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But though told with great apparent circumspection, I did not credit it, because my men sent on the 15th ultimo for a letter to ascertain his whereabouts had not returned, and they certainly would have done so had he been so near.

This point gained after a hot debate, Bombay started at 10 a.

Then the women and Wakungu separating from us, we that is, the king, the Kamraviona, pages, and myself sat down to a warm feast of sweet potatoes and plantains, ending with pombe and fruit, whilst moist circular napkins, made in the shape of magnificent wafers out of plantain fibre, acted at once both the part of water and towel.

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After the first formalities were over, the complaint about the officers at Sangua was preferred for decision, on which Pokino at once gave it against the villagers, as they had no right, by the laws of the land, to lay hands on a king s guest.

All seemed highly pleased, and complimented my speech while the queen, turning to her officers, said, If that is the case, I will send these men to you whereupon the officers, highly delighted at the prospect of coming to see me, and its consequence a present, n yanzigged until I thought their hands would drop off.

If the accused endeavour to plead his defence, his voice is at once drowned, and the miserable victim dragged off in the roughest manner possible by those officers who love their king, and delight in promptly carrying out his orders.


Sure enough, there they were they had tracked the animal back to Marenga Mkhali, through jungle for he had not taken to the footpath.

Rumanika then told me Suwarora had been so frightened by the Watuta, and their boastful threats to demolish Usui bit by bit, reserving him only as a tit bit for the end, that he wanted a plot of ground in Karague to preserve his property in.

During the target practice, which was always instituted on such occasions to give confidence to our men, the little pepper box Rahan, my head valet, challenged a comrade to a duel with carbines.

That Rumanika had accepted my views Kamrasi must be fully aware by Baraka s having visited him and 646-364 Certification Braindumps that Mtesa did the same must also be evident, else he would never have ordered his men to accompany me to Gani and I now fondly trusted that these Waganda would be allowed to go with me, when, by the influence of trade, all animosity would cease, and friendly relations be restored between the two countries.

Maula s friend, who, I imagined, was a spy, then asked me whom I liked most the mother or the son but, without waiting to hear me, Maula hastily said, The mother, the mother of course he does not care for Mtesa, and won t go to see him.

On 646-364 Test Answers Happicabs consenting to do in Rome as the Romans do, when my position was so handsomely acknowledged, I was called in, and found the court sitting much as it was on the first day s interview, only that the number of squatting Wakungu was much diminished and the king, instead of wearing his ten brass and copper rings, had my gold one 646-364 Test Answers Happicabs on his third finger.

One young bird was still living in it.

Everybody in Uganda is expected to keep spears, shields and dogs, the Uganda arms and cognisance whilst the Wakungu are entitled to drums.

My heart, he said, is troubled, because you will not give me your magic horn the thing, I mean, in your pocket, which you pulled out one day when Budja and Vittagura were discussing the way and you no sooner looked at it than you said, 646-364 Preparation Materials That is the way to the palace.

After the coronation is concluded, it is expected Mtesa will go into Kittari, on the west of Uganda, to fight first, and then, turning east, will fight with the Wasoga but we think if he fights anywhere, it will be with Kamrasi.

He was either too dazzled or too timid to answer any questions, and in a few minutes walked away again.

If you take my advice you won t meddle with them until the two children you wish educated have learnt the use of them in England and if I have to take boys from this, I hope they will be of your family.

Two ruffianly fellows then seized him by his hands, and twisted his arms round and round until I thought they would come out of their sockets.

Soon after, however, N yamgundu also returned to say the queen would not take the dose to day, but hoped I would administer it personally in the morning.

He and all the other household servants were much delighted with this charming acquisition but the poor girl, from the time she had been selected, had flattered herself she was to be Bana s wife, and became immensely indignant at the supposed transfer, though from the first I had intended her for Ilmas, not only to favour him for his past good services, but as Others 646-364 an example to my other men, as I had promised to give them all, provided they behaved well upon Cisco 646-364 the journey, a free man s garden, with one wife each and a purse of money, to begin a new life upon, as soon as they reached Zanzibar.

I wished still to put up in the native villages, but Mahamed so terrified all my men, by saying these Bari would kill us in the night if we did not all sleep together in one large camp, that we were obliged to submit.

The river still continued beautiful but after paddling three hours we found it bend considerably, and narrow to two hundred yards, the average depth being from two to three fathoms.

in sight of a slaver, ship rigged, bearing on us full sail, but so distant from us that her masttops were only just visible.

The same night, whilst sitting out to make astronomical observations, I became deadly cold so much so, that the instant I had taken the star, to fix my position, I turned into bed, but could not get up again for the cough that had stuck to me for a month then became so violent, heightened by fever succeeding the cold fit, that before the next morning I was so reduced that I could not stand.

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As his fathers ever did, so does he.

Expert slavehunters, they mostly clothe themselves by the sale of their victims on the coast, though they do business by the sale of goats and grain as well.

Like magic, however, Vikora turned up, and said we must wait until he was settled with.

Where I said we may walk a long way without finding, if we have nothing but our eyes to see with.

The Wanyoro, as they saw us retreating, were now heard to say, They are women, they are running, let us at them whilst I kept roaring to my men, Keep together come for powder and myself loaded with small shot, which even made Kasoro laugh and inquire if it was intended for the Wanyoro.

In a great hurry he then bade me good bye when, as he thought it would be final, I gave him, in consideration of his former good services to the last expedition, one of the gold watches given me by the Indian Government.

The Gallas, or Abyssinians, who are tall and fair, like Rumanika, I said, might do so, for they live not far off on the other side of Amara, but we never fight for such paltry objects.


It was 500-202 Test Questions And Answers Pdf truly ridiculous here had we been at Faloro so long, and yet could not make out what had become of the Nile.

The first greetings of the king, delivered in good Kisuahili, were warm and affecting, and in an instant we both felt and saw we were in the company of men who were as unlike as they could be to the common order of the natives of the surrounding districts.

In two more marches, however, I reached Kaze, and put up with Musa s eldest son, Abdalla, on the 2nd July, who now was transformed from a drunken slovenly boy into the appearance of a grand swell, squatting all day as his old father used to do.

In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

In the meanwhile the villagers were very merry, brewing and drinking their pombe beer by turns, one house after the other providing the treat.

The officers then drew near me, and begged I would sleep there another night but as they had nothing better to offer than the hut of last night, I declined and went my way, begging them to call and make friends with me.

Indeed, they left the coast and arrived at Kaze immediately in rear of us, and had, like ourselves, found it as much as they could do even to reach this, and now they were at a standstill for want of porters.

Kites, crows, and sparrows were flying about in all directions, and as they came within shot, nothing would satisfy the excited boy king but I must shoot them, and his pages take them to the queen, till my ammunition was totally expended.

At 3 p.

Could it be possible, I thought, I had been fighting with a phantom all this while, and yet the king had not been able to perceive it At all events, now, as the key to his door had been given, I would make good use of it and watch the result.

When this drying process was completed, at the expiration of three months, the lower jaw was cut out and neatly worked over with beads the umbilical cord, which had been preserved from birth, was also worked with beads.

I said I thanked Kamrasi for his having treated the Waganda with such marked respect, in allowing them to see me, and sending them back with an escort but I thought it would have been better if he had spoken the truth plainly out, for then I could have told them I feared to have them in company with me.

What little corn they grew they consumed before it was fully ripe, and then either sought for fish in the river or fed on tortoises in the interior, as they feared they might never reap what they sowed.

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However, I tried to make them friends, claimed all the wires myself, and cautioned every man in the camp again, that they were all losers when anything was misappropriated for 646-364 Exam Prep I brought this property to pay our way with and whatever balance was over at the end of the journey I would divide amongst the whole of them.

I found that he had a complication of evils entirely beyond my healing power, and among them inveterate forms of the diseases which are generally associated with civilisation and its social evils.

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A great hubbub and confusion now seized all the place, for the Watuta were out, and had killed a woman of the place who had formerly been seized by them in war, but had since escaped and resided here.

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We were all at this time hungry as hunters, and beginning to feel very miserable from being wet through.

He did not want property, he said, but he could not bear that the strangers had lived with his mtoto, or child, which Ruhe was, and yet would not live with him.

A large standing screen, of fine straw plait work, in elegant devices, partitioned off one part of the room and on the opposite side, as mere ornaments, were placed a number of brass grapnels and small models of cows, made in iron for his amusement by the Arabs at Kufro.

Dr K yengo s men then said they were kept a week waiting before they could obtain an interview, whilst Kajunju excused his king by saying, At present the court is full of Kidi, Chopi, Gani, and other visitors, who he does not wish should see you, as some may be enemies in disguise.

Colonel Rigby, who had at heart as much as anybody the success of the expedition, materially assisted me in accomplishing my object that men accustomed to discipline and a knowledge of English honour and honesty should be enlisted, to give confidence to the rest of the men and he allowed me to select from his boat s crew any men I could find who had served as men of war, and had seen active service in India.

My scent then striking across them, they pulled up short, lifted their heads high, and looked down sideways on us.

Such are the ways of Uganda all over.

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At last I began to recover.

when the king had a picnic dinner with me, turned in with his women in great comfort, and sent me off to a dreary hut, where I had to sleep upon a Cisco Express Foundation Sales Specialist 646-364 grass strew floor.

With a following reduced to twenty men, armed with fourteen carbines, I now wished to start for Kamrasi s, but had not even sufficient force to lift the loads.


At this juncture the Mgussa s familiar motioned the Kamraviona and several officers to draw around him, when, in a very low tone, he Cisco Express Foundation Sales Specialist 646-364 Test Answers 646-364 Test Answers gave them all the orders of the deep, and walked away.

We had a summons to attend at the Kafu palace 646-364 Ebook Pdf with the medicine chest, a few select persons only to be present.

The king sent a messenger boy to inform us that he had just heard from Unyoro that the white men were still at Gani inquiring after us but nothing was said of Budja s defeat.

He sent us to day two pots of pombe, one sack of salt, and what might be called a screw of butter, with an assurance that the half of everything that came to his house and everything was brought from great distances in boats he would give me but for the present the only thing he was in need of was some medicine or stimulants.

There are no pebbles the soil is rich reddish loam, well covered with trees, bush, and grass, in which some pigs and antelopes are found.

The way they softened the bark, to make it like cloth, was by immersion in water, and a good strong application of a millheaded mallet, which ribbed it like corduroy.

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They had seen her majesty, who, on receiving my message, pretended excessive anger with her doorkeeper for not announcing my arrival yesterday flogged him severely inspected all the things returned folded them up again very neatly with her own hands said she felt much hurt at the mistake which had arisen, and hoped I would forgive and forget it, as her doors would always be open to me.

to S.

The third scene was more easily arranged, for the day was fast declining.

A few men without property can cross their lands fearlessly, though a single individual with property would stand no chance, for they are insatiable thieves.

He had a very large variety, and would load a horn for me with all those I desired most.

We were not expected to march again, but being anxious myself to see more of the river, before starting, I obtained leave to go by boat as far as the river was navigable, sending our cattle by land.

The whole place, once so fertile, was now almost depopulated and in a sad state of ruin, showing plainly the savage ravages of war for the Arabs and their slaves, when they take the field, think more of plunder and slavery than the object they started on each man of the force looking out for himself.

Before, however, the hongo could be paid, I must give the Sirhid and himself twenty brass wires, three joho, three barsati, twenty strings of mzizima, and one thousand strings of white beads.

When ready, I tried a shot at the sound one, but the cap snapped and nearly betrayed me, for they both stared at the spot where I lay the sound one sniffing the air and tossing his horns, but the other bleeding considerably.

When the next day came, he would not come near me, as he said I must possess a deole, otherwise I would not venture on to Karague for nobody ever yet saw Rumanika without one.

This sudden decision set all my men up in a flame they swore it was no use my trying to go on to Karague they would not go with me they did not come here to be killed.

The ceremony, at the same time that it helps to extend their religion, as christening does ours, also stamps the converts with a mark effective enough to prevent desertion because, after it has been performed, their own tribe would not receive them again.

I told him I had heard of this before, but also heard that those Arabs had met with great disasters, owing to the turbulence of the Masai.

We then all rose with an English bow, placing the hand on the heart whilst saying adieu and there was a complete uniformity in the ceremonial, for whatever I did, Mtesa, in an instant, mimicked with the instinct of a monkey.

Their families guard their tombs.

The fact is, there was no government to control the population or to protect property boys came to them, looked at their pictures, and even showed a disposition to be instructed, but there it ended they had no heart to study when no visible returns were to be gained.

But Rumanika s men have all gone away, and there is no one to show us the way.

A scene followed, which brought out my commander in chief s temper in a rather surprising shape.

Like frightened rats, as soon as they caught the sound of our advancing march, they buried themselves in the jungles, carrying off their grain with them.

Fascinated with this speech, she said she would give me another of a middle age between the two, expecting, as I thought, that she would thus induce me to visit her more frequently than I did her son but, though I thanked her, it frightened me from visiting her for ages after.

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This manoeuvre left no doubt what she was, and the Brisk, all full of excitement, gave chase at full speed, and in four hours more drew abreast of her.

The king then called Maula, and said, 646-364 Exam Prep Maula, indeed you have spoken the truth there is nothing like this instrument, etc.

As things had now gone so far, I gave Lumeresi the deole I had stored away for Rumanika, telling him, at the same time as he took it, that he was robbing Rumanika, and not myself but I hoped, now I had given it, he would beat the drums.

The Sultan of Zanzibar, in those days, was our old ally Said Said, commonly called the Emam of Muscat and our Consul, Colonel Hamerton, had been M.

Then took place the usual scene of a court levee, as described in Chapter X.

The tobacco they smoke is imported from the coffee growing country of Uhaiya.

Towards sunset we arrived at New Mbimi, a very pretty and fertile place, lying at the foot of a cluster of steep hills, and pitched camp for three days to lay in supplies for ten, as this was reported to be the only place where we could buy corn until we reached Ugogo, a span of 646-364 Ebook 140 miles.

I sent three, feeling that nothing would be lost by being open handed.


I begged him to take a shot himself, as I really could not demean myself by firing at birds sitting on a tree but it was all of no use no one could shoot as I could, and they must be shot.

Some other travellers from the north again informed us that they had heard of Wanguana who attempted to trade in Gani and Chopi, but were killed by the natives.

Though beautiful, the scene was not exactly what I expected for the broad surface of the lake was shut out from view by a spur of hill, and the falls, about 12 feet deep, and 400 to 500 feet broad, were broken by rocks.

For instance, as a sort of land tax, the chief has a right to drink free from the village brews of pombe a kind of beer made by fermentation , which are made in turn by all the villagers successively.

Then, said Rumanika, in exuberant spirits, during Dagara s time, as the king was sitting with many other men outside his hut, a fearful storm of thunder and lightning arose, and a thunderbolt struck the ground in the midst of them, which dispersed all the men but Dagara, who calmly took 646-364 Test Questions up the thunderbolt and places it in the palace.

If the natives were wise, they would make enough to sell but as they would not, they must put up with their lot for the government cannot be baulked of its ivory.

Anxious lest they should take sudden fright, I gently 646-392 Exam Materials raised myself, wishing to fire, but I was quite puzzled there was no mistake about what they were still, look from as high as I would, I could not see their bodies.

In this fix I ordered a march back to the palace, mentioning the king s last words, and should have gone, had not Budja ordered Kasoro to go with me.

It was no use our applying for a change of system.


Proceeding on through the trees of this beautiful island, we next turned into the hut of the Mgussa s familiar, which at the farther end was decorated with many mystic symbols amongst others a paddle, the badge of his high office and for some time we sat chatting, when pombe was brought, and the spiritual medium arrived.

Finally, all the houses and plantains where my men were wounded had been confiscated.

This cheered me so greatly, I had my chair placed under a tree and smoked my first pipe.

The king immediately, on hearing of this, sent me pombe to keep me quiet but as I would not touch it, saying I was sick at heart, another page rushed out to say the king was ready to receive me and, opening a side gate leading into a small open court without a hut in it, there, to be sure, was his majesty, sitting on an Arab s donkey run, propped against one page, and encompassed by four others.

To keep the king 646-364 Practice Questions up to the mark, and seal our passage, in the evening I took a Lancaster rifle, with ammunition, and the iron chair he formerly asked for, as a parting present, to the palace, but did not find him, as he had gone out shooting with his brothers.

It proved so obstinate that fire had no effect upon it and although we cut off the tails of some to relieve them by bleeding, still they died.

By dint of perseverance, I now succeeded in having Baraka separated from the crowd and dragged before me for justice.

Men, women, bulls, dogs, and goats, were led about by strings cocks and hens were carried in men s arms and little pages, with rope turbans, rushed about, conveying messages, as if their lives depended on their swiftness, every one holding his skin cloak tightly round him lest his naked legs might by accident be shown.

Laughing at the trick, I thanked her for the beer, taking it personally on my household, and told 646-364 Pdf her when my property arrived from Karague, she should have a few more things as I promised her but the men sent had neither brought my brother in a vessel, as they were ordered, not did they bring my property from Karague.

On the way I joined her, she saying, in a state of high anger, You won t call on me, now I have given you such a charming damsel you have quite forgotten us in your love of home.

It was a perfect marauding campaign for them all, and all alike were soon laden with as much as they could carry.

A bundle of cartridges, stolen from one of the men s pouches, which we knew could only have been done by some comrade, was discovered by stopping the rations of flesh.

This was promised, but never performed.

After walking two miles to the boats, we entered the district of Chopi, subject to Unyoro, and went down the river, keeping the Kikunguru cone in view.

Kamrasi sent his commander in chief to inquire after my health, and to say Budja had left in fear and trembling lest Mtesa should cut all their heads off for failing in the mission but he had sent Others 646-364 Test Answers Kidgwiga s brother with a pot of pombe to escort the Waganda beyond his frontier, and cheer them on the way for the tin cartridge box, he thought, would save their lives by satisfying Mtesa they had seen me.

Neither my experience with native chiefs, nor my money and guns, were of any use to me, simply because my men were such incomprehensible fools, though many of them who had travelled before ought to have known better.

During this time the Wahuma were well south of the equator, and still destined to spread.

Some of M yonga s men who had plundered Grant now caught a Tartar.

All this was constant and, in Others 646-364 Test Answers addition, I repeatedly felt severe pains rather paroxysms of fearful twinges in the spleen, liver, and lungs whilst during my sleep I had all sorts of absurd dreams for instance I planned a march across Africa with Sir Roderick Murchison and I fancied some curious creatures, half men and half monkeys, came into my camp to inform me that Petherick was waiting in boats at the south west corner of the N yanza, etc.

But Bui and Nasib were not to be found they had bolted.

Here I had to stop a day for some of N yamgundu s women, who, in my hurry at leaving Maula s, were left behind.


The ruffian, on hearing this, allowed the wires to lie in his HH0-280 Dump hut, and said he was going away, but hoped, when Cisco Express Foundation Sales Specialist 646-364 Test Answers he returned, I should have, as I had got no cloths, 20 wires, and 1000 necklaces of extra length, strung and all ready for him.

Of course Manua 646-364 Practice Test Pdf bolted and the Arabs, seeing the Tura people all under arms ready to defend themselves the next morning, set at them in earnest, and shot, murdered, or plundered the whole of the district.

He never 646-364 Test Answers called at a big man s house and left it mwiko empty handed before if there was nothing else to dispose of, could Bana not have given him a bag of beads To save us from this kind of incessant annoyance, I now thought it would be our best policy to mount the high horse and bully him.

The rain ceased on the 17th, just as we put the raingauge out, which was at once interpreted to be our Uganga, or religious charm, and therefore the cause of its ceasing.

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The scoundrels insolently said tuende setu let s be off , rushed to the Waganda drums, and beat the march.

The Wakungu, who thought, as well as ourselves, that we were in nothing better than a prison, hurried off with the message, and soon returned with a message from their king that he was busily engaged decorating his palace to give us a triumphant reception for he was anxious to pay us more respect than anybody who had ever visited him before.

For the last month, too, I had not been able to sleep on either side, as interior pressure, caused by doing so, provoked the cough but now I had, in addition, to be propped in position to get any repose whatever.

It was useless to remonstrate Baraka insisted he would beat the woman if she abused him, no matter whether I thought it cowardly or not he did not come with me expecting to be bullied in this way the whole fault lay with Bombay I did not do him justice when he proved Bombay a thief at Usui, Cisco 646-364 Test Answers I did not turn him off, but now, instead, I showed the preference to Bombay by always taking him when I went to Rumanika.

To day I went out shooting, but though I saw and fired at a rhinoceros, as well as many varieties of antelopes, I did not succeed in killing one head.

It was not the custom of my country for great men to consort with servants, and until I saw him, and made friends, I should not be happy.


We told him the road to Gani was the only condition on which we would part with any more medicine we had asked leave to go a hundred times, and that was all we now desired.

On returning home I found Nasib and Maula waiting for me, with all the articles that had been returned to the queen very neatly tied together.

This was rather tame sport but next day I had better fun.

On our drawing near the palace, a small, newly constructed boma was shown for my residence but as I did not wish to stop there, knowing how anxious Grant would be to have his relief, I would not enter it, but instead sent Baraka to pay the hongo as quickly as possible, that we might move on again at the same time ordering him to describe the position both Grant and myself were in, and explain that what I paid now was to frank both of us, as the whole of the property was my own.

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