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The boys then told me that a merchant, nickname Msopora, had left the 1z0-808 Test Questions And Answers Pdf boxes in Ugogo, in charge of some of those Arabs who were detained there, whilst he went rapidly round by the south, following up the Ruaha river to Usanga and A2040-409 Test Usenga, whence he struck across to Kaze.

Dipping down into a valley between two clusters of granitic hills, beautifully clothed with trees and grass, studded here and there with rich plantations, we entered the district of Usagari, and on the second day forded the Gombe nullah again in its upper course, called Kuale.

I said I was not surprised to hear Usui had attracted the Watuta s cupidity, for every one knew of the plundering propensities of the inhabitants, and as they became rich by their robberies, they must in turn expect to be robbed.

At one place, the good natured simple people, as soon as we reached their village, spread a skin, deposited a stool upon it, and placed in front two pots of pombe.

The fact was, my men, in consequence of the late issues on the river, happened to have more than Grant s men, and every man must have alike.

Rogero was thus frightened away but he went away swearing that he would carry out his intentions at some future date, when the Arabs had withdrawn from the country.

Here Sir 1z0-808 Certificate George Grey, the Governor of the colony, who 1z0-808 Real Exam took a warm and enlightened interest in the cause of the expedition, invited both Grant and myself to reside at his house.

The affair ended by my walking straight away home, giving Bombay orders to leave the present on the ground, and to follow me.

A little lighter and much more comfortable for the good riddance of those grumbling Tots, we worked up to and soon breasted the stiff ascent of the Mabruki Pass, which we surmounted without much difficult.

I did not like my men having been kept prisoners in Uganda, and pronounced in public that I would not return.

On resuming our march, a bird, called khongota, flew across our path seeing which, old Nasib, beaming with joy, in his superstitious belief cried out with delight, Ah, look at that good omen now our journey will be sure to be prosperous.

The ruffians then sat on the ground, but still holding on to him whilst N yamgundu took up a long stick, and breaking it into sundry bits of equal length, placed one by one in front of him, each of which was supposed to represent one number in line of succession to his forefathers.

If he was not well enough to move, I advised him to wait 1z0-808 Practice there until I reached Mtesa s, when I would either go up the lake and Kitangule to fetch him away, or would make the king send boats for him, which I more expressly wished, as it would tend to give us a much better knowledge of the lake.

The commander in chief then added, as to Kasoro s wish to accompany me, If Mtesa will send another time one of his people whose life he wishes sacrificed on the journey, or tells, Here is a man whom I wish you to send to Gani at all hazards, and without responsibility for his life 1z0-808 Test Dump on our part, we will be very 1z0-808 Exam Dumps glad to send him but as we are at war with the Gani people continually, there will be no security for a Mganda s life there.

It is such sad sights, and the obvious want of peace and prosperity, that weary the traveller, and make him every think of pushing on to his journey s end from the instant he enters Africa until he quits the country.

His only reply to this was, Bana is always in a preposterous hurry.

Chongi considers himself the greatest man in the country, and of noble descent, his greatgrandfather having been a Mhuma, born at Ururi, in Unyoro, and appointed by the then reigning king to rule over this country, and keep the Kidi people in check.

I gave them a cow, and they at once killed it, and, sitting down, commenced eating her flesh raw, out of choice.

God only knows what became of the rest but the one I selected, on reaching home, I gave to Ilmas, my valet, for a wife.

I never felt so degraded as when I complied, and gave orders to my men to fire a volley as he approached my tent but I ate the dirt with a good grace, and met the young chief as if nothing had happened.

The natives were building a dhow with Lindi and Madagascar timber.

He explained to me, at my request, what sort of things he would like any future visitors to bring him a piece of gold and silver embroidery but, before anything else, I found he would like to have toys such as Yankee clocks with the face in a man s stomach, to wind up behind, his eyes rolling with every beat of the pendulum or a china cow milk pot, a jack in thebox, models of men, carriages, and horses all animals in fact, and railways in particular.

We battled away again, and then Mahamed said there was not one man in his camp who would go with me until their crops were cut and taken in for whilst residing here they grew grain for their support.

He, however, only laughed at my folly in proposing to go to a place of which all I heard was merely that every stranger who went there was killed.

And you can give no stimulants No.

amongst 165 the Hottentots cook our dinners and their own, or else lie rolling on the ground overcome with fatigue the Beluchs are supposed to guard the camp, but prefer gossip and brightening their arms.

All heroism, however, ensures promotion.

On arrival there at the government establishment a large collection of grass huts, separated one from the other within large enclosures, which overspread the whole top of a low hill I was requested to withdraw and put up in some huts a short distance off, and wait until his excellency, who was from home, could come and see me which the next day he did, coming in state with a large number of officers, who brought with them a cow, sundry pots of pombe, enormous sticks of sugar cane, and a large bundle of country coffee.

He begged for four bottles to put them in, till he was laughed out of it by our Oracle 1z0-808 saying he required forty bottles for if the powders were mixed, how could he separate them again And to keep his mind from the begging tack, which he was getting alarmingly near, I said, Now I have given you these things because you would insist on having them.

At 4 p.

After going a day s journey, they said they came to where Manua Sera was residing with Kitambi, and met with a most cheerful and kind reception from both potentates, who, on hearing of my proposition, warmly acceded to it, issued orders at once that hostilities should cease, and, with one voice, said they were convinced that, unless through my instrumentality, Manua Sera would never regain his possessions.

Mtesa then inquired what messages were brought from Rumanika to which Maula, delighted with the favour of speaking to royalty, replied by saying, Rumanika had gained intelligence of Englishmen coming up the Nile to Gani and Kidi.

They laughed at this, and asked, Who would stop with me when the fight began This was making a jest of what I was most afraid of that they would all run away.

He was dressed in a large skin wrapper, made up of a number of very small antelope skins it was as soft as kid, and just as well sewn as our gloves.

Fortunately he asked me to speak a sentence in English, that he might hear how it sounds and this gave me an opportunity of saying, if he had kept his promise by sending Budja to me, I should have despatched letters to Petherick.

In a huff, I walked home to breakfast, leaving my attendants, Maula and Uledi, behind to make explanations.

As it happened, however, he put up with the chief of this district, Ugali Mr Paste at a time when the Watuta attacked the place and drove all the inhabitants away.

It was the first fine day for a fortnight, so we were only too glad to put all our things out to dry, and rejoiced to think of the stream s subsiding.

I flattered myself all my walking this journey was over, and there was nothing left but to float quietly down the Nile, for Kidgwiga had promised boats, on Kamrasi s account, from Unyoro to Gani, where Petherick s vessels were said to be stationed but this hope shared the fate of so many others in Africa.


This was all we wanted, affording one good specimen so, after breakfast, we marched to Kirindi, where the villagers, hearing of the sport we had had, and excited with the hopes of getting flesh, begged us to halt a day.

The whole ceremonies of this grand assemblage were now obvious.

Petherick, I now felt certain, was on the look out for us but his men had reached Kamrasi s, and returned again before Baraka s arrival.

To undeceive him, and tell him it was the compass which I looked at and not the watch, I knew would only end with my losing that instrument as well so I told him it was not my guide, but a time keeper, made for the purpose of knowing what time to eat my dinner by.

His quick eye, however, readily detected my wounded men and prisoners, as also some Wazinza prisoners led in by Waganda police, who had been taken in the act of entering Waganda houses and assailing their women.

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There I found the Pig, who now said he wished he had taken my offer of beads, for he had spoken with his chief, and saw that I was right.


He was loth to leave, he said, until his commission was fully performed but as I thought it advisable, he would consent.

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The district belonged to the Sakibobo, and no representative of his had come here.


Having no God, in the Christian sense of the term, to fear or worship, they have no love for truth, honour, or honesty.

A boy then in attendance was pointed out, as having seen Grant in Uddu ten days ago.

Maula then engaged the king s attention for fully an hour, relating what wonderful things Bana kept in his house, if his majesty would only deign to see them and for this humbug got rewarded by a present of three women.

My beard, for instance, engrossed the major part of the conversation all the Waganda would come out in future with hairy faces but when I told them that, to produce such a growth, they must wash their faces with milk, and allow a cat to lick it off, they turned up their noses in utter contempt.

I declined, however, to give him the instrument on the security of his promise, and he went to breakfast.

A large party of Chopi people arrived, by Kamrasi s orders, to tell the reason which induced them to apply for guns to the white men at Gani, as it appeared evident they must have wished to fight their king.

Moreover, these beads were said to have been plundered from white men by the Wakidi, a stark naked people who live up in trees have small stools fixed on behind, always ready for sitting wear their hair hanging down as far as the rump, all covered with cowrie shells suspend beads from wire attached to their ears and their lower lips and wear strong iron collars and bracelets.

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It was not getting painfully dark, and the Wanyoro were stealing on us, as we could hear, Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer 1z0-808 Certificate though nothing could be seen.

In dressing up their hair, and otherwise smearing their bodies with ochreish clay, they are great dandies.

On inquiring how I could best 1z0-808 Real Exam Questions deal with my difficult charge, I was told the Wahuma pride was so great, and their tempers so strong, they were more difficult to break in than a phunda, or donkey, though when once tamed, they became the best of wives.

Ah says the king, strutting about with gigantic strides, and brandishing the rifle over his head before all his men, what is the use of spears and bows I shall never fight with anything but guns in the future.

Nobody had even dreamt for a moment it was possible we could come through.

Getting more impatient, and desirous to move on at any sacrifice, I proposed giving up all claims to my muskets, as well as the present of cows from Mtesa, if Kamrasi would give us boats to Gani at once but the reply was simply, Why be in such a hurry 16th.

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These Wahuma kings are not like those you ever saw in Unyamuezi or anywhere else they have officers and soldiers like Said Majid, the Sultan at Zanzibar.

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This foolish disruption having at first only lasted for a while, the road was again opened and again closed, for the merchants wanted an easy passage, and the native chiefs desired cloths.

They all said I must have the king s sanction first, else people, from not knowing my object, would accuse me of practising witchcraft, and would tell their king so.

He also place pombe and grain, he said, for the same reason, before a large stone on the hillside, although it could not eat, or make any use of it but the coast men were of the same belief as himself, and so were all the natives.

Seven goats, flour, and plantains, were now brought to us and as Kidgwiga begged for the flour without success, he flew into a fit of high indignation because 1z0-808 Dumps Pdf these things were given and received without his having first been consulted.

Very good, says Budja, let it be so for there is great wisdom in your words but I must first send to my king, for the Waganda villagers have struck two of your men with weapons this had happened just before my arrival here , and this is a most heinous offence in Uganda, which cannot be overlooked.

I told him I had heard of this before, but also heard that those Arabs had met with great disasters, owing to the turbulence of the Masai.

The king had been raising an army to fight Rionga the true reason, we suspect, for the beating of the drums.

This message brought her to her gate, where she stood laughing 1z0-808 Vce Software till the Wahuma girls she had promised me, one of twelve and C2160-667 Practice Exam the other a little older, were brought in and made to squat in front of us.

It was the traditional walk of his race, founded on the step of the lion but the outward sweep of the legs, intended to represent the stride of the noble beast, appeared to me only to realise a very ludicrous kind of waddle, which made me ask Bombay if anything serious was the matter with the royal person.

Their implement of divination, simple as it may appear, is a cow s or antelope s horn Uganga , which they stuff with magic powder, also called Uganga.

What a place, I thought to myself, this would be for missionaries They never could fear starvation, the land is so rich and, if farming were introduced by them, they might have hundreds of pupils.

We battled again, and Mahamed at last, out of patience himself, said, Just look here, what a fix I am in, showing me a hut full of ivory.

They then all agreed to this view, and further assured me it went to Kamrasi s palace in Unyoro, where it joined the N yanza, meaning the Nile.

It was a fixed custom now, they told us, and there was no use in our trying to struggle against it.

To this they replied that the majority were still at Kaze, all wishing for peace at any price, and that whatever terms I might wish to dictate they would agree to.

There we fought for many months, until all provisions were exhausted, when I defied them to catch me, and forced my way through their ranks.

The lesser one, who still retains the name of Kahala, said she was seized in Unyoro by the Waganda, who took her to N yamasore, but what became of her father and mother she could not say.

One of the goats presented gave me an opportunity of hearing one of the strangest stories I had yet heard in this strange country it was a fine for attempted regicide, which happened yesterday, when a boy, finding the king alone, which is very unusual, walked up to him and threatened to kill him, because, he said, he took the lives of men unjustly.

Still the whole of them united could not lift the iron, which induced them, considering there must be some magic in it, to inform the king.

They shot seven, and all were given to them when they were dismissed.

From the Warangira the Wakunga now chose as their king the one whom they thought best suited for the government of the country not of too high rank by the mother s side, lest their selection in his pride should kill them all, but one of low birth.

I stayed at home, not feeling well.

Rejecting his munificent offers, I gave him a cooling dose of calomel and jalap, which he drank like pombe, and pronounced beautiful holding up his hands, and repeating the words Beautiful, beautiful they are all beautiful together There is Bana beautiful his box is beautiful and his medicine beautiful and, saying this, led us in to see his women, who at my request were grouped in war apparel viz.

Come along, Bana, said the king, we must have some more sport and, saying this he directed the way towards the queen s palace, the attendants leading, followed by the pages, then the king, next myself for I never would walk before him and finally the women, some forty or fifty, who constantly attended him.

We next descended from the Mountains of the Moon, and spanned a long alluvial plain to the settlement of the so long heard of Kitangule, where Rumanika keeps his thousands and thousands of cows.

On entering the rich plantain gardens of Kisaho, I was informed we must halt there a day for Maula to join us, as he had been detained by Rumanika, who, wishing to give him a present, had summoned Rozaro s sister to his palace for that purpose.

This was Kachuchu, an old friend of Nasib s, who no sooner saw him than, beaming with delight, he said to us, Now, was I not right when I told you the birds flying about on Lohugati hill were a good omen Look here what this man says Rumanika has ordered him to bring you on to his palace at once, and wherever you stop a day, the village officers are instructed to supply you with food at the king s expenses, for there are no taxes gathered from strangers in the kingdom of Karague.

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Much surprised at the various articles composing our kit, he remarked that our sleeping clothes blankets were much better than his royal robes but of all things that amused him most were our picturebooks, especially some birds drawn by Wolf.

I must also tell you they are dangerous in your hands, in consequence of your being ignorant of their properties.

The same night, whilst sitting out to make astronomical observations, I became deadly cold so much so, that the instant I had taken the star, to fix my position, I turned into bed, but could not get up again for the cough that had stuck to me for a month then became so violent, heightened by fever succeeding the cold fit, that before the next morning I was so reduced that I could not stand.

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Bombay, after taking back the dwarf, met one of N yamasore s officers, just arrived from Uganda on some important business, and upbraided Mtesa for not having carried out my instructions.

Our boats were then lowered, and in a few minutes more the prize was taken, by her crew being exchanged for some of our men, and we learnt all about her from accurate reports furnished by Mr Frere, the Cape Slave Commissioner.

Two days afterwards, Musa s men came in with porters, who would not hire themselves for more than two marches, having been forbidden to do so by their chief on account of the supposed Watuta invasion and for these two marches they required a quarter of the whole customary hire to Karague.

We 1z0-808 Certificate could not talk fast enough, so overwhelmed were we both to meet again.

He said, You speak like a father to us, and we very much approve.

6th and 7th.

I brought them to at last by starvation, and then we went on.

In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was 1z0-808 Certification Material to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

Half of my men, however, did stop there, but with the other half Grant and I went on and, 1z0-808 New Questions as the sun was setting, we came in sight of what we thought was Petherick s outpost, N.

With the utmost complacency our sable brother builds a dwarf hut in his fields, and places some grain on it to propitiate the evil spirit, and suffer him to reap the fruits of his labour, and this too they call Uganga or church.


To day I went to the palace, but found no one the king was out shooting again.

Speaking of her present quarters, she said she loved Uledi s wife very much, thinking birds of a feather ought to live together.

Lastly, I explained to him how England formerly was as unenlightened as Africa, and believing in the same sort of superstitions, and the inhabitants were all as naked as his skinwearing Wanyambo but now, since they had grown wiser, and saw through such impostures, they were the greatest men in the world.

Time was drawing on, and as the queen would not appear of her own accord, I sent to request a friendly conversation with her before I left, endeavouring, as well as I could, to persuade her that the want of cordiality between us was owing to the mistakes of interpreters, who had not conveyed to her my profound sentiments of devotion.

The Kamraviona was sent to inquire after our health, to ask for medicine for himself, and to inquire more into the origin of his race.

Getting tired, I took out my sketch book and drew Lubuga, the pet, which amused the king immensely as he recognised her cockscomb.

Indeed, says the king, we must have that.

They amounted to an equivalent of eight loads, and were as follows 100 yards cloth, and 4600 necklaces of beads these had been set aside as the wages paid to the porters, but being in my custody, I had to make them good 300 necklaces of beads stolen from the loads one brass wire stolen one sword bayonet stolen Grant s looking glass stolen one saw stolen one box ammunition stolen.

Sheikh Said now reported it quite impossible to buy anything at a moderate rate for, as I was a big man, I ought to pay a big price and my men had all been obliged to fight in the bazaar before they could get even tobacco at the same rate as other men, because they were the servants of the big man, who could afford to give higher wages than any one else.

But what led us this way we have told you before it was to see your majesty in particular, and the great kings of Africa and at the same time to open another road to the north, whereby the best manufactures or Europe would find their way to Karague, and you would get so many more guests.

Every man carried the same arms two spears and one shield held as if approaching an enemy, and they thus moved in three lines of single rank and file, at fifteen to twenty paces Oracle 1z0-808 Certificate asunder, with the same high action and elongated step, the ground leg only being bent, to give their strides the greater force.

We would present him with cows if we had such as he wanted, but we could not bargain.

To fortify ourselves against another invasion, we cut down all their plaintains to make a boma or fence.

He then wanted black ink, else how could he put on the red with taste but we had none to give him.

The hill crops out through pisolitic limestone, in which marine fossils were observable.

Immediately after breakfast the king sent his pages in a great hurry to say he was waiting on the hill for me, and begged I would bring all my guns immediately.

I complained that Bombay had been shown more respect than myself, obtaining an immediate admittance to the king s presence.

The return was a present of twenty cows, ten cocks, two bales of flour, and two pots of pombe, to be equally divided between Grant and myself, as Kamrasi recognised in us two distinct camps, because we approached his country by two different routes a smart method for expecting two presents from us, which did not succeed, as I thanked for all, Grant being my son on this Oracle 1z0-808 occasion.

Three bits of cotton cloth were then selected as the best thing for the purpose and, relying implicitly on the advice of Rumanika, who declared his only object was to further our views, I arranged accordingly, and off went Kachuchu.

We next went on to the district of Ukumbi, and put up in a village there, on approaching which all the 1z0-808 Book Pdf villagers turned out to resist us, supposing we were an old enemy of theirs.

Much at the same time, Mr Petherick, an ivory merchant, who had spent many years on the Nile, arrived in England, and gratuitously offered, as it would not interfere with his trade, to place boats at Gondokoro, and send a party of men up the White River to collect ivory in the meanwhile, and eventually to assist me in coming down.

After this, one more was shot dead and two others wounded.

Now, hoping to produce gravity and then to slip away, I asked if my medicines had given her any relief, that I might give her more to strengthen her.

It was therefore agreed we should skirt round by the east of this district, and I even promised the Pig I would give him ten necklaces a day in addition to his wages, if he would avoid all the chiefs, and march steadily ten miles every day.

The key was quite a minor consideration, for she could show it to her attendants just as well without one.

then changing the word Anguja for Anguza, says to Ntalo I think you said your mother and father both died at Anguza, did you not N.

Next day 15th I gave each of my men a fez cap, and a piece of red blanket to make up military jackets.



Not a villager was to be seen for miles round not a plantain remained on the trees, nor was there even a sweet potato to be found in the ground.

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Captain Grant, taking advantage of the spare time, killed for the larder two buck antelopes, and the Tots brought in, in high excited triumph, a famous pig.

Ten of these buds, he said, eaten dry, were sufficient for ordinary cases, and he gave a very formidable description of the effect likely to follow the use of the same number boiled in rice water or milk.

Accordingly we made everything as smart as possible, hanging the room round with maps, horns, and skins of animals, and places a large box covered with a red blanket, as a throne for the king to set upon.


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