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A wonderful report came that the king put two tops of powder into his Whitworth rifle to shoot a cow, and the bullet not only passed through the cow, but through the court fence, then through the centre of a woman, and, after passing the outer fence, flew whizzing along no one knew where.

Baraka approached me triumphantly, saying how well he had managed the business.

We could not get the Sultan s men to chum with the Wanguana proper they were shy, like wild animals built their huts by themselves and ate and talked by themselves, for they felt themselves inferiors and I had to nominate one of their number to be their chief, answerable for the actions of the whole.

It in a manner explained also how it was that Kamrasi, some years before, had obtained some pink beads, of a variety the Zanzibar merchants had never thought of bringing into the country.

Pooh, pooh nonsense says Maula, laughing I will give him more wires than you, and then let us see who will win the king s ear.

Makaka would not hear of such an arrangement.

In vain I appealed to his mercy, declaring that the only chance left me of saving my life would be from the change of air in the hammock as I marched along.

I cannot say what pleasure this gave me my fortune, I thought, was made and so I told Baraka, and pretended he did not believe the news to be true.

Four young women, virgins, the daughters of these high officers, nicely dressed, were shown in as brides, and ordered to sit with the other women.

No fear, however, was entertained about the things being recovered, for Sirboko had warned Ugali the chief, and he had promised to send his 100-101 Actual Exam Waganga, or magicians, out to track them down, unless the neighbouring chief chose to give them up.

A plan of the lake and Nile, which I brought with me to explain our projects for reaching Karague and Gani, engaged the king s attention for a while but still he would not agree to let anything be done until the messenger returned from Unyoro.

My faithful followers however, never deserted me so I went to Rubuga, and put up with old Maula there.

The symptoms, altogether, were rather alarming, for the heart felt 100-101 Exam Demo inflamed and ready to burst, pricking and twingeing with every breath, which was exceedingly aggravated by constant coughing, when streams of phlegm and bile were ejected.

of butter, the remainder to be picked up on the way.

I said nothing could give me greater pleasure than mediating for them, to put a stop to these horrors, but it struck me the case had now gone too far.

Cows, after leaving the low lands near the coast, are found to be plentiful everywhere, and to produce milk in small quantities, from which butter is made.

From the Warangira the Wakunga now chose as their king the one whom they thought best suited for the government of 100-101 Cert Guide the country not of too high rank by the mother s side, lest their selection in his pride should kill them all, but one of low birth.

Their language is Kisuahili but there is no land Usuahili, though people talk of going to the Suahili in the Cisco 100-101 same vague sense as they do of going to the Mashenzi, or amongst the savages.

We took up our quarters in the village as usual, but the Turks remained outside, and carried off all the tops of the villagers huts to make a camp for themselves.

What is it, your majesty I can see nothing in your face it may perhaps require a private inspection.


This I rejected, as he told me it had been given to himself, explaining that we prided ourselves on never parting with the gifts of a friend and this speech tickled his fancy so much, that he said he never would part with anything I gave him.

27th and 28th.

Oh yes of course Bana wrote to Bana Mdogo the little master as soon as he arrived in Uganda and told him and Rumanika all about it.

But Bana says he will not retrace one step he would sooner lose his life.

I then said my reason for not seeing her before was, that the four times I had sent messengers to make an appointment for the following day, they had been repulsed from her doors.

He then wanted me to send for more shot and as I told him he must wait for more until my brothers come, he contented himself with taking two or three sample grains and ordering his iron smiths to make some like them.

He was, in fact, a spy whom Rohinda had sent to ascertain what exactions had been made from me, as he, being the great chief, was entitled to the most of them himself.

I knew not what to do, for there was no hope left but in what Baraka might bring and as that even would be insufficient, I sent Musa s men into Kaze, to increase the original number by thirty men more.

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That state trick failing to frighten and stop us, he tried another, by saying, when we departed, he hoped we would leave two men with guns behind, to occupy our present camp, and so delude the people into the belief that merely a party of their followers, and not the white men themselves, had left his house, for the purpose of spreading terror in the minds of the people we might meet, who, not knowing the number of men behind, would naturally conclude there was a large reserve force ready to release us in case of necessity.

There we found, to our relief, some fisherman, who gave us fish for our dinner, and directions how to proceed.

A Mguana, indeed then where is your mother N.

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Their drums were beaten as a sign that they would attack us, and the war drums of the villages around responded by beating also.

5th To day the king went on a visit with his mother, and therefore neither of them could be seen by visitors.

He was either too dazzled or too timid to answer Cisco 100-101 Exam Demo any questions, and in a few minutes walked away again.

I asked these attendants to sell me food for beads, but they declared they could not without obtaining permission.

But this was not all their misfortunes for the slaves who brought in this information had met the first detachment, sent with the Khoko loot, at Kigua, where, they said, the detachment had been surprised by Manua Sera, who, having fortified a village with four hundred men, expecting this sort of thing, 100-101 Exam Dump rushed out upon them, and cut them all up.

Then another hubbub arose, for it was discovered that three Wahuma women were missing 2d and, as they did not turn up again, Lumeresi suspected the men of the caravan, which left with Saim, must have taken them off as slaves.

I wrote a letter to Petherick, but the 100-101 Exam Demo Happicabs promised Wakungu never came for it.

He did not want property it 100-101 Exam Demo was only the pleasure of my company that he wanted, to enable him to tell all his friends what a great man had lived in his house.

Days rolled on, and 100-101 Exam Dumps nothing was done in particular beyond increasing my stock of knowledge of distant places and people, enlarging my zoological collection, and taking long series of astronomical observations until the 13th, when the whole of Kaze was depressed by a sad scene of mourning and tears.

Mabriki and Bilal come into camp they returned last night but the Waganda escort, afraid of my obtaining information of them before the king received it, kept them concealed.

At noon Mtesa sent his pages to invite me to his palace.

On being questioned by me, they said that they once saw some men like my Wanguana there they had come from the north to trade, but, though they carried firearms, they were all killed by the people of Kidi.

Three circles of milk bush, one within the other, formed the boma, or ring fence.

This led on to one argument after another, on geology, geography, and all the natural sciences, and ended by Rumanika showing me an iron much the shape and size of a carrot.

Ah says the king, strutting about with gigantic strides, and brandishing the rifle over his head before all his men, what is the use of spears and bows I shall never fight with anything but guns in the future.

These kings have all carried on the same system of government as that commenced by Kimera, and proved themselves a perfect terror to Unyoro, as we shall see in the sequel.

He then fixed the hongo at fifteen masango or brass wire bracelets, sixteen cloths of sorts, and a hundred necklaces of samisami or red coral beads, which was to pay for Grant as well as myself.

This, however, was only the feast the ball then began, for the pots were no sooner emptied than five drums at once, of different sizes and tones, suspended in a line from a long horizontal bar, were beaten with fury, and all the men, women, and children, singing and clapping their hands in time, danced for hours together.

Bombay was then ordered to describe what sort of food I lived on usually when, Mganda fashion, he broke a 100-101 Exam Collection stick into ten bits, each representing a differing article, and said, Bana eat mixed food always and explained that stick No.

I bide my time I said, rising in a towering passion, and thrashing the air with my ramrod walking stick, before all the visiting Wakungu, when the queen has assured me her door would always be open to me I shall leave this court at once, and I solemnly swear I shall never set foot in it again, unless some apology be made for treating me like a dog.


The whole country around the palace was in a state of commotion to day, from Maula and his children hunting down those officers who had returned from the war, yet had not paid SDM_2002001050 Self Study their respects to the king at the N yanza, because they thought they would not be justified in calling on him so quickly after their arrival.

As the procession now drew to our camp, and Mtesa expressed a wish to have a final look at my men, I ordered them to turn out with their arms and n yanzig for the many favours they had received.

At times we thought we heard musketry in camp, knowing that Grant would be sure to fire signals for us and doubtless we did so, but its sound and the thunder so much resembled one another that we distrusted our ears.

It was wilder in appearance than most parts of Unyamuezi.

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His father, Fundi Kira, was a very rich man, and had buried vast stores of property, which no one knew of but Manua Sera, his heir.

On his right hand the pages sat waiting for orders, while on his left there was a small squatting cluster of women, headed by Wichwezis, or attendant sorceresses, offering pombe.

As the presents given yesterday occupied the king s mind too much for other business, I now sent to offer him one third of the guns left in Uganda, provided he would send some messengers with one of my men to ask Mtesa for them, and also the same proportion of the sixty loads of property left in charge of Rumanika at Karague, if he would send the requisite number of porters for its removal.

The conspirator Rohinda fled 100-101 Questions from Kittara to Karague with a large party of Wahuma sought the protection of Nono, who, a Myambo, was king over the Wanyambo of that country ingratiated himself and his followers with the Wanyambo and, finally, designing a crown for himself, gave a feast, treacherously killed King Nono in his cups, and set himself on the throne, the first mkama or king who ruled in Karague.

One thing only tends to disorganise the country, and that is war, caused, in the first instance, by polygamy, producing a family of half brothers, who, all aspiring to succeed their father, fight continually with one another, and make their chief aim slaves and cattle whilst, in the second instance, slavery keeps them ever fighting and reducing their numbers.

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Preferring, however, to have a little talk where we were, we remained.

The queen retorted, And what have you brought me, pray where is it Until I touch it you will neither see me nor obtain permission to trade.

Another man, perhaps, exposes an inch of naked leg whilst squatting, or has his mbugu tied contrary to regulations, and is condemned to the CCNA Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 1 (ICND1) 100-101 Exam Demo same fate.

The land beyond that again rolled back in high undulations, over which, in the far distance, we could see a line of cones, red and bare on their tops, guttered down with white streaks, looking for all the world like recent volcanoes and in the far background, rising higher than all, 100-101 Ebook Pdf were the rich grassy hills of Karague and Kishakka.

The Watuta were out in all directions plundering cattle and burning Cisco 100-101 Exam Demo villages, and the Wahuma of this place had taken such fright, they made a stealthy march with all 100-101 Exam Collection their herds to a neighbouring chief, to whom it happened that one of Lumeresi s grey beards was on a visit.

Those who could run fast enough were saved the rest were speared to death by the natives.


Masudi told us he had suffered most severely from losses by his men running away, one after the other, as soon as they received their pay.

In the evening Katunzi, N yamasore s brother, just returned from the Unyoro plunder, called on me whilst I was at dinner.

One of king Mtesa s uncles, who had not been burnt to death by the order of the late king Sunna on his ascension to the throne, was the proprietor of this place, but unfortunately he was from home.

The princesses became the wives of the king no one else could marry them.

Nowhere in the interior are natives so well clad as these creatures.

I then gave him a tortoise shell comb to comb his hair straight with, as he invariably remarked on the beautiful manner in which I dressed my hair, making my uncap to show it to his women, and afterwards asked my men to bring on the affair of last night.

In addition to his English dress, he wore a turban, and pretended that the 100-101 glare of the sun was distressing his eyes for, in fact, he wanted me to give him a wideawake like my own.

33 1 34 , FN 7 escorted by Musa, who advanced to meet us, and guided us into his tembe, where he begged we would reside with him until we could find men to carry our property on to Karague.

I then counted all the wires over, at Bombay s request, and found them complete in numbers, without those he had set aside from the dowry money.

They had been detained there some days after arrival, as those merchants slaves had gone to HP2-E43 Exam Paper Pdf Utambara to settle some quarrel there but as soon as they returned, Musa ordered them to go and assist us, giving them beads to find rations for themselves on the way, as the whole country about Kaze had been half starved by famines, though he did send a little rice and tobacco for me.

Rejecting his munificent offers, I gave him a cooling dose of calomel and jalap, which he drank like pombe, and pronounced beautiful holding up his hands, and repeating the words Beautiful, beautiful they are all beautiful together There is Bana beautiful his box is beautiful and his medicine beautiful and, saying this, led us in to see his women, who at my request were grouped in war apparel viz.

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It was obvious that the chief merely intended to prevent Grant from passing through or evading his district without paying a hongo, else he would not have sent his men to invite him to his palace, doubtless with instructions, if necessary, to use force.

He sometimes ate with a copper knife and picker, not forked but more usually like a dog, with both hands.

The interview followed.

He lived ten miles from the road but hearing of our approach, he had sent these men to take his dues.

He was otherwise a notoriously bad character so, wishing to make an example, as I knew all my men were robbing me daily, though I could not detect them, I had him turned out of camp.

A cold fit then seized me, and as I asked 1Y0-118 Exam Questions for leave to go, the king gave orders for one of his wives to be flogged.

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Having answered that I could, the king graciously said he would order some canoes for me the next morning 100-101 Exam Preparation and as I declined because Grant could not accompany me, as a terrible disease had broken out in his leg, he ordered a pig shooting party.

With this cringing, perfidious appeal I refused to comply, until the sheikh, still more cringing, implored me to give way else not a single man would remain with me.

This they in their terror acknowledged, but said it was not past remedy, if I would join them, to counteract what had been done in that matter.

All appreciated this speech, saying, The white man, he even speaks beautifully beautifully beautifully beautifully and, putting their hands to their mouths, they looked askance at me, nodding their admiring approval.


He squared again I gave him another till at last, as the claret was flowing, he sulked off, and said he would not serve me any more.

In this high exuberance of spirits, a sudden surprise turned their momentary triumph into a total defeat for some Wahumba, having heard the cries of the Wagogo, joined in their cause, and both together fell 100-101 Certification Exam on 100-101 Material Pdf the Arab force with such impetuosity that the former victors were now scattered in all directions.

I had now to wait for some time, almost as an act of humanity for I was told the state secret, that the king had retired to break his fast and eat for the first time since hearing of my arrival but the repast was no sooner over than he prepared for the second act, to show 100-101 Test Answers off his splendour, and I was invited in, with all my men, to the exclusion of all his own officers save my two guides.

Dr K yengo s men were now attacked by Kidgwiga for having taken a cow from me yesterday, and told they should not eat it, because both they and myself were the king s guests, and it ill became one to eat that which was given as a dinner for the other.

Some provisions were now obtained by sending men out to distant villages but we still supplied the camp with our guns, killing rhinoceros, wild boar, antelope, and zebras.

Because all this country is called Uddu.

On entering the rich plantain gardens of Kisaho, I was informed we must halt there a day for Maula to join us, as he had been detained by Rumanika, who, wishing to give him a present, had summoned Rozaro s sister to his palace for that purpose.

Beads, boxes, cloths, etc.

This frightened him to such an extent that he immediately produced another and finer goat, which he begged me to accept, promising to convey all my traps to the next governor s, where there would be no doubt about our getting boats.

The scoundrels insolently said tuende setu let s be off , rushed to the Waganda drums, and beat the march.

After we had marched unmolested for some seven miles, a loud yelping from RH-302 Actual Exam the woods excited our attention, and a sudden rush was made upon us by, CCNA Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 1 (ICND1) 100-101 Exam Demo say two hundred men, who came down seemingly in great glee.

Krapf, will exemplify what I mean.

In the evening a pot of pombe was brought, when the man in charge, half drunk, amused us with frantic charges, as if he were fighting with his spear and after settling the supposed enemy, he delighted in tramping him under foot, spearing him repeatedly through and through, then wiping the blade of the spear in the grass, and finally polishing it on this tufty head, when, with a grunt of satisfaction, he shouldered arms and walked away a hero.


I maintained that if he was commissioned to help me, he at least could not refuse to give me a guide and interpreter when, if I failed in the direct route, I would try another, but go MB2-708 Book Pdf I must, as I could not hold out any longer, being short of beads and cows.

Magamba also, on being questioned, told us about Ururi, a province of Unyoro, under the jurisdiction of Kimerziri, a noted governor, who covers his children with bead ornaments, and throws them into the N yanza, to prove their identity as his own true offspring for should they sink, it stands to reason some other person must be their father but should they float, then he recovers them.

Skirting the hills on the left, 100-101 Test Answers with a large low plain to the right we soon came on one of those numerous rush drains that appear to me to be the last waters left of the old bed of the N yanza.

Next day, as there were no signs of the trackers, I went again to the place of the elands, wounded a fine male, but gave up the chase, as I heard the unmistakable gun firing return of the party, and straightway proceeded to camp.

He continued to beg, and I to resist.

This same flower, held in the hand Cisco 100-101 when a man is searching for anything that he has lost, will certainly bring him to the missing treasure.

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a dirk fastened to the waist by many strings of coloured beads.

In the same letter he asked me to deliver up a Mhuma woman to a man who came with the bearers of his missive, as she had made love to Saim at Ukulima s, and had bolted with my men to escape from her husband.

At first Baraka said, Do you wish to have us killed Do you think if we went to Suwarora s you would ever see us back again You would wait and wait for us, but we should never return.


Through Rumanika s men it transpired that he had stood security for our actions, else, with the many evil reports of our being cannibals and such like, which had preceded our coming here, we never should have gained admittance to the country.

Adhering, I doubt not, to their master s instructions, they officiously constituted themselves our guides till we chose to strike off their path, when, quickly heading our party, they stopped the way, planted their spears, and DARED our advance This menace made us firmer in our determination, and we swept past the spears.


Surprised at this announcement, the king sent his pages flying for the instrument, and when it came I instructed him how to use it when he could see with it, and understand its powers, his astonishment knew no bounds and, turning to his Wakungu, he said, laughing, Now I do see the use of this thing I have been shutting up in the palace.

Though puzzled at the strange sound of the rifle, the elephants seldom ran far, packed in herd, and began to graze again.

Whatever I wanted I should have in return for it, as it was evident to him I had really done him a great honour in visiting him.

It is in 100-101 Exam Demo consequence of these constantlyrecurring troubles that the majority of the Wasagara villages are built on hill spurs, where the people can the better resist attack, or, failing, disperse and hide effectually.

Manua Sera, it was said, had vast resources.

they had stolen from my men.

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