganda, and, along with a proper body of officers, he had been sent by Mtesa, the present king of Uganda, to demand the daughter of Suwarora, as reports had reached his king that she was surprisingly beautiful.

To keep us amused, Kidgwiga informed us that Kamrasi and Mtesa in fact, all the Wahuma came originally from a stock of the same tribe dwelling beyond Kidi.

Whilst lingering on the way, every minute expecting to see my men, the Wazinza, who had also received orders to seize the same officer, passed me, going to the place of attack, and, at the same time, I heard my men firing in a direction exactly opposite to the palace.

Frij piped, but no guns fired and as he asked the reason why he was told it would be offensive to say we were glad he was going.

On every finger and every toe, he had alternate brass and copper rings and above the ankles, halfway up to the calf, a stocking of very pretty beads.

As a punishment, I ordered her to live with Bombay but my house was so dull again from want of some one to eat dinner with me, that I remitted the punishment, to her great delight.

Seeing this done in such a quiet mild way before all my men, who dared not lift their heads to see it, made me burst into a roar of laughter, and the king, catching the infection from me, laughed as well but the laughing did not end there for the pages, for once giving way to nature, kept bursting my men chuckled in sudden gusts while even the women, holding their mouths for fear of detection, responded and we all laughed together.

On our drawing near the palace, a small, newly constructed boma was shown for my residence but as I did not wish to stop there, knowing how anxious Grant would be to have his relief, I would not enter it, but instead sent Baraka to pay the hongo as quickly as possible, that we might move on again at the same time ordering him to describe the position both Grant and myself were in, and explain that what I paid now was to frank both of us, as the whole of the property was my own.

To day I tried the ground again, and, whilst walking up the hill, two black rhinoceros came trotting towards us in a very excited manner.

When told by Bombay of our treatment on the Nile, the king Novell 050-704 first said he did not think we wished to see him, else we would have come direct from Rumanika but when asked if Baraka s coming with Rumanika s officers was not sufficient to satisfy him on this point, he hung down his head, and evaded the question, saying he had been the making of Mtesa of Uganda but he had turned out a bad fellow, and now robbed him right and left.

Next day, after crossing more of those abominable rush drains, whilst in sight of the Victoria N yanza, we ascended the most beautiful hills, covered with verdure of all descriptions.

The king then called Maula, and said, Maula, indeed you have spoken the truth there is nothing like this instrument, etc.

Rising up from the deep valley of Mdunhwi we had to cross another high ridge before descending to the also deep valley of Chongue, as picturesque a country as the middle heights of the Himalayas, dotted on the ridges and spur slopes by numerous small conicalhut villages but all so poor that we could not, had we wanted it, have purchased provisions for a day s consumption.

These men had been sitting all day without seeing the king, and three shots opened his gate immediately to me.

Ignoring his claims to Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+ZENworks 050-704 Real Exam Questions imperial rank, I maintained that his reason for ill treating us must be fear, it 050-704 could be nothing else.

His badge of office is an iron hatchet, inlaid with copper and handled with ivory.

This speech also created great hilarity the queen and councillors all became uproarious.

By way of a joke and feeler, I took it in my head to try, by taking a harmless rise out of Congow, whether the Nile is understood by the natives to be navigable near its exit from the N yanza.

He was at Maula s house, which proved the king s boy to be correct for the convoy, afraid of encountering the voyage on the lake, had deceived my companion and brought him on by land, like true negroes.

Has she any children Yes, said Bombay, with ready impudence these are two of them pointing to Grant and myself.


I gave him what he wanted, and away he went.

The land beyond that again rolled back in high undulations, over which, in the far distance, we could see a line of cones, red and bare on their tops, guttered down with white streaks, looking for all the world like recent volcanoes and in the far background, rising higher than all, were the rich grassy hills of Karague and Kishakka.


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