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Next day 23d the chief Ugali came to pay his respects to us.

He had a very large variety, and would load a horn for me with all those I desired most.

He then made friends with Mahamed, who promised to help him on to Faloro, and I gave Mahamed and his men three carbines as an honorarium.

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He, like the rest of the porters in the caravan, wore a shirt of fig tree bark called mbugu.

The facts were these He was exceedingly clever, and he knew it.


He came thus far with Mahamed from Gondokoro two years ago, and then returned, because he was alarmed at the accounts the people gave of the countries to the southward, and he did not like the prospect of having to remain a whole rainy season with Mahamed at Faloro.

Caravans, in consequence, never enter their villages, but camp outside, generally under the big gouty limbed trees encircling their entire camp sometimes with a ring fence of thorns to prevent any sudden attack.

There I found the Pig, who now said he wished he had taken my offer of beads, for he had spoken with his chief, and saw that I was right.

In this high exuberance of spirits, a sudden surprise turned their momentary triumph into a total defeat for some Wahumba, having heard the cries of the Wagogo, joined in their cause, and both 251-101 Test Dump together fell on the Arab force with such impetuosity that the former victors were now scattered in all directions.

My cough daily grew worse.

Then Baraka said, I have just heard from Makaka, that a man who arrived from Usui only a few minutes ago has said Suwarora is so angry with the Arabs that he has detained one caravan of theirs in his country, and, separating the whole of their men, has placed each of them in different bomas, with orders to his village officers that, in case the Watuta came into his country, without further ceremony they were to be all put to death.

Both men and women got drunk, whilst from outside we were tormented by the Wasui, both men and women pertinaciously pressing into our hut, watching us eat, and begging in the most shameless manner.

To make the most of the king s good humour, while I wanted to screen myself from the blazing sun, I asked him if he would like to enjoy the pleasures of an umbrella and before he had time to answer, held mine over him as we walked side by side.

And away we went, first through one court, then through another, till we found the nundo perched on a tree, looking like a sedate old gentleman with a bald head, and very sharp, long nose.

I took down many words of his language, and found they corresponded with the North African dialects, as spoken by the people of Kidi, Gani, and Madi.

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Arrived at the queen s palace, out of respect to his mother, the king changed his European clothes for a white kid skin wrapper, and then walked in to see her, leaving us waiting outside.

I saw, however, there was something wrong for Maula, always ordered to be in attendance when anybody visits, was retained by her order to answer why I would not stay with her longer.

We were all at this time hungry as hunters, and beginning to feel very miserable from being wet through.

I then asked the king to allow me to try his Whitworth, to which a little bit of stick, as a charm to secure a correct aim, had been tied below the triggerguard.

He began the conversation by telling me he had heard of my distress from want of porters, and then offered to assist me with some, provided I would take him to Kaze, and mediate between him and the Arabs for, through their unjustifiable interference in his government affairs, a war had ensued, which terminated with the Arabs driving him from his possessions a vagabond.

I then went into a long inquiry with Musa about our journey northward to Karague and as he said there were no men to be found in or near Unyanyembe, for they were either all killed or engaged in the war, it was settled he should send some of his head men on to Rungua, where he had formerly resided, trading for some years, and was a great favourite with the chief of the place, by name Kiringuana.

Thus the whole day was thrown away, for I had to return empty handed.

The sportsmen of this country, like the Wanyamuezi, plant a convolvulus of extraordinary size by the side of their huts, and pile the jawbones and horns of their spoils before, as a means of bringing good luck.

This set the chief raving.

Grant, remarking this, told me then, although fro a friendly delicacy he had abstained from saying so earlier, that my condition, when he first saw me on rejoining, gave him a sickening shock.

Seeing his fate, the cunning vagabond said, Now I do see it was by your orders the chief was appointed, and not by a whim of Sheikh Said s I will obey him for the future and these words were hardly pronounced than the three missing goats rushed like magic into camp, nobody of course knowing where they came from.

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Whilst waiting for these men s return, one of Sirboko s slaves, chained up by him, in the most piteous manner cried out to me Hai Bana wangi, Bana wangi Oh, my lord, my lord , take pity on me When I was a free man I saw you at Uvira, on the Tanganyika lake, when you were there but since then the Watuta, in a fight at Ujiji, speared me all over and left me for dead, when I was seized by the people, sold to the Arabs, and have been in chains ever since.

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Once settled down into position, Sheikh Snay and the whole conclave of Arab merchants came to call on me.

At last I began to recover.

I immediately read this letter to Lumeresi, and asked him how I should answer it, as Grant refused to pay anything until I gave the order.

They were a very gentle, nice dispositioned looking set of men small, but well knit together.

Whatever remained over was then divided by the boys, and the baskets taken to the cooks.

His first question was, Well, Bana, where are your guns for I have called you to go shooting.

In the evening pages informed me that Grant had arrived at N yama Goma, one march distant.

Kind as he looked and spoke, he forgot all his promises about coveting my property, and scarcely got over the first salutation before he began begging for many things that he saw, and more especially for a deole, in order that he might wear it on all great occasions, to show his contemporaries what a magnanimous man his white visitor was.

In these countries the government is in the hands of foreigners, who had invaded and taken possession of them, leaving the agricultural aborigines to till the ground, whilst the junior members of the usurping clans herded cattle just as in Abyssinia, or wherever the Abyssinians or Gallas have shown themselves.

With the utmost complacency our sable brother builds a dwarf hut in his fields, and places some grain on it to propitiate 251-101 Online Exam the evil spirit, and suffer him to reap the fruits of his labour, and this too they call Uganga or church.


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Then being assured that I knew he never would have done as he had if a woman s attractions had not led him astray, he went to his work again like a man, and consoled himself by taking Sangizo s sister to wife on credit instead of the old love, promising to pay the needful out of his pay, and to return her to her brother when the journey was over.

The game seemed now to be won.

This being the fifteenth or twentieth time Kamrasi had disappointed me, after promising an interview, that we might have a proper understanding about everything, and when no begging on his party was to interrupt our conversation, I sent him a threatening message, to see what effect that would have.

Formerly it was the property of a Beluch named Eseau, who came to this country with merchandise, trading on account of Said Said, late Sultan of Zanzibar but having lost it all on his way here, paying mahongo, or taxes, and so forth he feared returning, and instead made great friends with the late king Sunna, who took an especial fancy to him because he had a very large beard, and raised him to the rank of Mkungu.

Skirting the hills on the left, with a large A6 Ebook Pdf low plain to the right we soon came on one of those numerous rush drains that appear to me to be the last waters left of the old bed 251-101 Study Guide Pdf of the N yanza.

This was most opportune for the king asked what he had been about, and then the true state of the case as regards my difficulties in obtaining food were, I fancy, for the first time, made known to him.

It was the effect of desertions like these that prevented any white men visiting these countries.

All his accumulations would then go to the Zanzibar market, or else to slavers looking out off the coast.

This was pleasant information, but not quite new, for the Arabs had told me Mtesa was so anxious to open that route, he had frequently offered to aid them in it himself.

This right is called Hongo, in the plural Mahongo.

The China war, he assured me, had taken up all the Government vessels, and there appeared no hope left for me that season, as the last American trader was just then leaving for Zanzibar.

The first day he only allowed you to sit on your stool to appease your wrath.

Suppose you give him a box of bottles to carry, or a desk, or anything else that requires great care, and you caution him of its contents, the first thing he does is to commence swinging it round and round, or putting it topsy turvy on the top of his head, when he will run off at a jog trot, singing and laughing in the most provoking manner, and thinking no more about it than if it were an old stone even if rain were falling, he would put it in the best place to get wet through.

They are 251-101 Online Exam Happicabs nearly all Wanyoro, having been captured in that country by king Mtesa and given to Mlondo.

Baraka at last said, All right I am not afraid I will do as you desire.

Their implement of divination, simple as it may appear, is a cow s or antelope s horn Uganga , which they stuff with magic powder, also called Uganga.

His men had now been shot to go within his reach would be certain death.

At this juncture the Mgussa s familiar motioned the Kamraviona and several officers to draw around him, when, in a very low tone, he gave them all the orders of the deep, and walked away.

This morning we marched on as usual, with one of the Hottentots lashed on a donkey for the wretched creature, after lying in the sun asleep, became so sickly that he could not move or do anything for himself, and nobody would do anything for him.

Some smaller animals were killed but I wasted all my time in 251-101 Exam Cram fruitlessly stalking some wounded striped eland magnificent animals, as large as Delhi oxen and some other animals, of which I wounded three, about the size of hartebeest, and much their shape, only cream coloured, with a conspicuous black spot in the centre of each flank.

I Symantec small Business security 251-101 Online Exam did not wish to do so either, though his palace lay in the direct route.

Next day, however, we descended into the Katonga valley, where, instead of finding a magnificent broad sheet of water, as I had been led to expect by the Arabs account of it, I found I had to wade through a succession of rush drains divided one from the other by islands.

repeating what he had already 251-101 Dumps Pass4sure told Bombay.

Still he was not satisfied he would give me slaves, cows, or ivory, if I would only cure him.

The present gave great satisfaction.

They had gone off P2050-030 Cert Guide and hidden themselves, saying that they were not such fools as to go any farther, as the Watuta were out, and would cut us up on the road.

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The journey to and fro was performed in fourteen days actual travelling, the rest of the time being frittered away by the guides.

What an honour We had come into the country drawn there by a combination of pride and avarice and now we were leaving it in hot haste under the guidance of an escort of officers, who were in reality appointed to watch us as dangerous wizards and objects of terror.

I went to the palace, and found, as usual, a large levee waiting the king s pleasure to appear amongst whom were the Kamraviona, Masimbi, and the king s sister Miengo.

The present was 251-101 Book then opened, and everything in turn placed upon the red blanket.

Instead, therefore, of going at the call of his pages this morning I sent Bombay with some men to say that although I was desirous of seeing him daily, I could not so expose myself to the sun.

Mtesa was undergoing the coronation formalities, and for this reason had sent the deserters to Kari s hill, giving them cows and a garden to live on, as no visitors can remain near the court while the solemnities of the coronation were going on.

Wherever I strolled I saw nothing but richness, and what ought to be wealth.

This was something like an inquiry into the ecclesiastical condition of the country, while, at the same time, it was a religious ceremony, and, as such, was appropriate to the first day after the new moon appears.

Again the expedition marched on in the right direction.

He reported that he had not been allowed to leave the palace earlier, though he pleaded hard that I expected his return and the only excuse he could extract from the king was, that Symantec 251-101 we were coming in charge of many Wakungu, and he had found it necessary to retard our approach in consequence of the famine at Chaguzi.

They laughed at this, and asked, Who would stop with me when the fight began This was making a jest of what I was most afraid of that they would all run away.

The rest of my work, besides sketching and keeping a diary, which was the most troublesome of all, consisted in making geological and zoological collections.

If I wished to go that way, 251-101 Self Study Kamrasi would forward me on to their position in boats for the land route, leading through Kidi, was a jungle of ten days, tenanted by a savage set of people, who hunt everybody, and seize everything they see.

If that is the case, I said, why do you want a gun Because there are some other matters to settle.

The books of birds and animals had next to be seen, and being admired were coveted, the king offering one of the books I first gave him in exchange for one of these.

Further parley was useless for, though both my wires and cloths were short, still it was better not to kick up a row, when I had so much to do to keep all my Symantec small Business security 251-101 men in good temper for the journey.

The scenery and situation were perfect for health and beauty.

They were certainly a wild set of ragamuffins as different as possible from the smart, welldressed, quick of speech Waganda as could be, and anything but prepossessing to our eyes.

A man of Ruanda now informed us that the cowrie shells, so plentiful in that country, come there from the other or western side, but he could not tell whence they were originally obtained.

For hours I was kept waiting firstly, because she was at breakfast secondly, because she was putting on medicine and, thirdly, because the sun was too powerful for her complexion when I became tired of her nonsense, and said, If she 0B0-400 Certification does not wish to see me, she had better say so at once, else I shall walk away for the last time I came I saw her but for a minute, when she rudely turned her back upon me, and left me sitting by myself.

Such, however, was the case.

During this time the Wahuma were well south of the equator, and still destined to spread.

The case was not examined at once, Lumeresi happening to be absent so, to make good their time, the men in charge brought their beads to me to be exchanged for something else, not knowing that both camps were mine, and that they held my beads and not Grant s.

Superstition, you know, preys on these men s minds who have not seen the world like you and myself.

The Wanyamuezi porters next came in at their own time, and proved to us how little worth are orders in a land where every man, in his own opinion, is a lord, and no laws prevail.

In front of his hut he had his church or uganga a tree, in which was fixed a blaue boc s horn charged with magic powder, and a zebra s hoof, suspended by a string over a pot of water sunk in the earth below it.

Having answered that I could, the king graciously said he would order some canoes for me the next morning and as I declined because Grant could not accompany me, as a terrible disease had broken out in his leg, he ordered a pig shooting party.

And further, he specified that he wished all the transactions to take place in Musa s house.

Baraka, at this, somewhat taken aback, said there were no such things as perquisites on a journey like this for whatever could be saved from the chiefs was for the common good of all, and all alike ought to share in it repeating words I had often expressed.

After this, I gave a lot of rich beads to Kidgwiga for himself, and a lot also for the senior officers at the Chopi and Kamrasi s palaces, and sent the whole set off as happy as birds.

As the clouds broke towards morning, my obstinate boys still swore that west was east, and would hardly follow me when tracking down Venus next up rose the moon and then followed the sun, when, as good luck would have it, we struck on the track, and walked straight into camp.

I now sent six wires more, and said this was the last I could give they were worth so many goats to me and now by giving them away, I should have to live on grain like a poor man, though I was a prince in my own country, just like Suwarora.

A great confusion ensued.

Then, returning home, I tied up all the presents her majesty had given me in a bundle, and calling Maula and my men together, told them to take them where they came from for it ill became me to keep tokens of friendship when no friendship existed between us.

After this, as Bombay brought up the last of my skulking men, I bade him good bye again, and made an afternoon march on to Takina, in the district of Msalala, which we no sooner approached than all the inhabitants turned out and fired their arrows at us.


The symptoms, altogether, were rather alarming, for the heart felt inflamed and ready to burst, pricking Symantec 251-101 Online Exam and twingeing with every breath, which was exceedingly aggravated by constant coughing, when streams of phlegm and bile were ejected.

Though I felt very sceptical about it, I could not help thinking it a curious coincidence that the position they were said to occupy agreed with Petherick s Nyam Nyams men eaters.

To day the king was amusing himself among his women again, and not to be seen.

The reply was, 102 Waganda, with one of my men only, had been stationed at the village my men deserted from since the date 13th we heard of them last.

Generally speaking, they live upon the coast, and call themselves Diwans, headsmen, and subjects of the Sultan Majid but they no sooner hear of the march of a caravan than they transpose their position, become sultans in their own right, and levy taxes accordingly.

His dues for the present were four brass wires, and as many more when we reached the palace.

The king, excitedly impatient, now led the way again, shooting hurry scurry through my men s lines, which were much commented on as being CTAL-TM_SYLL2007DACH Practice Exam Pdf different from Waganda hutting, on to the tall tree with the adjutant s nest.

20th and 21st.

Karambule now told us to string our beads on the fibre of the Mwale tree, which was sold here by the Wasui, as he intended to live in the palace for a couple of days, arranging with Suwarora what tax we should have to pay, after which he would come and take it from us but we must mind and be ready, for whatever Suwarora said, it must be done instantly.

This was not an easy C2010-538 Exam Sample Questions go ahead march, for the halt had disaffected both men and mules.

At last her majesty stumps out, squats behind my red blanket, which is converted into a permanent screen, and says hastily, or rather testily, Can t Bana perceive the angry state of the weather clouds flying about, and the wind blowing half a gale Whenever that is the case, I cannot venture out.

The elder, whom I named Meri plantains , was obtained by Sunna, the late king, as a wife, from Nkole and though she was a mere Kahala, or girl, when the old king died, he was so attached to her he gave her twenty cows, in order that 251-101 Braindump Pdf she might fatten up on milk after her native fashion but on Sunna s death, when the establishment of women was divided, Meri fell to N yamasore s the queen s lot.

A messenger should be sent at once to the king of Uganda to inform him of our intention to visit him, with his own favourable report of us.

It was a very liberal allowance, because the Arabs never gave more than one necklace to every three men, and that, too, of inferior quality to what I served.

They looked upon plunder as their fortune and right, and my interference as unjustifiable.

I thought 251-101 Online Exam it good policy to talk of there being many roads leading through Africa, so that Rumanika might see he had not got, as he thought, the sole key to the interior.

At night three slaves belonging to Sheikh Salem bin Saif stole into our camp, and said they had been sent by their master to seek for porters at Kaze, as all the Wanyamuezi porters of four large caravans had deserted in Ugogo, and they could not move.

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Then setting it down on the ground, they planted some of the rushes on either side of the entrance, and all kneeling together, set to bewailing, shrieking, and howling incessantly for hours together.

Farther on, also, I came on a party driving one hundred cows, as a present from Mtesa to Rumanika, which the officers in charge said was their king s return for the favour Rumanika had done him in sending me on to him.

They were no sooner gone, however, than Musa assured me they had killed old Maula of Rubuga in the most treacherous manner, as follows Khamis, who is an Arab of most gentlemanly aspect, on returning from Ugogo attended by slaves, having heard that Maula was desirous of adjusting a peace, invited him with his son to do so.

To day I met Kamrasi at his new reception palace on this side the Kafu taking a Bible to explain all I fancied I knew about the origin and present condition of the Wahuma branch of the Ethiopians, beginning with Adam, to show how it was the king had heard by tradition that at one time the people of his race were half white and half black.

Suwarora s hongo was turned out of court, and, if I desired it, I might bring my own chair with me, for he was very anxious to show me great respect although such a seat was exclusively the attribute of the king, no one else in Uganda daring to sit on an artificial 251-101 Certification Material seat.

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Beyond the flat alluvial valley of the Kingani, seven to eight miles broad, the land rises suddenly to a table land of no great height, on which trees grow in profusion.

As I took down a note of their several names, each seemed delighted at finding his name written down by me and Kunza, the executioner, begged as a great favour that I would plead to the king to spare his son s life, who, as I have mentioned, was ordered out to execution on the last levee day.

Guards also kept the doors, on which large bells were hung to give alarm, and officers in waiting watched the throne rooms.


We now ventured on a plump application for boats that we might feel our way to Gani by water, supposing the lake and river to be navigable all the way and begged Kitunzi might be appointed to accompany us, in order that whatever was done might be done all with good effect in opening up a new line of commerce, by which articles of European manufacture might find a permanent route to Uganda.

They, indeed, are a curse to the traveller for if it suits their inclinations to keep him out of the country, they have merely to prognosticate all sorts of calamities as droughts, famines, or wars in the event of his setting eyes on the soil, and the chiefs, people, and all, would believe them for, as may be imagined, with men unenlightened, supernatural and imaginary predictions work with more force than substantial reasons.

The evening of the next day after leaving me at Kira, they obtained an interview with the king immediately for the thought flashed across his mind that Bombay had come to report our death, the Waganda having been too much for the party.

In the morning, I sent the Wakungu off with the trophies to the king, again complaining that he had turned my men into a pack of highwaymen, and, as I foresaw, had thus created enmity between the Waganda and them, much to my annoyance.

Just then another page hurried in with orders to bring me to the palace at once, for I had not been there these four days and while I was preparing to express the proper amount of indignation at this unceremonious message, the last impudent page began rolling like a pig upon my mbugued or carpeted floor, till I stormed and swore I would turn him out unless he chose to behave more respectfully before my majesty, for I was no peddling merchant, as he had been accustomed to see, and would not stand it moreover, I would not leave my hut at the summons of the king or anybody else, until I chose to do so.

I tried again to make him see the absurdity of tying a charm on Whitworth s rifle, but without the least effect.

At his death, which took place in Dagara s time the present Rumanika s father , the kingdom was contested by his two sons, Rohinda and Suwarora, but, at the intercession of Dagara, was divided Rohinda taking the eastern, called Ukhanga, and Suwarora the western half of the country, called Usui.

I declined this abuse of my arms, and said I should first go and speak to the king on the subject myself, ordering the men on no account to go on such an errand and saying this, I proceeded towards the palace, leaving instructions for those men who were not ready to follow.

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