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To make a stand for it, I turned a drum on its head, when all the courtiers flew at me as if to prevent an outrage, and the king laughed.

I began to think he had prevailed on me to stop here, that I might IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0 Core Administration C2180-377 Exam Topics hold the place whilst he went to fight Kamrasi with Rionga s men so I begged him to listen to my advice, and not attempt to cross the Nile, else, I said, all his guns would be taken from him, and his passage back cut off.

On arrival there at the government establishment a large collection of grass huts, separated one from the other within large enclosures, which overspread the whole top of a low hill I was requested to withdraw and put up in some huts a short distance off, and wait until his excellency, who was from home, could come and see me which the next IBM Certified Administrator for SOA Solutions C2180-377 day he did, coming in state with a large number of officers, who brought with them a cow, sundry pots of pombe, enormous sticks of sugar cane, and a large bundle of country coffee.

Magamba also, on being questioned, told us about Ururi, a province of Unyoro, under the jurisdiction of Kimerziri, a noted governor, who covers his children with bead ornaments, and throws them into the N yanza, to prove their identity as his own true offspring for should they sink, it stands to reason some other person must be their father but should they float, then he recovers them.

In the evening my men returned again with Cyclops, who said, for his master, that Manua Sera desired nothing more than peace, and to make friends with the Arabs but as nothing was settled about deposing Mkisiwa, he could not come over here.

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Some little boys came here who had all their hair shaved off excepting two round tufts on either side of the head.

The removal of the grass was a piece of state policy.

Should any one attempt to conceal twins, the whole family would be murdered by the chief but, though a great traveller, this is the only instance of such brutality Manua had ever witnessed in any country.

I saw at once what the game was so I asked my friend where he got it, on which he at once pointed to Baraka.

Men, women, bulls, dogs, and goats, were led about by strings cocks and hens were carried in men s arms and little pages, with rope turbans, rushed about, conveying messages, as if their lives depended on their swiftness, every one holding his skin cloak tightly round him lest his naked legs might by accident be shown.

5 0 52 , and E.

Whilst waiting for the sheikh s arrival, some villagers at night stole several loads of beads, and ran off with them but my men, finding the theft out in time, hunted them down, and recovered all but one load for the thieves had thrown their loads down as soon as they found they were hotly pursued.

Then, to wind up these mild requests, a demand was made for more powder, and that all our guns be sent to the palace for inspection.


He gave my men pombe and plantains.

Still the queen was not content she certainly expected something from Grant, if it was ever so little, for she was entitled to C2180-377 Actual Test it, and would not listen to our being one house.

27th and 28th.

Pokino said he could not do this, as it was by the king s order he was appointed but he put Maula in the background, laughing at the way he had let the bird fly out of his hands, and settled that N yamgundu should be my guide.

I replied, if that was the case, the sooner he allowed us to go, the better it would be for him and, reminding him of his original promise to give me assistance on to Usui, said he could do so now with a very good grace.

The Wanguana had done quite right to seize on the highway, else they would have starved such was the old law, and such is the present one.

In the same way as all animals, whether wild or tame, require a guide to lead their flocks, so do the negroes find it necessary to have chiefs over their villages and little communities, who are their referees on all domestic or political questions.

I sent the three men who had returned from Grant to lay a complaint against the convoy, who had tricked C2180-377 Actual Test him out of a pleasant voyage, and myself out of the long wished for survey of the lake.

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Here we left it again as it arched round by the west, and forded the Asua river, a stiff rocky stream, deep enough to reach the breast when waded, but not very broad.

Foraging parties, of necessity, were sent out as soon as the camp was pitched, with cloth for purchases, and strict orders not to use force the upshot of which was, that my people C2180-377 Cert Guide got nothing but a few arrows fired at them by the lurking villagers, and I was abused for my squeamishness.

I called on the queen to inquire after her health, and to know how my men were to be fed but, without giving me time to speak, she flew at me again about my men plundering.

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Their drums were beaten as a sign that they would attack us, and the war drums of the villages around responded by beating also.

Women were declined on such grounds as would seem rational to him.

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Rumanika once asked me to fight his brothers Rogero and M yongo, but my only reply to all had been the same I have no orders to fight with, only to make friends of, the great kings of Africa.

I have now been for some time within the court precincts, and have consequently had an opportunity of witnessing court customs.

Everything was granted without the C2180-377 Actual Test slightest hesitation and then the king, turning to me, said, Well, Bana, so you really wish to go Yes, for I have not seen my home for four years and upwards reckoning five months to the year, Uganda fashion.

The bird, however, took the hint, and flew away.

Maula told us that his officers had orders to supply us with everything we wanted whilst passing through his country, and that there would be nothing to pay.

Yes, to shoot them like guinea fowl and he laughed again.

The whole having been thrown up by volcanic action, is based on a strong foundation of granite and other igneous rocks, which are exposed in many places in the shape of massive blocks otherwise the hill range is covered in the upper part with C2180-377 Exam Topics sandstone, and in the bottoms with alluvial clay.

After we had settled down for the night, and the Turks had finished plundering the nearest villages, we heard two guns fired, and immediately afterwards the whole place was alive with Bari people.

Old Nasib C2180-377 Test Dump begged for his discharge.

The hair of his head was cut short, excepting on the top, where it was combed up into a high ridge, running from stem to stern like a cockscomb.

The outer enclosures and courts were fenced with tiger grass and the huts, though neither so numerous nor so large, were constructed after the same fashion as the king s.

The treaty thus broke down for the same night Cyclops decamped like a thief, after brandishing an arrow which Manua Sera had given him to throw down as a gauntlet of defiance to fight Mkisiwa to death.

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I will have at them, and both of us will go 70-450 Cert Guide on the lake together.

But he, heading the royalist party, soon reduced them to order, though only for a short while, as from that point they turned round to open mutiny for more rations and some of the rebels tried to kill him, which, he said, they would have done had he not settled the matter by buying some cows for them.

Rattling on again as merry as larks, over the same red sandstone formation, we entered a fine forest, and trended on through it as a stiff pace until we arrived at the head of a deep valley called Lohuati, which was so beautiful we instinctively pulled up to admire it.

This being agreed to, the animal was despatched, and we no sooner entered the village than we heard that nsamma, a magnificent description of antelope, abound in the long grasses close by, and that a rogue elephant frequents the plantains every night.

The bits too tough for his mastication he would take from his mouth and give as a treat to the pages, who n yanzigged, and swallowed them with much seeming relish.

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The king, in total unconcern about the tragedy he had thus enacted, immediately on their departure said, Now, then, for shooting, Bana let us look at your gun.


This was glorious fun for the villagers, who cut him up on the spot and brought him home.

The extent of the country, roughly speaking, stretches from the coast to the junction or bifurcation of the Kingani and its upper branch the Mgeta river, westwards and from the Kingani, north, to the Lufigi river, south though in the southern portions several subtribes have encroached upon the lands.

Musa commenced the journey with Maizan, and they travelled together a march or two, when one of Maizan s domestic establishment fell sick and stopped his progress.

In the evening, Masudi, with Sangoro and several other merchants, came up from Kufro to pay us a visit of respect.

Thinking myself very lucky to buy the king s ear so cheaply, I sent Maula as before, adding that I considered my luck very bad, as nobody here knew my position in society, else they would not treat me as they did.

I could neither sit in the sun nor live in a poor man s hut.

The natives were building a dhow with Lindi and Madagascar timber.

This night one was shot, without any mistake about it for the next morning we tracked him by his blood, and afterwards heard he had died of his wound.

All these creatures, I was assured, would afterwards be given away as return presents for the hongos or presents received from the king s visitors.

Besides, a man has but one life, and God is the director of everything.

He still trusted we would not forget the gun and ammunition, but, above all, the load of stimulants, for he desired that above all things on earth.


Here had I been kept six weeks waiting for Bombay s return from Gani, where I only permitted him to go because I was C2180-377 Exam Topics told the journey to and fro would only occupy from eight to ten days at most.

He said the people are only a sub tribe of the Madi and the reason why the right bank of the river is preferred to the left for travelling is, that Rionga, who lives down the river, is always on the look out for Kamrasi s allies, with a view to kill them.

Kamrasi, still acting on his passive policy, would not admit them here, but wished them to return with a message, to the effect that Mtesa had no right to IBM Certified Administrator for SOA Solutions C2180-377 hold me as his guest now I had once gone into another s C2180-377 Exam Engines hands.

He simply laughed at my request, and said I did not know what I was doing.

On the 24th, we all, as many as were left of us, marched into the merchant s depot, S.

Ten cows were then driven in, plundered from Unyoro, and outside, the voices of the brave army who captured them were heard n yanzigging vehemently.

indeed, it appeared to me as if the N yanza must have once washed the foot of these hills, but had since shrunk away from its original margin.

Nobody knew how Jafu fell but Snay, after running a short distance, called one of his slaves, and begged him to take his gun, saying, I am too old to keep up with you keep this gun for my sake, for I will lie down here and take my chance.

At the foot of this is the Maji ya Wheta, a hot, deep seated spring of fresh water, which bubbles up through many apertures in a large dome shaped heap of soft lime an accumulation obviously thrown up by the force of the IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0 Core Administration C2180-377 Exam Topics spring, as the rocks on either side of it are of igneous character.

Kasoro improved on their off hand manslaughter by saying that two Kamravionas and two Sakibobos, as well as all the old Wakungu of Sunna s time, had been executed by the orders of king Mtesa.

In these countries the government is in the hands of foreigners, who had invaded and taken possession of them, leaving the agricultural aborigines to till the ground, whilst the junior members of the usurping clans herded cattle just as in Abyssinia, or wherever the Abyssinians or Gallas have shown themselves.

Then sending her servant for a bag full of drinking gourds, she made me select six of the best, and begged for my watch.

Even on our arrival at Ukara not one soul was visible.

The amalgamation having failed, I wrote some emanicipation tickets, called the Sultan s men all up together, selected the best, gave them these tickets, announced that their pay and all rewards would be placed for the future on the same conditions as those of the Wanguana, and as soon as I saw any signs of improvement in the rest, they would all be treated in the same manner but should they desert, they would find my arm long enough to arrest them on the coast and put them into prison.

Our mules here gave us the slip again, and walked all the way back to Marenga Mkhali, where they were found and brought back by some Wagogo, who took four yards of merikani in advance, with a promise of four more on return, for the job their chief being security for C2180-377 Exam Prep their fidelity.

She then took to the hills and crossed over a spur, when, following after her, in another dense thicket, near the head of a glen, I came upon three, who no sooner sighted me, than all in line they charged down my way.

By making another morning and evening march, we then reached the western extremity of this cultivated opening where, after sleeping the night, we threaded through another forest to the little clearance of Kigue, and in one more march through forest arrived in the large and fertile district of Unyanyembe, the centre of Unyamuezi the Land of the Moon within five miles of Kaze which is the name of a well in the village of Tbora, now constituted the great central slave and ivory merchants depot.

It rained so much on the 8th as to stop the visit, but we went next day.

The whole conversation turned on medicines, or the cause and effects of diseases.

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They would then be taken to the Zanzibar market, resold like horses to the highest bidder, and then kept in bondage by their new masters, more like children of his family than anything else.

If that is the case, I said, tell us your orders there must be some letters.

They require a government like ours in India and without it, the slave trade will wipe them off the face of the earth.

As Mtesa was tired with his yesterday s work, and would not see anybody, I took Lugoi and Kahala, with a bundle of beads, to give a return to the Mgemma for his late treat of pombe.

It was all very pretty and very interesting, and would have continued so, had not Kasoro disgraced the Union Jack, turning it to piratical purposes in less than one hour.

He sent me a pot of pombe, which I sent home to the women, and walked off for the shootingground, two miles further on, the band playing in the front, followed by some hundred Wakungu then the pages, then the king, C2180-377 Real Exam next myself, and finally the women the best in front, the worst bringing up the rear, with the king s spears and shield, as also pots of pombe, a luxury the king never moves without.

Still he was not satisfied he would give me slaves, cows, or ivory, if I would only cure him.

The settlement lay at the foot of small, well wooded granitic hills, even prettier than the outcrops of Unyamuezi, and was intersected by clear streams.

I had now nothing whatever to think of but making dodges for lying easy, and for relieving my pains, or else for cooking strong broths to give me strength, for my legs were reduced to the appearance of pipe sticks, until the 15th, when Baraka, in the same doleful manner as in Sorombo, came to me and said he had something to communicate, which was so terrible, if I heard it I should give up the march.

I lost no time in moving all my property, turning out the original occupants in selecting the best hut for myself, giving the rest to my three officers and ordering my men to build barracks for themselves, in street form, from my hut to the main road.

My plans for the present were to reach Zungomero as soon as possible, as a few days halt would be required there to fix the longitude of the eastern flank of the East Coast Range by astronomical observation but on ordering the morning s march, the porters too well fed and lazy thought our marching rate much too severe, and resolutely refused to move.

In two hours more we reached a settlement called Madi, and found it deserted.

I was on a pilgrimage which would have kept me here seven days longer but as I am so impatient to see him, I will go off to my palace at once, and will send word for him to advance as soon as I arrive there.

As it was, I feared my followers might take fright and refuse to advance with me.

The message continued to this effect I need be under no apprehensions about the road to the coast, for he would give me as many men as I liked and, fearing I might be short of powder, he had sent some with the Wanguana.

In this C2180-377 Guide way poor Bombay returned to me half drowned in perspiration.

An officer observed to salute informally is ordered for execution, when everybody near him rises in an instant, the drums beat, drowning his cries, and the victim of carelessness is dragged off, bound by cords, by a dozen men at once.

Deputies came in the evening with a pot of pombe and small screw of butter, to tell me some Gani people had just arrived, bringing information that the vessel at Gani had left to go down the river but when intelligence reached the vessel of the approach of my men they turned and came back again.

They said white men were coming from Karague, and requested the beads might be shown them should they do so.

Rumanika we found sitting dressed in a wrapper made of an nzoe antelope s skin, smiling blandly as we approached him.

They are, I believe, a portion of the N yam N yams another name for cannibal whose country Petherick said he entered in 1857 58.

There all their engagements were written down in the office book, and the Consul was our judge.

For hours I was kept waiting firstly, because she was at breakfast secondly, because she was putting on medicine and, thirdly, because the sun was too powerful for her complexion when I became tired of her nonsense, and said, If she does not wish to see me, she had better say so at once, else I shall walk away for the last time I came I saw her but for a minute, when she rudely turned her back upon me, and left me sitting by myself.


We wished for an interview, but he would not see us, as he was engaged looking into his magic horn, with an endeavour to see what sort of men we were, as none of our sort had ever come that way before.

Who, he said, is to carry all this until the natives have got in their crops C2180-377 Exam Topics This, I said, so far as I was concerned, was all nonsense.

I here took my last lunar observations, and made its mouth N.

Maula on my behalf opened conversation, in allusion to her yesterday s question, by saying I had applied to Mtesa for a palace, that I might be near enough both their majesties to pay them constant visits.

A very welcome packet of quinine and other medicines reached us here from Rigby, who, hearing our complaints that the Hottentots could only be kept alive by daily potions of brandy and quinine, feared our supplies were not enough, and sent us more.

They were no sooner gone, however, than Musa assured me they had killed old Maula of Rubuga in the most treacherous manner, as follows Khamis, who is an Arab of most gentlemanly aspect, on returning from Ugogo attended by slaves, having heard that Maula was desirous of adjusting a IBM C2180-377 Exam Topics peace, invited him with his son to do so.

The Gani news was talked over, and we proposed sending Bombay with a letter at once.

As he could not tell me, saying some excused themselves on the plea they were cutting their corn, and others that they feared the Watuta, I resolved at once to move over to Nunda and if that place also failed to furnish men, I would go on to Usui or Karague with what men I had, and send back for the rest of my property for though I could bear the idea of separating from Grant, still the interests of old England were at stake, and demanded it.

The rain ceased on the 17th, just as we put the raingauge out, which was at once interpreted to be our Uganga, or religious charm, and therefore the cause of its ceasing.

Three Wanyamuezi, also, who heard we were given to shooting wild animals continually, came with him to offer their services as porters.

As I shall have frequently to use this word in the course of C2180-377 Self Study the Journal, I may here give an explanation of its meaning.

Their successes had been great, their losses, nil, for not one man had lost his life fighting.

Their only occupation in life consisted of drinking milk, of which each one consumes the produce daily of from ten to twenty cows, and hence they become so inordinately fat that they C2180-377 cannot walk.

The palace to be visited lay half a mile beyond the king s, but the highroad to it was forbidden me, as it is considered uncourteous to pass the king s gate without going in.

Kamrasi sent to say Bombay was not to start to day, but tomorrow, so we put the screw on again, and said we must go at once if he would give us guides to Gani, we would return him his twenty cows and seven goats with pleasure.

Notwithstanding this apparent richness in the land, the Wanyambo, living in their small squalid huts, seem poor.

Recollecting Mtesa s words that Kamrasi placed his guest on the N yanza, I declined going to any place but the palace, which I maintained was my right, and waited for the issue, when Kajunju returned with pombe, and showed us to a small, dirty set of huts beyond the Kafu river the trunk of the Mwerango and N yanza branches which we crossed in Uganda and trusted this would do for the present, as better quarters in the palace would be looked for on the morrow.

I then told them, finally that their proposals were now beyond my power, for I had a duty to perform as well as themselves, and in a day or two I should be off.

When I refused this offer, because we came to see him, and not to rob him, he thought it the most beautiful language, and said he would bring them to the house himself.

Slavery, I may add, is IBM C2180-377 Exam Topics one great cause of laziness, for the masters become too proud to work, lest they should be thought slaves themselves.

There are others of minor importance, and one within ear sound, down the river, said to be very grand.

To get rid of the animal I gave him the full value of his present in cloth, which he no sooner pocketed than he had the audacity to accuse Grant of sacrilege for having shot a lizard on a holy stone, and demanded four cloths to pay atonement for this offence against the church.

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Rumanika, as gentle as ever, then burst into a fresh fit of merriment, C2180-377 Vce Dumps and after making sundry enlightened remarks of enquire, which of course were responded to with the greatest satisfaction, finished off by saying, with a very expressive shake of the head, Oh, these Wazungu, these Wazungu they know and do everything.

Hardly a word was said about anything else even the pictures, which generally are in such demand, attracted but little notice.

It was no wonder these men were recalled for, out of twenty missionaries who, during the last thirteen years, had ascended the White river for the purpose of propagating the Gospel, thirteen had died of fever, two of dysentary, and two had retired broken in health, yet not one convert had been made by them.

From this we rose over a stony hill to the settlement of Vihembe, which, being the last on the Usui frontier, induced me to give our guides three wires each, and four yards of bindera, which Nasib said was their proper fee.


This, after infinite exertions on the part of us both, was accomplished, when she sank down again, fainting, for her blood had rushed to her head.

But the waters were too large and the animals too shy, so we toiled all the day without any effect, going only once ashore to picnic not for the women to eat for they, poor things, got nothing but the king, myself, the pages, and IBM Certified Administrator for SOA Solutions C2180-377 Exam Topics the principal Wakungu.

The whole party left Kaze together but on arrival at Tura the slaves said they had not enough beads and would return for some more, when they would follow my men.

Some other travellers from the north again informed us that they had heard of Wanguana who attempted to trade in Gani and Chopi, but were killed by the natives.

The water ran deep C2180-377 Exam Preparation between its banks, which were covered with fine grass, soft cloudy acacias, and festoons of lilac convolvuli whilst here and there, where the land had slipped above the rapids, bared places of red earth could be seen, 1Z0-884 Test Exam like that of Devonshire there, too, the waters, impeded by a natural dam, looked like a huge mill pond, sullen and dark, in which two crocodiles, laving about, were looking out for prey.

Now, like a good man, just use your influence with the chief of the village, and try and get from him five or six men to complete the number we want, and then we will work round the east of Sorombo up to Usui, for Suwarora has invited us to him.

On this K yengo, who happened to be present whilst our interview lasted, explained that the demons of the deep were annoyed with me for intruding on their preserves, without having the courtesy to commemorate the event by the sacrifice of a goat or a cow.

Having asked Kamrasi to return my pictures, he sent the book of birds, but not of animals and said he could not see us until a new hut was built, because the old one was flooded by the Kafu, which had been rising several days.

The 070-622 Test Answers passage was expected to be rough, as the water off the mouth of the Kitangule Kagera river always runs high, so that no boats can go there except at night, when the winds of day subside, and are replaced by the calms of night.

I then gave him a tortoise shell comb to comb his hair straight with, as he invariably remarked on the beautiful manner in which I dressed my hair, making my uncap to show it to his women, and afterwards asked my men to bring on the affair of last night.

Soon rising, he showed the way through the palace to a pond, which is described as his bathing N yanza, his women attending, and pages leading the way with his guns.

I asked IBM C2180-377 Exam Topics him why the Waganda objected to my sitting on a chair but, to avoid the inconvenience of answering a troublesome question, without replying, he walked off, saying he heard a noise in the neighbourhood of the palace which must be caused by the king ordering some persons to be seized, and his presence was so necessary he could not wait another moment.

He said, No, I have no letters or written orders though I have directions to take you to Gondokoro as soon as you come.

On my questioning him about the Nile, Snay still thought the N yanza was the source of the Jub river FN 8 as he did in our former journey, but gave way when I told him that vessels frequented the Nile, as this also coincided with his knowledge of navigators in vessels appearing on some waters to the northward of Unyoro.

To day the king went the round of his relations, showing the beautiful things given him by the white man a clear proof that he was much favoured by the spirits, for neither his father nor any of his forefathers had been so recognised and distinguished by any sign as a rightful inheritor to the Uganda throne an anti Christian interpretation of omens, as rife in these dark regions now as it was in the time of King Nebuchadnezzar.

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This was much against her wish, and the child vowed she would not leave me until force compelled her but I had really no other way of dealing with the remnant of the awkward burden which the queen s generosity had thrown on me.

Sheikh Said was his clerk and constant companion, and the Tots were well fed on his goats at my expense, however.

The fact is, there was no government to control the population or to protect property boys came to them, looked at their pictures, and even showed a disposition C2180-377 Answers to be instructed, but there it ended they had no heart to study when no visible returns were to be gained.

Moving on the next morning over hill and dale, we came to the junction of two roads, where Irungu, with his drummers, TT0-101 Exam Collection fifers and amazon followers, took one way to Kufro, followed by the men carrying Suwarora s hongo, and we led off on the other, directed to the palace.

Our survivors were not long in bringing the news into camp, when a party went out, and in the evening brought in the man s corpse and everything belonging to him, for nothing had been taken.

2, mutton No.

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