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I could not believe them to be serious thought they had mistaken us and stood up in the boat to show myself, hat in hand.

and I wrote a letter to Colonel Rigby, ordering up fifty armed men laden with beads and pretty cloths which would, I knew, cost me 000 at the least and left once more for the north on the 5th.

Long tailhairs of the giraffe surrounded his neck, on which little balls and other ornaments of minute beads, after the Uganda fashion, were worked.

He would get a suitable offering of wire, and lay his complaint in court the first opportunity.

We slept the night out, nevertheless, and next morning walked in to Gondokoro, N.

We told him it was highly improper to beg for everything he saw, and if he persisted in it, no one would ever dare to come near him again.

When within a few miles of the palace we were ordered to stop and wait for Kachuchu s return but no sooner put up in a plaintain grove, where pombe was brewing, and our men were all taking a suck at it, than the worthy arrived to call us on the same instant, as the king was most anxious to see us.

The whole of the scenery hill, dale, and lake was extremely beautiful.


She declared Meri had neither tasted food or slept since my departure, but had been retching all the time.

They gave orders without knowing how they are to be carried out, and treat all practical arrangements as trifling details not worth attending to.

The king addressed me with great cordiality, and asked if I wished to go to Gani.

I sent him one kitambi and eight yards kiniki, explaining how fearfully I was reduced from theft and desertions, and begging he would have mercy but instead of doing so he sent the things back in a huff, after a whole day s delay, and said he required, besides, one sahari, one kitambi, and eight yards kiniki.

I flattered myself all my walking this journey was over, and there was nothing left but to float quietly down the Nile, for Kidgwiga had promised boats, on Kamrasi s account, from Unyoro to Gani, where Petherick s vessels were said 640-692 Test Happicabs to be stationed but this hope shared the fate of so many others in Africa.

No house could be built without its necessary appendages for cleanliness no person, however poor, could expose his person and to disobey these laws was death.

Shut it up, Bana, shut it up we have seen enough but you will come again and bring us beads.


In great good humour I now called on him, and found him walking about the palace environs with a carbine, looking eagerly for sport, whilst his pages dragged about 70-169 Exam Topics five half dead vultures tied in a bundle by their legs to a string.

I gave him another dig, which sent him staggering.

I then gave him a tortoise shell comb to comb his hair straight with, as he invariably remarked on the beautiful manner in which I dressed my hair, making my uncap to show it to his women, and afterwards asked my men to bring on Advanced Routing and Switching 640-692 the affair of last night.

Before us was a large open square, with the huts of the queen s Kamraviona or commander inchief beyond.

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If that is the case, I said, why do you want a gun Because there are some other matters to settle.

We had all now to hurry back to the carcass before the Wagogo could find it but though this precaution was quickly taken, still, before the tough skin of the beast could be cut through, the Wagogo began assembling like vultures, and fighting with my men.

Though half inclined to accept his offer, which would have saved a long trudge to Kaze, yet as 640-692 Practise Questions he had tricked me so often, I felt there would be no security unless I could get some coast Cisco 640-692 interpreters, who would not side with the chiefs against me as he had done.

All the men of his district clapped their hands together as a courteous salutation to him, and the women curtsied as well as they do at our court a proof that they respected him as a great potentate a homage rarely bestowed on the chiefs of other small states.

Mohinna now gave us a very graphic description of his fight with Short legs, the late chief of Khoko.

Words then changed to blows.

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After traversing fields of grass well clothed with green trees, we arrived at the little settlement of Bomani, where camp was formed, and everybody fairly appointed to his place.

We were now in Usui, and so the mace bearers, being on their own ground forgot their manners, 640-692 Pdf Exam and peremptorily demanded their pay before they would allow us to move one step farther.

The king to this retorted, in a truly African fashion, That s a lie I can see no harm in this white man and if he had been a bad man, Rumanika would not have sent him on to me.

Ten of these buds, he said, eaten dry, were sufficient for ordinary cases, and he gave a very formidable description of the effect likely to follow the use of the same number boiled in rice water or milk.

He was dressed in European clothes, part of them being a pair of trousers he begged for yesterday, that he might appear like Bana.

The bird was then at a great height, so that the first shot merely tickled him, and drove him to another tree.

Whilst I was preparing my Massey s log to show the use 000-N08 Vce Download of it to the king, he went off boating without me and as the few remaining boats would not take me off because they had received no orders to do so, I fired guns, but, getting no reply, went into the country hoping to find game but, disappointed in that also, I spent the first half of the day with a hospitable old lady, who treated us to the last drop of pombe in her Cisco 640-692 Test house for the king s servants had robbed her of nearly everything smoked her pipe with me, and chatted incessantly on the honour paid her by the white king s visit, as well as of the horrors of Uganda punishment, when my servants told her I saved the life of one queen.

The tide, however, turned in my favour a little for I obtained, by permission of the 640-692 Test Admiralty, a passage in the British screw steam frigate Forte, under orders to convey Admiral Sir H.

On arrival at Mihambo next day, all the porters brought their pay to me, and said they would not go, for nothing would induce them to advance a step farther.

Such is the nature of the country all the way to Urondogani, except in some favoured spots, kept as tidily as in any part of Uganda, where plantains grow in the utmost luxuriance.

We passed on a little farther, and were invited to sit with 640-692 Practice Exam Questions another man, Lukanikka, to drink pombe and chew coffee which we did as before, meeting with the same remarks for all Waganda, instructed by the court, know the art of flattery better than any people in the world, even including the French.

Feeling much freer, we now went over and put up in Pong s palace, for we had to halt there a day to collect more porters, as half my men had just bolted.

Now tired of this slow sport, and to show his superior prowess, the king ordered sixteen shields to be placed before him, one in front of the other, and with one shot from Whitworth pierced the whole of them, the bullet passing through the bosses of nearly every one.

Leading myself, bending down to steal in, I tracked up a run till half way through cover, when suddenly before me, like a pig from a hole, a large female, with her young one behind her, came straight down whoof whoofing upon me.

I then gave him a double gun and ammunition, as well as some very rich beads which I obtained from Mahamed s stores, to take back to Kamrasi, with orders to say that, as soon as I reached Gondokoro or Khartum, I would send another white man to him not by the way I had come through Kidi, but by the left bank of the Nile to which Kidgwiga replied, That will do famously, for Kamrasi will change his residence soon, and come on the Nile this side of Rionga s palace, Advanced Routing and Switching 640-692 in order that he may cut in between his brother and the Turks guns.

Only twenty five men arrived, notwithstanding the wife and one slave belonging to a local officer, who would not supply the men required of him, were seized and confiscated by Ukero, of Wire.

The population was thinly scattered in small groups of grass huts, where the scrub jungle had been cleared away.

His men had now been Cisco 640-692 shot to go within his reach would be certain death.

They went about in procession, painted and adorned in the most grotesque fashion, bewailing and screeching, singing and dancing, throwing their 640-692 Exam Collection arms and legs about as if they were drunk, until the evening set in, when they gathered a huge bundle of bulrushes, and, covering it with a 640-692 Answers cloth, 640-692 Exam Book carried it up 640-692 Exam Guide to the door of the bereaved on their shoulders, as though it had been a coffin.

There was something in her manner when she said this that I did not like it looked suspicious and I contented myself by saying, No, I am a wiser doctor than any in these lands if anybody could cure you, that person is myself and further, if I gave you a goat to sacrifice, God would be angry with both of us for our superstitious credulity you must therefore say no more about it.

The part was an exceedingly merry one.

This was a collection of huts close to a deep nullah which drains The central portions of Eastern Madi.

As usual, he had been the last to leave the Unyamuezi, and so purchased all his stock of ivory at a cheap rate, there being no competitors left to raise the value of that commodity but his journey had been a very trying one.

For her kind condescension in assuming plain raiment, everybody, of course, n yanzigged.

We had to halt again, as the guides had lost most of their cows, so I strolled with my rifle and shot a ndjezza doe, the first I had ever seen.

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As he could not tell me, saying some excused themselves on the plea they were cutting their corn, and others that they feared the Watuta, I resolved at once to move over to Nunda and if 640-692 Test Happicabs that place also failed to furnish men, I would go on to Usui or Karague with what men I had, and send back for the rest of my property for though I could bear the idea of separating from Grant, still the interests of old England were at stake, and demanded it.

Their system of government is mostly of the patriarchal character.

He had just concluded his hongo to Suwarora by paying 80 wires, 120 yards of cloth, and 130 lb.

Bit by bit Rumanika became more interested in geography, and seemed highly ambitious of gaining a world wide reputation through the medium of my pen.

Now, this is a mild specimen of the rowdy negro, who has contributed more to open Africa to enterprise and civilisation than any one else.

Maula said he had the queen s orders to sleep with Bana, and sleep there he would so rather than kick him out, which I felt inclined to do, I smoked my pipe and drank pombe all night, turning the people out and myself in, in the morning, to prepare for a small house fight with the queen.

The huts of the villagers were shown to myself and my men without any ceremony.

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At once Kamrasi ordered Bombay to prepare for the journey.

We could not have entered Unyoro at all excepting through Uganda, and we could not have put foot in Uganda without visiting 640-692 Pdf Exam its king.

I lost no time in moving all my property, turning out the original occupants in selecting the best hut for myself, giving the rest to my three officers and ordering my men to build barracks for themselves, in street form, from my hut to 70-451 Practice Exam Pdf the main road.

A party of fifty men came from Labure, a station on ahead of this, to take service as porters, knowing that BI0-112 Exam Paper at this season the Turks always come with a large herd of plundered cattle, which they call government property, and give in payment to the men who carry their tusks of ivory across the Bari country.

We arrived at the deserted village of Kirengue.

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But though in these southern regions the name of the clan has been changed, the princes still retain the title of Wahinda as in Karague, instead of Wawitu as in Unyoro, and are considered of such noble breed that many of the pure negro chiefs delight in saying, I am a Mhinda, or prince, to the confusion of travellers, which confusion is increased by the Wahuma habits of conforming to the regulations of the different countries they adopt.

I gave Msalima a letter in the Kisuahili or coast language to convey to Rumanika, ordering all my property to be sent here, his account of the things as they left him to be given to Msalima to convey to the coast, while I sent him one pound of gunpowder as a sort of agency fee.

The same evening I made up my mind, if possible, to purchase a stock of beads from the Arabs, and sent Baraka off to Kufro, to see what kind of a bargain he could make with them for, whilst I 640-692 Exam Dumps trembled to think what those blood suckers would have the impudence to demand when they found me at their mercy, I felt that the beads must be bought, or the expedition would certainly come to grief.

One thing only tends to disorganise the country, and that is war, caused, in the first instance, by polygamy, producing a family of half brothers, who, all aspiring to succeed their father, fight continually with one another, and make their chief aim slaves and cattle whilst, in the second instance, slavery keeps them ever fighting and reducing their numbers.

The Wanguana demanded ammunition in the most imperious manner, 640-692 Braindump Pdf whilst I, in the same tone, refused to issue any lest a row should take place and they then would desert, alluding to their dastardly desertion in Msalala, when Cisco 640-692 Test Grant was attacked.

The rest of our day went in breakfasting after the march was over a pipe, to prepare us for rummaging the fields and villages to discover their contents for scientific purposes dinner close to sunset, and tea and pipe before turning in at night.

One of the Queen s sisters, hearing of Kari s murder, came on a visit to condole with us, bringing a pot of pombe, for which she received some beads.

Kamrasi, in answer, begged I would not be afraid there was no occasion for alarm Bombay would be here shortly.

If I wanted food or pombe, there was plenty of it in her palace, and her cooks were the cleverest in the world she hoped I would return to see her in the morning.

When he was gone, Bombay said there was not one man in the camp, besides his own set, who wished to go on to Egypt for they had constant arguments amongst themselves about it and whilst Bombay always said he would follow me wherever I led, Baraka and those who held by him abused him and his set for having tricked them away from Zanzibar, under the false hopes that the road was quite safe.


Baker then said he had come up with three vessels one dyabir and two nuggers fully equipped with armed men, camels, horses, donkeys, beads, brass wire, and everything necessary for a long journey, expressly to look after us, hoping, as he jokingly said, to find us on the equator in some terrible fix, that he might have the pleasure of helping us out of it.

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The Waguana then all mutinied for a cloth apiece, saying they would not lift a load unless I gave it.

Everything was light, neat, and elegant in its way not a fault could be found with the taste of his getting up.

Superstition, you know, preys on these men s minds who have not seen the world like you and myself.

On the march towards the palace, the admiring courtiers, wonderstruck at such an unusual display, exclaimed, in raptures of astonishment, some with both hands at their mouths, and others clasping their heads with their hands, Irungi irungi which may be translated Beautiful beautiful I thought myself everything was going on as well as could be wished but before entering the royal enclosures, I found, to my disagreeable surprise, that the men with Suwarora s hongo or offering, which consisted of more than a hundred coils of wire, were ordered to lead the procession, and take precedence of me.

My cough still grew worse, and became so bad that, whilst mounting a hill on entering Ungugu s the second day after, I blew and grunted like a broken winded horse, and it became so distressing I had to halt a day.

Some Waganda hurrying in, confirmed the report of last night, and said the Wanguana, footsore, had been left at the Uganda frontier, expecting us to return, as Mtesa, at the same time that he approved highly of my having sent men back to inform him of Kamrasi s conduct, begged we would instantly return, even if found within one march of Kamrasi s, for he had much of importance to tell his friend Bana.


He had several times taken caravans to Karague, and knew all the languages well, but unfortunately he afterwards proved to be what his name implied.

Mahamed professed to be delighted I had made up my mind to such a scheme.

The Wanyoro, who are as squalid looking as the Wanyamuezi, and almost as badly dressed, now came about us to hawk ivory ornaments, brass and copper twisted wristlets, tobacco, and salt, which they exchanged for cowries, with which they purchase cows from the Waganda.

Oh, that s nonsense he must not be headstrong but before anything more can be said, I will send a message to my son, and Bana can then go with Kaddu, K yengo, and Viarungi, and tell all they have to say to Mtesa to morrow, and the following day return to me, when everything will be concluded.


These arrived to convey us across the mouth of a deep rushy swamp to the royal yachting establishment, the Cowes of Uganda, distant five hours travelling from the palace.

I then sent Bombay to work at the hongo business but, after haggling till night with Kariwami, he was told he must bring fourteen brass wires, two cloths, and five mukhnai of kanyera, or white porcelain beads which, reduced, amounted to three hundred necklaces else he said I might stop there for a month.


Turnour, at Portsmouth and after a long voyage, touching at Madeira and Rio de Janeiro, we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on the 4th July.

There is one peculiarity, however, to which I would direct the attention of the reader 640-692 Practise Questions most particularly, which is, that Wa prefixed to the essential word of a country, means men or people M prefixed, means man or individual U, in the same way, means place or locality and Ki prefixed indicates the language.

Junior members of the royal family then, pushing their fortunes, dismembered themselves from the parent stock, created separate governments, and, for reasons which cannot be traced, changed their names.

The Wanyamuezi, however, are not a very well favoured people in physical appearance, and are much darker than either the Wazaramo or the Wagogo, though many of their men are handsome and their women pretty neither are they well dressed or well armed, being wanting in pluck and gallantry.

In a little while, as soon as he had time to dress, the king, walking like a lion, sallied forth, leading his white dog, and beckoned me to follow him to the state hut, the court of which was filled with squatting men as usual, well dressed, and keeping perfect order.

That I would not do, leaving the matter in the hands of the governor general, Mr Pokino, whom I heard we should find at the next station, Masaka.

Now, descending to the inferior order of creation, I shall commence with the domestic animals first, to show what the traveller may expect to find for his usual support.

I stayed at home, not feeling well.

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Since returning to England, Dr Murie, who was with me at Gondokoro, has also come home and he, judging from my account of the way in which we got ahead of the flooding of the Nile between the Karuma Falls and Gondokoro, is of opinion that the Little Luta Nzige must be a great backwater to the Nile, which the waters of the Nile must have been occupied in filling during my residence in Madi and then about the same time that I set out from Madi, the Little Luta Nzige having been surcharged with water, the surplus began its march northwards just about the time when we started in the same direction.

Bombay then marched him back to the palace, with 500 simbi strung in necklaces round his neck.

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This offer of immediate guides I of course accepted at once, as to keep on the move was my only desire at that time for my men were all drunk, and Kidgwiga s were deserting.

The dismayed criminals, struggling to be heard, in utter despair, were dragged away boisterously in the most barbarous manner, to the drowning music of the milele and drums.

He had caught a cold.

We were beckoned to squat alongside Nnanaji, the master of ceremonies, and a large group of high officials outside the porch.

Just send for your telescope, and then I will show you how to look for birds.

I urged that he should either allow me to purchase rations, or else feed them from the palace as Rumanika did but he always turned a deaf ear, or said that what Sunna his father had introduced it ill became him to subvert and unless my men helped themselves they would die of starvation.

I therefore applied to him for guides to conduct me up the river, and ordered Bombay and Kasoro to obtain fresh orders from the king, as all future Wazungu, coming to Uganda to visit or trade, would prefer the passage by the river.


Then finding he had gone on, they returned quite tired and famished.

How is it you have not got English colours, 646-227 Exam Test Questions then The colours are Debono s.

The Luajerri is said to rise in the lake and fall into the Nile, due south of our crossing point.

She was a beautiful woman, with gazelle eyes, oval face, high thin nose, and fine lips, and would have made a good match for Saim, who had a good deal of Arab blood in him, and was therefore, in my opinion, much of the same mixed Shem Hamitic breed.

Whilst Nasib was away, I went to the Kamraviona to treat him as I had the king.

Three of the king s wives then came in, and offered him their two virgin sisters, n yanzigging incessantly, and beseeching their acceptance, as by that means they themselves would become doubly related to him.

At night, I had such a terrible air catching fit, and made such a noise whilst trying to fill my lungs, that it alarmed all the camp, so much so that my men rushed into my tent to see if I was dying.

I told them I would protect them if they would keep quiet and, when the Turks came, I told them what I had said to the head man.

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