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The men being ready, file firing was ordered, and then the young chief came into my tent.

At the palace Mtesa had a musical party, playing the flute occasionally himself.

N yamgundu now got orders to go to Karague overland for Dr K yengo but, dreading to tell me of it, as I had been so kind to him, he forged a falsehood, said he had leave to visit his home for six days, and begged for a wire to sacrifice to his church.

He then confirmed a report we had heard before, that, some days previously, Mahamed had ordered Bukhet to go ahead and join us, which he attempted to do but, on arrival at Panyoro, his party had a row with the villagers, and lost their property.

Their sou wester shaped wigs are made of other men s hair, as the negro hair will not grow long enough.

Happily no one tried to pillage us here, so on we went to Vikora s, another officer, living at N yakasenye, under a sandstone hill, faced with a dyke of white quartz, over which leaped a small stream of water a seventy feet drop which, it is said, Suwarora sometimes paid homage to when the land was oppressed by drought.

On one arm was another bead ornament, prettily devised and on the other a wooden charm, tied by a string covered with snakeskin.

25th to 28th.

At night, when in bed, the king sent his pages to say, if I desired his friendship I would lend him one musket to make up six with what I had given him, for he intended visiting his relations the following morning.

The ruffian, on hearing this, allowed the wires to lie in his hut, and said he was going away, but hoped, when he returned, I should have, as I had got no cloths, 20 wires, and 1000 necklaces of extra length, strung and all ready for him.

I now advised boat racing, which was duly ordered, and afforded much amusement as the whole fifty boats formed in line, and paddle furiously to the beat of drum to the goal which I indicated.

At these two I now went with my only rifle, leaving the servants and savages behind.

In a country where men were property, the fate of one or two left behind was obvious and had we doubted that his object was to get possession of them, his next words would have sufficiently revealed it.

After going a day s journey, they said they came to where Manua Sera was residing with Kitambi, and met with a most cheerful and kind reception from both potentates, who, on hearing of my proposition, warmly acceded to it, issued orders at once that hostilities should cease, and, with one voice, said they were convinced that, unless through my C2010-595 Exam Topics instrumentality, Manua Sera would never regain his possessions.

On the way a mistletoe was pointed out as a rain producing tree, probably because, on a former occasion, I had advised the king to grow groves of coffee trees about his palace to improve its appearance, and supply the court with wholesome food at the same time informing him that trees increase the falls of rain in a country, though very high ones would be dangerous, because they attract lightning.

Our mules here gave us the slip again, and walked all the way back to Marenga Mkhali, where they were found and brought back by some Wagogo, who took four yards of merikani in advance, with a promise of four more on return, for the job their chief being security for their fidelity.

Before, however, the hongo could be paid, I must give the IBM Certified Associate C2010-595 Test Software Sirhid and himself twenty brass wires, three joho, three barsati, twenty strings of mzizima, and one thousand strings of white beads.

The Watuta were out in all directions plundering cattle and burning villages, and the Wahuma of this place had taken such fright, they made a stealthy march with all their herds to a neighbouring chief, to whom it happened that one of Lumeresi s grey beards was on a visit.

As he did not wish to see white men, our residing here could be of no earthly use.

As I had often begged the king to induce his men, who are all wonderfully clever artisans, to imitate the chair and other things I gave him, I now told him if he would order some of his sempsters, who are far cleverer with the needle than my men, to my camp, I would cut up some old clothes, and so teach them how to work.

My theory is founded on the traditions of the several nations, as C2010-595 Dump checked by my own observations of what I saw when passing through them.

He was very communicative, also, as far as his limited knowledge permitted.

Calling at the palace, I found the king issuing for a walk, and joined him, when he suddenly turned round in the rudest manner, re entered C2010-595 Test Software his palace, and left me to go home without speaking a word.

He seemed, in fact, in his own opinion, to have imbibed all the power of the British Consul who had instructed him.

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Irate at his defeat, Bombay gave orders to the men to fire over the cow, and told Kamrasi why he had done so Bana would be angry with him.

The reader has now had my experience of several of the minor states, and has presently to be introduced to Uganda, the most powerful state in the ancient but now divided great kingdom of Kittara.

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All the men who deserted on the 25th, save Johur and Mutwana, now came into camp, and told us they had heard from travellers that those men who had been sent on for reliefs to Kaze were bringing us a large detachment of slaves to help us on.

The whole scenery was most beautiful.

Their system of government is mostly of the patriarchal character.

By Bombay s account, the king was much struck with the force of my humble request, and replied that he should like to have Bana, meaning myself, ever by his side, but his huts were all full of women, and therefore it could not be managed if, however, Bana would but have patience for a while, a hut should be built for him in the environs, which would be a mark of distinction he had never paid to any visitor before.

The king them, in high good humour, said, You have called on me many times without broaching the subject of Usoga, and perhaps you may fancy we are not exerting ourselves in the matter but my army is only now returning from war meaning plundering in Unyoro , and I am collecting another one, which will open Usoga effectually.


A Msoga was sent by the king to take the dead adjutant of yesterday out of the nest for all Wasoga are expert climbers, which is not the case with the Waganda but the man was attacked half way up the tree by a swarm of bees, and driven down again.

The land beyond that again rolled back in high undulations, over which, in the far distance, we could see a line of cones, red and bare on their tops, guttered down with white streaks, looking for all the world like recent volcanoes and in the far background, rising higher than all, were the rich grassy hills of Karague and Kishakka.

Next day the 28th we went on to Europa, a small island of coralline, covered with salsolacious shrubs, and tenanted only by sea birds, owls, finches, rats, and turtles.

The king listened attentively, making, let us suppose, very shrewd remarks concerning them when to the worthy he awarded pombe, helped with gourd cups from large earthen jars, which has n yanzigged for vehemently and to the unworthy execution.

Whatever I wanted I should have in return for it, as it was evident to him I had really done him a great honour in visiting him.

From this, the country being all hill and dale, with miry rushdrains in the bottoms, I walked, carrying my shoes and stockings in my hands, nearly all the way.

The ammunition I wrote for to Rumanika had been brought by Maula.

Arriving at the place mentioned, I settled at once I would enter with only two spare men carrying guns, for the acacia thorns were so thick that the only tracks into the thicket were runs made by these animals.

Here we were forced to C2010-595 Exam Engines halt a day, as the mules were done up, and eight of the Wanyamuezi porters absconded, carrying with them the best part of their loads.

The porter here mentioned told me that the people about the equator all wore this kind of covering, and made it up of numerous pieces of bark sewn together, which they stripped from the trees after cutting once round 1Z1-884 Exam the trunk above and below, and then once more down the tree from the upper to the lower circular cutting.

I was enchanted with his appearance, and so were my men, though no one could speak to him but Nasib, who told us he knew him before.

3d to 13th.

Johur then came into camp, unconscious that Baraka by my orders had, during his absence, been inspecting his kit, where he found concealed seventy three yards of cloth, which could only have been my property, as Johur had brought no akaba or reserve fund from the coast.

How could he be countenanced as a friend when the men under him steal from us The big boat gave us the slip, floating away and leaving its paddles behind.

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K yengo paid his hongo in wire to the king, and received a return of six cows.


I still stuck out, saying that if they did go, they should be seized on the coast and cast into jail for desertion.

I was not getting very tired of sitting on my low stool, and begged for leave to depart, but N yamasore would not hear of it she loved me a great deal too much to let me go away at this time of day, and forthwith ordered in more pombe.

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Magamba also, on being questioned, told us about Ururi, a province of Unyoro, under the jurisdiction of Kimerziri, a noted governor, who covers his children with bead ornaments, and throws them into the N yanza, to prove their identity as his own true offspring for should they sink, it stands to reason some other person must be their father but should they float, then he recovers them.

1st, 2d, and 3d.

Arrived at the queen s palace, out of respect to his mother, the king changed his European clothes for a white kid skin wrapper, and then walked in to see her, leaving us waiting outside.

But this was not all their misfortunes for the slaves who brought in this information had met the first detachment, sent with the Khoko loot, at Kigua, where, they said, the detachment had been surprised by Manua Sera, who, having fortified a village with four hundred men, expecting this sort of thing, rushed out upon them, and cut them all up.

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Up and down we went on again through this wonderful country, surprisingly rich in grass, cultivation, and trees.

Could I after that refuse him such a mere trifle as a compass I told him he might as well put my eyes out and ask me to walk home, as take away that little instrument, which could be of no use to him, as he could not read or understand it.

The queen now taking a C2010-595 Test Software sporting fit into her head, sent for me early in the morning, with all my men, armed, to shoot a crested crane in her palace but though we were there as required, we were kept waiting till late in the afternoon, when, instead of talking about shooting, as her Wakungu had forbidden her doing it, she asked after her two C2010-595 Exam Dump daughters whether they had run away, or if they liked their new abode I replied I was sorry circumstances did not permit my coming to thank her sooner, for I felt grateful beyond measure to her for having charmed my house with such beautiful society.

The thought never struck me they were lying down in such open ground in the day time so, as I could C2010-595 Certificate not go C2010-595 Test Software Happicabs closer without driving them off, I took a shot with my single rifle at where I judged the chest of the nearest one ought to be, and then discovered my error.

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The meeting now C_TCRM20_72 Exam Dumps Pdf broke up in the usual unsatisfactory, unfinished manner, by the king rising and walking away, whilst I returned with the Kamraviona, who begged for ten more blue eggs in addition to C2010-595 Test Software my present to make a full necklace, and told my men to call upon him in the morning, when he would give me anything I wished to eat.

Each tribe has its characteristics, it is true.

All the elite of the place, covered with war paints, and dressed, E20-326 Labs so far as their nakedness was covered at all, like clowns in a fair, charging down the hill full tilt with their spears, and, after performing their customary evolutions, mingled with our men, and invited us up the hill, where we no sooner arrived than Chongi, a very old man, attended by his familiar, advanced to receive us one holding a white hen, the other a small gourd of pombe and a little twig.

After the death of Kimera, the prosperity of Uganda never decreased, but rather improved.

Mr Mbumi, the chief of the place, a very affable negro, at once took us by the hand, and said he would do anything we desired, for he had often been to Zanzibar.

He thus assisted me in the protractions of the map, to the countries which lie east and west of the route.

We wished for an interview, IBM C2010-595 Test Software but he would not see us, as he was engaged looking into his magic horn, with an endeavour to see what sort of men we were, as none of our sort had ever come that way before.


Manua Sera seemed highly delighted, and said he had a little business to transact in Ugogo at present, but C2010-595 Practice Exam he would overtake me in a few days.

Notwithstanding the stringent laws for the preservation of decorum by all male attendants, stark naked full grown women are the valets.

He was much struck at the facility with which I could make shade, but wondered still more at my requiring it.

This was pressed by the jemadar, and acceded to by myself, as the very utmost I could afford.

At that moment Singinya was out in C2010-595 Self Study the field fighting his enemies and she was sure, when he heard I was here, that he would be very sorry he had missed seeing me.

The Wanyamuezi porters next came in at their own time, and proved to us how little worth are orders in a land where every man, in his own opinion, is a lord, and no laws prevail.

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At night three slaves belonging to Sheikh Salem bin Saif stole into our camp, and said they had been sent by their master to seek for porters at Kaze, as all the Wanyamuezi porters of four large caravans had deserted in Ugogo, and they could not move.

He would not taste food until he saw me, so that everybody might know what great respect he felt for me.

You always are nagging at me that Bombay is the big and you are the small man.

At last he rose and walked off in a huff but, repenting before he reached home, he sent us a pot of pombe, when, in return, I finished the farce by sending him a box of pills.

The Wanguana were now all in the highest of good honour for time after time goats and fowls were brought into camp by the officers of the king, who had received orders from all parts of the country to bring in supplies for his guests and this kind of treatment went on for a month, though it did not diminish my daily expenditures of beads, as grain and plantains were not enough thought of.

Then there was the terrible war in America, and other events of less startling nature, which came on us all by surprise, as years had now passed since we had received news from the civilised world.

After presenting Rumanika with an india rubber band which, as usual, amused him immensely for the honour he had done me in showing me his wives, a party of Waziwa, who had brought some ivory from Kidi, came to pay their respects to him.

He was precisely a black specimen of the English parish idiot.

Further, a second canoe full of armed men issued out from the rushes behind us, as if with a view to cut off our retreat, and the one in front advanced upon us, hemming us in.

To day Viarungi, finding Rozaro s men had stolen thirty cows, twelve slaves, and a load of mbugu from the Waganda, laid hands on them himself for Rumanika, instead of giving them to King Mtesa.

In fact he mistook all my answers for admiration, and asked me, in the simplest manner possible, if I would like to possess a charm and even when I said No, I should IBM C2010-595 Test Software be afraid of provoking Lubari s God s anger if I did so, he only wondered at my obstinacy, so thoroughly was he wedded to his belief.

Then twenty naked virgins, the daughters of Wakungu, all smeared and shining with grease, each holding a small square of mbugu for a fig leaf, marched in a line before us, as a fresh addition C2010-595 Dumps Pdf to the harem, whilst the happy fathers floundered n yanzigging on the ground, delighted to find their darlings appreciated by the king.

in sight of a slaver, ship rigged, bearing on us full sail, but so distant from us that her masttops were only just visible.

He told us we might, he thought, be able to recruit all the men that we were in want of, as many Wanyanuezi who had been left there sick wished to go to their homes and I would only, in addition to their wages, have to pay their hotel bills to C2010-595 Test Software the Wagogo.

She then said, with glowing pride, casting a sneer on the king s hospitality, In the days of yore, Sunna, whenever visitors came to see him, immediately presented them with women, and, secondly, with food for he was very particular in looking after his guests welfare, which is not exactly what you find the case now, I presume.

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The Pig then finally refused, saying three loads even would not tempt him, for all were opposed to it.

All n yanzigged for this great condescension, and said they were delighted with their guest then producing a strip of common joho to compare it with my blanket, they asked if I could recognise it.

Both alike are Christians of the greatest antiquity.

Such, however, was the case.

As we were all waiting on, I took a rise out of the Kamraviona by telling him I wanted a thousand men to march with me through Kidi to Gani.

His father, Fundi Kira, was a very rich man, and had buried vast stores of property, which no one knew of but Manua Sera, his heir.

Moreover he longed for a sight of a white man for though he had travelled all across Uganda and Usoga into Masawa, or the Masai country, as well as to the coast, where he had seen both Arabs and Indians, he had never yet seen an Englishman.

A more indecent or savage spectacle I never witnessed.


Strike the tent, said I.

Approaching, as usual, to take my seat beside the king, some slight sensation was perceptible, and I was directed to sit beyond the women.

The contest did not last long for, after three of Bukhet s men had been wounded, he set fire to the villages, killed fifteen of the natives, and, besides recovering his own lost property, took one hundred cows.

I had now to wait for some time, almost as an act of humanity for I was told the state secret, C2010-595 Dump Test that the king had retired to break his fast and eat for the first time since hearing of my arrival but the repast was no sooner over than he C2010-595 Test Software Happicabs prepared for the second act, to show off his splendour, and I was invited in, with all my men, to the exclusion of all his own officers save my two guides.

Rionga s men then departed, and Mahamed showed some signs of getting ready by ordering one dozen cows to be killed, the flesh of which was to be divided amongst those villagers who would carry his ivory, and the skins to be cut into thongs for binding the smaller tusks of ivory together in suitable loads.

All the Wanguana had been either killed or driven away by M yonga s men, who all turned out and fell upon the caravan, shooting, spearing, and plundering, until nothing C2090-611 Self Study was left.

The upshot was, that the man was thrashed for intermeddling, and came back only with his scars.

Deluded yesterday by the sight of the broad waters of the Lueru lo Urigi, espied in the distance from the top of a hill, into the belief that we were in view of the N yanza itself, we walked triumphantly along, thinking how well the Arabs at Kaze had described this to be a creek of the great lake but on arrival in camp we heard from the village officer that we had been misinformed, and that it was a detached lake, but connected with the Victoria N yanza by a passage in the hills and the Kitangule river.

To avert over hastiness, however for my servants began to be alarmed as I demurred against doing as I was bid I allowed five minutes to the court to give me a proper reception, saying, if it were not conceded I would then walk away.

To day the king sent me four cows and a load of butter as a return present for the shot, and allowed one of C2010-595 Study Guide his officers, at my solicitation, to go with ten of my men to help Grant on.

What course the range takes beyond those two extremes, the rest of the world knows as well as I.

Leaving the road and plunging into thickets of tall grass, the band and Wakungu must run for their lives, to maintain the order of march, by heading him at some distant point of exit from the jungle whilst the Kamraviona, leading the pages and my men, must push head first, like a herd of buffaloes, through the sharp cutting grass, at a sufficient rate to prevent the royal walk from being impeded and the poor women, ready to sink with exhaustion, can only be kept in their places by fear of losing their lives.

17th C2010-595 Answers and 18th.

Some of them said, in the hills to the southward but most of them said, from the lake.

This delighted them so much that as soon as they could they came back C2010-595 Test Questions to my camp, threw themselves at my feet, and n yanzigging incessantly, narrated their fortunes, and begged, as a great man, I would lend them some cows to present to the king as an acknowledgement for the favour he had shown them.

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