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The pages then received orders to furnish me with ten that moment, as the king s farmyard was empty, and he would reimburse them as soon as more confiscations took place.

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Sirhid knew very well that I had a small reserve of pretty cloths, though all the common ones had been expended so, to keep in good terms with him who was to be our intercessor, I said I would give him the last I had got if he would not tell Suwarora or any one else what I had done.

Chapter XX Madi Junction of the Two Hemispheres The First Contact with Persons Acquainted with European Habits Interruptions and Plots The Mysterious Mahamed Native Revelries The Plundering and Tyranny of the Turks The Rascalities of the Ivory Trade Feeling for the Nile Taken to see a Mark left by a European Buffalo, Eland, and Rhinoceros Stalking Meet Baker Petherick s Arrival at Gondokoro.

On being told we did not like being repeatedly reminded of our promises, he came down a little from his dignity, saying, And what answer have you about the business on the island meaning the request to fight his brothers.

At the earliest possible hour in the morning the king sent begging for things one hundred times refused, supposing, apparently, that I had some little reserve store which I wished to conceal from him.

On the way home, one of 1Z1-460 Pdf the king s favourite women overtook us, walking, with her hands clasped at the back of her head, to execution, crying, N uawo in the most pitiful manner.

I never heard, and there appeared no curiosity to know, what individual human being the urchin had deprived of life.

After entering his palace, I immediately called on him to thank him for the great treat he had given me, and presented him, as an earnest of what I thought, with the Colt s revolving rifle and a fair allowance of ammunition.

Cows, sheep, and slaves have to be given to the father for the value of his daughter but if she finds she has made a mistake, she can return the dowrymoney, and gain her release.

I strove in vain, for no one would lift a load unless I complied so, perforce, I went there, in company, however, with Mfumbi, who now pretended to be great friends but what was the result On entering the palace we were shown into a cowyard without a tree in it, or any shade and no one was allowed to sell us food until a present of friendship was paid, after which the hongo would be discussed.

The day after, I took pills and blistered my chest all over, still Lumeresi would not let me alone, nor come to any kind of terms until the 25th, when he said he would take a certain number of pretty common cloths for his children if I would throw in a red blanket for himself.


Kaggao then informed me the king had told all his Wakungu he would keep me as his guest four months longer to see if Petherick came and should he not by that time, he would give me an estate, stocked with men, women, and cattle, in perpetuity, so that, if I ever wished to leave Uganda, I should always have something to come back to so I might now know what my fate was to be.

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He then walked into Grant s hut, inspected that, and finally went to the place where the bottle had been kept.

Returning home to the tents as the evening sky was illumined with the red glare of the sun, my attention was attracted by observing in the distance some bold sky scraping cones situated in the country Ruanda, which at once brought back to recollection the ill defined story I had heard from the Arabs of a wonderful hill always covered with clouds, on which snow or hail was constantly falling.

He and all the other household servants were much delighted with this charming acquisition but the poor girl, from the time she had been selected, had flattered herself she was to be Bana s wife, and became immensely indignant at the supposed transfer, though from the first I had intended her for Ilmas, not only to favour him for his past good services, but as an example to my other men, as I had promised to give them all, provided they behaved well upon the journey, a free man s garden, with one wife each and a purse of money, to begin a new life upon, as soon as they reached Zanzibar.

I sent a message to the king about the theft, requiring him, if an honest man, to set his detectives to work, and ferret it out his boys, at the same time, to show our suspicions, were peremptorily forbidden ever to enter the hut again.

The queen now taking a sporting fit into her head, sent for me early in the morning, with all my men, armed, to shoot a crested crane in her palace but though we were there as required, we were kept waiting till late in the afternoon, when, instead of talking about shooting, as her Wakungu had forbidden her doing it, she asked after her two daughters whether they had run away, or if they liked their new abode I replied I was sorry circumstances did not permit my coming to thank her sooner, for I felt grateful beyond measure to her for having charmed my house with such beautiful society.

At 4 p.


But Bombay replied, She was not good enough for Bana he let her go off like a dog he wants a young and Cisco 400-201 beautiful Mhuma, or none at all.

The settlement lay at the foot of small, well wooded granitic hills, even prettier than the outcrops of Unyamuezi, and was intersected by clear streams.

Next to be treated of is the famous Blue Nile, which we found a miserable river, even when compared with the Geraffe branch of the Sobat.

As I advanced and doffed my hat, the king, smiling, entered the court, followed by a budding damsel dressed in red bindera, who carried the chair I had presented to him, and two new spears.

I had a great deal to tell him about, as he was the father of the Nile, which river drained the N yanza down to my country to the northward.

To be returned to them, but called in vain, as the scoundrels said, Findings are keepings, by the laws of our country and as we found your cows, so we will keep them.

This last act of barbarism, however, was too much for my English blood to stand and as I heard my name, Mzungu, imploringly pronounced, I rushed at the king, and, staying his uplifted arm, demanded from him the woman s life.

To avert over hastiness, however for my servants began to be alarmed as I Cisco 400-201 Test Pdf demurred against doing as I was bid I allowed five minutes to the court to give me a proper reception, saying, if it were not conceded I would then walk away.

The Arabs followed drove me to Nguru, and tried to kill Maula for having fostered me.

Heavy rain now set in, and we got under cover but the brothers never moved, some even sitting in the streaming gutter, and n yanzigging whenever noticed.

He wishes to see you, but does not like doing things in a hurry.

The battalion, consisting of what might be termed three companies, each containing 200 men, being drawn up on the left extremity of the parade ground, received orders to march past in single file from the right of companies, at a long trot, and re form again at the other end of the 400-201 Guide square.

With a great deal of difficulty, and after hours of delay, we managed to get under way with two boats besides the original one and, after an hour and a half s paddling in the laziest manner possible, the men seized two pots of pombe and pulled in to Koki, guided by a king s messenger, who said this was one of the places appointed by order to pick up recruits for the force which was to take us to Gani.

Could I after that 400-201 Vce Software refuse him such a mere trifle as a 400-201 Vce Dumps compass I told him he might as well put my eyes out and ask me to walk home, as take away that little instrument, which could be of no use to him, as he could not read or understand it.

The women are not regarded as property according to the Wanyamuezi practice, though many exchange their daughters and some women, for misdemeanours, are sold into slavery whilst others are flogged, or are degraded to do all the menial services of the house.


By doing so, we should have avoided the wandering Watuta, whose depredations had laid waste nearly all of this country but the designing blackguard, in opposition to my wishes, to accomplish some object of his own, chose to mislead us all, and quietly took us straight into Sorombo to Kague, the boma of a sub chief, called Mfumbi, where we no sooner arrived than the inhospitable brute forbade any one of his subjects to sell us food until the hongo was paid, for he was not sure that we were not allied with the Watuta to rob his country.

Hyenas are numerous, and thievishly inclined.

They flew about brandishing their spears, and pulling their bows in the most grotesque attitudes, alarming some 400-201 Practice Questions of my porters so much that they threw down their loads and bolted.

They did not know the word bakhshish, or present but, as bad as the Egyptians, they held our their hands, patted their bellies, and said Kaniwani my friend until we were sick of the sound of that word.

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Everything still seemed going against me for on the following day 24th Musa s men came in from Rungua to say the Watuta were out.

For the last month, too, I had not been able to sleep on either side, as interior pressure, caused by doing so, provoked the cough but now I had, in addition, to be propped in position to get any repose whatever.

On resuming our march, a bird, called khongota, flew across our path seeing which, old Nasib, beaming with joy, in his superstitious belief cried out with delight, Ah, look at that good omen now our journey will be sure to be prosperous.

I told her I had visited all the four quarters of the globe, and had seen all colours of people, but wondered where she got her pipe from, for it was much after the Rumish Turkish fashion, with a long stick.

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To day I went out shooting, but though I saw and fired at a rhinoceros, as well as many varieties of antelopes, I did not succeed in killing one head.

He was a slave of Musa s, who had wounded some men previously in his wild excesses, and had been tied up but now, breaking loose again, he swore he would not be satisfied until he killed some big man.

Then, shifting round a bit, he thought of ordering his subjects to starve the visitors into submission, and said he must have a hongo equal to Ruhe s.

N yamgundu delighted me much treating me as king, he always fell down on his knees to address me, and made all his children look after my comfort in camp.

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Baraka and all the men begged I would give in, as they were sure he must be a good man to send such a kind message.


Had it been done with a common stick, it could have been overlooked but the use of weapons is an offence, and both parties must go before the king.

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A very welcome packet of quinine and other medicines reached us here from Rigby, who, hearing our complaints that the Hottentots could only be kept alive by daily potions of brandy and quinine, feared our supplies were not enough, and sent us more.

Drawing near, I found that a number of drums were beaten by men in the centre.

They wear additional ornaments, charms, c.

The king took this opportunity again to remind me that he wanted a heavy solid double gun, such as would last him all his life and intimated that in CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 400-201 Test Pdf a few days the arms and robes of honour were to be sent.

I should have mentioned, by the way, that Musa had now made up his mind not to go further than the borders of Usui with me, lest I should be torn to pieces, and he would be held responsible on the coast.

Musa commenced the journey with Maizan, and they travelled together a march or two, when one of Maizan s domestic establishment fell sick and stopped his progress.

Further, on the death of the child, 070-685 Ebook Pdf she smears herself with butter and ashes, and runs frantically about, tearing her hair and bewailing piteously whilst the men of the place use towards her the foulest language, apparently as if in abuse of her person, but in reality to frighten away the demons who have robbed her nest.

Though I naturally felt much annoyed at Petherick for I had hurried away from Uganda, and separated from Grant at Kari, solely to keep faith with him I did not wish to break friendship, but dined and conversed with him, when it transpired that his Vakil, or agent, who went south from the N yambara station, came amongst the N yam N yam, and heard from them that a large river, four days journey more to the southward, was flowing from east to west, beyond which lived a tribe of women, who, when they wanted to marry, mingled with them in the stream and returned and then, again, beyond this tribe of women there lived another tribe of women and dogs.

Lumeresi by this time was improving, from lessons on the policy of moderation which I had been teaching him for when he tried to squeeze as much more out of Masudi as Ruhe had taken, he gave way, and let him off cheaply at my intercession.

Then there was the terrible war in America, and other events of less startling nature, which came on us all by surprise, as years had now passed since we had received news from the Cisco 400-201 Test Pdf civilised world.

No threats of reporting them to their chief had any effect, so, knowing that treachery in these countries was a powerful enemy, I ordered them to be paid.

Then turning to the animals, he roared over each one in turn as he examined them, and called out their names.

I visited the king, at his 400-201 Braindump request, with the medicinechest.

The scene was very striking, for the palace enclosures, of great extent, were well laid out to give effect.

Instead of coming up the Nile at once, as Petherick might have done so I was assured he waited, whilst a vessel was building, until the season had too far advanced to enable him to sail up the river.

Everything was light, neat, and elegant in its way not a fault could be found with the taste of his getting up.

He then took us to see the nearest falls of the Nile extremely beautiful, but very confined.

If the statement were true, he must have crossed the Katonga.

Then, finally, to Maula, also under Rumanika s instructions, I gave two copper wires and five bundles of beads and, when all was completed, set out on the march, perfectly sure in my mind that before very long I should settle the great Nile problem for ever and, with this consciousness, only hoping that Grant would be able to join me before I should have to return again, for it was never supposed for a moment that it was possible I ever could go north from Uganda.

Woh, woh, woh shouted the king Bana, Mzungu, Mzungu he repeated, leaping and clapping his hands, as he ran full speed to the prostrate bird, whilst the drums beat, and the Wakungu followed him Now, is not this a wonder but we must go and shoot another.

I knew not what to do, for there was no hope left but in what Baraka might bring and as that even would be insufficient, I sent Musa s men into Kaze, to increase the original number by thirty men more.

The king, excitedly impatient, now led the way again, shooting hurry scurry through my men s lines, which were much commented on as being different from Waganda hutting, on to the tall tree with the adjutant s nest.

When the next day came, he would not come near me, as he said I must possess a deole, otherwise I would not venture on to Karague for nobody ever yet saw Rumanika without one.

This was his first appearance in trousers, and his whole attire, contrasting strangely with his native habiliments, was in his opinion very becoming, though to me a little ridiculous for the legs of the trousers, as well Cisco 400-201 Test Pdf as the sleeves of the waistcoat, were much too short, so that his black feet and hands stuck out at the extremities as an organ player s monkey s do, whilst the cockscomb on his head prevented a fez cap, which was part of his special costume for the occasion, from sitting properly.


On crossing Unyambewa 14th , when I a third time 400-201 Test Pdf put up with my old friend the sultana, her chief sent word to say he hoped I would visit him at his fighting boma to eat a cow which he had in store for me, as he could not go home and enjoy the society of his wife whilst the war was going on since, by so doing, it was considered he would lose strength.

Though I felt very sceptical about it, I could not help thinking it a curious coincidence that the position they were said to occupy agreed with Petherick s Nyam Nyams men eaters.

In a long field of grass, as high as the neck, and half under water, so that no walks could be taken, we had nothing to see but Kamrasi s miserable huts and a few distant conical hills, of which one Udongo, we conceive, represents the Padongo of Brun Bollet, placed by him in 1 south latitude, and 35 east longitude.

We battled away again, and then Mahamed said there was not one man in his camp who would go with me until their crops were cut and taken in for whilst residing here they grew grain for their support.

Rogero was thus frightened away but he went away swearing that he would carry out his intentions at some future date, when the Arabs had withdrawn from the country.

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The plantain gardens were beautifully kept by numerous women, who all ran away from fright at seeing me, save one who, taken by surprise, threw herself flat on the ground, 400-201 Test Dump rolled herself up in her mbugu, and, kicking with her naked heels, roared murder and help, until I poked her up, and reproached her for her folly.

He said it would take a month to go in boats from Kira, the most easterly district in Uganda, to Masai, where there is another N yanza, joined by a strait to the big N yanza, which king Mtesa s boats frequent for salt but the same distance could be accomplished in four days overland, and three days afterwards by boat.

Baraka then brought one to my tent, and told me of his having bought it for eight dollars at the coast and as I now saw I was let in for it, I told him to give it.

This being the third moon by account, in pursuance of ancient customs, all the people about court, including the king, shaved their heads the king, however, retaining his cockscomb, the pages their double cockades, and the other officers their single cockades on the back of the head, or either side, according to the official rank of each.

On one occasion we saw hippopotami, which our men said came to the surface because we had domestic fowls on board, supposing them to have an antipathy to that bird.

On arriving at Mininga, I was rejoiced to see Grant greatly recovered.

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He further informed us, that even in the late king Dagara s time Cisco 400-201 Test Pdf it was a large sheet of water 400-201 Test Pdf but the instant he ceased to exist, the lake shrank to what we now saw.

4, eggs No.

Suspecting that they were hidden for a private feast, I told their chief to inquire farther, and report.

They were nicely kept in a neat though very large casing of rush pith, and were those sent as a letter from Gani, to inform him that we were expected to come via Karague.

Order there was none the men hated this double work all the Wanyamuezi but three deserted, with the connivance of the coast men, carrying off their loads with them, under a mutual understanding, as I found out afterwards, that the coast men were to go shares in the plunder as soon as we reached Unyamuezi.


Competition, I found, had raised these men s wages, for I had to pay, to go even as far as Kaze, nine and a quarter dollars a head as Masudi and some other merchants were bound on the same line as myself, and all were equally in a hurry to be off and avoid as much as possible the famine we knew we should have to fight through at this late season.

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Our procession was in this fashion The Kirangozi, with a load on his shoulder, led the way, flag in hand, followed by the pagazis carrying spears of bows and arrows in their hands, and bearing their share of the baggage in the shape either of bolster shaped loads of cloth and beads covered with matting, each tied into the fork of a three pronged stick, or else coils of brass or copper wire tied in even weights to each end of sticks which they laid on the shoulder then helter skelter came the Wanguana, carrying carbines in their hands, and boxes, bundles, tents, cooking pots all the miscellaneous property on their heads next the Hottentots, dragging the refractory mules laden with ammunition boxes, but very lightly, to save the animals for the future and, finally, Sheikh Said and the Beluch escort while the goats, sick women, and stragglers, brought up the rear.

Paddles propelled these vessels, but the lazy crew CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 400-201 Test Pdf were slow in the use of them, indulging sometimes in racing spurts, then composedly resting on their paddles whilst the gentle current drifted us along.

The king for a long while would not believe his tale that I had come, but, being assured, he danced with delight, and swore he would not taste food until he had seen me.

They did not wish to rob me, and would give up their hire, but not one step more would they advance.

I thought, indeed, they were Waganda doing this to welcome us but a glance at Kasoro s glassy eyes told me such was not the case, but, on 400-201 Study Guide Pdf the contrary, their language and gestures were threats, defying us 400-201 Practice Exam Pdf to land.

She threw me a bit, which to the surprise of everybody, I caught and threw it into my mouth, thinking it was some confection but the harsh taste soon made me spit it out again, to the amusement of the company.

Villages were numerous, but as we passed them the inhabitants all fled from us, save a few men, who, bolder than the rest, would stand and look on at us as we marched along.

With a constant reiteration of these scenes the saluting at one time, the music at another interrupted only once by a number of girls dancing something like a good rough Highland fling whilst the little band played, the day s ceremonies ended.

as no hope of seeing the king was left, all retired.

At night, as we had no local sultans to torment us, eight more men of sultan Majid s donation ran away, and, adding injury to injury, took with them all our goats, fifteen in number.

Next day 11th , crossing over a succession of forks, supporters to the main spur, we encamped at Luandalo.

Associated with the countries Masau or Masai, and Usamburu, which he knew, there was a large mountain, the exact position of which he could not describe.

The corporal then led off his band to the spot where he last saw traces of the animal, and tracked on till sundown while Grant and myself went out pot hunting and brought home a bag consisting of one striped 400-201 Test Pdf eland, one saltiana antelope, four guinea fowl, four ringdoves, and one partridge a welcome supply, considering we were quite out of flesh.

The square, flat topped tembes had now been left behind, and instead the villagers lived in small collections of grass huts, surrounded by palisades of tall poles.

Though we stormed every day at being so shamefully neglected and kept in the jungles, we could not get on, nor find out the truth of our position.

I paid it down on the spot the drums beat the satisfaction, and I ordered the march with the greatest relief of mind possible.

With high words the matter dropped, African fashion.

He then wanted black ink, else how could he put on the red with taste but we had none to give him.

A large standing screen, of fine straw plait work, in elegant devices, partitioned off one part of the room and on the opposite side, as mere ornaments, were placed a number of brass grapnels and small models of cows, made in iron for his amusement by the Arabs at Kufro.

Maula on my behalf opened conversation, CCIE Service Provider 400-201 Test Pdf in allusion to her yesterday s question, by saying I had applied to Mtesa for a palace, that I might be near enough both their majesties to pay them constant visits.

The Hottentots, too, began to fall sick, which my Wanguana laughingly attributed to want of grog to keep their spirits up, as these little creatures, the Tots, had frequently at Zanzibar, after heavy potations, boasted to the more sober free men, that they were strong, because they could stand plenty drink.

On a rock by the river stood a number of armed men, jumping, jabbering, and thrusting with their spears, just as the Waganda do.

When this breeze blew over, by Lumeresi s walking away, I told the Wasui not to mind him, but to do just as I bid them.

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7 26 53 , and E.

One of king Mtesa s officers now consenting to go to N yama Goma with some of my men, I sent Grant a quarter of goat.

Tired and out of patience with our prison a river of crocodiles on one side, and swamps in every other direction, while we could not go out shooting without a specific order from the king I sent Kidgwiga and Kajunju to inform Kamrasi that we could bear this life no longer.

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