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In the evening, an Uganda man, by name N yamgundu, came to pay his respects to us.

Further, they volunteered to go with me again, should I attempt to cross Africa from east to west, through the fertile zone

I then told them again and again of the messages I had sent on to Rumanika in Karague, and ADR-001 Pdf to Suwarora in Usui, and CCA-500 Exam Book begged them to listen to me, instancing as an example of what could be done by perseverance the success of Columbus, who, opposed by his sailors misgivings, still when on and triumphed, creating for himself immortal renown.

The toys produced the desired effect for the king stopped and played with them, making Bombay and the pages don the masks by turns.

After this, I gave a lot of rich beads to Kidgwiga for himself, and a lot also for the senior officers at the Chopi and Kamrasi s palaces, and sent the whole set off as happy as birds.

That is no reason why you should abuse my men, I said, who are better than you by obeying my orders.

Lastly, some beautifully made shields were presented, and, because extolled, n yanzigged over when the king rose abruptly and walked straight away, leaving my fools of men no better off for food, no reparation for their broken heads, than if I had never gone there.

Then there was the terrible war in America, and other events of less startling nature, which came on us all by surprise, as years had now passed since we had received news from the civilised world.

I then went into a long inquiry with Musa about our journey northward to Karague and as he said there were no men to be found in or near Unyanyembe, for they were either all killed or engaged in the war, it was settled he should send some of his head men on to Rungua, where he had formerly resided, trading for some years, and was a great favourite with the chief of the place, by name Kiringuana.

In consequence of my having explained to the king the effect of the process of distilling, and the way of doing it, he sent a number of earthen pots and bugus of pombe that I might produce some spirits for him but as the pots sent were not made after the proper fashion, I called at the palace and waited all day in the hope of seeing him.

Beyond it, following under the line of the hills, at one CCA-500 Test Questions And Answers Pdf day s journey distant, there is a smaller river called Msonge.

With this cringing, perfidious appeal I refused to comply, until the sheikh, still more cringing, implored me to give way else not a single man would remain with me.

I then counted all the wires over, at Bombay s request, and found them complete in numbers, without those he had set aside from the dowry money.

Their fights with him commenced by his levying taxes in opposition to their treaties with his father, Fundi Kira, and then preventing his subjects selling them grain.

Colonel Rigby, who had at heart as much as anybody the success of the expedition, materially assisted me in accomplishing my object that men accustomed to discipline and a knowledge of English honour and honesty should be enlisted, to give confidence to the rest of the men and he allowed me to select from his boat s crew any men I could find who had served as men of war, and had seen active service in India.

Next morning I was too weak to speak moderately, and roared more like a madman than a rational being, as, breaking his faith, he persisted in bullying me.

Grant had taken to the court of Karague a jumpingjack, to amuse the young princes but it had a higher destiny, for it so fascinated the king Rumanika himself that he would not part with it unless, indeed, Grant would make him a big one out of a tree which was handed to him for the purpose.

The first and only giraffe killed upon the journey was here shot by Grant, with a little 40gauge Lancaster rifle, at 200 yards distance.

I asked if Kamrasi was afraid of us, and looking into his magic horn and was answered, No he is very anxious to see you, or he would not have sent six of his highest officers to look after you, and prevent the unruly peasantry from molesting you.

Then, as if a sudden freak had seized him, though I knew it was on account of Maula s having excited his curiosity, he said, Where does CCA-500 Study Guide Bana live lead away.

They ought to have made ten miles a day, but preferred doing five.

They must therefore wait till the CCA-500 Exam Practice Pdf road is safe.

Kidgwiga said Petherick s party was not in Unyoro they had never reached there, but were lying at anchor off Gani.

Here we halted a day for the rear convoy, and then went on again by detachments to Zimbo, where, to our intense delight, Bombay returned to us on the 13th, triumphantly firing guns, with seventy slaves accompanying him, and with letters from Snay and Musa, in which they said they hoped, if I met with Manua Sera, that I would either put a bullet through his head, or else bring him in a prisoner, that they might do for him, for the scoundrel had destroyed all their CCA-500 Test Exam trade by cutting off caravans.

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Boys came out, by the king s order to inquire what I wanted, but left again without doing anything further.

The punishment CCA-500 Dump Test for such offences, however, may be commuted by fines of cattle, goats, fowls, or brass wire.

He said, in return, If friendship is your desire, what would you say if I showed you a road by which you might reach your home in one month Now everything had to be told to Bombay, then to Nasib, my Kiganda interpreter, and then to either Maula or N yamgundu, before it was delivered to the king, for it was considered indecorous to transmit any message to his majesty excepting through the medium of one of his officers.

We left Koki with difficulty, in consequence of the Chopi porters refusing to carry any loads, leaving the burden of lifting them on the country people, as Cloudera CCA-500 they said, We have Cloudera CCA-500 Simulation Questions endured all the trouble and hardships of bringing these visitors through the wilderness and now, as they have visited you, it is your place to help them on.

The Wanyoro, who are as squalid looking as the Wanyamuezi, and almost as badly dressed, now came about us to hawk ivory ornaments, brass and copper twisted wristlets, tobacco, and salt, which they exchanged for cowries, with which they purchase cows from the Waganda.

Three bits of cotton cloth were then selected as the best thing for the purpose and, relying implicitly on the advice of Rumanika, who declared his only object was to further our views, I arranged accordingly, and off went Kachuchu.

Presently the king sent to say he wished to see me with my compass for the blackguard Maula had told him I possessed a wonderful instrument, by looking at which I could find my way all over the world.

The queen s deputation was now ordered to draw near, and questioned in a whisper.

Mkisiwa, seizing at the opportunity of the prize held out to him by the Arabs as his supporters, then commenced a system of bribery.

He asked for the picturebooks, examined the birds with intense delight even trying to insert under their feathers his long royal fingernails, which are grown like a Chinaman s by these chiefs, to show they have a privilege to live on meat.

Just as the door was closed, other pages from the king brought the Whitworth rifle to be cleaned, and demanded an admittance but no one dared approach me, and they went on their way again.

The whole affair was commenced in too great a hurry but whatever happened he would gladly forgive all if I would use my influence to reinstate him, for by no other means could he ever get his crown back again.

Rozaro s children became more and more troublesome, stealing everything they could lay their hands upon out of the village huts we passed on the way.

As a wind up to the day s amusement, the king led the band of drums, changed the men according to their powers, put them into concert pitch, and readily detected every slight irregularity, showing himself a thorough musician.

This was something like an inquiry into the ecclesiastical condition of the country, while, at the same time, it was a religious ceremony, and, as such, was appropriate to the first day after the new moon appears.

On the 30th September, as things were looking more orderly, I sent forward half of the property, and all the men I had then collected, to Ugeni, a shamba, or garden, two miles off and on the 2nd October, after settling with Ladha for my African money, as my pagazis were completed to a hundred and one, we wished Rigby adieu, and all assembled together at Ugeni, which resembles the richest parts of Bengal.

Tripping along over the hill, we descended to a deep miry watercourse, full of bulrushes, then over another hill, from the heights of which we saw Suwarora s palace, lying down in the Uthungu valley, behind which again rose another hill of sandstone, faced on the top with a dyke of white quartz.

This is the greater salutation the lesser one is performed kneeling in an attitude of prayer, continually throwing open the hands, and repeating sundry words.

If you are the sultan, and will take my advice, I would strongly recommend your teaching Ruhe a lesson, by taking from him what the Arabs paid, and giving it back to Masudi.

Early this morning I called all the head men of the village together, and demanded the beads to be restored to me for, as I was living with them, they were responsible, according to the laws of the country.

In vain I pleaded I could not stand the suffocation of so many men, especially of Waganda, who eat raw plantains and unless they turned out, I should do so, to benefit by the pure air.

On the 24th, we all, as many as were left of us, marched into the merchant s depot, S.

They shot seven, and all were given to them when they were dismissed.

My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being CCA-500 Simulation Questions as bad where they had been as in Ugogo.

In this manner we may suppose that the Gallas separated from the Abyssinians, and located themselves to the south of their native land.


Then what is to be done, your majesty Bana must go back to Karague and wait for a year, until my son is crowned, when he will make friends with the surrounding chiefs, and the roads will be opened.

This was a bad job.

From the Gani people we had, without any visible change, mingled with the Madi people, who dress in the same naked fashion as their neighbours, and use bows and arrows.

Did you not go about like two brothers walking, talking, shooting, and even eating together It was the remark of all the Waganda, and the king will be so vexed when he finds you have thrown him over.

I said, Never mind do you give me an interpreter, and I will go as I am.

I came to Uganda to see the king and queen, because the Arabs said they were always treated with great respect but now I could perceive those Arabs did not know what true respect means.

Chapter XV March Down the Northern Slopes of Africa Kari Tragic Incident there Renewals of Troubles Quarrels with the Natives Reach the Nile Description of the Scene there Sport Church Estate Ascend the River to the Junction with the Lake Ripon Falls General Account of the Source of the Nile Descend again to Urondogani The Truculent Sakibobo.

Controlled by no government, nor yet by home ties, they have no reason to think of or look to the future.

Kidgwiga with our cattle arrived in the morning.

The chief, as I have said, was a slave, placed there by the Arabs on the condition that he would allow all traders and travellers to help themselves without payment as long as they chose to reside there.

The process of camp forming would be thus Sheikh Said, with Bombay under him, issues CCA-500 Exam Questions With Answers cloths to the men for rations at the rate of onefourth load a 500-210 Practice Exam day about 15 lb.

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Church Estate again.

As one of the two, I could see, had one of his fore legs broken, I went at the sounder one, and gave him another shot, which simply induced him to walk over the lower end of the hill.


They were brought by my three men, with Karague pease, flour, and ammunition.

The king was plainly dressed in an Arab s black choga, and wore, for ornament, dress stockings of rich coloured beads, and neatly worked wristlets of copper.

We then went into a discourse on astrology, when the intelligent Rumanika asked me if the same sun we saw one day appeared CCA-500 Exam Engines again, or whether fresh suns came every day, and whether or not the moon made different faces, to laugh at us mortals on earth.

In such a case, the slave so freed in all probability would commence life afresh by taking service as a porter with other merchants, and in the end would raise sufficient capital to commence trading himself first in slaves, because they are the most easily got, and then in ivory.

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With them, as with the rest of the world, familiarity breeds contempt hospitality lives only one day for though proud of a rich or white visitor and they implore him to stop, that they may keep feeding their eyes on his curiosities they seldom give more than a cow or a goat, though professing to supply a whole camp with provisions.

Here I was also brought to a standstill, for N yamgundu said I must wait for leave to approach the palace.

It is all folly pulling up for every ill wind that blows, MB6-822 Exam Guide because, until one actually SEES there is something in it, you never can tell amongst these savages shaves are so common in Africa.

I marched up the left bank of the Nile at a considerable distance from the water, to the Isamba rapids, passing through rich jungle and plantain gardens.

Mtesa, he said, was so mad to see us, that the instant he arrived at the palace and told him we wished to visit him, the king caused fifty big men and four hundred small ones to be executed, because, he said, his subjects were so bumptious they would not allow any visitors to come near him, else he would have had white men before.

At one place, the good natured simple people, as soon as we reached their village, spread a skin, deposited a stool upon it, and placed in front two pots of pombe.

Many of them were absolutely ruined, they said others had their houses full of stores unemployed.

However, they had to stand it and next day, when I had brought them to reason, I gave over the charge of my tent and property to Baraka, and commenced the return with a bad hitching cough, caused by those cold easterly winds that blow over the plateau during the six dry months of the years, and which are, I suppose, the Harmattan peculiar to Africa.

To push my object further, I then marched off to the queen s to bid her good bye, as if we were certain to leave the next day but as no one would dare to approach her cabinet to apprise her of our arrival, we returned home tired and annoyed.



Meri, still persistent, rejected strengthening medicines, but said, in a confidential manner, if I would give her a goat to sacrifice to the Uganga she would recover in no time.

Some Wanyamuezi porters, who had been left sick here by former caravans, now wished to take service with me as far as Kaze but the Wagogo, hearing of their desire, frightened them off it.

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The scheme was successful, for the report of the gun which killed CCA-500 the bird reached the king s ear, and induced him to say that if Bana was present he would be glad to see him.


This was a bad beginning, and caused a few of the usual anathemas in which our countrymen give vent to their irritation.

Much pleased with the CCA-500 Exam Guide Pdf things, Kamrasi ordered the tent to be pitched before all his court, pointed out to them what clever people the white people are, making iron pots instead of earthen ones.

Fifty Gani men CCA-500 Simulation Questions had just arrived to inform him that Rionga had lately sent ten slaves and ten ivory tusks to Petherick s post, to purchase a gun but the answer was, that a thousand times as much would not purchase a weapon that might be used against us for our arrival with Kamrasi had been heard of, and nothing would be done to jeopardise our road.

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17th and 18th.

He died at Anguja likewise.

This the king said was impracticable, as the Waganda had tried it so often before CCA-500 without success.

Mtesa, it was argued, had given N yamgundu more women and men than he did to Maula, because he was the first to bring intelligence of our coming, as well as that of K yengo, and Suworora s hongo to his king whilst, finally, he superseded Maula by taking me out of his charge, and had done a further good service by sending men on to Karague to fetch both Grant and K yengo.

In plying the Kamraviona to try if we could get rid of the annoying restraints which made our residence here a sort of imprisonment, I discovered that the whole affair was not one of blunder or accident, but that we actually were prisoners thus be design.

Ashamed of its being supposed that his king would Cloudera CCA-500 not give me any food because I had no more presents to give him, the Kamraviona, from his own stores, gave me a goat and pombe, and said he would speak to the king on the subject.

He wished to give us a cow, but put it off for another day, and was surprised we dared venture into his premises without permission from the king.

And now he had told me the case, he hoped I would forgive him if Cloudera CCA-500 Simulation Questions he had done wrong.

On entering the hut I found the old man and his chief wife sitting side by side on a bench of earth strewed over with grass, and partitioned like stalls for sleeping apartments, whilst in front of them were placed numerous wooden pots of milk, and hanging from the poles that supported the beehive shaped hut, a large collection of bows six feet in length, whilst below them were tied an even larger collection of spears, intermixed with a goodly assortment of heavy headed assages.

I said, How is it Petherick has not come here to meet me is he married Yes, he is married and both he and his wife ride fore and aft on one animal at Khartum.

At night the kirangozi would harangue the camp, cautioning all hands to keep together on the line of march, as the Watuta were constantly hovering about, and the men should not squabble and fight with their master, else no more white men would come this way again.

The river still continued beautiful but after paddling three hours we found it bend considerably, and narrow to two hundred yards, the average depth being from two to three fathoms.

Before us now lay a wilderness of five marches duration, as the few villages that once lined it had all been depopulated by the Sorombo people and the Watuta.

I was told, too, that he opened conversation by demanding to know how it happened that Suwarora became possessed of the wires, for they were made by the white men to be given Cloudera CCA-500 Simulation Questions to himself, and Suwarora must therefore have robbed me of them and it was by such practices he, Mtesa, never could see any visitors.

23d and 24th.

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You must not, he added, expect ever to find again a reasonable man like myself.

A large portion of the negro races affect nudity, despising clothing as effeminate but these are chiefly the more boisterous roving pastorals, who are too lazy either to grow cotton or strip the trees of their bark.

And would you like to shoot buffalo Yes, if you will go.

He was reported to day, by the way, to be drunk.

The Mgemma begged us to sit with him and drink pombe, which he generously supplied to our heart s content wondered at the beauty of Kahala, wished I would give him a wife like her, and lamented that the king would not allow his to wear such pretty clothes.

It happens, however, that they are spell bound, not knowing their strength any more than domestic animals, and they even seem to consider that they would be dishonest if Cloudera CCA-500 Simulation Questions they ran away after being purchased, and so brought pecuniary loss on their owners.

He arrived just in time to settle the difficulty, and next day came back again, having shot some of the enemy and captured their cows.

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The boys had deceived us all.

Chapter VII Usui Taxation recommenced A Great Doctor Suwarora pillaging The Arabs Conference with an Ambassador from Uganda Disputes in Camp Rivalry of Bombay and Baraka Departure from the Inhospitable Districts.

At buffaloes I said.

Neither the Wanyambo nor the Wahuma would eat the rhinoceros, so I was not sorry to find all the Wanyamuezi porters of the Arabs at Kufro, on hearing of the sport, come over and carry away all the flesh.

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On the summit of this hill the king instructed his brothers on the extent of his dominions and as I asked where Lubari or God resides, he pointed to the skies.

They said Kamrasi would not expect us to attack them with our guns.

Then, as that could not be managed, what would the king devise himself Bana only proposed the Usoga and Kidi route, because he thought it would be to the advantage of Uganda.

I desired to do so, because I admired her wisdom but before I went I must first see the king, to provide against any insult being offered to me, such as befell Bombay when I sent him with medicine.

The most remote waters, or top head of the Nile, is the southern end of the CCAH CCA-500 lake, situated close on the third degree of south latitude, which gives to the Nile the surprising length, in direct measurement, rolling over thirtyfour degrees of latitude, of above 2300 miles, or more than oneeleventh of the circumference of our globe.

My protests, however, had no effect upon the escorting Wakungu.

I had a great deal to tell him about, as he was the father of the Nile, which river drained the N yanza down to my country to the northward.

He told me how, shortly after the late king of Uganda, Sunna, died, and before Mtesa had been selected by the officers of the country to be their king, an Arab caravan came across the Masai as far as Usoga, and begged for permission to enter Uganda but as the country was disturbed by the elections, the officers of the state advised the Arabs to wait, or come again when the king was elected.

The king now, finding me disinclined to fight his brother Rogero, either with guns or magic horns, asked me to give him a doctor or charm to create longevity and to promote the increase of his family, as his was not large enough to maintain the dignity of so great a man as himself.

Then began a warm and complimentary conversation, which ended by an inspection of my rings and al the contents of my pockets, as well as of my watch, which she called Lubari a term equivalent to a place of worship, the object of worship itself, or the iron horn or magic pan.

To treat his messengers disrespectfully could do no good, and might provoke a war, when we should see my deserters joined with the Waganda really coming in force against us whereas, if we saw Budja, we could satisfy him, and Mtesa too, and obviate any such calamity.

Junior members of the royal family then, pushing their fortunes, dismembered themselves from the parent stock, created separate governments, and, for reasons which cannot be traced, changed their names.

In this fearful fix I sent Baraka off with strict orders to bring Grant away at any price, except the threatened sacrifice of men, guns, and ammunition, which I would not listen to, as one more day s delay might end in further exactions at the same time, I cautioned him to save my property as far as he could, for it was to him that M yonga had formerly said that what I paid him should do for all.

The injury had at once taken a mortal turn, and the chief sent for his magicians, who said it was not the fault of the wife somebody else must have charmed the arrow to cause such a deadly result.

No vessel ever could have gone up it, and it bore no comparison with the Nile itself.

This is practically true, though theoretically not so for the Arabs, on circumcising them, teach them to repeat the words Allah and Mohammed, and perhaps a few others but not one in ten knows what a soul means, nor do they expect to meet with either reward or punishment in the next world, though they are taught to regard animals as clean and unclean, and some go through the form of a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The rainy season being not far off, the villagers were busy in burning rubble and breaking their ground.

I now obtained permission for the Wakungu to call upon me, and fancied I only required my interpreters to speak out like men when I had anything to say, to make my residence in Uganda both amusing and instructive but though the king, carried off by the prevailing good humour of the scene we had both witnessed, supported me, I found that CCA-500 Vce Files he had counter ordered what he had said as soon as I had gone, and, in fact, no Mkungu ever dared come near me.

Torches were then lit, and guns, pistols, powder, boxes, tools, beads the whole collection, in short were tossed together topsy turvy, bundled into mbugus, and carried away by the pages.

Some of our men who had seen the Watuta in Utambara, declared these savages to resemble them in every particular, save one small specialty in their costume, alluded to in the description of the Zulu Kafir s dress.

He did not care about vultures he could practise at them at any time but he wanted a nundo above all things.

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Outside his gate I found Mkuenda, who said the queen had sent him to invite her son to bring her some stomach medicine in the morning, and come to have a chat with her.

Meanwhile Musa s men bolted like thieves one night, on a report coming that the chief of Unyambewa, after concluding the war, whilst amusing himself with his wife, had been wounded on the foot by an arrow that fell from her hand.

Here, taking a hasty meal, we resumed the march all together, descended the great western chain, and, as night set in, camped in a ravine at the foot of it, not far from the great junction station Ugogi, where terminate the hills of Usagara.

The chief, being a man of small pretensions, took only one sahari and four yards merikani.

Only too glad to being work I gave him a red blanket, called joho, and five strings of mzizima beads, which were equal to fifty of the common white.

The leading wife first fears to take it, then grows bold and accepts it when the prime beauty, Lubuga, following in her wake, and anxious to feel, I fancy, what the white man is like, with an imploring face holds out both her hands in such a captivating manner, that though I feared to draw attention by waiting any longer, I could not resist compliance.

He never called at a big man s house and left it mwiko empty handed before if there was nothing else to dispose of, could Bana not have given him a bag of beads To save us from this kind of incessant annoyance, I now thought it would be our best policy to mount the high horse and bully him.

I am Debono s Vakil, and am glad you are come, for we are all tired of waiting for you.


This ready cordiality was as perplexing as all the rest.

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