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Many other similar stories were then told, when I, wishing to go, was asked if I could kill hippopotami.


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This appeared to be a hit.

Just as at the last interview, the king had four women, lately seized and condemned to execution, squatting in his court.

Presently the thought struck me that the rifle, which was always infallible in gaining me admittance at the palace, might be of the same service now.

But they still urged as before, and so forced the king reluctantly to acquiesce, but only on the condition that two of their head men should remain behind until some more of Rumanika s men came to fetch them away in fact, as we had been accredited to him by Rumanika, he wanted to keep some of that king s people as a security until we were out of his hands.

Pray, don t give way, but do your best to encourage the men, and let us march in the morning.

Your mother died at Anguja then where is your father N.

He asked to be shown the books of birds and animals, and no sooner saw some specimens of Wolf s handiwork, than, in utter surprise, he exclaimed, I know how these are done a bird was caught and stamped upon the paper, using action to his words, and showing what he meant, while all his followers n yanzigged for the favour of the exhibition.


The plan adopted by Mahamed was, to summon the heads of all the villages to come to him, failing which, he would 4A0-105 Real Exam Questions seize all their belongings.

The ringleader, unfortunately for himself, had lately fired at a dead lion, to astonish the Unyoro, and his chum had fired a salute, which was contrary to orders for ammunition was at a low ebb, and I had done everything in my power to nurse it.

He was sorry he sent us back yesterday from his house and invited us to change ground to another village close by, where he would make arrangements for our receiving other boats, as the ones we had in 4A0-105 Ebook possession must go back.

They did not wish to rob me, and would give up their hire, but not one step more would they advance.

They also, like the Kidi people, whom they much fear, carry diminutive stools to sit upon wherever they go.

Rumanika was the most resolute in this belief, as the kings of Uganda, ever since that country was detached from Unyoro, had been making constant raids, seizing cattle and slaves from the surrounding communities.

You 4A0-105 Training Guide must not, he added, expect ever to find again a reasonable man like myself.

The farther we went in this country the better we liked it, as the people were all kept 4A0-105 Dumps Pass4sure in good order and the village chiefs were so civil, that we could do as we liked.

It also brought me to another single buck nsunnu, which was floored at once, and left to be carried home by some of my men in company with Waganda, whilst I went on, shot a third nsunnu buck, and tracked him by his blood till dark, for the bullet had pierced his lungs and passed out on the other side.

This, however, was not so easy the sea current was running north, and the wind was too light to propel our vessel against it so, after trying in vain to make way in her, Grant and I, leaving her to follow, took to a boat, after giving the captain, who said we would get drowned, a letter, to say we left the vessel against his advice.

Next morning the villagers turned out and killed two of the enemy but the rest, whilst retreating, sang Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private LAN Services 4A0-105 out that they would not attempt to fight until the guns were gone after that, the villagers had better look out for themselves.

I then took out two pills, the powder of which was tasted by the Wakungu to prove that there was no devilry in the doctor, and gave orders for them to be eaten at night, restricting her pombe and food until I saw her again.

I was enchanted with his appearance, and so were my men, though no one could speak to him but Nasib, who told us he knew him before.

At 3 p.

But the curse of Noah sticks to these his grandchildren by Ham, and no remedy that has yet been found will relieve them.

He asked Bombay if it was true the woman he gave me ran away and when Bombay told him, he said, Oh, he should have chained her for two or three Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-105 Sample Questions days, until she became accustomed to her residence for women often take fright and run away in that way, believing strangers to be cannibals.

On this he gave, by Bombay s account, the following curious reason for his conduct You don t understand the matter.

It was truly ridiculous here had we been at Faloro so long, and yet could not make out what had become of the Nile.


He hoped now as we had cows to eat, there would be no necessity for wandering for food, but all would keep together in one garden.

N yamgundu delighted me much treating me as king, he always fell down on his knees to address me, and made all his children look after my comfort in camp.

On arrival at camp, Viarwanjo, the officer of the district, a very smart fellow, arrived with a large escort of spearmen, presented pombe, ordered fowls to be seized for us, and promised one boat in the morning, for he had no more disposable, and even that 70-565-VB Certification Dumps one he felt anxious about lest the men on ahead should seize it.

This was rather perplexing.

We were not expected to march again, but being anxious myself to see more of the river, before starting, I obtained leave to go by boat as far as the river was navigable, sending our cattle by land.

Still the queen was not content she certainly expected something from Grant, if it was ever so little, for she was entitled to it, and would not listen to our being one house.

We sat on smaller boxes, to appear humble, whilst his escort of black swells filled the doorway, squatting on the ground, so as to stop the light and interfere with our decorations.

And did you get drunk O yes, said Bombay, grinning, and showing his whole row of sharp pointed teeth, they WOULD make me drink and then they showed me the place they assigned for your camp when you come over there.

Of course, is the reply excellent I won t use a mbugu napkin any more, but have one of these placed on my cup when it is brought to drink, and wipe my mouth with it afterwards.

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Kamrasi, he said, must have hidden them somewhere, fearful of the number of guns which now surrounded him and, for the same reason, he told lies, yes, lies but no man living shall dare tell himself lies and now, as he could not obtain his object by fair means, he would use arms and force it out.

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In all other countries I received, as my right, a palace to live in when I called on the king of my country, and unless he gave one now I should feel slighted moreover, I should like a hut in the same enclosure as himself, when I could sit and converse with him constantly, and teach him the use of the things I had given him.

The Mgemma begged us to sit with him and drink pombe, which he generously supplied to our heart s content wondered at the beauty of Kahala, wished I would give him a wife like her, and lamented that the king would not allow his to wear such pretty clothes.

A boy then in attendance was pointed out, as having seen Grant in Uddu ten days ago.

Ignoring his claims to imperial rank, I maintained that his reason for ill treating us must be fear, it could be nothing else.

And away we went, first through one court, then through another, till we found the nundo perched on a tree, looking like a sedate old gentleman with a bald head, and very sharp, long nose.

This was agreed to, and five cows were offered as a reward but as his men never came, mine had to do the job.

All alike live in grass hut villages, fenced round by bomas in the south, but open in the north.

A report also at this time was brought to us, that a caravan had just arrived at our last ground, having come up from Whindi, direct by the line of the Wami 510-013 Certificate river, in its upper course called Mukondokua, without crossing a single hill all the way I therefore sent three men to see if they had any porters to spare, as it was said they had but the three men, although they left their bows and arrows behind, never came back.

In the morning, whilst it rained, some pages drove in twenty cows and ten goats, with a polite metaphorical message from their king, to the effect that I had pleased him much, and he hoped I would accept these few chickens until he could send more, when both Maula and N yamgundu, charmed with their success in having brought a welcome guest to Uganda, never ceased showering eulogiums on me for my fortune in having gained the countenance of their king.

I tried to make them friends, hoping it was merely a passing ill wind which would soon blow over but before long the two disputants were tonguing it again, and I distinctly heard Bombay ordering Baraka out of camp as he could not keep from intermeddling, saying, which was true, he had invited him to join the expedition, that his knowledge of Hindustani might be useful to us he was not wanted for any other purpose, and unless he was satisfied with doing that alone, we would get on much better without him.

Three bits of cotton cloth were then selected as the best thing for the purpose and, relying implicitly on the advice of Rumanika, who declared his only object was to further our views, I arranged accordingly, and off went Kachuchu.

Shortly after starting this morning, we were summoned by the last officer on the Urigi to take breakfast with him, as he could not allow us to pass by without paying his respects to the king s guests.

Kachuchu here told us he had orders to precede us, and prepare Rumanika for our coming, as his king wished to know what place we would prefer to live at the Arab depot at kufro, on the direct line to Uganda, in his palace with himself, or outside his enclosures.

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I still continued to do penance.

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A search was made, and guns fired, in the hopes of frightening her back again, but without effect.

In addition to the rod and line fishing, a number of men, armed with long heavy poles with two iron spikes, tied prong fashion to one end, rushed to a place over a break in the falls, which tired fish seemed to use as a baiting room, dashed in their forks, holding on by the shaft, and sent men down to disengaged the pined fish and relieve their spears.

If sent to market to purchase a fowl, he comes back with a cock tied by the legs to the end of a stick, swinging and squalling in the most piteous manner.

If things don t go well, it is God s will and if they do go well, that is His will also.

They did not know the word bakhshish, or present but, as bad as the Egyptians, they held our their hands, patted their bellies, and said Kaniwani my friend until we were sick of the sound of that word.

Such is the nature of the country all the way to Urondogani, except in some favoured spots, kept as tidily as in any part of Uganda, where plantains grow in the utmost luxuriance.

Finally, he settled down to a musical concert, in which he took the lead himself.

Quite unaccountably to myself, the general of my Wanguana, Baraka, after showing much discontent with his position 4A0-105 Exam Dumps Pdf as head of Captain Grant s establishment, became so insolent, that it was necessary to displace him, and leave him nothing to do but look after the men.

This, 4A0-105 Test Software however, was no easy matter, for the Turks alone required six hundred porters half that number to carry their ivory, and the other half to carry their beds and bedding whilst from fifty to sixty men was the most a village had to spare, and all the village chiefs were at enmity with one another.

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By invitation, we called on the Viceroy at his Rhoda Island palace, and were much gratified with the reception for, after hearing all our stories with marked intelligence, he most graciously offered to assist me in any other undertaking which would assist to open up and develop the interior of Africa.

The scenery was most interesting, with every variety of hill, roll, plateau, and ravine, wild and prettily wooded but we saw nothing of the people.

Any one who saw the grateful avidity with which they took the money, and the warmth with which they pledged themselves to serve me faithfully through all dangers and difficulties, would, had he had no dealings with such men before, have thought that I had a first rate set of followers.

I did not wish to do so either, though his palace lay in the direct route.

A Mguana, indeed then where is your mother N.

I could not submit to such disrespectful suspicions, but if he wished Bombay to convey my present to him, I saw no harm in the proposition.

With Budja appointed as the general director, a lieutenant of the Sakibobo s to furnish us with sixty cows in his division at the first halting place, and Kasoro Mr Cat , a lieutenant of Jumba s, to provide the boats at Urondogani, we started at 1 p.

These men then departed, and did not return until evening, when they asked Bombay, impudently, why he was sitting there, as he had received no invitation to spend the night and unless he walked off soon they would set fire to his hut.


The consequence was, we had to engage fresh porters at every village, each in turn saying he had done all the work which with justice fell to his lot, till at last we arrived at the borders of a jungle, where the men last engaged, feeling tired of their work, pleaded ignorance of the direct road, and turned off to the longer one, where villages and men were in abundance, thus upsetting all our plans, and doubling the actual distance.

We all went back to Kaze, arriving there on the 24th.

Conclusion My journey down to Alexandria was not without adventure, and carried me through scenes which, in other circumstances, it might have been worth while to describe.

Much surprised at the various articles composing our kit, he remarked that our sleeping clothes blankets were much better than his royal robes but of all things that amused him most were our picturebooks, especially some birds drawn by Wolf.

On the former expedition I went by the northern line and returned by the southern, finding both equally easy, and, indeed, neither is worthy of special and permanent preference.

All Mohinna s pagazis bolted, and his merchandise fell into the hands of the Wagogo.

He said, in return, If friendship is your desire, what would you say if I showed you a road by which you might reach your home in one month Now everything had to be told to Bombay, then to Nasib, my Kiganda interpreter, and then to either Maula or N yamgundu, before it was delivered to the king, for it was considered indecorous to transmit any message to his majesty excepting through the medium of one of his officers.

If you do your duty properly, you will take us at once into Unyoro, make your charge over to these men, and return or not as you like for in doing so you will have fulfilled both Mtesa s, and Kamrasi s orders at once.

14th to 17th.

Rumanika, above all, was as delighted as if he had come in for a fortune, and sent to say the Raglan coat was a marvel, and the scarlet broadcloth the finest thing he had ever seen.


Makaka would not hear of such an arrangement.

This brought on another row Alcatel-Lucent Certifications 4A0-105 Sample Questions for he said both Virembo and Vikora had returned their hongos, and until their tongues were quieted he could not speak to Suwarora.

As he did not wish to see white men, our residing here could be of no earthly use.

As a travelling Arab informed me that the whole of the Maroro district had been laid waste by the marauding Wahehe, I changed our plans again, and directed our attention to a middle and entirely new line, which in the end would lead us to Ugogi.

The river was not as full as it was when we crossed it at the Karuma Falls, yet, according to Dr Khoblecher s FN 26 account, it ought to have been flooding just at this time if so, we had beaten the stream.

We started all together on our respective journeys but, after the third mile, Grant turned west, to join the highroad to Kamrasi s, whilst I went east for Urondogani, crossing the Luajerri, a huge rush drain three miles broad, fordable nearly to the right bank, where we had to ferry in boats, and the cows to be swum over with men holding on to their tails.

By doing so, we should have avoided the wandering Watuta, whose depredations had laid waste nearly all of this country but the designing blackguard, in opposition to my wishes, to accomplish some object of his own, chose to mislead us all, and quietly took us straight into Sorombo to Kague, the boma of 4A0-105 Exam Engines a sub chief, called Mfumbi, where we no sooner arrived than the inhospitable brute forbade any one of his subjects to sell us food until the hongo was paid, for he was not sure that we were not allied with the Watuta to rob his country.

Reports came to day of new cruelties at the palace.

in sight of a slaver, ship rigged, bearing on us full sail, but so distant from us that her masttops were only just visible.

Thus my men were cleared of a false stigma and the king, whilst praising them, ordered Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-105 Sample Questions all the Wazinza to leave his dominions on the morrow.

Scarcely able to look me in the face, the humbugging scoundrel said he could not think of allowing me to go on without him, for if any accident 4A0-105 Sample Questions happened he would be blamed for it.

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To day Katumba, the king s head page, was sent to me with deoles to be made into trousers and waistcoats, and a large sixty dollar silk I had given him to cover the chair with.

Then, said Rumanika, in exuberant spirits, during Dagara s time, as the king was sitting with many other men outside his hut, a fearful storm of thunder and lightning arose, and a thunderbolt struck the ground in the midst of them, which dispersed all the men but Dagara, who calmly took up the thunderbolt and places it in the palace.

Till now I had expected to vent my wrath on both together for all past grievances, but this childish, merry, homely scene the mother holding up her pride, her son, before the state officers melted my heart at once.

It was well the king had broken through the old fashioned laws of Uganda, by sitting on an iron chair, and adopting European dresses for now he was opening a road to cement his own dominions with my country.

we were called by Kamrasi to visit him at the Kafu palace again, and requested to bring a lot of medicines tied up in various coloured cloths, so that 4A0-105 Certificate he might know what to select for different ailments.

I now wished to go on with the journey, as I could get no true information out of the suspicious blackguards who called themselves Turks but Mahamed postponed it until the 5th, by which time he said he would be able to collect all the men he wanted to carry his ivory.

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Kamrasi had heard of my shooting with Mtesa, as also of the attempt made by Mabruki and Uledi to reach Gani via Usoga.

Till Alcatel-Lucent Certifications 4A0-105 Sample Questions now, owing to the strict laws of the country, I had not been able to call upon anybody but the king himself.

He, 000-913 Study Guide immediately after our arrival, sent us a present of a basket of rice, value one dollar, of course expecting a return for absolute generosity is a thing unknown to the negro.

Then, after looking over our pictures with intensest delight, and admiring our beds, boxes, and outfit in general, he left for the day.

One of my men saw him coming along carried on a stretcher.

Wishing to try my powers in magical arts, as I laughed at his church, he begged me to produce an everlasting spring of water by simply scratching the ground.

He gave pombe and plantains for my people, but would not talk to me, though I told him he had permission to call on me.

Moreover, he was rather put to shame by my saying, Pray, who now is biggest Ruhe or yourself for any one entering this country would suspect that he was, as he levies the first tax, and gives people to understand that, by their paying it, the whole district will be free to them such at any rate he told me, and so it appears he told Masudi.

Kurshid Agha became very great friends with us, and, at once making a present of a turkey, a case of wine, and cigars, said he 050-891 Self Study was only sorry for his own sake that we had found a fellow countryman, else he would have had the envied honour of claiming us as his guests, and had the pleasure of transporting us in his vessels down to Khartum.

Masudi told us he had suffered most severely from losses by his men running away, one after the other, as soon as they received their 4A0-105 Sample Questions pay.

Never mind, says Maribu, I shall walk to the mouth of the Katonga, boat it to Sese island, where Mtesa keeps all his large vessels, and I shall be at Kitangule in a very short time.

Some of the men can afford a cloth, but the greater part wear an article which I can only describe as a grass kilt.

The grey beards circulate the orders of the chief amongst the village chiefs, who are fined when they do not comply with them and hence all orders are pretty well obeyed.

I strolled with the gun, and shot two zebras, to be sent to the king, as, by the constitution of Uganda, he alone can keep their royal skins.

Next day the 28th we went HP0-J70 Vce Software on to Europa, a small island of coralline, covered with salsolacious shrubs, and tenanted only by sea birds, owls, finches, rats, and turtles.

Then twenty naked virgins, the daughters of Wakungu, all smeared and shining with grease, each holding a small square of mbugu 4A0-105 Exam Test Questions for a fig leaf, marched in a line before us, as a fresh addition to the harem, whilst the happy fathers floundered n yanzigging on the ground, delighted to find their darlings appreciated by the king.

Drawing near, I found that a number of drums were beaten by men in the centre.

He arrived just in time to settle the difficulty, and next day came back again, having shot some of the enemy and captured their cows.

I then Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private LAN Services 4A0-105 Sample Questions tried to send Bombay off with Bui, Nasib, and their guide, by night but though Bombay was willing, the other two hung back on the old plea.

Nobody knew how Jafu fell but Snay, after running a short distance, called one of his slaves, and begged him to take his gun, saying, I am too old to keep up with you keep this gun for my sake, for I will lie down here and take my chance.

This day, all together again, we rose the first spurs of the well wooded Usagara hills, amongst which the familiar bamboo was plentiful, and at night we bivouacked in the jungle.

Then, proceeding with the Flood, I pointed out that the Europeans remained white, retaining Japhet s blood whilst the Arabs are tawny, after Shem and the African s black, after Ham.

In this hapless condition the black boys began murmuring, wishing to go on, pretending, though both held opposite views, that each knew the way for they thought nothing could be worse than their present state of discomfort.

The ethnologist need only go to Zanzibar to become acquainted with all the different tribes to the centre of the continent on that side, or to Congo to find the other half south of the equator there.

We saw three large red flags heading a military procession, which marched out of the camp with drums and fifes playing.

Before breakfast 4A0-105 Exam Vce I called on poor Usungu, prescribing hot coffee to be drunk with milk every morning, which astonished him not a little, as the negroes only use coffee for chewing.

The bait took as I wished it, and after getting her to sidle and wriggle into the middle of the hut, I did as I promised, and then took her dimensions as 4A0-105 Sample Questions Happicabs noted below.

Hearing this, the king rose in a huff, without deigning to reply, and busied himself in another court.

The facts were these He was exceedingly clever, and he knew it.

To explain the way in which the type or physical features of people undergo great changes by interbreeding, Mtesa was instanced as having lost nearly every feature of his Mhuma blood, but the kings of Uganda having been produced, probably for several generations running, of Waganda mothers.

The buffaloes were very numerous in the tall grasses that lined the sides and bottoms of the hills but although I saw some, I could not get a shot, for the grasses being double the height of myself, afforded them means of dashing out of view as soon as seen, and the rustling noise made whilst I followed them kept them on the alert.


Grant and I then prepared our guns, and found a herd of about a hundred feeding on a plain of long grass, dotted here and there by small mounds crowned with shrub.

Each tribe has its characteristics, it is true.

If a fight should take place, I said they must flock to me at once, and ammunition, which was always ready, would be 4A0-105 Sample Questions served out to them.

de Horsey the Admiral himself accompanying us, on one of his annual inspections to visit the east coast of Africa and the Mauritius.

Reasoning thus, the Hindu traders alone, in those days, I believed, had a firm basis to stand upon, from their intercourse with the Abyssinians through Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private LAN Services 4A0-105 whom they must have heard of the country of Amara, which they applied to the N yanza and with the Wanyamuezi or men of the Moon, from whom they heard of the Tanganyika and Karague mountains.

A letter from Grant was now brought to me by a very nice looking young man, who had the skin of a leopard cat F.

turned out to shoot an elephant, which we distinctly heard feasting on plantains but rain was falling, and the night so dark, he was left till the morning.

This being agreed to, all the men turned out in their best, and, to my surprise, they not only knew the Turkish words of command, but manoeuvred with some show of good training though, as might have been expected with men Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-105 Sample Questions of this ragamuffin stamp, all the privates gave orders as well as their captains.

An enormous snake, with fearful mouth and fangs, was speared by the men.

There we breakfasted, and pushed on, carrying water to a bivouac in the jungles, as the famine precluded our taking the march more easily.

Provisions here were abundant hawked about by the people, who wore a very neat skin kilt strapped round the waist, but otherwise were decorated like the Wanyamuezi.

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