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Very good, says Budja, let it be so for there is great wisdom in your words but I must first send to my king, for the Waganda villagers have struck two of your men with weapons this had happened just before my arrival here , and this is a most heinous offence in Uganda, which cannot be overlooked.

It was a great insult to himself, if true, that Suwarora should attempt to snatch me out of his house and he could not bear to see me take these strangers by the hand, when, as we have seen, it took him so long to entice me to his den, and he could not prevail over me until he actually sent his copper hatchet.

At last Bombay came back.

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They were nicely kept in a neat though very large casing of rush pith, and were those sent 74-678 Practice Test as a letter from Gani, to inform him that we were expected to come via Karague.

Foraging parties, of necessity, were sent out as soon as the camp was pitched, with cloth for purchases, and strict orders not to use force the upshot of which was, that my people got nothing but a few arrows fired at them by the lurking villagers, and I was abused for my squeamishness.

Whatever the freak of the moment is, that they adopt in the most thoughtless manner, even though they may have calculated on advantages beforehand in the opposite direction.


Pokino at this time came in with a number of well made shields, and presented them grovelling and n yanzigging but though the governor of an important province, who had not been seen by the king for years, he was taken no more notice of than any common Mkungu.

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She said she was ill it was not feigned and if I would give her a goat to sacrifice she would be well at once for she had looked into the magic horn already, and discovered that if I have her a goat for that purpose it would prove that I loved her, and her health would be restored to her at once.


Then, said Mahamed, we cannot go with you, for there is a famine at this season at Gondokoro.

I now, for the first time, saw the way in which the king collected his army together.


I shot a doe, leucotis, called here nsunnu, the first one seen upon the journey.

Rejecting his munificent offers, I gave him a cooling dose of calomel and jalap, which he drank like pombe, and pronounced beautiful holding up his hands, and HP5-H09D Exam Questions With Answers repeating the words Beautiful, beautiful they are all beautiful together There is Bana beautiful his box is beautiful and his medicine beautiful and, saying this, led us in to see his women, who at my request were grouped in war apparel viz.

Because all this country is called Uddu.

Virembo then sent us some pombe by his officers, and begged us to have patience, for he was then fleecing Masudi at the encamping ground near the palace.

Kidgwiga with our cattle arrived in the morning.

My men dared not advance upright, nor look upon the women, but, stooping, with lowered heads and averted eyes, came cringing after me.

Still I found that the king would not send his Wakungu for the Unyoro expedition, so I called on him about it.

His boma, he said, did not lie much out of my line, and he did not wish a stitch of my cloth.

Days rolled on, and nothing was done in particular beyond increasing my stock of knowledge of distant places and people, enlarging my zoological collection, and taking long series of astronomical observations until the 13th, when the whole of Kaze was depressed by a sad scene of mourning and tears.

25th to 28th.

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He laughed, but still was silent so I said, What message have you brought from Mtesa To which, in a timid, modest kind of manner, he said, Bana knows what more need I say Has he forgotten Mtesa, who loves him so I said, No, indeed, I have not forgotten Mtesa and, moreover, as I expected you back again, I have sent Bombay to bring the stimulants and all the things I promised Mtesa from Gani in two or three days he will return.

On the 15th I was surprised to find Bombay come in with all my rear property and a great quantity of Musa s, but with out the old man.

K yengo was sent with all his men on a Wakungu seizing expedition, a good job for him, as it was his perquisite to receive the major part of the plunder himself.

I then tried to prevail on him to take a knife and some other pretty things, but he feared them all so, as a last chance for I wished to send some token, by way of card or letter, for announcing my approach and securing the road I gave him a red six penny pocket handkerchief, which he accepted and he then told me he was surprised I had come all this way round to Uganda, when the road by the Masai country was so much shorter.

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He, however, escaped them but they destroyed his country, and then followed me down to Nguru.

29th and 30th.

In one or two places throughout the passage of these hills a caravan may be taxed, but if so, only to a small amount the villagers more frequently fly to the hill tops as soon as the noise of the advancing caravan is heard, and no persuasions will bring them down again, so much ground have they, from previous experience, to fear treachery.

In the afternoon, as I had heard from Musa that the wives of the king and princes were fattened to such an extent that they could not stand upright, I paid my respects to Wazezeru, the king s eldest brother who, having been born before his father ascended the throne, did not come in the line of succession 74-678 Actual Questions Happicabs with the hope of being able to see for myself the truth of the story.

The doctor places a large earthen vessel, half full of water, over a fire, and over its mouth a grating of sticks, whereon he lays a small child and a fowl side by side, and covers them over with a second large earthen vessel, just like the first, only inverted, to keep the steam in, when he sets fire below, cooks for a certain period of time, and then looks to see if his victims are still living or dead when, should they be dead, the war must be deferred, but, otherwise commenced at once.

In a very short time, a fine male was discovered making towards me, but not exactly knowing where he should bolt to.

Rumanika was the most resolute in this belief, as the kings of Uganda, ever since that country was detached from Unyoro, had been making constant raids, seizing cattle and slaves from the surrounding communities.

All the huts were full of women, save those kept as waiting rooms where drums and harmonicons were played for amusement.


Now for the lake.

He had returned three days before, but had not yet seen the king.

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I made him a present of the great principle that power commands respect, and it was to prevent any chance of fighting that we required so formidable an escort.

24th to 30th.

The scheme was successful, for the report of the gun which killed the bird reached the king s ear, and induced him to say that if Bana was present he would be glad to see him.

Small outcrops of granite here and there poke through the surface, which, like the rest of the rolling land, being covered with bush, principally acacias, have 74-678 Actual Questions Happicabs a pleasing appearance after the rains have set in, but are too brown and desert looking during the rest of the year.


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As yet, he said, the chief was not aware of the damage done, and it was well he was not for he would himself, if I only paid him the four cloths, settle matters quietly, otherwise there would be no knowing what demands might be made on my cloth.

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He kept us waiting an hour, and then passing out by a side gate, beckoned us to follow.

Just then a report came in that one of Lumeresi s sons, who had gone near the capital of Ukhanga to purchase cows, was seized by Rohinda in consequence of the Isamiro chief telling him that Lumeresi had taken untold wealth from me, and he was to be detained there a prisoner until Lumeresi either disgorged, or sent me on to be fleeced again.

The vessel was well stored with provisions and medicines but there was scarcely enough room in her, though she was said to be only half freighted, for the 544 creatures they were transporting.


Mabruki and Bilal, with Budja, started to meet Petherick, and three more men, with another letter to Grant.

as no hope of seeing the king was left, all retired.

I thought to myself that she must have directed 74-678 Actual Questions the attack upon my camp last night and is angry at the Wanguana swords driving her men away.

I followed up the elephant some way, till a pongo offering an irresistible shot I sent a bullet through him, but he was lost after hours tracking in the interminable large grasses.

A man was preceding her, but did not touch her for she loved to obey the orders of her king voluntarily, and in consequence of previous attachment, was permitted, as a mark of distinction, to walk free.

The queen s deputation was now ordered to draw near, and questioned in a whisper.

4th and 5th.

Here an Arab merchant, Khamis, bound for Zanzibar, obliged us by agreeing for a few dollars to convey our recent spoils in natural history to the coast.

The princes then, thinking me green at this kind of sport, said the place was enchanted, but I need not fear, for they would bring them out to my feet by simply calling out certain names, and this was no sooner done than four old and one young one came immediately in font of us.

In the evening another messenger arrived from Grant, giving a list of his losses and expenses at M yonga s.

Now, says Rumanika, I no sooner went there and saw the iron, and brought it here as you see it.

He then retired to his original position, and the marriage ceremony was supposed to be concluded, and the settlements adjusted, when all went on as before.

I saw this land pirate Mahamed take a blackmail like a negro chief.

Both night and morning the Turks beat their drums and whenever they stopped to eat they sacked the villages.

In describing the individual who had done this, the Turks said he was exactly like myself, for he had a long beard, and a voice even much resembling mine.

Having asked Kamrasi to return my pictures, he sent the book of birds, but not of animals and said he could not see us until a new hut was built, because the old one was flooded by the Kafu, which had been rising several days.

It would be an insult to Kamrasi my doing so, for I was now in his house at his own invitation.

About noon the succeeding day, some pages ran in to say we were to come along without a moment s delay, as their king had ordered it.

There was a passage this way, it was said, leading up to Usoga, but very circuitous, on account of reefs or shoals, and on the way the Kitiri island was passed but no other Kitiri was known to the Waganda, though boats went sometimes coasting down the western side of the lake to Ukerewe.

On entering the hut I found the old man and his chief wife sitting side by side on a bench of earth strewed over with grass, and partitioned like stalls for sleeping apartments, whilst in front of them were placed numerous wooden pots of milk, and hanging from the poles that supported the beehive shaped hut, a large collection of bows six feet in length, whilst below them were tied an even larger collection of spears, intermixed with a goodly assortment of heavy headed assages.

Goats and other peace offerings were then presented and, finally a large body of officers came in with an old man, with his two ears shorn off for having been too handsome in his youth, and a young woman who, after four days search, had been discovered in his house.

A chase ensued, and he was tracked by his blood when a pongo bush box was started and divided the party.

A man of considerable age, he did everything the state or his great establishment required himself.

These two men had now charge of our tents and personal kit, while Baraka was considered the general of the Wanguana forces, and Rahan a captain of ten.

The whole scenery was most beautiful.

We were not expected to march again, but being anxious myself to see more of the river, before starting, I obtained leave to go by boat as far as the river was navigable, sending our cattle by land.

Rumanika we found sitting dressed in a wrapper made of an nzoe antelope s skin, smiling blandly as we approached him.

My companion unfortunately got fever here, and was prevented from going out, and I did little better for although I waded up to my middle every day, and wounded several blanc boc, I only bagged one, and should not have 74-678 got even him, had it not happened that some lions in the night pulled him down close to our camp, and roared so violently that they told us the story.

But this was not 74-678 Test Pdf the only battle Said Said had to fight on those grounds for some years previously he had to subdue the Waziwa, who live on very marshy land, into respect for his sovereignty, when the battle lasted years, in consequence of the bad nature of the ground, and the trick the Waziwa had of staking Microsoft 74-678 Actual Questions the ground with spikes.

He replied that he would push for Gani direct and sent back a pot of pombe for the sick man.

He thought the N yanza was the sources of the Ruvuma river as the river which drained the N yanza, after passing between Uganda and Usoga, went through Unyoro, and then all round the Tanganyika lake into the Indian Ocean, south of Zanzibar.

The chief item of court news was, that Mtesa had shot a buffalo which was attacking him behind the palace, and made his Wakungu carry the animal bodily, whilst life was in it, into his court.

After a long struggling march, plodding through huge grasses and jungle, we reached a district which I cannot otherwise describe than by calling it a Church Estate.

This non interventive order was part of the royal policy, in order that the king might have the full fleecing of his visitors.

Next in order came the main stream of the Sobat, flowing into the Nile in the same graceful way as the Geraffe, which in breadth C2090-540 Test Questions And Answers Pdf it surpassed, but in velocity of current was inferior.

I wished to call upon the queen and thank her for her charming present, but my hungry men drove me to the king s palace in search of food.

Great applause followed this wonderful feat, and the cows were given to my men.

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Highways were cut from one extremity of the country to the other, and all rivers bridged.

Fortunately the frontier village could not feed so large a party as ours, and therefore we were compelled to move farther on, to our great delight, through the same style of forest acacia, cactus, and tall grass, to Kidgwiga s gardens, where we no sooner arrived than Mtesa s messenger page, with a party of fifty Waganda, dropped in, in the most unexpected manner, to inquire after his royal master s friend, Bana.

Oh, says the king, cunningly, if Bana merely wishes to see Usoga, he can do so, and I will send a suitable escort, but no more.

He became more reconciled to us, however, when he perceived we fed like rational beings and, calling his family in by midnight, 74-678 Ebook presented us with pombe, and made many apologies for having allowed us to dine without a drop of his beer, for he was very glad to see us.

I went again after the herd of six buffaloes, as I thought one was wounded, and after 74-678 Study Material walking up a long sloping hill for three miles towards the east, I found myself at once in view of the Nile on one hand, and the long heard of Asua river on the other, backed by hills even higher than the Jbl Kuku.


At the same time I sent back some other men to Khoko, with cloth to buy grain for present consumption, as some of my porters were already reduced to living on wild herbs and white ants.

Yaragonjo brought us a present of a goat and plantains.

I then sent Bombay to see the queen, to ask after her health, beg for a hut in the palace enclosures, and say I should have gone myself, only I feared her gate might be shut, and I cannot go backwards and forwards so far in the sun without a horse or an elephant to ride upon.

After passing Masange and Zimbili, we put up a night in the village of Iviri, on the northern border of Unyanyembe, and found several officers there, sent by Mkisiwa, to enforce a levy of soldiers to take the field with the Arabs at Kaze against Manua Sera to effect which, they walked about ringing bells, and bawling out that if a certain percentage of all the inhabitants did not muster, the village chief would be seized, and their plantations confiscated.

As one coffee seed sown brings forth fruit in plenty, so my coming here may be considered.

The extent of the country, roughly speaking, stretches from the coast to the junction or bifurcation of the Kingani and its upper branch the Mgeta river, westwards and from the Kingani, north, to the Lufigi river, south though in the southern portions several subtribes have encroached upon the lands.

Bombay, who was so incessantly bullied by Baraka s officious attempts to form party cliques opposed to the interests of the journey, and get him turned out of the camp, indiscreetly went to one of K yengo s men, and asked him if he knew of any medicine that would affect the hearts of the Wanguana so as to incline them towards him and on the sub doctor saying Yes, Bombay gave him some beads, and bought the medicine required, which, put into a pot of pombe, was placed by Baraka s side.

Maula, all smirks and smiles, on seeing me order the things out for the march, begged I would have patience, and wait till the messenger returned from the king it would not take more than ten days at the most.

Proceeding on we put up at the small settlement of Usenda, the proprietor of which was a semi negro Arab merchant called Sangoro.

He begged for four bottles to put them in, till he was laughed out of it by our saying he required forty bottles for if the powders were mixed, how could he separate them again And to keep his mind from the begging tack, which he was getting alarmingly near, I said, Now I have given you these things because you would insist on having them.

It was a curious indication of the prevailing idea still entertained by them of their foreign extraction, that it was surmised in Unyoro that the approach of us white men into their country from both sides at once, augured an intention on our part to take back the country 070-523 Practice Exam Pdf from them.

At noon Mtesa sent 1Z1-879 Braindump his pages to invite me 74-678 Actual Questions Happicabs to his palace.

Again I called the two together, and begged them to act in harmony like brothers, noticing that there was no cause for entertaining jealousy on either side, as every order rested with myself to reward for merit or to punish.

Then after this I established a property tax on all merchandise that entered my country.

Now Wiru in 74-678 Questions And Answers Pdf the northern dialect changes to Waddu in the southern hence Uddu, the land of the slaves, which remained in one connected line from the Nile to the Kitangule Kagera until eight generations back, when, according to tradition, a sportsman from Unyoro, by name Uganda, came with a pack of dogs, a woman, a spear, and a shield, 74-678 Actual Questions hunting on the left bank of Katonga valley, not far from the lake.

To day we reached the Kitangule Kagera, or river, which, as I ascertained in the year 1858, falls into the Victoria N yanza on the west side.

When dismissed with some beads, Nnanaji dropped in and invited me to accompany him out shooting on the slopes of the hills overlooking the lake.

There we were, like three fools, for twenty minutes or so one of the buffaloes bleeding at the mouth and with a broken hind leg, for the bullet had traversed his body, and the other turning round and round looking out for me, while I was anxiously watching him, and by degrees loading my gun.

To day we slaughtered and cooked two cows for the journeythe remaining three and one goat having been lost in the Luajerri and gave the women of the place beads in return for their hospitality.

Next day 22d the Wasui from Suwarora arrived.

He then, growing more familiar, said, Now, Bana, do tell me did you not shoot that bird with something more than common ammunition I am sure you did, now there was magic in it.

I was haunted all night by my fancied cruelty, and in the morning sent its victim, after Uganda fashion, some symbolical presents, including a goat, in token of esteem a black blanket, as a sign of mourning a bundle of gundu anklets and a packet of tobacco, in proof of my forgiveness.

This was rather tame sport but next day I had better fun.

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He had been in Masudi s camp, and had delivered my message to Insangez.

The charge was fully proved.

I had intended for to day an expedition to the lake but Kamrasi, harbouring a wicked design that we should help in an attack on his brothers, said there was plenty of time to think of that we would only find that all the waters united go to Gani, and he wished us to be his guests for three or four months at least.

Then followed contests for the right of appropriating the taxes, and the whole ended in the closing of the road, which both parties were equally anxious to keep open for their mutual gain.

It was useless to argue with such a passionate man, so I told him to go away and cool himself before morning.

Chabago 4.

She could not rise and so large were her arms that, between the joints, the flesh hung down like large, loose stuffed puddings.

At last something was done.

They looked upon plunder as their fortune and right, and my interference as unjustifiable.

Our target practice, whilst instructing the men, astonished him not a little, and produced an exclamation that, with so many guns, we need fear nothing, go where we would.

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This kind of travelling forced marches hard as it MB6-510 Cert Guide may appear, was what we liked best, for we felt that we were shortening the journey, and in doing so, shortening the risks of failure by disease, by war, by famine, and by mutiny.

They were the king s pages and, producing three sticks, said they had brought them to me from their king, who wanted three charms or medicines.

we were called by Kamrasi to visit him at the Kafu palace again, and requested to bring a lot of medicines tied up in various coloured cloths, so that he might know what to select for different ailments.

I had constantly wondered, ever since I first came here, and saw the brutal manner in which the Turks treated the natives, that these Madi people could submit to their Egyptian taskmasters, and therefore was not surprised now to find them pull down their huts and march off with the materials to a distant site.

Shortly after starting this morning, we were summoned by the last officer on the Urigi to take breakfast with him, as he could not allow us to pass by without paying his respects to the king s guests.

No food, however, was given to my men, though the king, anticipating Bombay s coming, sent me one load of tobacco, one of butter, and one of coffee.

Another source of revenue is in the effects of all people condemned for sorcery, who are either burnt, or speared and cast into the jungles, and their property seized by the grey beards for their chief.

Moreover he longed for a sight of a white man for though he had travelled all across Uganda and Usoga into Masawa, or the Masai country, as well as to the coast, where he had seen both Arabs and Indians, he had never yet seen an Englishman.

Different drums were then beat, and I was asked if I could distinguish their different tones.

Presently, as some herons were flying overhead, he said, Now, shoot, shoot and I brought a couple down right and left.

We had already been here too long.

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