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Hares, about half the size of English ones there are no rabbits are widely spread, but not numerous porcupines the same.

The king, then, observing my men who had gone to Unyoro together with Kamrasi s, questioned them on their mission and when told that no white men were there, he waxed wrathful, and said it was a falsehood, for his men had seen them, and could not be mistaken.

Mtesa now said, It is late, and time to break up what provisions would you wish to have I said, A little of everything, but no one thing constantly.

Still he did us a good turn for on the 16th he persuaded his men to take service with us at the enormous hire of ten necklaces of beads per man for every day s 98-365 Practice Test march nearly ten times what an Arab pays.

But this was not all 000-M220 Exam Guide their misfortunes for the slaves who brought in this information had met the first detachment, sent with the Khoko loot, at Kigua, where, they said, the detachment had been surprised by Manua Sera, who, having fortified a village with four hundred men, expecting this sort of thing, rushed out upon them, and cut them all up.

Thus were we ruminating, when lo, to our delight, as if they had been listening to us, up came Kidgwiga, my old friend, who, at Mtesa a place, had said Kamrasi would be very glad to see me, and Vittagura, Kamrasi s commander in chief, to say their king was very anxious to see us, and the Waganda might come or not as they liked.

To assist Grant, I begged Lumeresi to send him some aid in men at once but he refused, on the plea that M yonga was at war with him, and would kill them if they went.

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He would not take any of my men with him to fetch the kit from Karague, as Mtesa, he said, had given him orders to find all the means of transport so I gave him a letter to Grant, and told him to look sharp, else Grant would have passed the Kitangule before he arrived there.

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In my heart I liked Bombay all the more for this confession, but thought it necessary to extol Baraka for his quickness in finding him out, which drove Bombay nearly wild.

That they want to see and give me presents you have told me repeatedly so do I them for I want them to teach me the way to shoot, and when that is accomplished, I will take them to an island near Kidi, where there are some men his refractory brothers whom I wish to frighten away with guns but still there is no hurry, they can come when I choose to call them, and not before.

Their young women go naked but the mothers suspend a little tail both before and behind.

Chapter XIV Palace, Uganda Continued Reception of a Victorious Army at Court Royal Sport A Review of the Troops Negotiations for the Opening of the Road along the Nile Grant s Return Pillagings Court Marriages The King s Brothers Divinations and Sacrifices The Road granted at last The Preparations for continuing the Expedition The Departure.

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Hence I could not get an answer put in for as all Waganda are rapid and impetuous in their conversation, the king, probably forgetting he had put a question, hastily changed the conversation and said, What guns have you got Let me see the one you shoot with.

It was reported they had been seen in M yonga s establishment and I was at the same time informed that the husbands who were out in search of them would return, as M yonga was likely to demand a price for them if they were claimed, in virtue of their being his rightful property under the acknowledged law of buni, or findings keepings.

He had heard of Mahamed s party, and was actually waiting for him to come in, that he might have had the use of his return men to start with comfortably.


Among the other wild legends about this people, it was said that the Wilyanwantu, in making brotherhood, exchanged their blood by drinking at one another s veins and, in lieu of butter with their porridge, they smear it with the fat of fried human flesh.

We now marched over a rolling ground, covered in some places with bush jungle, in others with villages, where there were fine trees, resembling oaks in their outward appearance and stopping one night at the settlement of Barwudi, arrived at Labure, where we had to halt a day for Mahamed to collect some ivory from a depot he had formed near by.

The first affluent, the Bahr el Ghazal, took us by surprise for instead of finding a huge lake, as described in our maps, at an elbow of the Nile, we found only a small piece of water resembling a duck pond buried in a sea of rushes.

Fundi Kira had never done so, but I did not think that any reason why I should not, especially as the Arabs were the only people who lived in my country exempt from taxation.

At last we made a move, but only of two hours duration, through the usual forest, in which elephants walked about as if it were their park.

The kings who have succeeded Kimera are 1.

Of course I took the opportunity to renew my protest against the plundering system but the king, changing the subject, told me the Wazungu were at Gani inquiring after us, and wishing to come here.

We were ordered to stop by a huge body of men, and to pay toll.

There, sure enough, was a mark, something like the letters M.

These commonly concern petty internal matters for they are too selfish and too narrow minded to care for anything but their own private concerns.

Though we stormed every day at being so shamefully neglected and kept in the jungles, we could not get on, nor find out the truth of our position.

This was too much, so I stamped, and, pointing my finger, swore in every language I knew, that if they did not open the gate again, as they had shut it at once, and that, too, before my face, I would never Microsoft 98-365 Exam Questions With Answers leave the spot I stood upon alive.

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His Wanyapara had been despised, and I had been most unjustly treated.

Fortunately at the time my gunbearers were with me so, jumping to one side, I struck them all three in turn.


This did not take long, as the chief said he was most desirous to see a white man, never having been to the coast, though his father in law had, and had told him that the Wazungu were even greater people than the sultan reigning there.

We should have seen him yesterday, only that it rained and, as a precaution against our meeting being broken up, a shed was being built.

Any one who saw the grateful avidity with which they took the money, and the warmth with which they pledged themselves to serve me faithfully through all dangers and difficulties, would, had he had no dealings with such men before, have thought that I had a first rate set of followers.

In front of the king, in form of a hollow square, many ranks deep, sat the victorious officers, lately returned from the war, variously dressed the nobles distinguished by their leopard cat skins and dirks, the commoners by coloured mbugu and cow or antelope skin cloaks but all their faces and arms were painted red, black, or smoke colour.

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My heart was ready to sink as I turned into bed, and I was driven to think of abandoning everybody who was not strong enough to go on with me carrying a load.

I thought, indeed, they were Waganda doing this to welcome us but a glance at Kasoro s glassy eyes told me such was not the case, but, on the contrary, their language and gestures were threats, defying us to land.

But where was Bombay all this while He did not return till after us, and then, in considerable excitement, he told his tale.

I was game to give 50 dollars, but as they would not take this, I thought of dealing with Rumanika instead.

It was all very well, they said, for the Waganda to do so, because they were used to it, but it did not satisfy their hunger.

The whole land was a 98-365 Dumps Pdf picture of quiescent beauty, with a boundless sea in the background.

Uganda is personified by Mtesa and no one can say he has seen Uganda until he has been presented to the king.

By a late arrival a message came from Kamrasi.

What is it you do want I said, To open the country to the north, that an uninterrupted line of commerce might exist between England and this country by means of the Nile.

They had, since their arrival in the country, been daily in attendance at her palace, but never had the good fortune to see her excepting on such lucky occasions as brought the Wazungu white men here, when she opened her gates to them, but otherwise kept them shut.


Moreover he longed for a sight of a white man for though he had travelled all across Uganda and Usoga into Masawa, or the Masai country, as well as to the coast, where he had seen both Arabs and Indians, he had never yet seen an Englishman.

After this the body of the king was taken up and deposited on the hill Moga Namirinzi, where, instead of putting him underground, the people erected a hut over him, and, thrusting in five maidens and fifty cows, enclosed the doorway in such a manner that the whole of them subsequently died from starvation.

My guns, clothes, and everything were then inspected, and begged for in the most importunate manner.

This offer of immediate guides I of course accepted at once, as to keep on the move was my only desire at that time for my men were all drunk, and Kidgwiga s were deserting.

At last recovering herself, she woh wohed with all the coquetry of a Mganda woman, and a flirtation followed she must see my hair, my watch, the contents of my pockets everything but that was not enough.

Now, however, he was glad to see that, although our hair was straight and our faces white, we still possessed hands and feel like other men.

Indeed the whole of their spiritual education goes into oaths and ejaculations Allah and Mohammed being as common in their mouths as damn and blast are with our soldiers and sailors.


Maula, all smirks and smiles, on seeing me order the things out for the march, begged I would have patience, and wait till the messenger returned from the king it would not take more than ten days at the most.

At times we thought we heard musketry in camp, knowing that Grant would be sure to fire signals for us and doubtless we did so, but its sound and the thunder so much resembled one another that we distrusted our ears.

There must have been some special reason why, in a court where trifling breaches of etiquette were punished with a cruel death, so grave a crime should have been so leniently dealt with but I could not get at the bottom of the affair.

To undeceive him, and tell him it was the compass which I looked at and not the watch, I knew would only end with my losing that instrument as well so I told him it was not my guide, but a time keeper, made for the purpose of knowing what time to eat my dinner by.

I said further, that should Mtesa act up to my desires, I would then know he was my friend, and other white men would not fear to enter Uganda but if he acted otherwise, they would fear lest he should imprison them, or seize their property of their men.

Thank your majesty, said I, in a figurative kind of speech to please Waganda ears and turning the advantage of the project on her side, You have indeed hit the right nail on the head.

Ten days now had elapsed since we came here, still nothing was done 10th , as Karambule said, because Suwarora had been so fully occupied collecting an army to punish an officer who had refused to pay his taxes, had ignored his authority, and had set himself us as king of the district he was appointed to superintend.

I sent Maula, early in the morning, with the plundered woman, and desired him to request that the Wanyambo might be dismissed.

I told him I had heard of this before, but also heard that those Arabs had met with great disasters, owing to the turbulence of the Masai.

Nothing, however, seemed to be done to promote the union, until one old lady, sitting by the king s side, who was evidently learned in the etiquette and traditions of the court, said, Wait and see if he embraces, otherwise you may know he is not pleased.

The result was, as my iron stool was objectionable, I stood for a moment to see that I thoroughly understood their meaning and then showing them my back, walked straightway home to make a grass throne, and dodge them that way.

These Men of the Moon are hereditarily the greatest traders in Africa, and are the only people who, for love of barter and change, will leave their own country as porters and go to the coast, and they do so with as much zest as our countryfolk go to a fair.

I should have mentioned, by the way, that Musa had now made up his mind not to go further than the borders of Usui with me, lest I should be torn to pieces, and he would be held responsible on the coast.

I was not getting very tired of sitting on my low stool, and begged for leave to depart, but N yamasore would not hear of it she loved me a great deal too much to let me go away at this time of day, and forthwith ordered in more pombe.

Here, turning to me, he said, Bana, I love you, because you have come so far to see me, and have taught me so many things since you have been here.

My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being as bad where they had been as in Ugogo.

8th and 9th.

At any rate, the boys mistook the west for the east and as I thought they had done so, I stood firm to one spot, and finally lay down with them to sleep upon the cold wet ground, where we slept pretty well, being only disturbed occasionally by some animals sniffing at our feet.

All the elite of the place, covered with war paints, and dressed, so far as their nakedness was covered at all, like clowns in a fair, charging down the hill full tilt with their spears, and, after performing their customary evolutions, mingled with our men, and invited us up the hill, where we no sooner arrived than Chongi, 98-365 Study Material a very old man, attended by his familiar, advanced to receive us one holding a white hen, the other a small gourd of pombe and a little twig.

If the accused endeavour to plead his defence, his voice is at once drowned, and the miserable victim dragged off in the roughest manner possible by those 98-365 Exam Questions With Answers officers who love their king, and delight in promptly carrying out his orders.

Lumeresi no sooner heard of the presents I had given them, than he flew into a passion, called them imposters, abused them for not speaking to him before they came to me, and said he would not allow them to go.

What said he, do you want goats Yes, very much.

It was given, but Makaka no sooner saw it than he said he must have another one for it was all nonsense saying a white man had no rich cloths.

It was sunk where I crossed it, like a canal, 14 feet below the plain and what with mire and water 070-230 Exam Practice Pdf combined, so deep, I was obliged to take off my trousers whilst fording it.

Poor Grant, he had indeed had a most troublesome time of it.

He then made friends with Mahamed, who promised to help him on to Faloro, and I gave Mahamed and his men three carbines as an honorarium.

The king was now rising to go, when, in great fear and anxiety that the day would be lost, I said, in Kisuahili, I wish you would send a letter by post to Grant, and also send a boat up the Kitangule, as far as Rumanika s palace, for him, for he is totally unable to walk.

The struggle was short and with the threat of an arrow or spear at their breasts, men were robbed of their cloths and ornaments, loads were yielded and run away with before resistance could be organised only three men of a hundred stood by me, the others, whose only thought was their lives, fled into the woods, where I went shouting for them.

Mr Mbumi, the chief of the place, a very affable negro, at once took us by the hand, and said he would do anything we desired, for he had often been to Zanzibar.

The game seemed now to be won.

He died at Anguja likewise.

The king would not show, for some reason or other, and we still feared to fire guns lest he should think our store of powder inexhaustible, and so keep us here until he had extorted the last of it.

Whilst engaged in this operation, Baraka, accompanied by Wadimoyo Heart s stream , another of my freeman, approached me in great consternation, whispering to themselves.

Bui then, quaking with fright at my obstinacy, said, You must indeed you must give in and do with these savage chiefs as the Arabs when they travel, for I will not be a party to riding rough shod over them.

Thence, having spent the night in the jungle, we next morning pushed into the cultivated district of Rubuga, and put up in some half deserted tembes, where the ravages of war were even more disgusting to witness than at Tura.

On the 27th April, Captain Grant and I embarked on board the new steam frigate Forte, commanded by Captain E.

With this addition to my attendance I first called in at the Kamraviona s for justice but as he was too proud to appear at once, I went on to the king s fired three shots as usual, and obtained admittance at once, when I found him standing in a yard dressed in cloth, with his iron chair behind him, and my double gun loaded with half charges of powder and a few grains of iron shot, looking eagerly about for kites to fly over.

Their separate interests must now be sacrificed, and their feuds suspended and if he heard, on his return again, that one village had taken advantage of the other s weakness caused by their employment in his service, he would then not spare his bullets, so they might look out for themselves.

Presuming this to be a very fair proposition, and thinking we would only have to walk across an elbow of land where the river bends considerably, we gave him a return present of beads, and did as we were bid but, after moving, it was 98-365 Preparation Materials obvious we had been sold.

The regions about the palace were all in a state of commotion to day, men and women running for their lives in all directions, followed by Wakungu and their retainers.

Ugungu, a dependency of Kamrasi s, occupies this side, the lake, and on the opposite side is Ulegga beyond which, in about 2 N.

Now Wiru in the northern dialect changes to Waddu in the southern hence Uddu, the land of the slaves, which remained in one connected line from the Nile to the Kitangule Kagera until eight generations back, when, according to tradition, a sportsman from Unyoro, by name Uganda, came with a pack of dogs, a woman, a spear, and a shield, hunting on the left bank of Katonga valley, not far from the lake.

Well, said the people, you have got your warning, now look our for yourselves and Bombay, with his Waganda escort, was left again.

On being told we did not like being repeatedly reminded of our promises, he came down a little from his dignity, saying, And 98-365 Exam Questions With Answers what answer have you about the business on the island meaning the request to fight his brothers.

I began seriously to consider whether I should have this chief shot, as a reward for his oppressive treachery, and a warning to others but the Pig said 98-365 Test Software it was just what the Arabs were subjected to in Ubena, and they found it best to pay down at once, and do all they were ordered.

She then complained against my men for robbing her gardeners on the highway, wished to know why I didn t call upon her oftener, appointed the following morning for an interview, and begged I would bring her some liver medicines, as she suffered from constant twinges in her right side, sealing her letter with a present of a nest of eggs and one fowl.

This man no sooner received his orders than, proud of his office as the guide of such a distinguished caravan, he set to work to find us porters.


The unmannerly creature, standing among a thousand of the sleekest cattle, gruffishly replied, What can I know of any other animals 98-365 Exam Test than cows and went on with his work, as if nothing in the world could interest him but his cattle tending.

Mtesa appeared quite confused with the various wonders as he handled them, made silly remarks, and pondered over them like a perfect child, until it was quite dark.

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It was a most ridiculous scene.

The Mgussa s voice is also heard, but in what manner I do not know, as all communication on state matters is forbidden in Uganda.

The drums had beaten and the tax was settled I could not pay more.

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He did not return again until 98-365 Exam Paper Pdf the evening, when the palace drums announced that the hongo had been settled for one barsati, one lugoi, and six yards merikani.

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The king now loaded one of the carbines I had given him with his own hands, and giving it full cock to a page, told him to go out and shoot a man in the outer court which 98-365 Exam Test Questions was no sooner accomplished than the little urchin returned to announce his success, with a look of glee such as one would see in the face of a boy who had robbed a bird s nest, caught a trout, or done any other boyish trick.

He was but a poor man, though so successful in hunting that vast numbers of the Wiru flocked to him for flesh, and became so fond of him as to invite him to be their king, saying, Of what avail to us is our present king, living so far away that when we sent him a cow as a tributary offering, that cow on the journey gave a calf, and the calf became a cow and gave another calf, and so on, and yet the present has not reached its destination At first Uganda hesitated, on the plea that they had a king already, but on being farther pressed consented when the people hearing his name said, Well, let it be so and for the future let this country between the Nile and Katonga be called Uganda, and let your name be Kimera, the first king of Uganda.


This was promised, but never performed.

He was delighted to see us and, in anticipation of our arrival, had prepared rooms for our reception, that both Captain Grant and myself might enjoy his hospitality until arrangements could be made for our final start into the interior.

He said I need not concern myself on that score he was much more anxious for the white men to come here than even I was, and he would not send my men into any danger but it was highly improper for any of his people to speak about such subjects.

As nobody could obtain an interview with the king yesterday, I went to the palace to day, and fired three shots a signal which was at once answered from within by a double discharge of a gun I had just lent him on his returning my rifle.

Men, women, bulls, dogs, and goats, were led about by strings cocks and hens were carried in men s arms and little pages, with rope turbans, rushed about, conveying messages, as if their lives depended on their swiftness, every one holding his skin cloak tightly round him lest his naked legs might by accident be shown.

To my surprise I then learnt that Rumanika had set his heart on the revolving rifle I had brought for Mtesa the one, in fact, which he had prevented my sending on to Uganda in the hands of Kachuchu, and he would have begged me for it before had his high minded dignity, and the principle he had established of never begging for anything, not interfered.

In my turn, I told Petherick he had missed a good thing by not going up the river to look for me for, had he done so, he would not only have had the best ivorygrounds to work upon, but, by building a vessel in Madi above the cataracts, he would have had, in my belief, some hundred miles of navigable water to transport his merchandise.

In a great hurry he then bade me good bye when, as he thought it would be final, I gave him, in consideration of his former good services to the last expedition, one of the gold watches given me by the Indian Government.

Compliments were now passed, my presents given and approved of and the queen, 98-365 Exam Questions With Answers thinking I must be hungry, for she wanted to eat herself, requested me to refresh myself in another hut.

I rebuked them for doing so, but was mildly told they had no huts of their own.

Lastly, some beautifully made shields were presented, and, because extolled, n yanzigged over when the king rose abruptly and walked straight away, leaving my fools of men no better off for food, no reparation for their broken heads, than if I had never gone there.

The queen looked at me, then at the blanket and her son in turn whilst my men hung down their heads, fearful lest they should be accused of looking at the ladies of the court and the Wakungu n yanzigged again, as if they could not contain the gratification they felt at the favour shown them.

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In the earliest times the Wahuma of Unyoro regarded all their lands bordering on the Victoria Lake as their garden, owing to its exceeding fertility, and imposed the epithet of Wiru, or slaves, upon its people, because they had to supply the imperial government with food and clothing.

During the next two days, as my men had all worn out their clothes, I gave them each thirty necklaces of beads to purchase a suit of the bark cloth called mbugu, already described.

Dr K yengo s men, who had been sent three times into action against the refractory brothers, asked leave to return to Karague but the king, who did not fear for their lives when his work was to be done, would not give them leave, lest accident should befall them on the way.

Lumeresi, of course, was greatly perplexed at this, and sought my advice, but could get nothing out of me, for I laughed in my sleeve, and told him such was the consequence of his having been too greedy.

To this Dr K yengo, who was now living with Rumanika as his head magician, added that, whilst he was living in Utambara, the Watuta invested his boma six months and finally, when all their cows and stores were exhausted, they killed all the inhabitants but himself, and he only escaped by the power of the charms which he carried about him.

It is no wonder the English are the greatest men in the world.

Further, after doing for Manua Sera, they were determined to go on to Ugogo to assist Salem bin Saif and the other merchants on, during which, at the same time, they would fight all the Wagogo who persisted in taking taxes and in harassing caravans.

Nobody was allowed to be present at our interview.

The watch being by this time repaired, it gave me the opportunity of sending Kidgwiga back to the palace to say we trusted Kamrasi would allow Budja to come here, if only with one woman to carry his pombe, else Mtesa would take offence, form an alliance with Rionga, and surround the place with warriors, for it was not becoming in great kings to treat civil messengers like dogs.

When this was over, the Mukonderi, another dancingtune, with instruments something like clarionets, was ordered but it had scarcely been struck up, before a drenching rain, with strong wind, set in and spoilt the music, though not the playing for none dared stop without an order and the queen, instead of taking pity, laughed most boisterously over the exercise of her savage power as the unfortunate musicians were nearly beaten down by the violence of the weather.

It was all nonsense, I knew, but both Bui and Nasib, taking fright, begged for their discharges.

In these islets we sought for the animals, knowing they were keen to lie wallowing in the mire, and we bagged two.

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He then began again begging for lucifers, which charmed him so intensely I thought I should never get rid of him.

The temperature was perfect.

I packed the pages off as fast as I could with some, and 98-365 Exam Questions With Answers Happicabs tried myself to follow, but my men were all either sick or out foraging, and therefore we could not get under way until the evening.

I then made friends with him, and found he was a great doctor as well as an officer.

Still the whole of them united could not Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98-365 Exam Questions With Answers lift the iron, which induced them, considering there must be some magic in it, to inform the king.

Losing Microsoft IT Infrastructure 98-365 no time, I ordered twenty men, armed with carbines, to carry water for the distressed porters, and bring the corporal back as soon as possible.

These distant people pay their homage to Kamrasi, though they have 98-365 New Questions six degrees of longitude to travel over.

I said I had brought with me a few articles of European manufacture for Suwarora, which I hoped would be accepted if I presented them, for they were such things as only great men like his chief every possessed.

This was necessary according to the etiquette of the country.

Some smaller animals were killed but I wasted all my time in fruitlessly stalking some wounded striped eland magnificent animals, as large as Delhi oxen and some other animals, of which I wounded three, about the size of hartebeest, and much their shape, only cream coloured, with a conspicuous black spot in the centre of each flank.

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