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Walking down the bank of the river EE0-602 Braindump where a line of vessels was moored, and on the right hand a few sheds, one half broken down, with a brick built house representing the late Austrian Church Mission establishment we saw hurrying on towards us the form of an Englishman, who, for one moment, we believed was the Simon Pure but the next moment my old friend Baker, famed for his sports in Ceylon, seized me by the hand.

The old sort of thing occurred again.

Such was the case, 1Z0-102 Exam Dump for they all tried their powers of persuasion, which failing, they took the alternative of making my men all drunk, and sending to camp sundry pots of pombe.

Five Wanyoro, five Chopi men, and five Gani men, were to escort him.

After this, I had scarcely swallowed by breakfast before I received a summons from the king to 1Z1-536 Exam Sample Questions meet him out shooting, with all the Wanguana armed, and my guns and going towards the palace, found him with a large staff, pages and officers as well as women, in a plantain garden, looking eagerly out for birds, whilst his band was playing.

This non interventive order was part of the royal policy, in order that the king might have the full fleecing of his visitors.

Hearing this, That is all on my shoulders as sure as I live it shall be done for that country has no king, and I have long 9A0-385 Certificate been desirous of taking it.

On opening the chronometer, he again wrenched back the E20-017 Cert Guide seconds hand, and sent it for repair, together with two pots of pombe as a peace offering.

They had heard of my picture books from the king, and all wished to see them which they no sooner did, to their infinite delight, especially when they recognised any of the animals, then the subject was turned by my inquiring what they did with so many milk pots.

I then told her I had desired my officers several times to ask the king how marriages were conducted in this country, as they appeared so different from ours, but they always said they dared not put such a question to him, and now I hoped she would explain it to me.

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By this system, it must be observed, polygamy is a source of wealth, since a man s means are measured by the number of his progeny but it has other advantages besides the dowry, for the women work more than the men do, both in and out of doors and, in addition to the females, the sons work for the household until they marry, and in after life take care of their parents in the same way as in the first instance the parents took care of them.

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At the same time he asked for my paint box, merely to look at it.

I tried to ascertain if there were any prefixes, as in the South African dialects, by which one might determine the difference between the people and the country but I was assured that both here and in the adjacent countries these people saw Chopi, Kidi, Gani, Madi, Bari, alike for person and place, though Jo in their language is the equivalent for Wa in South Africa, and Dano takes the place of Mtu.

Our spirits were now further raised by the arrival of a semi Hindu Suahili, named Juma, who had just returned from a visit to the king of Uganda, bringing back with him a large present of ivory and slaves for he said he had heard from the king of our intention to visit him, and that he had despatched officers to call us immediately.

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He observed that, To open either of those routes, you would require at least 9A0-385 Test Software two hundred guns.

They would then be taken to the Zanzibar market, resold like horses to the highest bidder, and then kept in bondage by their new masters, more like children of his family than anything else.

The natives were building a dhow with Lindi and Madagascar timber.

I knew the porters had not gone far, so I told the Pig to bring them to me, that we might talk the matter over but say what I would, they all swore they would not advance a step farther.

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Sir Roderick, I need only say, at once accepted my views and, knowing my ardent desire to prove to the world, by actual inspection of the exit, that the Victoria N yanza was the source of the Nile, seized the enlightened view, that such a discovery should not be lost to the glory of England and the Society of which he was President and said to me, Speke, we must send you there again.

I described how we had seen the Nile bending west where we crossed in Chopi, and then, after walking down the chord of an arc described by the river, had found it again in Madi coming from the west, whence to the south, and as far at least as Koshi, it was said to be navigable, probably continuing to be so right into the Little Luta 9A0-385 Dumps Nzige.

The exaggerated account of its volume, however, given by the expeditionists who were sent up the Nile by Mehemet Ali, did not surprise us, since they had mistaken its position for we were now 3 42 north, and therefore had passed their farthest point by twenty miles.

In this new position they were circumcised to make Mussulmans of them, that their hands might be clean to slaughter their master s cattle, and extend his creed for the Arabs believe the day must come when the tenets of Mohammed will be accepted by all men.

To intimidate a caravan and extort a hongo or tax, I have seen them drawn out in line as if prepared for battle but a few soft words were found sufficient to make them all withdraw and settle the matter at issue by arbitration in some appointed place.

The blackguard Maula, laughing, said, Bana does not know what he is doing it is a heinous offence in Uganda sending presents back nobody for their lives dare do so to the queen her wrath would know no bounds.

I found the Union Jack hoisted upon a flag staff, high above all the trees, in the boma.

If I chose to lose my life, it was no business of theirs, but they would not be witness to it.

This magnificent order created a pause, which K yengo took advantage of by producing a little bundle of peculiarly shaped sticks and a lump of earth all of which have their own particular magical powers, as K yengo described to the king s satisfaction.

To day I felt very thankful to get across the much vexed boundary line, and enter Unyoro, guided by Kamrasi s deputation of officers, and so shake off the apprehensions which had teased us for so many days.

It was a pattern Unyoro march, of only two hours duration.

These marks I took not to be tatooing or decorative, but as a cure for disease cautery being a favourite remedy with both races.

16th to 19th.

I prepared for my first presentation at court, attired in my best, though in it I cut a poor figure in comparison with the display of the dressy Waganda.

Then, turning to geography, I told Abdulla all I had written and lectured in England concerning his stories about navigators on the N yanza, which I explained must be the Nile, and wished to know if I should alter it in any way but he said, Do not you may depend it will all turn out right to which Musa added, all the people in the north told him that when the N yanza rose, the stream rushed with such violence it tore up islands and floated them away.

Up jumped Maula in a moment as soon as these words were uttered, charging with his stick, then floundering and n yanzigging as if he had been signally rewarded.

Both men and women got drunk, whilst from outside we were tormented by the Wasui, both men and women pertinaciously pressing into our hut, watching us eat, and begging in the most shameless manner.

To bring the matter to a 9A0-385 Labs climax, Mrs.

A few Muscovy ducks are imported, also pigeons and cats.


The matter was compromised, however, on the condition that Budja should 9A0-385 New Questions march across the border to morrow, and wait for the return of these men and for further orders on the Unyoro side.

Pulling on in the same way again when not actually engaged in shooting, scolding and storming at the men, to keep them up to the mark, and prevent them from shirking their work, which they were for every trying to do we arrived on the 28th at the Boss, a huge granite block, from the top of which the green foliage of the forest trees looked like an interminable cloud, soft and waving, fit for fairies to dwell upon.

When these two had gone, the Kamraviona arrived with two spears, one load of flour, and a pot of pombe, which he requested me to accept, adding that the spears were given as it was observed I had accepted some from the king of Uganda a shield was still in reserve for me, and spears would be sent for Grant.

Small antelopes occasionally sprang up from the grass.

After all the explanations were given, he promised me a boat hunt after the nzoe in the morning but when the time came, as difficulties were raised, I asked him to allow us to anticipate the arrival of Kachuchu, and march on to Kitangule.


25th to 28th.

The little sheikh was warmly congratulatory as he spoke of the numbers who had strayed away and had been lost in that wilderness whilst Bombay admitted he thought we should turn up again if I did not listen to the advice of the boys, which was his only fear.


I said I felt anxious about the road on which Mabruki was travelling, to which I added that I had ordered him to tell Petherick to come here or else to send property to the value of one thousand dollars and I felt anxious because some of the queen s officers felt doubtful about Waganda being able to penetrate Kidi.

No fear, however, was entertained about the things being recovered, for Sirboko had warned Ugali the chief, and he had promised to send his Waganga, or magicians, out to track them down, unless the neighbouring chief chose to give them up.

A long badgering bargain ensued, at which I made all my men be present as witnesses, and we finally concluded the hongo with four more brass wires.

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Whilst this was going on, I wrote letters and packed up my specimens, and sent them back by my late valet, Rahan, who also got orders to direct Sheikh Said to seize the two men who deserted, and take them down chained to the coast when he went there.

If I went to the lake Luta Nzige, God only knows when he would let me come back and now, for once and for all, I wished to sacrifice my property, and leave the countries of black kings for what Kamrasi had done, Mtesa had done likewise, detaining the two men I detached on a friendly mission, which made me fear to send any more and inquire after my guns, lest he should seize them likewise.

The dismayed criminals, struggling to be heard, in utter despair, were dragged away boisterously in the most barbarous manner, to the drowning music of the milele and drums.

Shut it up, Bana, shut it up we have seen enough but you will come again and bring us beads.

The king would not show, for some reason or other, and we still feared to fire guns lest he should think our store of powder inexhaustible, and so keep us here until he had extorted the last of it.

On hearing the king s order that I was to be supplied with fish, the fishermen ran away, and pombe was no longer brewed for fear of Kasoro.

These Waquiva, I was given to understand, occupied the steep hills surrounding this place.

Maula then said he would go to a friend s and come back again.

This, as may naturally be supposed, led into further genealogical disclosures of a similar nature, and I was told by Rumanika that his grandfather was a most wonderful man indeed, Karague was blessed with more supernatural agencies than any other country.

He then fixed the hongo at fifteen masango or brass wire bracelets, sixteen cloths of sorts, and a hundred necklaces of samisami or red coral beads, which was to pay for Grant as well as myself.

We were ordered to stop by a huge body of men, and to pay toll.

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Usually he was very severe with merchants in consequence of that act but he did not molest us, as the messenger who went on to Suwarora returned here just as we arrived, to say we must come on at once, as Suwarora was anxious to see us, and had ordered his Wakungu not to molest us.

I sent Bombay with Kasoro to the 9A0-385 Certification Answers palace, asking for the Sakibobo himself to be sent with an order for five boats, five cows, and five goats, and also for a general order to go where I like, and do what I like, and have fish supplied me for, though I know the king likes me, his officers do not and then on separating I retraced my steps to the Church Estate.

The tobacco was to gratify my men, who said of all things they most wanted to cheer them was something to smoke.

In consequence of these salutations, there is more ceremony in court than business, though the king, ever having an eye to his treasury, continually finds some trifling fault, condemns the head of the culprit, takes his liquidation present, if he has anything to pay, and thus keeps up his revenue.

Their system of government is mostly of the patriarchal character.

These Chopi people were leagued with the brothers, and thus kept the highroad to Gani, though the other half of Chopi remained loyal and though Kamrasi continually sent armies against the refractory half which aided his brothers, they never retaliated by attacking this place.

Then, after looking over our pictures with intensest delight, and admiring our beds, boxes, and outfit in general, he left for the day.

Some of Kamrasi s spies, whom he had sent to the refractory allies of Rionga his brother, returned bringing a spear and some grass from the thatch of the hut of a Chopi chief.


I was with the little twin Manua at the time, when, stealing along under cover of the high grass, I got close to the batch and fired at the larges, which sent her round roaring.

Again they attacked Omwita the present Mombas , were repulsed, were lost sight of in the interior of the continent, and, crossing the Nile close to its source, discovered the rich pasture lands of Unyoro, and founded the great kingdom of Kittara, where they lost their religion, forgot their language, extracted their lower incisors like the natives, changed their national name to Wahuma, and no longer remembered the names of Hubshi or Galla 9A0-385 Test Software Happicabs though even the present reigning kings retain a singular traditional account of their having once been half white and half black, with hair on the white side straight, and on the black side frizzly.

She threw me a bit, which to the surprise of everybody, I caught and threw it into my mouth, thinking it was some confection but the harsh taste soon made me spit it out again, to the amusement of the company.

Rohinda was succeeded by Ntare, then Rohinda II.

Its appearance in the distance warned us that we were closing on the habitations of men, and we were told that Bombay had drunk pombe there.

I have got no orders to enter into black men s quarrels, and my mother the Queen , whom I see every night in my sleep calling me home, would be very angry if she heard of it.

There remains to be disposed of the salt lake, which I believe is not a salt, but a fresh water lake and my reasons are, as before stated, that the natives call all lakes salt, if they find salt beds or salt islands in such places.

Moreover, he was rather put to shame by my saying, Pray, who now is biggest Ruhe or yourself for any one entering this country would suspect that he was, as he levies the first tax, and gives people to understand that, by their paying it, the whole district will be free to them such at any rate he told me, and so it appears he told Masudi.

As we approached the southern extremity of this chain, knots of naked men, perched like monkeys on the granite blocks were anxiously awaiting our arrival.

I made him a present of the great principle that power commands respect, and it was to prevent any chance of fighting that we required so formidable an escort.


He sent four loads of dried fish, with a request for my book of birds again, as it contains a portrait of king Mtesa, and proposed seeing us at the newly constructed Kafu palace to morrow, when all requests would be attended to.

There were not guinea fowls to be found here, nor a fowl, in any of the huts, so I requested Rozaro to hurry off to Mtesa, and ask him to send me something to eat.


Next day the 28th we went on to Europa, a small island of coralline, covered with salsolacious shrubs, and tenanted only by sea birds, owls, finches, rats, and turtles.

Some other travellers from the north again informed us that they had heard of Wanguana who attempted to trade in Gani and Chopi, but were killed by the natives.

The watch went, gold chain and all, without any blessings following it and the horrid king asked if I could make up another 000-341 Exam Questions And Answers magic horn, for he hoped he had deprived us of the power of travelling, and plumed himself on the notion that the glory of opening the road would devolve upon himself.

The handkerchief I had given Irungu at 9A0-385 Cert Guide Usui to present as a letter to Mtesa he had snatched away from him, and given, himself, to his king, who no sooner received it than he bound it round his head, and said, in ecstasies of delight, Oh, the Mzungu, the Mzungu he does indeed want to see me.

No one, however, dared enter his cabinet, where he had been practising Uganga all day, and so the pombe turned sour and useless.

I took what he sent, from fear of giving offence, but replied that I was surprised the great king should wish to see my property before seeing myself, and although I attached no more value to my property than he did to his, I could not demean myself by sending him trifles in that way.


To keep Kamrasi to his promise, as we particularly wished to hear the Uganda news, Frij was sent to inform him on my behalf that Mtesa only wished to make friends with all the great kings surrounding his country before his coronation took place, when his brothers would be burnt, and he would cease to take advice from his mother.

To my surprise, the natives who were with me would not touch his flesh, though pressed by me to n yam n yam, or to eat.

It was all the same to us, as we now only thought of the prospect of relief before us, and laughed at what we had gone through.

He was very communicative, also, as far as his limited knowledge permitted.

Altogether we made a good show.

Generally industrious much more so than most other negroes they cultivate extensively, make cloths of cotton in their own looms, smelt iron and work it up very expertly, build tembes to live in over a large portion of their country, but otherwise live in grass huts, and keep flocks and herds of considerable extent.

By the side of these observatories are huts, smaller than the ordinary ones used for residing in, where the king, after the exertion of looking out, takes his repose.

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The tricking scoundrel on quietly saying he could not be answerable for other men s actions if they stole goats, and he could not recognise a man as his chief whom the Sheikh, merely by a whim of his own, thought proper to appoint was condemned to be tied up for the night with the prospect of a flogging in the morning.

Then finding he had gone on, they returned quite tired and famished.

Now all of a sudden, as if a devil had taken possession of the company, the prime minister with all the courtiers jumped upon their legs, seized their sticks, for nobody can carry a spear when visiting, swore the queen had lost her heart to me, and running into the yard, returned, charging and jabbering at the queen retreated and returned again, as if they were going to put an end to her for the guilt of loving me, but really to show their devotion and true love to her.

Now, however, as Manua Sera wished to make friends, they would abide by anything that I might propose.

The purport of it was, that I was afraid to send men to Karague, now I had seen his disposition to make prisoners of all who visit him.

At first all the villagers, thinking us Turks, bolted away with their cattle and what stores they could carry but, after finding out who we were, they returned again, and gave us a good reception, helping us to rig up a shed with grass, and bringing a cow and some milk for our dinner.

This, the next place we arrived at, was N yamgundu s own residence, where I stopped a day to try and shoot buffaloes.

Our boats were then lowered, and in a few minutes more the prize was taken, by her crew being exchanged for some of our men, and we learnt all about her from accurate reports furnished by Mr Frere, the Adobe 9A0-385 Test Software Cape Slave Commissioner.

A scene followed, which brought out my commander in chief s temper in a rather surprising shape.

Partridges come next, but do not afford good sport and quails are rare.

Next 9A0-385 Book Pdf day, however, we descended into the Katonga valley, where, instead of finding a magnificent broad sheet of water, as I had been led to expect by the Arabs account of it, I found I had to wade through a succession of rush drains divided one from the other by islands.

Everybody concerned in this matter left for the palace but Maula, who said he must stop in camp to look after Bana.

Now, tracking back again to the first point of attack, we followed the blood of the first bull, 9A0-385 Dumps Pass4sure till at length I found him standing like a stuck pig in some Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Architect 9A0-385 Test Software bushes, looking as if he would like to be put out of his miseries.

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I then tried to teach the king the use of the compass.

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We were scarcely inside our new dwelling when Kamrasi sent a cheer of two pots pombe, five fowls, and two bunches of plantains, hoping we were now satisfied with his favour but he damped the whole in a moment again, by asking for a many bladed knife which his officers had seen in Grant s possession.

My ever grumbling men mobbed me again, clamouring for food, saying, as they eyed my goats, I lived at ease and overlooked their wants.

Still there was a doubt, for the wires might have been cut by him without detection, as from the commencement they were of different lengths.

In our rear we could see back upon Wire and the hill of Kisuga to the west were the same low plains of grass east and by south, the jungles of Kidi and to the northward, over downs of grass, the tops of some hills, which marked the neighbouring village of Koki, which we were making for.


At once, on arriving, Mtesa admitted the men, and ordered them to shoot at some cows but Bombay, obeying my orders to first have his talk out, said, No before he could shoot he must obey master and deliver his message which no sooner was told than the king, in a hurry, excited by the prospects of sport, impatiently said, Very good I will send men either by water or overland through Kidi, FN 19 just as your master likes only some of his men had better go with Adobe 9A0-385 Test Software mine but now shoot cows, shoot cows for I want to see how the Waguana shoot.

Many of my men had by this time been married, notwithstanding my prohibition.

She said they did her no good, and prevailed on me to give her another prescription.

The commander in chief then told me Kamrasi did not wish them to accompany me through Kidi for the Kidi people don t like the Waganda, and, discovering their nationality by the fullness of their teeth, would bring trouble on us whilst trying to kill them.


For my part I was glad they were gone, as the Wanguana never yet kept anything I put under their charge so, instead of allowing them to make a fuss the next morning, I marched straight on for M ynoga s, the chief of Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Architect 9A0-385 Test Software the district, who was famed for his infamy and great extortions, having pushed his exactions so far as to close the road.

Very badly, was the reply, because we knew Bombay would have been back long ago if Kamrasi was not concealing him somewhere, and we did not know what he was doing with deserters and Waganda.

I found that every one of Mahamed s men was against our going to Gondokoro.

I prepared, thinking, naturally enough, that some buffaloes had been marked down 9A0-385 Test Software for the boys, as usual, were perfectly ignorant of his designs.

As for my going to the palace, it was out of the question, as I had been repeatedly before told the king, unless it pleased him to give me a fitting residence near himself.

Uganda is personified by Mtesa and no one can say he has seen Uganda until he has been presented to the king.

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Next day, after going a short distance, we came on the Mwarango river, a broad rush drain of three hundred yards span, twothirds of which was bridged over.

Although, in addition to the journey to the source of the river, I also proposed spending three years in the country, looking up tributaries, inspecting watersheds, navigating the lake, and making collections on all branches of natural history, yet 000 was thought by the Geographical Society too large a sum to expect from the Government so I accepted the half, saying that, whatever the expedition might cost, I would make good the rest, as, under any circumstances, I would complete what I had begun, or die in the attempt.

My plans for the present were to reach Zungomero as soon as possible, as a few days halt would be required there to fix the longitude of the eastern flank of the East Coast Range by astronomical observation but on ordering the morning s march, the porters too well fed and lazy thought our marching rate much too severe, and resolutely refused to move.

He now begged hard for shot but I told him again his only chance of getting any lay in opening the road onwards it was on this account, I said, I had come to see him to day.


About noon the succeeding day, some pages ran in to say we were to come along without a moment s delay, as their king had ordered it.

If they failed, their estates would be confiscated, and their lives taken unless they could escape.

Then Mtesa, turning kindly to me, said, Pray take a shot but I waived the 9A0-385 Test Software offer off, saying he could kill better himself.


However, should he, after hearing my sentiments, still persist in asking for the knife to be sent by the hands of a black man, I would pack it up with all the things I had brought for him, and send them by a black man, judging that he liked black men more than white.

The town, which I had left in so different a condition sixteen months before, was in a state of great tranquillity, brought about by the energy of the Bombay Government on the Muscat side, and Colonel Rigby s exertions on this side, in preventing an insurrection Sultan Majid s brothers had created with a view of usurping his government.

On the 27th April, Captain Grant and I embarked on board the new steam frigate Forte, commanded by Captain E.

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