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No other cannibals, however, were known of but the Masai, and their cognates, the Wahumba, Wataturu, Wakasange, Wanyaramba, and even the Wagogo and Wakimbu, circumcise.

Bui also was flogged, but, admitting himself to be a coward, was set to the right about.


Ever anxious to push on with the journey, as I felt every day s delay only tended to diminish my means that is, my beads and copper wire I instructed Bombay to take the under mentioned articles to Rumanika as a small sample of the products of my country FN 11 to say I felt quite ashamed of their being so few and so poor, but I hoped he would forgive my shortcomings, as he knew I had been so often robbed on the way to him and I trusted, in recollection of Musa, he would give me leave to go on to Uganda, for every day s delay was consuming my supplies.

He required me to explain its use, and then broke up the meeting.

My first desire had always been to see the king and if he went to the N yanza, I trusted he would allow me to go there also.

They were unanimous in saying Usui was a fire, and I had no right to sacrifice them.

He appointed the morrow for an interview, at the same time excusing himself for not having seen us yesterday on MCSA 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf the plea of illness.

Strike the tent, said I.

And when the whole story was fully narrated, the matter was thought a good joke.

But the road, I cried, has that been gained I am not going to show my back.

He came in person, and his manner having pleased us, I have him one sahari, four yards merikani, and eight yards kiniki, which pleased our friend so much that he begged us to consider his estate our own, even to the extent 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf of administering his justice, should any Mzaramo be detected stealing from us.

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he then, in the politest possible manner, told me that a great dearth of food was oppressing the land so much so, that pretty cloths only would purchase grain.

He said, for the future he would disregard what the Arabs said, and trust to my doctrines, for without doubt he had never seen such a wise man as myself and the Arabs themselves confirmed this when they told him that all their beads and cloths came from the land of the Wazungu, or white men.

I replied, If Mtesa wishes you to see my vessels and all the wonders they contain, as far as I am concerned you may do so, and I shall be only too happy to show you a little English hospitality but the road is in Kamrasi s hands, and his wishes must now be heard.

The drum was beaten, as the public intimation of the payment of the hongo, and consequently of our release, and we went on to Mihambo, on the west border of the eastern division of Uzinza, which is called Ukhanga.

In all other respects they ornament themselves like the women, only, instead of a long coil of wire wound up the arm, they content themselves with having massive rings of copper or brass on the wrist and they carry for arms a spear and bow and arrows.

They had been here a month waiting for leave to approach the king s palace.

One bullet rolled my fine friend over, but the rabble looking on no sooner saw the hit than they rushed upon him and drove him off, for he was only wounded.

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Five Wanyoro, five Chopi men, and five Gani men, were to escort him.

The second march, after crossing the Katawana river with its many branches flowing north east into the huge rush drain of Luajerri, carried us beyond the influence of the higher hills, and away from the huge grasses which characterise the southern boundary of Uganda bordering on the lake.

Lumeresi was not in then, but, on his arrival at night, he beat all his drums to celebrate the event, and fired a musket, in reply to which I fired three shots.

Christian principles, I said, made us what we are, and feeling a sympathy 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf for him made me desirous of taking one of his children to learn in the same school with us, who, on returning to him, could impart what he knew, and, extending the same by course of instruction, would doubtless end by elevating his country to a higher position than it ever knew before, etc.

The mother also vanished, and I was led away to a hut outside, prepared for my night s residence.

The next day, when I called on Rumanika, the spoils were brought into court, and in utter astonishment he said, Well, this must have been done with something more potent than powder, for neither the Arabs nor Nnanaji, although they talk of their shooting powers, could have accomplished such a great feat as this.

The first tribe of women 70-411 Exam Sample Questions were doubtless the Wanyoro called MCSA 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf women by the naked tribes on this side because they wear bark coverings an effeminate appendage, in the naked man s estimation and the second tribe must have been in allusion to the dog keeping Waganda, who also would be considered women, as they wear bark clothes.

I was told how a Myoro woman, who bore twins that died, now keeps two small pots in her house, as effigies of the children, into which she milks herself every evening, and will continue to do so five months, fulfilling the time appointed by nature for suckling children, lest the spirits of the dead should persecute her.

But there were two, Microsoft 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf said the escort, for we have seen one in the other hut.

Leopards, less common, are the terror of the villagers.

He then produced an officer, who was to escort my man Msalima to Karague, giving him orders to collect the sixty men required on the way five of Rumanika s men could go with him, but five must stop, until other Karague men came to say the road was safe, when he would send by them the present he had prepared for Rumanika.

The Wakungu then changed the subject by asking, if I married a black woman, would there be any offspring, and what would be their colour The company now became jovial, when the queen improved it by making a significant gesture, and with roars of laughter asking me if I would like to be her son in law, for she had some beautiful daughters, either of the Wahuma, or Waganda breed.

Everybody advised me to stop where I was until the harvest was over, as no porters could be found on ahead, for Ukuni was the last of the fertile lands on this side of Usui.

He gave pombe and plantains for my people, but would not talk to me, though I told him he had permission to call on me.

My guns, clothes, and everything were then inspected, and Microsoft 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf begged for in the most importunate manner.

The drums were kept in private rooms, to which a select few only were admitted.

If I went to the lake Luta Nzige, God only knows when he would let me come back and now, for once and for all, I wished to sacrifice my property, and leave the countries of black kings for what Kamrasi had done, Mtesa Administering Windows Server 2012 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf had done likewise, detaining the two men I detached on a friendly mission, which made me fear to send any more and inquire after my guns, lest he should seize them likewise.

He was 70-411 Real Exam alarmed, he confessed, when he heard we were coming to visit him, thinking we might prove some fearful monsters that were not quite human, but now he was delighted beyond all measure with what he saw of us.

To day a tremendous commotion took place in Musa s tembe amongst all the women, as one had been delivered of still born twins.

In this territory there are small villages only at 70-411 Actual Exam every fifth mile, for there is no road, and the lands run high again, whilst, from want of a guide, we often lost the track.

Sure enough, there they were they had tracked the animal back to Marenga Mkhali, through jungle for he had not taken to the footpath.

This I promised to give when Grant arrived, for his good nature in sending so many officers to fetch him.

Of the Karague story, according to which all the Kidi people sleep in trees, Kidgwiga gave me a modified version.

Yes, to shoot them like guinea fowl and he laughed again.

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At breakfast time we heard that my old friend Kasoro had come to our camp without permission, to the surprise of everybody, attended by all his boys, leaving Budja and his children, on account of sickness, at the camp assigned to the Waganda, five miles off.

I then told them all that had happened how Grant and myself were situated and begged them to assist me by going off to Grant s camp to inspire all the men there with confidence, and bring my rear property to me saying, as they agreed to do so, Here are some cloths and some beads for your expenses, and when you return I will give you more.

Such are the daily incidents among our neighbours.

What, said these poor creatures, can we do then for this is all we have got.

They advanced to my tent with much seeming grace then knelt at my feet, and began clapping their hands together, saying, at the same time, My great chief, my great chief, I hope you are well for Suwarora, having heard of your detention here, has sent us over to assure you that all those reports that have been circulated regarding his ill treatment of caravans are without foundation he is sorry for what has happened to deter your march, and hopes you will at once come to visit him.

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The next day my men came from Kaze with letters from Sheikh Snay and Musa.

Now, Rumanika, by his own confession, 1T6-303 Real Exam Questions had gone through this ordeal with marked success so I asked him if he found the atmosphere cold when so far up aloft, and as he said he did so, laughing at the quaintness of the question, I told him I saw he had learnt a good practical lesson on the structure of the universe, which I wished he would explain to me.


He then wished the boys to carry the cloth but they declined, saying it was contrary to orders for anybody to handle cloth, and they could not do it.

Without uttering a sound the young man resisted, until N yamgundu told them to be quiet, for he would hold a court on the subject, and see if the young man could defend himself.

A large standing screen, of fine straw plait work, in elegant devices, partitioned off one part of the room and on the opposite side, as mere ornaments, were placed a number of brass grapnels and small models of cows, made in iron for his amusement by the Arabs at Kufro.

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To treat his messengers disrespectfully could do no good, and might provoke a war, when we should see my deserters joined with Administering Windows Server 2012 70-411 the Waganda really coming in force against us whereas, if we saw Budja, we could satisfy him, and Mtesa too, and obviate any such calamity.

It was opened on our side by our saying we had enjoyed his hospitality a great number of days, and wished to go to our homes should be have any message to send to the great Queen of England, we should be happy to convey it.

Adhering, I doubt not, to their master s instructions, they officiously constituted themselves our guides till we chose to strike off their path, when, quickly heading our party, they stopped the way, planted their spears, and DARED our advance This menace made us firmer in our determination, and we swept past the spears.

I called on the king in the afternoon, and found the pages had already issued plantains for my men and pombe for myself.

Grant, they said, in incoherent, short, rapid, and excited sentences, was left by them standing under a tree, with nothing but his gun in his hand.

The news of the place was as follows In addition to the formerly constituted consulates English, French, and American a fourth one, representing Hamburg, had been created.

There we breakfasted, and pushed on, carrying water to a bivouac in the jungles, as the famine precluded our taking the march more easily.

Instead of the Arabs appearing merchants, as they did formerly, they looked more like great farmers, with huge stalls of cattle attached to their houses whilst the native villages were all in ruins so much C_SM100_718 Actual Exam so that, to obtain corn for my men, I had to send out into the district several days journey off, and even then had to pay the most severe famine prices for what I got.

He then accompanies us to the boats, spear in hand, and saw us cross the water.

Another conspicuous landmark here is Kidunda the little hill , which is the southernmost point of a low chain of hills, also tending northwards, and representing an advance guard to the higher East Coast Range in its rear.

In the morning the Kamraviona called, on the king s behalf, to inquire after my health, and also to make some important communications.

We reached the Cowes by torchlight at 9 p.

Grant s letter was then read to him before his women, and I asked for the dismissal of all the Wanyambo, for they had not only destroyed my peace and home, but were always getting me into disrepute by plundering the Waganda in the highways.

I then separated ten loads of beads and thirty copper wires for my expenses in Uganda wrote a letter to Petherick, which I gave to Baraka and gave him and his companion beads to last as money for six months, and also a present both for Kamrasi and the Gani chief.

In my heart I liked Bombay all the more for this confession, but thought it necessary to extol Baraka for his quickness in finding him out, which drove Bombay nearly wild.

The whole of the ceremonies were most ludicrous.

The chief, too, was on the point of bolting, when Sirboko prevented him by saying, If you will only have courage to stand by me, the Watuta shall not come near at any rate, if they do, let us both die together.

This terrible catastrophe made me wish to send all the remaining Hottentots back to Zanzibar but as they all preferred serving with me to returning to duty at the Cape, I selected two of the MOST sickly, put them under Tabib, one of Rigby s old servants, and told him to remain with them at Mbumi until such time as he might find some party proceeding to the coasts and, in the meanwhile, for board and lodgings I have Mbumi beads and cloth.


The folly in now allowing me to sit upon my portable iron stool, as an ingenious device for carrying out my determination to sit before him like an Englishman.

In the variety and number of our game we were disappointed, partly because so many wounded got away, and partly because we could not find what we knew the park to contain, in addition to what we killed namely, elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, buffaloes, zebra, and many varieties of antelopes, besides lions and hyenas.

My patience could stand this phase of henpecking no longer, so I called in Manamaka, the head Myamuezi woman, whom I had selected for their governess, and directed her to assist Ilmas, and put them to bed bundling.

It was a dumpy, large hut, surrounded by a host of smaller ones, and the worst royal residence we had seen since leaving Uzinza.

Bombay, we learned, had reached Gani, and ought to return in eight days.

The country continued the same, but the grass was conspicuously becoming shorter and finer every day so much so, that my men all declared it was a sign of our near approach to England.

This suspension of business was worse than the rows I felt very miserable, and became worse.

The king s page again came, begging I would not forget the gun and stimulants, and bringing with him the things I asked for two spears, one shield, one dirk, two leopard cat skins, and two sheets of small antelope skins.

We worked on, and found they turned, as if afraid.


He had been in Masudi s camp, and had delivered my message to Insangez.

I then gave Musa the last of the gold watches the Indian Government had given me FN 9 and, bidding Sheikh Said take all our letters and specimens back to the coast as soon as the road was found practicable, set out on the march northwards with Grant and Baraka, and all the rest of my men who were well enough to carry loads, as well as some of Musa s head men, who knew where to get porters.

As to the people of these uplands, poor, meagre looking wretches, they contrast unfavourably with the 70-411 Study Material lowlanders on both sides HC-261 Ebook Pdf of them.

At last the tax having been settled by the payment of one dubani, two barsati, one sahari, six yards merikani, and three yards kiniki not, however, until I had our tents struck, and threatened to march away if the chief would not take it , I proposed going on with the journey, for our provisions were stored.

At once Kamrasi ordered Bombay to prepare for the journey.

It was obvious that the chief merely intended to prevent Grant from passing through or evading his district without paying a hongo, else he would not have sent his men to invite him to his palace, doubtless with instructions, if necessary, to use force.

As his fathers ever did, so does he.

The process of camp forming would be thus Sheikh Said, with Bombay under him, issues cloths to the men for rations at the rate of onefourth load a day about 15 lb.

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All acts of the king are counted benefits, for which he must be thanked and so every deed done to his subjects is a gift received by them, though it should assume the shape of flogging or fine for are not these, which make better men of them, as necessary as anything The thanks are rendered by gravelling on the ground, floundering about and whining after the manner of happy dogs, after which they rise up suddenly, take up sticks spears are not allowed to be carried in court make as if charging the king, jabbering as fast as tongues can rattle, and 050-891 Practice Exam Pdf so they swear fidelity for all their lives.

Oh says her majesty, Bana does 70-411 Cert Exam not know the facts of the case.


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Well, that is strange and where are your brothers and sister N.

All night Makaka s men patrolled the village, drumming and shouting to keep off the Watuta, and the next morning, instead of a march, after striking my tent I found that the whole of my porters, the Pig s children, were not to be found.

We had totally failed, then, in conveying to this stupid king the impression that we were not mere traders, ready to bargain with him.

Again she promised to feed them, but she objected to them bearing swords, for of what use are swords If the Waganda don t like the Wanguana, can swords prevail in our country And, saying this, she walked away.

My door was found shut, so they went to Bombay, asked him to do it, and told him the king desired to know if I would go shooting with him in the morning.

I was rather pleased by this news, and thought it served the merchants right, knowing, as I well did, that the Wanyamuezi, being naturally honest, had they not been defrauded by foreigners on the down march to the coast, would have been honest still.

The case was not examined at once, Lumeresi happening to be absent so, to make good their time, the men in charge brought their beads to me to be exchanged for something else, not knowing that both camps were mine, and that they held my beads and not Grant s.

Maula on my behalf opened conversation, in allusion to her yesterday s question, by saying I had applied to Mtesa for a palace, that I might be near enough both their majesties to pay them constant visits.

Some of Musa s men came to get palm toddy for him, as he was too weak to stand, and was so cold nothing would warm him.

Katunzi then told me the whole army had returned from Unyoro, with immense numbers of cows, women, and children, but not men, for those who did not run away were killed fighting.

FN 24 The Union Jack led the way.

Hares, about half the size of English ones there are no rabbits are widely spread, but not numerous porcupines the same.

Chapter XIV Palace, Uganda Continued Reception of a Victorious Army at Court Royal Sport A Review of the Troops Negotiations for the Opening of the Road along the Nile Grant s Return Pillagings Court Marriages The King s Brothers Divinations and Sacrifices The Road granted at last The Preparations for continuing the Expedition The Departure.

He acceded to this, but no sooner got them, than he broke his faith, and said he must either have more pretty cloths, or five more brass wires, and then, without doubt, he would beat the drums.

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The first affluent, the Bahr el Ghazal, took us by surprise for instead of finding a huge lake, as described in our maps, at an elbow of the Nile, we found only a small piece of water resembling a duck pond buried in a sea of rushes.

This little incident made my fairies bolder, and, sidling up to me one by one, they sat in a knot with me upon the ground then clasping their heads with their hands, they woh wohed in admiration of the white man they never in all their lives saw anything so wonderful his wife and children must be like him what would not Sunna have given 70-411 Certification Dumps for such a treat but it was destined to Mtesa s lot.

He 70-411 Exam Questions had been defeated at Mguru, a district in Unyamuezi, by the Arabs, and had sent these men to cut off the caravan route, as the best way of retaliation that lay in his power.

This I rejected, as he told me it had been given to himself, explaining that we prided ourselves on never parting with the gifts of a friend and this speech tickled his fancy so much, that he said he never would part with anything I gave him.

As to the lake, for want of a native name, I christened it the Little Winderemere, because Grant thought it so like our own English lake of that name.

The novelty of interference even made him smile, and the woman was instantly released.

At Zanzibar he was the Consul s righthand man he ranked above Bombay in the consular boat s crew, and became a terror even to the Banyans who kept slaves.

Outside his gate I found Mkuenda, who said the queen had sent him to invite her son Microsoft 70-411 to bring her some stomach medicine in the morning, and come to have a chat with her.

On the former expedition I went by the northern line and returned by the southern, finding both equally easy, and, indeed, neither is worthy of special and permanent preference.

We should have seen him yesterday, only that it rained and, as a precaution against our meeting being broken up, a shed was being built.

Alternate concerts with the brothers, and conversation about hunting, in consequence of a bump caused by a fall with steeple chasing, which as discovered on my forehead, ended this day s entertainment.

He often said he did not know what to think about his guests, now he had got 70-411 Test Questions And Answers Pdf them to which Bombay, in rather successful imitation of what he had heard me say on like occasions, replied, If you do not like them after you have seen them, cut their heads off, for they are all in your hands.

Now, hoping to produce gravity and then to slip away, 70-411 Exam Dumps I asked if my medicines had given her any relief, that I might give her more to strengthen her.

I now proposed to send Baraka, who, ashamed to cry off, said he would go with Rumanika s officers if I allowed him a companion of his own choosing, who would take care of him if he got sick on the way, otherwise he should be afraid they would leave him to die, like a dog, in the jungles.

I now gave all my men presents for the severe trials they had experienced in the wilderness, forgetting, as I told them, the merciless manner in which they had plundered me but as I have a trifle more in proportion, to the three sole remaining pagazis, because they had not finished their work, my men were all discontented, and wished to throw back their presents, saying I did not love them, although they were perminents, as much as the temperaries.

This, Irungu said, was an injustice he would not stand N yamgundu fairly earned his reward, but Maula must have been tricking to get more than himself.

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On resuming our march, a bird, called khongota, flew across our path seeing which, old Nasib, beaming with joy, in his superstitious belief cried out with delight, Ah, look at that good omen now our journey will be sure to be prosperous.


I then gave Nasib orders to take Bombay s post, and commence the march but the good old man made Bombay give in, and off we went, amidst crowds of Waganda, who had collected to witness with comedy, and were all digging at one another s heads, showing off in pantomime the strange ways of the white man.

At first he objected that they would be killed, but finally he yielded, and appointed Budja, his Unyoro ambassador, for the service.

He then offered me a large sheet, made up of a patchwork of very small N yera antelope skins, most exquisitely cured and sewn.

The king also sent his excuses, and begged pardon for what happened to us on entering his country, saying it could not have taken place had we come from Rumanika direct.

Next day 11th , crossing over a succession of forks, supporters to the main spur, we encamped at Luandalo.


Near this is a tree which contains a spirit whose attributes for gratifying the powers and pleasures of either men or women who summon its influence in the form appropriate to each, appear to be almost identical with that of Mahadeo s Ligna in India.

The farther we went in this country the better we liked it, as the people were all kept in good order and the Microsoft 70-411 village chiefs were so civil, that we could do as we liked.


Then setting it down on the ground, they planted some of the rushes on either side of the entrance, and all kneeling together, set to bewailing, shrieking, and howling incessantly for hours together.

To this I added, Now, Kasoro, you see how it is Kamrasi does not wish you to do to Gani, so if you take my advice you will return to Mtesa.

I declined this abuse of my arms, and said I should first go and speak to the king on the subject myself, ordering the men on no account to go on such an errand and saying this, I proceeded towards the palace, leaving instructions for those men who were not ready to follow.

He was dressed Wichwezi fashion, with a little white goat skin apron, adorned with numerous charms, and used a paddle for a mace or walking stick.

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These, he said, were all that belonged to the government for the half of all captures of cows, as well as all slaves, all goats, and sheep, were allowed to the men as part of their pay.

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