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The king, as might be imagined, did not believe the boy s story, and sent other pages to ascertain the truth of the case, bidding them listen well, and beware of what they were about.

Chapter XVI Bahr El Abiad First Voyage on the Nile The Starting Description of the River and the Country Meet a Hostile Vessel A Naval Engagement Difficulties and Dangers Judicial Procedure Messages from the King of Uganda His Efforts to get us back Desertion The Wanyoro Troops Kamrasi Elephant Stalking Diabolical Possessions.

Kamrasi then wanted us to paint his 070-461 Sample Questions mbugu cloths in different patterns and colours but we sent him instead six packages of red ink powder, and got abused for sauciness.

My guns, clothes, and everything were HP0-A02 Test then inspected, and begged for in the most importunate manner.

It proved so obstinate that fire had no effect upon it and although we cut off the tails of some to relieve them by bleeding, still they died.

I did not like my men having been kept prisoners in Uganda, and pronounced in public that I would not return.

She admitted me at once, when I gave her quinine, on the proviso that I should stop there all day and night to repeat the dose, and tell her the reason why I did not come before.

Seating them both on our chairs, which amused them intensely, I asked Rumanika, although I had heard before the whole facts of the case, what motives now induced him to wish the committal of such a terrible act, and brought out the whole story afresh.

We found, however, nothing but loss and disappointment one calf stolen, and five goats nearly so.

She was very agreeable but as her husband was attending the palace, could not give pombe, and instead gave my female escort sundry baskets of plaintains and potatoes, signifying a dinner, and walked half way home, flirting with me as before.

I now obtained permission for the Wakungu to call upon me, and fancied I only required my interpreters to speak out like men when I had anything to say, to make my residence in Uganda both amusing and instructive but though the king, carried off by the prevailing good humour of the scene we had both witnessed, supported me, I found that he had counter ordered what he had said as soon as I had gone, and, in fact, no Mkungu ever dared come near me.

I jumped at this news, and said, Of course, they are there do let me send a letter to them.

They told me it was the first time they had come on this line, and they deeply regretted it, for they had lost 5000 dollar s worth of beads by their porters running away with their loads, and now they did not know how to proceed.

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Manua Sera, it was said, had vast resources.

What is it, your majesty I can see nothing in your face it may perhaps require a private inspection.

Dismissing business, however, the king turned to me, and said he never saw anything so wonderful as my shooting in his life he was sure it was done by magic, as my gun never missed, and he wished I would instruct him in the art.

Bombay, after taking back the dwarf, met one of N yamasore s officers, just arrived from Uganda on some important business, and upbraided Mtesa for not having carried out my instructions.

The elder, whom I named Meri plantains , was obtained by Sunna, the late king, as a wife, from Nkole and though she was a mere Kahala, or girl, when the old king died, he was so attached to her he gave her twenty cows, in order that she might fatten up on milk after her native fashion but on Sunna s death, when the establishment of women was divided, Meri 070-461 Exam Prep fell to N yamasore s the queen s lot.

Here the patience of my men fairly gave way, for the village of Jiwa la Mkoa was only one long march distance from us and they, in consequence, smelt food on in advance much sweeter than the wild game 070-461 Practice Test and wild grasses they had been living on and many more of them could not resist deserting us, though they might, had we all pulled together, have gone more comfortably in, as soon as the rear property arrived next day with Baraka.

The whole operation was rather ridiculous for the blister, after being applied, had to be rubbed in turn on the hands and faces of both Bombay and Nasib, to show there was no evil spirit in the doctor.

Budja and Kasoro were again reported to be near with a force of fifty Waganda, prepared to snatch us away and the king, fearing the consequences, had sent to inform Budja, that if he dared attempt to approach, he would slip us off in boats to Gani, and then fight it out with the Waganda for his guests, since they had been handed over to him, had been treated with every possible respect.


Tired beyond all measure with Mahamed s procrastination, as I could not get him to start, I now started myself, much to his disgust, and went ahead again, leaving word that I would wait for him at the next place, provided he did not delay more than one day.

To try and check the desertions of Sultan Majid s men, I advised ordering was of no use that their camp should be broken up, and they should be amalgamated with the Wanguana but it was found that the two would not mix.

Numerous visitors called on us here, and consequently our picture books were in great request.

Then Rumanika s men, who came here with Baraka, though daily crying to get away, were still imprisoned here, without any hope before them.

Kidgwiga told us that, when he was a lad, Kamrasi sent him with a large party of Wanyoro to visit a king who lived close to a high mountain, two months journey distant, to the east or south east of this, and beg for a magic horn, as that king s doctor was peculiarly famed for his skill as a magician.

Mr Mbumi, the chief of the place, a very Microsoft 070-461 Pdf Exam affable negro, at once took us by the hand, and said he would do anything we desired, for he had often been to Zanzibar.

I saw only one sable antelope.

On arrival at camp, the king, quite shocked with himself for having deserted me, asked me if I did not hear his guns fire.

So Bombay and Mabruki, carrying there muskets, and a map and letter for Petherick, departed.

The Wanyamuezi, however, are not a very well favoured people in physical appearance, and are much darker than either the Wazaramo or the Wagogo, though many of their men are handsome and their women pretty neither are they well dressed or well armed, being wanting in pluck and gallantry.

In the courtyard fronting them, were hundreds of men and women dressed in smart mbugus the males wearing for turbans, strings of abrus seeds wound round their heads, with polished boars tusks stuck in in a jaunty manner.

They were dressed in plantain leaves, looking like grotesque Neptunes.

The rest need not be told as a matter of course I had to appear very much gratified, and as the bowl went round, all became uproarious.

A Kisuahili grammar, written by Dr.

On a rock by the river stood a number of armed men, jumping, jabbering, and thrusting with their spears, just as the Waganda 070-461 Guide do.

Further, they volunteered to go with me again, should I attempt to cross Africa from east to west, through the fertile zone

Drumming, singing, screaming, yelling, and dancing had been going on these last two days and two 70-433 Questions And Answers nights to drive the Phepo or devil out of a village.

The expedition, they said, had been defeated, and the positions were so complicated nobody knew what to do.


He would not listen, professing humanity, whilst he meant plunder and I now found that he was determined not to beat the drum until I had paid him some more, which he was to think over and settle next 070-461 Pdf Exam day.

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This conversation over, after gazing at me, and chatting with his women for a considerable time, the second scene ended.

Mahamed, on finding how easy it was to get taxes in this fashion, instead of thanking them, assumed the air of the great potentate, whose clemency was abused, and told the poor creatures that, though they had done well in seeking his friendship, they had not sufficiently considered his dignity, else they would have brought 070-461 Pdf Exam double that number of tusks, for it was impossible he could be satisfied at so low a price.

The iron campbed was next inspected, and admired then the sextant, which was coveted and begged for, but without success, much to the astonishment of the king, as his attendants had led him to expect he would get anything he asked for.

Mahamed now disposed of half of his herd of cows, giving them to the chiefs of the villages in return for porters.

Even strange feathers or skins are treated by them in the same way.

Then with a gracious bow I walked of with my two fine specimens of natural history, though I would rather have had princes, that I might have taken them home to be instructed in England but the queen, as soon as we had cleared the palace, sent word to say she must have another parting look at her son with his wives.

Mohinna hearing this, also came to the well, and said he would not listen to their demand, but would drink as he wished, for the water was the gift of God.

Such is the nature of the country all the way to Urondogani, except in some favoured spots, kept as tidily as in any part of Uganda, where plantains grow in the utmost luxuriance.

I now christened the stones Ripon Falls, after the nobleman who presided over the Royal Geographical Society when my expedition was got up and the arm of water from which the Nile issued, Napoleon Channel, in token of respect to the French Geographical Society, for the honour they had done me, just before leaving England, in presenting me with their gold medal for the discovery of the Victoria N yanza.

We next went on shore to picnic, when a young hippopotamus, speared by harpoon, one pig, and a pongo or bush boc, were presented to the king.

Presents may be exchanged, but the name of tax is ignored.

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They are extremely fond of ornaments, the most common of which is an ugly tube of the gourd thrust through the lower lobe of 070-461 Dumps the ear.

Suliman by my side, with the instinct of a monkey, made a violent spring and swung himself by a bough immediately over the beast, whilst Faraj bolted away and left me single gunned to polish him off.

A little while elapsed, and a party of fifty Wanyoro rushed wildly into camp, with their spears uplifted, and looked for the Waganda, but found them gone.

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The Wichwezi queen met her majesty with her head held very high, and instead of permitting me to sit on my box of grass, threw out a bundle of grass MCSA 070-461 Pdf Exam for that purpose.

I saw that old father Nile without any doubt rises in the Victoria N yanza, and, as I had foretold, that lake is the great source of the holy river which cradled the first expounder of our religious belief.

My men dared not advance upright, nor look upon the women, but, stooping, with lowered heads and averted eyes, came cringing after me.

Ducks and snipe appear to love Africa less than any other country and geese and storks are only found where water most abounds.

Some porters, overcome by heat and thirst, lay scattered along the road, while the corporal of the Hottentots allowed his mule to stray from him, never dreaming the animal would travel far from his comrades, and, in following after him, was led such a long way into the bush, that my men became alarmed for his safety, knowing as they did that the savages were out living like monkeys on the calabash fruit, and looking out for any windfalls, such as stragglers worth plundering, that might come in their way.

In a fidgety manner the beast then descended, as if he expected some danger in store and he was not wrong for, attaching a bit of white paper to the fly sight of my Blissett, I approached him, crawling under cover of the banks until within eighty yards of him, when, finding that the moon shone full on his flank, I raised myself upright and planted a bullet behind his left shoulder.

After this, veering round for a moment on the generous tack, he offered me a cow, which I declined.

Next day 23d the chief Ugali came to pay his respects to us.

25th, 28th April and 2d May.

of beads, whilst he had also paid to every officer from 20 to 40 wires, as well as cloths and beads.

Kimenya, a little old man, less than a yard high, called on us with a walking stick higher than himself, made his salaam, and sat down very composedly.

and we took large numbers of their eggs.

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Contorted green thorn trees, elephant foot stumps, and aloes, seem to thrive best here, by their very nature indicating what the country is, a poor stony land.

The old creature jingled the bell, entered our hut, squatted on his hams, looked first at one, then at the other inquired what the missing things were like, grunted, moved his skinny arm round his head, as if desirous of catching air from all four sides of the hut, then dashed the accumulated air on the head of his horn, smelt it to see if all was going right, jingled the bell again close to his ear, and grunted his satisfaction the missing articles must be found.

Sure enough, there they were they had tracked the animal back to Marenga Mkhali, through jungle for he had not taken to the footpath.

The merchants on the coast, too, though prohibited by their Sultan from interfering with the natural course of trade, send their hungry slaves, as touters, to entice all approaching caravans to trade with their particular ports, authorising the touters to pay such premiums as may be necessary for the purpose.

Lastly, I explained to him how England formerly was as unenlightened as Africa, and believing in the same sort of superstitions, and the inhabitants were all as naked as his skinwearing Wanyambo but now, since they had grown wiser, and saw through such impostures, they were the greatest men 3DVV613X-CPS Exam Guide in the world.

Two of their men fell one killed, one wounded.

Then, to enhance all these pleasure, so different from our former experiences, we were treated like guests by the chief of the place, who, obeying the orders of his king, Rumanika, brought me presents, as soon as we arrived, of sheep, fowls, and sweet potatoes, and was very thankful for a few yards of red blanketing as a return, without begging for more.

About 1600 men were engaged on this service, when the king, standing on a carpet in front of the middle hut of the first court, with two spears in his hand and his dog by his side, surrounded by his brothers and a large staff of officers, gave orders for the regiment to run to and fro in column, that he might see them well then turning to his staff, ordered them to run up and down the regiment, and see what they thought of it.

The bird is then sent immediately to his mother, whilst he retires to his palace, woh wohing, and taking ten to the dozen all the way and boasting of his prowess.

I sent the king a present of a double barrelled gun and ammunition, and received in answer a request that both Grant and myself would attend a levee, which he was to hold in state, accompanied by his bodyguard, as when I was first presented to him.

I arranged that Grant should go to Kamrasi s direct with the property, cattle, and women, taking my letters and a map for immediate despatch to Petherick at Gani, whilst I should go up the river to its source or exit from the lake, and come down again navigating as far as practicable.

Baraka was appointed the umpire, and immediately comparing the infant s face with those of its claimants, gave a decision which all approved of but the loser.

I now proposed going on if the Apina, or chief of the village, would give me a guide but he feared to do so lest I should come to grief, and Mahamed would then be down upon him.

The whole place, once so fertile, was now almost depopulated and in a sad state 070-461 Practice of ruin, showing plainly the savage ravages of war for the Arabs and their slaves, when they take the field, think more of plunder and slavery than the object they started on each man of the force looking out for himself.

This was too much for my patience, so I ordered all my things to be tied up in marching order, and gave out that I should leave and find out the way myself the following morning.

Now, do you reflect that I have selected you for this journey, as it would, if you succeed with me in carrying out our object, stamp you for ever as a man of great fame.

The queen began to sing, and the councillors to join in chorus then all sang and all drank, and drank and sang, till, in their heated excitement, they turned the palace into a pandemonium still there was not noise enough, so the band and drums were called again, and tomfool for Uganda, like the old European monarchies, always keeps a jester was made to sing in the gruff, hoarse, unnatural voice which he ever affects to maintain his character, and furnished with pombe when his throat was dry.

To morrow our residence should be changed, and an interview follow, for he desired being friends with us just as much as we did with him.

Fifty Gani men had just arrived to inform him that Rionga had lately sent ten slaves and ten ivory tusks to Petherick s post, to purchase a gun but the answer was, that a thousand times as much would not purchase a weapon that might be used against us for our 070-461 Exam Dumps Pdf arrival with Kamrasi had been heard of, and nothing would be done to jeopardise our road.

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It was too late, however, to count all the things out, so they came the next day and took them.

Baraka was a splendid detective, and could do everything well when he wished it, so I sent him off now with cloths to see what he could to at Jiwa la Mkoa, and next day he returned triumphantly driving in cows and goats.

This complicated matters more than ever.

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It was not sufficient, however, to make him forget his regal pride for though Bombay pleaded hard for our going to see him, and for a change of residence, the immovable king, to maintain the imperial state he had assumed 070-461 Pdf Exam as king of kings, only said, What difference does it make whether your master sees me to day or tomorrow If he wants to communicate about the road to Gani, Microsoft 070-461 Pdf Exam his property at Karague, or the guns at Uganda, he can do so as well through the medium of my officers as with me direct, and I will send men whenever he wishes to do so.

After the death of Kimera, the prosperity of Uganda never decreased, but rather improved.

They gave us two of the eggs, which we ate, but did not like, for they had a highly musky flavour.

3, fowl No.

The Pig then finally refused, saying three loads even would not tempt him, for all were opposed to it.

They surpassed in number, 070-461 Vce Download according to Bombay, the troops and ragamuffins enlisted by Sultain Majid when Sayyid Sweni threatened to attack Zanzibar in fact, he never saw such a large army collected anywhere.

The result was, that a number of huts in a large plantain garden were at once assigned to me, on the face of a hill, immediately overlooking and close to the main road.

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Next day Baraka told me his heart shrank to the dimensions of a very small berry when he saw whom I had brought with me yesterday meaning Bombay, and the same porters whom he had prevented going on with me before.

The first affluent, the Bahr el Ghazal, took us by surprise for instead of finding a huge lake, as described in our maps, at an elbow of the Nile, we found only a small piece of water resembling a duck pond buried in a sea of rushes.

The fishermen bring their spoils also the gardeners.

4th to 6th.

Ah, well, then, if he is so particular, he must wait a bit, for we have none on hand.

My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being as bad where they had been as in Ugogo.

Nobody was allowed to be present at our interview.

This was done but the next morning 7th , after our things were put out for the march, all Kidgwiga s men bolted, and no guides would take service with us.

The queen now taking a sporting fit into her head, sent for me early in the morning, with all my men, armed, to shoot a crested crane in her palace but though we were there as required, we were kept waiting till late in the afternoon, when, instead of talking about shooting, as her Wakungu had forbidden her doing it, she asked after her two daughters whether they had run away, or if they liked their new abode I replied I was sorry circumstances did not permit my coming to thank her sooner, for I felt grateful beyond measure to her for having charmed my house with such beautiful society.


At that moment Singinya was 070-461 Exam out in the field fighting his enemies and she was sure, when he heard I was here, that he would be very sorry he had missed seeing me.

It appeared that Kamrasi s brothers, when they heard we were coming into Unyoro, murmured, and said to the king, Why are you bringing such guests amongst us, who will practise all kinds of diabolical sorcery, and bring evil on us To which Kamrasi replied, I have invited them to come, and they shall come and if they bring evil with them, let that all fall on my shoulders, for you shall not see them.

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I now, for the first time, saw the way HP0-A03 Study Guides in which the king collected his army together.

I was not sorry to find the king attempting to draw me to court, daily to sit in attendance on him as his officers were obliged to do all day long, in order that he might always have a full court or escort whenever by chance he might emerge from his palace, for it gave me an opening for asserting my proper position.

For all these matters the commander in chief tells off the divisional officers, who are approved by the king, and the matter is ended in court.

Some little boys came here who had all their hair shaved off excepting two round tufts Microsoft 070-461 Pdf Exam on either side of the head.

I sent Bombay off with a message to Kamrasi explaining everything, and begging for an early interview, as I had much of importance to communicate, and wished, of all things, to see the letter he had from Gani, as it must have come from our dear friends at home.

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Kwibeya, the officer of the place, presented us with five fowls on the part of the king, and some baskets of potatoes.

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