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Like the Waziwa, they had traded with Kidi, and they not only confirmed what the Waziwa had said, but added that, when trading in those distant parts, they heard of Wanguana coming in vessels to trade to the north of Unyoro but the natives there were so savage, they only fought with these foreign traders.

It was not getting painfully dark, and the 70-169 Book Wanyoro were stealing on us, as we could hear, though nothing could be seen.

Finding this, and the day closing, we deposited the mask and pictures on a throne, and walked away.

My patience was beginning to suffer again, for I could not help thinking that the chiefs of the place were preventing their village men going with me in order that my presence here might ward of the Watuta so I called up the kirangozi, who had thirteen Watoto, as they are called, or children of his own, wishing to go, and asked him if he knew why no other men could be got.

To keep up the spirits of the queen, though her frequent potions of pombe had wellnigh done enough, I admired her neck ring, composed of copper wire, with a running inlaid twist of iron, and asked her why she wore such a wreath of vine leaves, as I had often seen on some of the Wakungu.


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The scoundrel, however, no sooner got the articles, than he said a man had just come there to inform hi that I gave Pongo ten wires and ten cloths he, therefore, could not be satisfied until I added one more wire, when, without fail, he would beat the drums.

By dint of hard perseverance we accomplished ten miles over the same downs of tall grass with occasional swamps.

Whilst Baraka s arguments all rested the other way that no one could tell what was ahead of him Bana had sold himself to luck and the devil but though he did not care for his own safety, he ought not to sacrifice the lives of others Bombay and his lot were fools for their pains in trusting to him.

There we fought 70-169 Practice Exam Pdf for many months, until all provisions were exhausted, when I defied them to catch me, and forced my way through their ranks.

We did not think our reception hut by the river sufficiently dignified, and our residence here was altogether like that of prisoners seeing no one, knowing no one.

I would rather have died than have failed in my journey, and yet failure seemed at this juncture inevitable.

This arrangement, however, is not considered a simple matter of buying and selling, but delights in the high sounding title of dowry.

At last, on the 26th, as the mules were brought it, I paid a hongo or tax of four barsati and four yards of chintz to the chief, and departed, but not until one of my porters, a Mhehe, obtained a fat dog for his dinner he had set his heart on it, and would not move until he had killed it, and tied it on to his load for the evening s repast.

Nothing of material consequence happened until the 14th, when eighty of Rionga s men brought in two slaves and thirty tusks of ivory, as a present to Mahamed.

Compliance, of course, was impossible, as it would have crowded the caravan with women.

But he, heading the royalist party, soon reduced them to order, though only for a short while, as from that point they turned round to open mutiny for more rations and some of the rebels tried to kill him, which, he said, they would have done had he not settled the matter by buying some cows for them.

He gave the following account of himself He used to trade in ivory, on account of some Arabs at Zanzibar.

The greatest man we found here was a broken down ivory merchant called Sirboko, who gave us a good hut to live in.

This day was spent by 70-169 Dumps Pass4sure the king introducing me to his five fat wives, to show with what esteem he was held by all the different kings of the countries surrounding.

Baraka then brought one to my tent, and told me of his having bought it for eight dollars at the coast and as I now saw I was let in for it, I told him to give it.

Like magic, however, Vikora turned up, and said we must wait until he was settled with.


As one officer, to whom only one woman was given, asked for more, the king called him an ingrate, and ordered him to be cut to pieces on the spot and the sentence was, as Bombay told me, carried into effect not with knives, for they are prohibited, but with strips of sharp edged grass, after the executioners had first dislocated his neck by a blow delivered behind the head, with a sharp, heavy headed club.

We now mustered twenty Wanguana, twenty five country porters, and thirty one of Kidgwiga s children making a total, with ourselves, of seventy eight souls.

Lastly, he performed the tambura, or charging march, in imitation of Wakugnu, repeating the same words they use, and ending by a demand for simbi, or cowrie shells, modestly saying, I am a beggar, and want simbi if you have not 500 to spare, you must at any rate give me 400.

I TS 70-169 Exam Topics then tried to prevail on him to take a knife and some other pretty things, but he feared them all so, as a last chance for I wished to send some token, by way of card or letter, for announcing my approach and securing the road I gave him a red six penny pocket handkerchief, which he accepted and he then told me he was surprised I had come all this way round to Uganda, when the road by the Masai country was so much shorter.

The boys shall not go to England, neither will any other white men come this way.

Altogether, Ugogo has a very wild aspect, well in keeping with the natives who occupy it, who, more like the Wazaramo than the Wasagara, carry arms, intended for use rather than show.

During the day they lured my men into their huts by inviting them to dinner but when they got them they stripped them stark naked and let them go again whilst at night they stone our camp.

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I TS 70-169 Exam Topics knew, as a matter of course, that if I stopped any longer I should be teased for more cloths, and gave orders to my men to march the same instant, saying, if they did not for I saw them hesitate I would give the cows to the villagers, since I knew that was the thing that weighed on their minds.

Early in the morning, as Budja drummed the home march, I called him up, gave him a glass rain gauge as a letter for Mtesa, and instructed him to say I would send a man to Mtesa as soon as I had seen Kamrasi about opening the road that I trusted he would take all the guns from the deserters and keep them for me, but the men themselves I wished transported to an island on the N yanza, for I could never allow such scoundrels again to enter my camp.

the time for measuring the fall of rain for the last twenty four hours, we found the rain gauge TS: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard, Configuring 70-169 and the bottle had been removed, so we sent Kidgwiga to inform the king we wished his magicians to come at once and institute a search for it.

I said, Oh, Baraka, how can you be such a fool Do you not see through this humbug Makaka only wishes to keep us here to frighten away the Watuta for Godsake be a man, and don t be alarmed at such phantoms as these.

In a state of perplexity, K yengo and the rest, on seeing me laughing, thought something was wrong so, turning about, they thought again, and said, No, it must have been hot, because the higher one ascended the nearer he got to the sun.

I then begged he would allow me, whilst his men were absent at Unyoro, to go to the Masai country, and see the Salt Lake at the north east corner of the N yanza, and to lend me some of his boats for Grant to fetch powder and beads from Karague.

Three bits of cotton cloth were then selected as the best thing for the purpose and, relying implicitly on the advice of Rumanika, who declared his only object was to further our views, I arranged accordingly, and off went Kachuchu.


This neat message elicited with a declaration of the necessity of Budja s going to Gani with us, and a response from the Microsoft 70-169 Exam Topics commander in chief, probably to terrify the Waganda, that although Gani was only nine days journey distant from Kamrasi s palace, the Gani people were such barbarians, they would call a straight haired man a magician, and any person who tied his mbugu in a knot upon his shoulder, or had a full set of teeth as the Waganda have, would be surely killed by them.

After this the Arabs were too much ashamed of themselves to come near me, though invited by letter, and Musa became so ill he would not take my advice and ride in a hammock, the best possible cure for his complaint so, after being humbugged so many times by his procrastinations, I gave Sheikh Said more letters and 70-169 Brain Dumps specimens, with orders to take the Tots down to the coast as soon as practicable, and started once more for the north, expecting very shortly to hear of Musa s death, though he promised to follow me the very next day or die in the attempt, and he also said he would bring on the four men required by Suwarora for I was fully satisfied in my mind that he would have marched with me then had he had the resolution to do so at all.

He wished to give us a cow, but put it off for another day, and was surprised we dared venture into his premises without permission from the king.

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I fought all the day out, but the next morning, as he deputed his officers to take nine wires, these were given, and then we went on with the journey.

She was married to another, and had two children by him, but that did not signify, as it was found in time her husband ACSO-ACC-05 Exam Paper had committed a fault, on account of which it was thought necessary to confiscate all his property.

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I was haunted all night by my fancied cruelty, and in the morning sent its victim, after Uganda fashion, some symbolical presents, including a goat, in token of esteem a black blanket, as a sign of mourning a bundle of gundu anklets and a packet of tobacco, in proof 70-169 Ebook Pdf of my forgiveness.

I then gave Nnanaji, who had been constantly throwing out hints that I ought to give him a gun as he was a great sportsman, a lappet of beadwork to keep his tongue quiet, and he in return sent me a bullock and sundry pots of pombe, which, in addition to the daily allowance sent by Rumanika, made all my people drunk, and so affected Baraka that one of the women also drunk having given him some sharp abuse, he beat her in so violent a manner that the whole drunken camp set upon him, and turned the place into a pandemonium.

To fortify ourselves against another invasion, we cut down all their plaintains to make a boma or fence.

On their confirming Sirboki s story, and advising my stopping, I acceded to their recommendation, and immediately gave Musa s men orders to look out for porters.

The whole court was in raptures.

Here it was, in the district of Dege la Mhora, that the first expedition to this country, guided by a Frenchman, M.

Asudi, he said, had been there a fortnight unable to settle his hongo, for the great Mkama had not deigned to see him, though the Arab had been daily to his palace requesting an interview.

Makaka insisted he would have a deole, or nothing at all.

Had we returned to Uganda, Mtesa would have 70-169 Dumps Pass4sure given us the road through Masai, which, in my opinion, is nearer for us than this one.

I was now enabled to enlarge the list of topics on which it is prohibited to the Waganda to speak or act under pain of death.

At times we thought we heard musketry in camp, knowing that Grant would be sure to fire signals for us and doubtless we did so, but its sound and the thunder so much resembled one another that we distrusted our ears.

Tidiness in dress is imperatively necessary, and for any neglect of this rule the head may be the forfeit.

My motive for deferring the journey a year was the hope that I might, in the 70-169 Dumps Pdf meanwhile, send on fifty men, carrying beads and brass wire, under charge of Arab ivory traders, to Karague, and fifty men more, in the same 70-169 Dump way, to Kaze whilst I, arriving in the best season for travelling May, June, or July , would be able to push on expeditiously to my depots so formed, and thus escape the great disadvantages of travelling with a large caravan 070-521-CSHARP Exam Demo in a country where no laws prevail to protect one against desertions and theft.

Here, taking a hasty meal, we resumed the march all together, descended the great western chain, and, as night set in, camped in a ravine at the foot of it, not far from the great junction station Ugogi, where terminate the hills of Usagara.

They are all now taking presents of cows from Kamrasi, and going to their homes, and, as soon as they are disposed of, your turn will come.

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At length we reached the habitations of men a collection of conical huts on 70-169 Preparation Materials the ridge of a small chain of granitic hills lying north west.

It was stolen by Kamrasi s orders, in order that he might spread a charm on the Chopi people, and gain such an influence over them that their spears could not prevail against the Wanyoro but it was thought we might possess some still superior magic powder, as we had come from such a long distance, and Kamrasi would prefer to have ours.

Never mind, says Maribu, I shall walk to the mouth of the Katonga, boat it to Sese island, where Mtesa keeps all his large vessels, and I shall be at Kitangule in a very short time.

Not satisfied with my first sketch of the falls, I could not resist sketching them again and then, as the cloudy state of the weather prevented my observing for latitude, and the officer of the place said a magnificent view of the lake could be obtained from the hill alluded to as intercepting the view from the falls, we proposed going there but Kasoro, who had been indulged with nsunnu antelope skins, and with guinea fowl for dinner, resisted this, on the plea that I never should be satisfied.

In one or two places throughout the passage of these hills a caravan may be taxed, but if so, only to a small amount the villagers more frequently fly to the hill tops as soon as the noise of the advancing caravan is heard, and no persuasions will bring them down again, so much ground have they, from previous experience, to fear treachery.

Paddles propelled these 70-169 New Questions vessels, but the lazy crew were slow in the use of them, indulging sometimes in racing spurts, then composedly resting on their paddles whilst the gentle current drifted us along.

On being told we did not like being repeatedly reminded of our promises, he came down a little from his dignity, saying, And what answer have you about the business on the island meaning the request to fight his brothers.

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My men, however, could not fire the salute fast enough for him for he was one of those excitable impulsive creatures who expect others to do everything in as great a hurry as their minds wander.

The master of the hunt exposes his spoils such as antelopes, cats, porcupines, curious rats, etc.

Another mule died to day.

19th to 22d.

One dubani was issued, with orders than no one need approach me again, unless he wanted to smell my powder.

The caravan track we had now to travel on leads along the right bank of the Kingani valley, overlooking Uzegura, which, corresponding with Uzaramo, only on the other side of the Kigani, extends northwards to the Pangani river, and is intersected in the centre by the Wami river, of which more hereafter.

Then by whose orders are we kept here By Kamrasi s.

Fifty Gani men had just arrived to inform him that Rionga had lately sent ten slaves and ten ivory tusks to Petherick s post, to purchase a gun but the answer was, that a thousand times as much would not purchase a weapon that might be used against us for our arrival with Kamrasi had been heard of, and nothing would be done to jeopardise our road.

When this was over, the Mukonderi, another dancingtune, with instruments something like clarionets, Microsoft 70-169 was ordered but it had scarcely been struck up, before a drenching rain, with strong wind, set in and spoilt the music, though not the playing for none dared stop without an order and the queen, instead of taking pity, laughed most boisterously over the exercise of her savage power as the unfortunate musicians were nearly beaten down by the violence of the weather.

This speech was hardly pronounced when Kajunju, a fine athletic man, dropped suddenly in, nodded a friendly recognition to Budja, and wished to know what the Waganda meant by taking us back, for the king had heard of their intention last night and when told by Budja his story, and by Kidgwiga mine, he vanished like a shadow.

This the king said was impracticable, as the Waganda had tried it so often before without success.

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I then tried to send Bombay off with Bui, Nasib, and their guide, by night but though Bombay was willing, the other two hung back on the old plea.

It was no use saying I had no tailors the thing must be done somehow for he admired my costume exceedingly, and wished to imitate it now he had cloth enough for ever to dispense with the mbugu.

The queen put her head to the trough and drank like a pig from it, and was Microsoft 70-169 Exam Topics followed by her ministers.

He would not taste food until he saw me, so that everybody might know what great respect he felt for me.

After following down the left side of the valley and entering the village, the customary presents and returns were made.

The government revenues are levied, on a very small scale, exclusively for the benefit of the chief and his grey beards.

Then, pointing to her wreath, she said, This is the badge of a kidnapper s office whoever wears it, catches little children.

The corporal had followed on the spoor of the mule, occasionally finding some of his things that had been torn from the beast s back by the thorns, and, picking up these one by one, had become so burdened with the weight of them, that he could follow no farther.

At night, as there was a partial eclipse of the moon, all the Wanguana marched up and down from Rumanika s to Nnanaji s huts, singing and beating our tin cooking pots to frighten off the spirit 70-169 Online Exam of the sun from consuming entirely the chief object of reverence, the moon.

In fact, I found that, like the organ grinders in London, to get myself moved on I must make myself troublesome.

We should have seen him yesterday, only that it rained and, as a precaution against our meeting being broken up, a shed was being built.

This touching appeal was too strong for my heart to withstand, so I called up Sirboko, and told him, if he would liberate this one man to please me he should be no loser and the release was effected.

We next tried for guinea fowl, as I tell him they are the game the English delight in but the day was far spent, and none could be found.

A party of Wanyoro, in twelve or fifteen canoes, made of single tree trunks, had come up the river to trade with the Wasoga, and having stored their vessels with mbugu, dried fish, plantains cooked and raw, pombe, and other things, were taking their last meal on shore before they returned to their homes.

So, as I was obliged to wait for a short time to get a native guide for Bui, Nasib and Bombay, who would show them a jungle path to Usui, we enjoyed our leisure hours in shooting guinea fowls for the pot.

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Zungomero, bisected by the Mgeta, lies on flat ground, in a very pretty amphitheatre of hills, S.

Accordingly, I stopped the daily issue of beads but no sooner had I done so, than all my men declared they could not eat plantains.

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Still following close to the river which, unfortunately, is so enshrouded with thick bush that we could seldom see it a few of the last villages in Uzaramo were passed.

Wishing now to gain further intelligence of Grant, I ordered some of my men to carry a letter to him but they all feared the Watuta meeting them on the way, and would not.

He offered me a present of a woman, and pressed me to call on him.

Chapter III Usagara Nature of the Country Resumption of the March A Hunt Bombay and Baraka The Slave Hunters The Ivory Merchants Collection of Natural History Specimens A Frightened Village Tracking a Mule.

The men in charge, not knowing their history, brought them for sale into this district, where they were instantly recognised by some of Lumeresi s men, and brought in to him.

From what has been said regarding the condition of the atmosphere, it may readily be imagined that Africa, in those parts, after all, is not so bad as people supposed it was for, when so much moisture falls under a vertical sun, all vegetable life must grow up almost spontaneously.

Our mules here gave us the slip again, and walked all the way back to Marenga Mkhali, where they were found and brought back by some Wagogo, who took four yards of merikani in advance, with a promise of four more on return, for the job their chief being security for their fidelity.

We halted again, but in the evening one of Dr K yengo s men came to invite us to the palace.

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His Wanyapara had been despised, and I had been most unjustly treated.

Whilst walking towards the palace to pay the king a friendly visit, I met two of my men speared on the head, and streaming with blood they 70-169 Dumps Pdf had been trying to help themselves to plantains carried on the heads of Waganda but the latter proving too strong, my people seized a boy and woman from their party as witnesses, according to Uganda law, and ran away with them, tied hand Microsoft 70-169 Exam Topics and neck together.

Chapter XIII Palace, Uganda Continued A Visit to a Distinguished Statesman A Visit from the King Royal Sport The Queen s Present of Wives The Court Beauties and their Reverses Judicial Procedure in Uganda Buffalo Hunting A Musical Party My Medical Practice A Royal Excursion on the N yanza The Canoes of Uganda A Regatta Rifle Practice Domestic Difficulties Interference of a Magician The King s Brothers.

Slaves, cows, goats, fowls, brass wire, or beads, are the usual things given for this species of dowry.

We had already been here too long.

Kwibeya, the officer of the place, presented us with five fowls on the part of the king, and some baskets of potatoes.



Then you will send me some from Gani brandy if you like it makes people sleep sound, and gives them strength.

I expected as much when the oily blackguard Mfumbi 70-169 Exam Topics came over from his chief to ask after my health so, judging 70-169 Exam Topics from my experience with Makaka, I told Lumeresi at once to tell me what he considered his due, for this fearful haggling was killing me by inches.

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