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If he was not well enough to move, I advised him to wait there until I reached Mtesa s, when I would either go up the lake and Kitangule to fetch him away, or would make the king send boats for him, which I more expressly wished, as it would tend to give us a much better knowledge of the lake.

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To tell her I could not get anything from the king, I knew would be the surest way of eliciting what I wanted from her, because of the jealousy between C4040-108 Test Answers the two courts and in this instance it was fully proved, for she brightened up at once, and, when I got her to understand something of what I meant by a marriage ceremony, in high good humour entered on a long explanation, to the following effect There are no such things as marriages in Uganda there are no ceremonies attached to it.

A fearful row now broke out between Bombay and Baraka 11th.

I said I had left England to visit these countries for the purpose of opening up a trade, and I had no orders to fight my way except with the force of friendship.

What with the diminution of our supplies, the famished state of the country, and the difficulties which frowned upon us in advance, together with unwillingness to give up so good a mule, with all its gear and ammunition, I must say I felt doubtful as to what had better be done, until the corporal, who felt confident he would find the beast, begged so hard that I sent him in command of another expedition of sixteen men, ordering him to take one of the prisoners with him to proclaim to his brethren that we would give up the rest if they returned us the mule.

Some men are told off to look after the mules, donkeys, and goats, whilst out grazing the rest have to pack the kit, pitch our tents, cut boughs for huts, and for fencing in the camp a thing rarely done, by the by.

During this time Wasoga minstrels, playing on tambira, and accompanied by boys playing on a harmonicon, kept us amused and a small page, with a large bundle of grass, came ZJN0-360 Actual Questions to me and said, The king hopes you won t be offended if required to sit on it before him for no person in Uganda, however high in office, is ever allowed to sit upon anything raised above the ground, nor can anybody but himself sit upon such grass as this it is all that his throne is made of.

I found that, as the instrument was supposed to be a magic charm of very wonderful powers, my meddling with it and treating it as an ordinary movable was considered a kind of sacrilege.

So pushing, floundering through plaintain and shrub, pell mell one upon the other, that the king s pace might not be checked, or any one come C4040-108 Vce Software in for a royal kick or blow, they came upon the prostrate bird.

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Hearing this, the Wakungu said, Oh, that can never be allowed without the sanction of the king but the queen, rising in her seat, expressed her scorn at the idea to taking advice from a mere stripling, and submitted herself for examination.

At daybreak Rumanika sent us word he was off to MogaNamarinzi, a spur of a hill beyond the Little Windermere, overlooking the Ingezi Kagera, or river which separates Kishakka from Karague, to show me how the Kiangule river was fed by small lakes and marshes, in accordance with my expressed wish to have a better comprehension of the drainage system of the Mountains of the Moon.

At first C4040-108 Test Answers no one would go they then mutinied for more beads, announcing all sorts of grievances, which they said they were always talking over to themselves, though I did not hear them.


Lumeresi was his authority, but he would not tell it until Grant arrive.

This expression of becoming wrath brought every one to a sense of his duty and I then told them all I was excessively angry with Mtesa for turning back my messenger nobody had ever dared do such a thing before, and I would never forgive the king until my medicines had been given to the queen.

He simply laughed at my request, and said I did not know what I was doing.

The Waijasi of whom we saw a specimen in the shape of an old woman, with her upper lip edged with a row of small holes, at Karague occupy a large island on this lake named Gasi, and sometimes come to visit Kamrasi.

In my turn, I told Petherick he had missed a good thing by not going up the river to look for me for, had he done so, he would not only C4040-108 Exam Guide Pdf have had the best ivorygrounds to work upon, but, by building a vessel in Madi above the cataracts, he would have had, in my belief, some hundred miles of navigable water to transport his merchandise.

Kamrasi then wanted us to paint his mbugu cloths in different patterns and colours but we sent him instead six packages of red ink powder, and got abused for sauciness.

They gave us more pombe, and introduced us to one of N yamasore s numerous sisters, who was equally charmed with myself and my children.

He had no objection, and opened conversation by asking who it was that gave me such offence in taking my guard from me to seize his Wakungu.

By dint of perseverance, I now succeeded in having Baraka separated from the crowd and dragged before me for justice.

I wished to be communicative, and, giving him a purse of money, told him the use and value of the several coins but he paid little regard to them, and soon put them down.

Now for the lake.

Frij again told me he was present when Said Said, the Sultan of Zanzibar, sent an army to assist the Wagunya at Amu, on the coast, against the incursions of the Masai.

A man with a maniacal voice sang and whistled by turns.

Still there is a source of fear there in connection with twins, as I have seen myself for when one dies, the mother ties a little gourd to her neck as a proxy, and puts into it a trifle of everything which she gives the living child, lest the jealousy of the dead spirit should torment her.

He wished to send them to Bana, and when Bombay demurred, saying he had no authority to take women in that way, the king gave him one, and asked him if he would like to see some sport, as he would have the remaining women cut to pieces before him.

The home must be forsaken without a last adieu, the dinner untasted, and no provision made for the coming night, in order that his impetuous majesty should not suffer one moment s disappointment.

To push my object further, I then marched off to the queen s to bid her good bye, as if we were certain to leave the next day but as no one would dare to approach her cabinet to apprise her of our arrival, we returned home tired and annoyed.

Johur, it turned out, was a murderer, having obtained his freedom by killing his master.

The day after, I took pills and blistered my chest all over, still Lumeresi would not let me Enterprise Technical Support for AIX and Linux -v2 C4040-108 alone, nor come to any kind of terms until the 25th, when he said he would take a certain number of pretty common cloths for his children if I would throw in a red blanket for himself.

Mahamed now disposed of half of his herd of cows, giving them to the chiefs of the villages in return for porters.

I soon lost my temper whilst striving to settle the hongo.

The first thing in the morning I wished to have at them but they took the hint of daybreak to make off, and left me only the half of the animal.

In the midst of this assembly I now found Kachuchu, Rumanika s representative, who went on ahead from Karague palace to tell Mtesa that I wished to see him.

It was contrary to the laws of our land.

Budja just then made me feel very anxious, by pointing out the position of Urondogani, as I thought, too far north.

He was much struck at the facility with which I could make shade, but wondered still more at my requiring it.

The Wazinza in the southern parts are so much like the Wanyamuezi, as not to require any especial notice but in the north, where the country is more hilly, they are much more energetic and actively built.

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It was no use saying I had no tailors the thing must be done somehow for he admired my costume exceedingly, and wished to imitate it now he had cloth enough for ever to dispense with the mbugu.

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The women, anything but pretty, wore their mbugu cut into two flounces, fastened with a drawing string round the waist and, in place of stockings, they bound strings of small iron beads, kept bright and shining, carefully up the leg from the ankle to the bottom of the calf.

Travellers see very little, however, of these Wahuma, IBM C4040-108 because, CATE C4040-108 Test Answers being pastorals, they roam about with their flocks and build huts as far away as they can from cultivation.

Two white men only had been seen one, they said, a hairy man, the other smooth faced they were as anxiously inquiring after us as we were after them they sat on chairs, dressed like myself, and had guns and everything precisely like those in my hut.

The boats must be collected, seven, if there are not ten, for we must try them, and come to some understanding about them, before we march up stream, when, if the officer values his life, he will let us have them, and acknowledge Karoso as the king s representative, otherwise a complaint will be sent to the palace, for we won t stand trifling.

The march led us over long rolling downs of grass, where we saw a good many antelopes feeding and after going ten miles, we came, among other villages, to one named Panyoro, in which we found it convenient to put up.

It was granted, and he took a 50 letter on the coast, and a letter of emancipation for himself and family, besides an order, written in Kisuahili, for ten fundo of beads on Rumanika, which made him very happy.

and we not till 5 p.

He then gave way, and begged I would allow my men to fire a volley outside his boma, as the Watuta were living behind a small line of granitic hills flanking the west of his district, and he wished to show them what a powerful force he had got with him.

Bit by bit, however, I learned that he first went to the palace, and, finding the king had gone off yachting to the Murchison Creek, he followed him there.

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On seeing me, he took me affectionately by the hand, and, as we walked along together, he asked me what I wanted, showed me the house which was burnt down, and promised to settle the road question in the morning.

A search was made, and guns fired, in the hopes of frightening her back again, but without effect.

It was easy to see there would be no sport, still more useless of offer any remarks, therefore all did as they were bid.

I then put in a word for myself.

On consenting to do in Rome as the Romans do, when my position was so handsomely acknowledged, I was called in, and found the court sitting much as it was on the first day s interview, only that the number of squatting Wakungu was much diminished and the king, instead of wearing his ten brass and copper rings, had my gold one on his third finger.

Bombay, who appeared the only one of my men anxious to go on with Grant and myself, advised me to give in, else they would all run away, he said.

This, of course, was objected to, as the chief, in his absence, must have deputed some one to govern for him, and I expected him to settle at once, that I might proceed with the march.

The return was a present of twenty cows, ten cocks, two bales of flour, and two pots of pombe, to be equally divided between Grant and myself, as Kamrasi recognised in us two distinct camps, because we approached his country by two different routes a smart method for expecting two presents from us, which did not succeed, as I thanked for all, Grant being my son on this occasion.

In a long field of grass, as high as the neck, and half under water, so that no walks could be taken, we had nothing to see but Kamrasi s miserable huts and a few distant conical hills, of which one Udongo, we conceive, represents the Padongo of Brun Bollet, placed by him in 1 south latitude, and 35 east longitude.

To this the sages said, Bana speaks beautifully, feelingly, and moderately.

7, plantains No.

All right, your majesty what is it I am constantly stricken with fever and pains, for which I know no remedy but cautery my children die young my family is not large enough to uphold my dignity C4040-108 Cert Exam and station in life in fact, I am infirm and want stimulants, and I C4040-108 Study Material wish you to prescribe for me, which considering you have found your way to this, where nobody came before, must be easy to you.

The thought never struck me they were lying down in such open ground in the day time so, as I could not go closer without driving them off, I took a shot with my single rifle at where I judged the chest of the nearest one ought to be, and then discovered my error.

I had no more deoles, but would make that up in brass wire.

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In the morning the Kamraviona called, on the king s behalf, to inquire after my health, and also to make some important communications.

Proceeding thence across fields delightfully checkered with fine calabash and fig trees, we marched, carrying water through thorny jungles, until dark, when we bivouacked for the night, only to rest and push on again next morning, arriving at Marenga Mkhali the saline water to breakfast.

Uganda is now entirely left behind we shall not see its like again for the further one leaves the equator, and the rain attracting C4040-108 Test Dump influences of the Mountains of the Moon, vegetation decreases proportionately with the distance.

Little troubles, of course, must always be expected, else these blacks would not be true negroes.

Antelopes were numerous, but so wild I could not get near them.

For the next four days nothing but wars and rumours of wars could be heard.

The Wanyoro had caught a Tartar.

By a double march, the sheikh riding in a hammock slung on a pole, we now made Kuale, or Partridge nullah, which, crossing the road to the northward, drains these lands to the Malagarazi river, and thence into the Tanganyika lake.

The king came shooting close to my hut and ordered me out.

The eland may probably be the animal first mentioned by Livingstone, but the other animal is not known.

To this concession was accompanied a request for a few more gun caps, and liberty was given us to seize any pombe which might be found coming on the river in boats, for the supplies to the palace all come in this manner.

The facts were these He was exceedingly clever, and he knew it.

To supply its place, we took six small boats, turning my men into sailors, and going as we liked.

Then, in excellent good taste, after saying that nobody had ever given her such treasures, she gave me, in return, a beautifullyworked pombe sucking pipe, which was acknowledged by every one to be the greatest honour she could pay me.

These were the people who, drunk as fifers, were keeping up such a continual row to frighten the devil away.


The broad road, like all in Uganda, went straight over hill and dale, the heights covered with high grass or plantain groves, and the valleys with dense masses of magnificent forest trees surrounding swamps covered with tall rushes half bridged.

These birds, said he, tossing his head proudly, were all shot flying, with iron slugs, as the boys will tell you.

Stopping, however, seemed endless not so my supplies, I therefore tried advancing in detachments again, sending the free men off under Grant to Ukulima s, whilst I waited behind keeping ourselves divided in the hopes of inducing all hands to see the advisability of exerting themselves for the general good as my men, whilst we were all together, showed they did not care how long they were kept doing no more fatiguing work than chaffing each other, and feeding at my expense.

I had given him, as a present, sufficient cloth to pay for his porters, as well as a watch and a good sum of money, and advised his coming on at once, for the porters who had just brought in my rear property would not take pay to go on to Karague and so I was detained again, waiting whilst his head man went to Rungua to look for more.

To catch slaves is the first thought of every chief in the interior hence fights and slavery impoverish the land, and that is the reason both why Africa does not improve, and why we find men of all tribes and tongues on the coast.

No one present, however, could be prevailed on to go to him in the capacity of ambassador, as the frontier officer had warned the Wageni or guests that, if they ever attempted to cross the border again, he was bound in duty, agreeably to the orders of his king, to expel them by force therefore, should the Wageni attempt it after this warning, their first appearance would be considered a casus belli and so the matter rested for the day.

Rising out of the bed of the Urigi, we passed over a low spur of beef sandwich clay sandstones, and descended into the close, rich valley of Uthenga, bound C4040-108 Guide in by steep hills hanging over us more than a thousand feet high, as prettily clothed as the mountains of Scotland whilst in the valley there were not only magnificent trees of extraordinary height, but also a surprising amount of the richest cultivation, amongst which the banana may be said to prevail.

This Baker at once undertook, though he said he did not want my property and I drew out suggestions for him how to proceed.

They left this two moons before Baraka arrived here, and I told them the white men would not come here, as I heard they had gone to Uganda.

The huts were kept so clean and so neat, not a fault could be found with them the gardens the same.

Reports of this magnificence at once flew to the queen, who sent to know how many more blankets I had in my possession, and whether, if she asked for one, she would get it.

I was haunted all night by my fancied cruelty, and in the morning sent its victim, after Uganda fashion, some symbolical presents, including a goat, in token of esteem a black blanket, as a sign of mourning a bundle of gundu C4040-108 Test Answers C4040-108 Exam Preparation anklets and a packet of tobacco, in proof of my forgiveness.

Next day, as there were no signs of the trackers, I went again to the place of the elands, wounded a fine male, but gave up the chase, as I heard the unmistakable gun firing return of the party, and straightway proceeded to camp.

Arrived near the end of the Moga Namirinzi hill in the second lake, the paddlers splashed into shore, where a large concourse of people, headed by Nnanaji, were drawn up to receive me.

On our drawing near the palace, a small, newly constructed boma was shown for my residence but as I did not wish to stop there, knowing how anxious Grant would be to have his relief, I would not enter it, but instead sent Baraka to pay the hongo as quickly as possible, that we might move on again at the same time ordering him to describe the position both Grant and myself were in, and explain that what I paid now was to frank both of us, as the whole of the property was my own.

I immediately paid him a visit to offer the compliments of the season, and at the same time regretted, much to his amusement, that he, as one of the old stock of Abyssinians, who are the oldest Christians on record, should have forgotten this rite but I hoped the time would come when, by making it known that his tribe had lapsed into a state of heathenism, white teachers would be induced to set it all to rights again.

Whilst this was going on, the Kamraviona, taking advantage of my having opened the door with the gun, walked in to make his salutations.

They come, almost crouching to their knees, with eyes averted from the women, and n yanzigged for the favour of being called, till they streamed with perspiration.

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Now, Rumanika, by his own confession, had gone through this ordeal with marked success so I asked him if he found the atmosphere cold when so far up aloft, and as he said he did so, laughing at the quaintness of the question, I told him I saw he had learnt a good practical lesson on the structure of the universe, which I wished he would explain to me.

Bombay was met by them on the confines of Gani.

There was, however, no message brought for myself and as the deputation did not come to me, I could only infer that I was quite forgotten, of that Musa, after all, had only been humbugging me.

I would not accept the lie, saying, How can my children at Gani detain my messengers, when they have received strict orders from me by letter to send an answer quickly It was all Kamrasi s doing, for he had either hidden Bombay, or ordered his officers to take him slowly, as he did us, stopping four days at each stage.

Contorted green thorn trees, elephant foot stumps, and aloes, seem to thrive best here, by their very nature indicating what the country is, a poor stony land.

Makaka insisted he would have a deole, or nothing at all.

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I never felt so degraded as when I complied, and gave orders to my men to fire a volley as he approached my tent but I ate the dirt with a good grace, and met the young chief as if nothing had happened.

He told me how, shortly after the late king of Uganda, Sunna, died, and before Mtesa had been selected by the officers of the country to be their king, an Arab caravan came across the Masai as far as Usoga, and begged for permission to enter Uganda but as the country was disturbed by the elections, the officers of the state advised the Arabs to wait, or come again when the C4040-108 Exam Topics king was elected.

The reply to this was, that Kamrasi was very much pleased with my fatherly wisdom and advice, and would act up to it, allowing Budja only to approach with one woman we need, however, be under no apprehensions, for Kamrasi s power was infinite the Gani road should be opened even at the spear s point he had been beating the big drum in honour of us the whole day he would not allow any beggars to come and see us, for he wanted us all to himself, and for this reason had ordered a fence to be built all round our house but he had got no present from Grant yet, though all he wanted was his mosquito curtains, whilst he wished my picturebooks to show his women, and be returned.

The Wanguana demanded ammunition in the most imperious manner, whilst I, in the same tone, refused to issue any lest a row should take place and they then would desert, alluding to their dastardly desertion in Msalala, when Grant was attacked.

He said he could not find any.

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Sirboko, afraid to return to the coast lest he should be apprehended for debt, has resided here ever since, doing odd jobs for other traders, increasing his family, and planting extensively.

In front of the king, in form of a hollow square, many ranks deep, sat the victorious officers, lately returned from the war, variously dressed the nobles distinguished by their leopard cat skins and dirks, the commoners by coloured mbugu and cow or antelope skin cloaks but all their faces and arms were painted red, black, or smoke colour.

I begged for a private audience still they would not speak until encouraged and urged beyond all patience.

He squared up, and pouted like an E20-475 Practice Test Pdf enraged chameleon, looking savagely at me.

They, however, no sooner found out who we were than they allowed us to pass on, and encamp in the outskirts of the Mgunda Mkhali wilderness.

My men cried, Help, Bana they are killing us whilst I roared to my crew, Go in, go in, and the victory will be ours but not a soul would they were spell bound to the place we might have been cut up in detail, it was all the same to those cowardly Waganda, whose only action consisted in crying, N yawo n yawo mother, mother, help us Three shots from the hooked boat now finished the action.

The poor Wahuma women, as soon as Lumeresi arrived, were put to death by their husbands, because, by becoming slaves, they had broken the laws of their race.

The impression it made was surprising he had never seen such a thing in his life so, CATE C4040-108 in return for his great generosity, as well as to show I placed no value on property, not being a merchant, I begged him to accept it.

In the evening I wounded a buck nsamma, which, after tracking till dark, was left to stiffen ere the following morning and just after this on the way home, we heard the rogue elephant crunching the branches not far off from the track but as no one would dare follow me against the monster at this late hour, he was reluctantly left to do more injury to the gardens.

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