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They had gone off and hidden themselves, saying that they were not such fools as to go any farther, as the Watuta were out, and would cut us up on the road.

Therefore, as a warning to the others, the guns of these two were confiscated, and a caution given that any gun in future let off, either by design or accident, would be taken.

The meeting now broke up in the usual unsatisfactory, unfinished manner, by the king rising and walking away, whilst I returned with the Kamraviona, who begged for ten more blue eggs in addition to my present to make a full necklace, and told my men to call upon him in the morning, when he would give me anything I wished to eat.

In such a case, the slave so freed in all probability would commence life afresh by taking service as a porter with other merchants, and in the end would raise sufficient capital to commence trading himself first in slaves, because Polycom Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (PCVE) 1K0-001 they are the most easily got, and then 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions in ivory.

In their justification, Dr K yengo s men said that had they not been in the country before us, Kamrasi would not have had such guests at all for when he asked them if the Waganda reports about our cannibalism and other monstrosities were true, their head man denied it all, offered to stand security for our actions, and told the king if he found us cannibals he might make a Mohammedan of him, and sealed the statement with his oath by throwing down his shield and bow and walking over them.

Stopping, however, seemed endless not so my supplies, I therefore tried advancing in detachments again, sending the free men off under Grant to Ukulima s, whilst I waited behind keeping ourselves divided in the hopes of inducing all hands to see the advisability of exerting themselves for the general good as my men, whilst we were all together, showed they did not care how long they were kept doing no more fatiguing work than chaffing each other, and feeding at my expense.


We then asked for a private interview, when, a few drops of rain falling, the queen walked away, and we had orders to wait a little.

After a long struggling march, plodding through huge grasses and jungle, we reached a district which I cannot otherwise describe than by calling it a Church Estate.

The king noticed 1K0-001 Pdf Download it but instead of upbraiding me, passed it off as a joke, and running up to the Kamraviona, gave him a poke in the ribs, and whispered what he had seen, as if it had been a secret.

It was no use our applying for a change of system.

Then, indeed, said the whole company, in one voice, we do like you, and your cloth too but you most.

He was told they could not be given until Bombay returned, as the mosquitoes would eat us up.

In the earliest times the Wahuma of Unyoro regarded all their lands bordering on the Victoria Lake as their garden, owing to its exceeding fertility, and imposed the epithet of Wiru, or slaves, upon its people, because they had to supply the imperial government with food and clothing.

Descending a little, we came suddenly in view of what appeared to us a rich clump of trees, in S.

They looked upon plunder as their fortune and right, and my interference as unjustifiable.

Kamrasi, after keeping him half starved and in suspense eight days, sent a message for he would not see him that he did not desire any communication with blackguard Waganda thieves, and therefore advised him, if he valued his life, to return by the road by which he came as speedily as possible.

In fact, I found that, like the organ grinders in London, to get myself moved on I must make myself troublesome.

Four poor men, who were convicted in this way, were at once put to death, and the chief from that moment began to recover.

I did not wish to fire at them, as what few bullets remained in my store I wished to reserve in better sport, and therefore for the time being, let them alone.

This complicated matters more than ever.

I said I could not go so far in the sun I would wait till I received the promised palace near her.

A very little of that made me fidgety and impetuous, which the Waganda noticed, and, from fear of the consequences, they began to close the gate to prevent my walking away.

We had been out the whole day still he did not tire of these tricks, and played them incessantly till near sundown, when we entered the palace.

Sheikh Said was there even then, with my poor Hottentots, unable to convey my post to the coast.


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Further, on the death of the child, she smears herself with butter and ashes, and runs frantically about, tearing her hair and bewailing piteously whilst the men of the place use towards her the foulest language, apparently as if in abuse of her person, but in reality to frighten away the demons who have robbed her nest.

He was much struck 1K0-001 Cert Exam at the facility with which I could make shade, but wondered still more at my requiring it.

All bury their dead in the same way, under ground but the kings are toasted first for months till they are like sun dried meat, when the lower jaw is cut out and preserved, covered with beads.

If any was spilt, the Wakungu instantly fought over it, dabbing their noses on the ground, or grabbing it with their hands, that not one atom of the queen s favour might be lost for everything must be adored that comes from royalty, whether by design or accident.

Beyond the flat alluvial valley of the Kingani, seven to eight miles broad, the land rises suddenly to a table land of no great height, on which trees grow in profusion.

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I advised them to allow me to mediate between Polycom Certification 1K0-001 them, after telling them what a favourable interview I had had with Manua Sera and Maula, whose son was at that moment concealed in Musa s tembe.

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In a great fit of indignation he said, I once killed a hundred Wakungu in a single day, and now, if they won t feed my guests, I will kill a hundred more for I know the physic for bumptiousness.

In fact, the whole native camp consisted of so many clubs of two, four, six, or ten men, who originally belonged to one village or one master, or were united by some other family tie which they preferred keeping intact so they cooked together, ate together, slept together, and sometimes mutinied together.

Chapter III Usagara Nature of the Country Resumption of the March A Hunt Bombay and Baraka The Slave Hunters The Ivory Merchants Collection of Natural History Specimens A Frightened Village Tracking a Mule.

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This looked famous, and it was agreed we should move the next morning.

Near this is a tree which contains a spirit whose attributes for gratifying the powers and pleasures of either men or women who summon its influence in the form appropriate to each, appear to be almost identical with that of Mahadeo s Ligna in India.

The queen now taking a sporting fit into her head, sent for me early in the morning, with all my men, armed, to shoot a crested crane in her palace but though we were there as required, we were kept waiting till late in the afternoon, when, instead of talking about shooting, as her Wakungu had forbidden her doing it, she asked after her two daughters whether they had run away, or if they liked their new abode I replied I was sorry circumstances did not permit my coming to thank her sooner, for I felt grateful beyond measure to her for having charmed my house with such beautiful society.

It was no doubt this hint that brought the messenger to our relief yesterday and otherwise we might have been kept in the jungle longer.

We were anything but welcomed at Kiratosi, the people asking by what bad luck we had come there to eat up their crops but in a little while they flocked to our doors and admired our traps, remarking that they believed each iron box contained a couple of white dwarfs, which we carry on our shoulders, sitting straddle legs, back to back, and they fly off to eat people whenever they get the order.

Just beyond it the valley was clothed with fine trees and luxuriant vegetation of all descriptions, amongst which was conspicuous the pretty pandana palm, and rich gardens of plantains whilst thistles of extraordinary Polycom 1K0-001 size and wild indigo were the more common weeds.

We were now in Usui, and so the mace bearers, being on their own ground forgot their manners, and peremptorily demanded their pay before they would allow us to move one step farther.

Notwithstanding the stringent laws for the preservation of decorum by all male attendants, stark naked full grown women are the valets.

I then told him all my mishaps in Sorombo, as well as of the blue devil frights that had seized all my men.

On the 1st of February we went ahead again, with Bukhet and the first half of Mahamed s establishment, as a sufficient number of men could not be collected at once to move all 1K0-001 Preparation Materials together.

Illicit intercourse being treated as petty larceny, a value is fixed according to the value of the woman for it must be remembered all women are property.

then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

It may be presumed that there once existed a foreign but compact government in Abyssinia, which, becoming great and powerful, sent out armies on all sides of it, especially to the south, southeast, and west, slave hunting and devastating wherever they went, and in process of time becoming too great for one ruler to control.

The king then called Maula, and said, Maula, indeed you have spoken the truth there is nothing like this instrument, etc.

I thought that whilst I could be employed in inspecting the river, and in feeling the route by water to Gani, Grant could return to Karague by water, bringing up our rear traps, and, in navigating the lake, 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions obtain the information he had been frustrated in getting by the machinations of his attendant Maribu.

Now, Bana, tell me do you not think, if two such shots as you and I were opposed to an elephant, would he have any chance before us I know I can shoot I am certain of it now.

I might go round by Nkole K yengo 1K0-001 looked daggers at me but that is out of the way, and not suitable to the purpose.

In a long field of grass, as high as the neck, and half under water, so that no walks could be taken, we had nothing to see but Kamrasi s miserable huts and a few distant conical hills, of which one Udongo, we conceive, represents the Padongo of Brun Bollet, placed by him in 1 south latitude, and 35 east longitude.

A little boy of his establishment had reported our arrival, and he in an instant came out to welcome us.

She said they did her no good, and prevailed on me to give her another prescription.

This, however, was Polycom Certification 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions not so easy the sea current was running north, and the wind was too light to propel our vessel against it so, after trying in vain to make way in her, 1K0-001 Practice Test Pdf Grant and I, leaving her to follow, took to a boat, after giving the captain, who said we would get drowned, a letter, to say we left the vessel against his advice.

After all the explanations were given, he promised me a boat hunt after the nzoe in the morning but when the time came, as difficulties were raised, I asked him to allow us to anticipate the arrival of Kachuchu, and march on to Kitangule.

The valleys, watered by little brooks, are far richer, and even prettier, than the high lands above, being lined with fine trees and evergreen shrubs while the general state of prosperity was such, that the people could afford, even at this late season of the year, to turn their corn into malt to brew beer for sale and goats and fowls were plentiful in the market.

Rats and lizards there are but few mice are very abundant, and feed both in the fields and on the stores of the men.


In 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions five boats of five planks each, tied together and caulked with mbugu rags, I started with twelve Wanguana, Kasoro and his pagefollowers, and a small crew, to reach Kamrasi s palace in Unyoro goats, dogs, and kit, besides grain and dried Polycom Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (PCVE) 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions meat, filling up the complement but how many days it would take nobody knew.

They were no sooner gone, however, than Musa assured me they had killed old Maula of Rubuga in the most treacherous manner, as follows Khamis, who is an Arab of most gentlemanly aspect, on returning from Ugogo attended by slaves, having heard that Maula was desirous of adjusting a peace, invited him with his son to do so.

In the second court, we found thirty five drums ranged on the ground, with as many drummers standing behind them, and a knot of young princes and officers of high dignity waiting to escort us into the third enclosure, where, in his principal hut, we found Rumanika squatting on the ground, half concealed by the portal, but showing his smiling face to welcome us in.

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It then appeared that Dagara, having failed, in his own opinion, to arrive any nearer to the object in view, gave the excavating up as a bad job, and turned the cave into a mysterious abode, where it was confidently asserted he spent many days without eating or drinking, and turned sometimes into a young man, and then an old one, alternately, as the humour seized him.

He then wanted black ink, else how could he put on the red with taste but we had none to give him.

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As Kamrasi was anxious I should take two of his children to England to be 1K0-001 Practice Exam Pdf instructed, I agreed to do so, but said I thought it would be better if he invited missionaries to come here and educate all his family.

We went boating as usual all day long, sometimes after hippopotami, at others racing up and down the lake, the king and Wakungu paddling and steering by turns, the only break to this fatigue being when we went ashore to picnic, or the king took a turn at the drums.

The chief wazir at once come out to meet me on the way, and in an apparently affable manner, as an old friend, begged that I would live in the palace a bait which I did not take, as I knew my friend by experience a little too well.

When this was concluded I went with Nasib up a hill, from which we could see the lake on one side, and on the other a large range of huts said to belong to the king s uncle, the second of the late king Sunna s brothers, who was not burnt to death when he ascended the throne.

We repaired there as before, putting the medicines into the sextand stand box, and found him lying at full length on the platform of his throne, with a glassbead necklace of various colours, and a charm tied on his left arm.

Without such a recommendation our progress would be stopped by the people, whilst with one word from him all would go straight for was he not the gatekeeper, enjoying the full confidence of Uganda A month, however, must elapse, as the distance to the palace of Uganda was great but, in the meantime, he would give me leave to go about in his country to do and see what I liked, Nnanaji and his sons escorting me everywhere.

Chapter IX History of the Wahuma The Abyssinians and Gallas Theory of Conquest of Inferior by Superior Races The Wahuma and the Kingdom of Kittara Legendary History of the Kingdom of Uganda Its Constitution, and the Ceremonials of the Court.

The rest were placed with wives in a suite of huts, under charge of a keeper, to prevent any chance of intrigues and dissensions.

Fearful stories of losses and distress came constantly in from Ugogo by small bodies of men, who stole their way through the jungles.

At last, able for the first time to sit up a little, I succeeded in prevailing on Bui to promise he would go to Usui as soon as the hongo was settled, provided, as he said, I took on myself all responsibilities of the result.

On the death of any of the great officers of state, the finger bones and hair are also preserved or if they have died shaven, as sometimes occurs, a bit of their mbugu dress will be preserved in place of the hair.

Ever proud of his history since I had traced his descent from Abyssinia and King David, whose hair was as straight as my own, Rumanika dwelt on my theological disclosures with the greatest delight, and wished to know what difference existed between the Arabs and ourselves to which Baraka replied, as the best means of making him understand, that whilst the Arabs had only one Book, we had two to which I added, Yes, that is true in a sense but the real merits lie in the fact that we have got the better BOOK, as may be inferred from the obvious fact that we are more prosperous, and their superiors in all things, as I would prove to him if he would allow me to take one of his sons home to learn that BOOK for then he would find his tribe, after a while, better off than the Arabs are.

The chief item of court news was, that Mtesa had shot a buffalo which was attacking him behind the palace, and made his Wakungu carry the animal bodily, whilst life was in it, into his court.

Kamrasi, in answer, begged I would not be afraid there was no occasion for alarm Bombay would be here shortly.

He had a local disease, which he said came to him by magic, though a different cause was sufficiently obvious, and wanted medicine such as I gave Mkuenda, who reported that I gave him a most wonderful draught.

Magic charms, of course, we had none but the king would not believe it, and, to wheedle some out of us, said they would not kill their brother even if they caught him for fratricide was considered an unnatural crime in their country but they would merely gouge out his eyes and set him at large again for without the power of sight he could do them no harm.

He would, however, do something when we returned from Uganda for as Mtesa followed his advice in everything, so did Kamrasi, for both held the highest opinion of him.

All night Makaka s men patrolled the village, drumming and shouting to keep off the Watuta, and the next morning, instead of a march, after striking my tent I found that the whole of my porters, the Pig s children, were not to be found.

As Kaggo, however, the second officer of importance, had expressed a wish to see me, I sent Bombay to him for food, and waited the upshot.

A short stage brought us to Ikamburu, included in the district of Nzasa, where there is another small village presided over by Phanze Khombe la Simba, meaning Claw of Lion.

I immediately paid him a visit to offer the compliments of the season, and at the same time regretted, much to his amusement, that he, as one of the old stock of Abyssinians, who are the oldest Christians on record, should have forgotten this rite but I hoped the time would come when, by making it known that his tribe had lapsed into a state of heathenism, white teachers would be induced to set it all to rights again.

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This was for the purpose of making us his tools in his conflict with his brothers.

Two of their men fell one killed, one wounded.

Their sou wester shaped wigs are made of other men s hair, as the negro hair will not grow long enough.

I told him he had been appointed by the king to escort us down the river to Gani.

Had it been done with a common stick, it could have been overlooked but the use of weapons is an offence, and both parties must 1K0-001 Vce Dumps go before the king.

What little ammunition I had left I fired off as signals, or made tinder of to get up a fire, but the wood would not burn.

The whole camp, of course, was in a blaze at this their tribe was insulted, and they would not stand it, until Bombay put down their pride with a few strings of beads, as the best means of restoring peace in the camp.

Some of N yamyonjo s men, seeing mine armed with carbines, became very inquisitive about them, and asked if they were the instruments which shot at their men on the Nile one in the arm, who died the other on the top of the shoulder, who was recovering.

14th to 17th.

As no greetings were exchanged, and all at first remained as silent as death, I commenced, after asking about his health, by saying I had journeyed six long years by the African computation of five months in the year for Polycom 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions the pleasure of this meeting, coming by Karague instead of by the Nile, because the Wanya Beri Bari people at Gondokoro had defeated the projects of all former attempts made by white men to reach Unyoro.

Immediately on our entering her palace, she came forward to meet me with the most affable air of a princess, begged I would always come to her as I did then, and sought to make every one happy and comfortable.

I argued the point with them for I felt quite sure so large a body of flowing water could not be collected together in any place MB2-186 Certification Answers but the lake.

After telling him we English never give the presents they have received away to any one, and never make slaves, but free them, I laid a complaint against Rozaro for having brought much trouble and disgrace upon my camp, as well as much trouble on myself, and begged that he might be removed from my camp.

As it was, I feared my followers might take fright and refuse to advance with me.

If that is the case, I said, taking things easy, how is it you have opened my loads and scattered the wires about in the tent Oh, that was to take care of them for I thought, if they were left outside all night with the rest of the property, some one 1K0-001 Practice Test would steal them, and I should get the blame of it.

Up and down we went on again through this wonderful country, surprisingly rich in grass, cultivation, and trees.

The same day we crossed Polycom Certification 1K0-001 Exam Test Questions the Mgazi where we found several Wakhutu spearing fish in the muddy hovers of its banks.

Adhering, I doubt not, to their master s instructions, they officiously constituted themselves our guides till we chose to strike off their path, when, quickly heading our party, they stopped the way, planted their spears, and DARED our advance This menace made us firmer in our determination, and we swept past the spears.

Before us was a large open square, with the huts of the queen s Kamraviona or commander inchief beyond.

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There we were, like three fools, for twenty minutes or so one of the buffaloes bleeding at the mouth and with a broken hind leg, for the bullet had traversed his body, and the other turning round and round looking out for me, while I was anxiously watching him, and by degrees loading my gun.

We regretted we 000-820 Book Pdf had no more powder or shot, as what was intended, and actually placed out expressly to be presented on this occasion, was stolen.

During the day they lured my men into their huts by inviting them to dinner but when they got them they stripped them stark naked and let them go again whilst at night they stone our camp.

I therefore dismissed her on the spot, and 1K0-001 Practice gave her, as a sister and free woman, to Uledi and his pretty Mhmula wife, giving Bombay orders to carry the sentences into execution.

On one occasion they sent up a necklace of beads to Kamrasi, and he, in return, gave them a number of women and tusks.

K yengo and the representatives of Usui and Karague now arrived by order of the king to bid farewell, and received the slaves and cattle lately captured.

I begged him to take a shot himself, as I really could not demean myself by firing at birds sitting on a tree but it was all of no use no one could shoot as I could, and they must be shot.

Next the guns must be fired off and, as it would be a pity to waste lead, the king, amidst thunders of applause, shot five cows, presenting his gun from the shoulder.

He said I need not concern myself on that score he was much more anxious for the white men to come here than even I was, and he would not send my men into any danger but it was highly improper for any of his people to speak about such subjects.

Accordingly, we tied up a bag of the commonest mixed beads, added the king s chronometer, and sent them to Kamrasi with a violent message that we were thoroughly disgusted with all that had happened the beads were for the poor beggar who came to our house yesterday, not to see us, but to beg and as we did not desire the acquaintance of beggars, we had made up our minds never to call again, nor receive any more bread or wine from the king.

Then with regard to my going, Kamrasi must beg us to have patience until he had sent messengers into Kidi, requesting the natives there not to molest me on the way, for they had threatened they would do so, and if they persisted, he would send us with a force by another route via Ugungu another attempt to draw us off to fight against his brothers.

Taking the king, as it appeared, in a good humour, to show him the abuses arising from the system of allowing his guests to help themselves by force upon the highways, I reported the late seizures made of thirty cows and twelve slaves by the Wanyambo but, though surprised to hear the news, he merely remarked that there were indeed a great number of visitors in Uganda.

I wished to send a message to Mtesa by an officer who is starting at once to pay his respects at court but although he received it, and promised to deliver it, Kasoro laughed at me for expecting that one word of it would ever reach the king for, however, appropriate or important the matter might be, it was more than anybody dare do to tell the king, as it would be an infringement of the rule that no one is to speak to him unless in answer to a question.

Of course I knew well what all this meant and at the same time that I said I could not comply, I promised to send him a present of friendship by the hands of Baraka.

This tempting news created a halt.

With much affected difficulty he sat at 1K0-001 Brain Dumps the end of the hut beside the symbols alluded to, and continued his coughing full half an hour, when his 1K0-001 Material Pdf wife came in in the same manner, without saying a word, and assumed the same affected style.

Musa s men now started for Rungua, and promised to bring all the porters we wanted by the first day of the next moon.

We kept quiet all day, to see what effect that would have upon the king.

and separated one from the other by elevated valleys, tables, and crab claw spurs of hill which incline towards the flanking rivers.

By a letter from Sheikh Said I then found that, since my leaving Kaze, the Arabs had, along with Mkisiwa, invested the position of Manua Sera at Kigue, and forced him to take flight 070-488 Practise Questions again.

We heard to day a strange story, involving the tragic fate of Budja.

The Arabs, after the first burst of their grief was over, came to me again in a body, and begged me to assist them, for they were utterly undone.

He also boiled one of the thermometers, kept the rain gauge, and undertook the photography but after a time I sent the instruments back, considering this work too severe for the climate, and he tried instead sketching with watercolours the results of which form the chief part of the illustrations in this book.

I mourned, however, when I thought how much I had lost by the delays in the journey having deprived me of the pleasure of going to look at the north east corner of the N yanza to see what connection there was, by the strait so often spoken of, with it and the other lake where the Waganda went to get their salt, and from which another river flowed to the north, making Usoga an island.

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At first Baraka said, Do you wish to have us killed Do you think if we went to Suwarora s you would ever see us back again You would wait and wait for us, but we should never return.

I offered a knife instead, but this he would not have, because the lucifers would be so valuable for his magical observances.

N yamgundu now got orders to go to Karague overland for Dr K yengo but, dreading to tell me of it, as I had been so kind to him, he forged a falsehood, said he had leave to visit his home for six days, and begged for a wire to sacrifice to his church.

As it happened, however, he put up with the chief of this district, Ugali Mr Paste at a time when the Watuta attacked the place and drove all the inhabitants away.

Frij, who accompanied the deputation, overheard the counsellors tell their king that the Waganda were on their way back to Unyoro to snatch us away on hearing which the king asked his men if they would ever permit it and, handling his spear as if for battle, said at the same time he would lose his own head before they should touch his guests.

There are no historical traditions known to the people neither was anything ever written concerning their country, as far as we know, until the Hindus, who traded with the east coast of Africa, opened commercial dealings with its people in salves and ivory, possibly some time prior to the birth of our Saviour, when, associated with their name, Men of the Moon, sprang into existence the Mountains of the Moon.

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The thirty odd brothers will be burnt to death, saving two or three, of which one will be sent into this country as was the case with one of the late king Sunna s brothers, who is still in Unyoro and the others will remain in the court with Mtesa as playfellows until the king dies, when, like Sunna s two brothers still living in Uganda, one at N yama Goma and one at Ngambezi, they will be pensioned off.

I did not tell you before, but the king says, How can I answer Rumanika if Kamrasi injures Bana Had I known Kamrasi was such a savage, I would not have let Bana go there and I should now have sent a forge to take him away, only that some accident might arise from it by Kamrasi s taking fright the road even to Gani shall be got by force if necessary.

Kamrasi, still acting on his passive policy, would not admit them here, but wished them to return with a message, to the effect that Mtesa had no right to hold me as his guest now I had once gone into another s hands.

Slaves, cows, goats, fowls, brass wire, or beads, are the usual things given for this species of dowry.

Every day this sort of migration continued, just as you see in the picture and nothing more important occurred until Christmas day, when an HP0-M25 Exam Engines armadillo was caught, and I heard from Mahamed s head wife that the Turks had plundered and burnt down three villages, and in all probability they would return shortly laden with ivory.

He hoped now as we had cows to eat, there would be no necessity for wandering for food, but all would keep together in one garden.

What had really happened I knew not, and was puzzled to think.

As the officer said he would deliver any message I might wish to send to Uganda, I folded a visiting card as a letter to the queen dowager, intimating that I wished the two men whom I sent back to Mtesa to be forwarded on to Karague but desired that the remainder, who deserted their master in difficulty, should be placed on an island of the N yanza to live in exile until some other Englishman should come to release them that their arms should be taken from them and kept in the palace.

As we approached the southern extremity of this chain, knots of naked men, perched like monkeys on the granite blocks were anxiously awaiting our arrival.

Kamrasi, in a very quiet, mild manner, instead of answering the questions, told us of the absurd stories which he had heard from the Waganda, said he did not believe them, else his rivers, deprived of their fountains, would have run dry and he thought, if we did eat hills and the tender parts of mankind, we should have had enough to satisfy our appetites before we reached Unyoro.

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