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It was no wonder these men were recalled for, out of twenty missionaries who, during the last thirteen years, had ascended the White river for the purpose of propagating the Gospel, thirteen had died of fever, two of dysentary, and two had retired broken in health, yet not one convert had been made by them.

Surprised at my intrusion, he first asked how I managed to find him out then went on playing for a while but suddenly stopping to talk with me, he gave me an opportunity of telling him I wished to send Grant off to Karague, and start myself for Usoga and the Salt Lake in the morning.

This was, indeed, too much of a joke.

Chapter III Usagara Nature of the Country Resumption of the March A Hunt Bombay and Baraka The Slave Hunters The Ivory Merchants Collection of Natural History Specimens A Frightened Village Tracking a Mule.

Five days after this, a party of Sangoro s arrived from Karague, saying they had been detained three months in Usui by Suwarora, who had robbed them of an enormous quantity of property, and oppressed them so that all their porters ran away.

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Rising betimes in the morning, and starting with a good will, we soon reached the first settlements of Mbuiga, from which could be seen a curious blue mountain, standing up like a giant overlooking all the rest of the hills.

Some provisions were now obtained by sending men out to distant villages but we still supplied the camp with our guns, killing rhinoceros, wild boar, antelope, and zebras.

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What joy this was I can hardly tell.


They told me, in fact, with one voice, that it was quite impossible but they said, if I liked they would furnish me guides to escort me on ten marches to a depot HC-031-321-CHS Certification Braindumps at the further end of the Madi country, and if I chose to wait there until they could collect all their ivory tusks together and join us, we would be a united party too formidable to be resisted by the Bari people.

He reported that he had not been allowed to leave the palace earlier, though he pleaded hard that I expected his return and the only excuse he could extract from the king was, that we were coming in charge of many Wakungu, and he had found it necessary to retard our approach in consequence of the famine at Chaguzi.

In reply, I said I would not listen to them, as I had seen enough of them to know it was no use speaking to a pack of unreasonable cowards, having tried it so often before but I sent a message requesting them, if they did desert me at last, to leave my guns and, further, added an intimation that, as soon as they reached the coast, they would be put into prison for three years.

The interview followed.

The Kamraviona and Kidgwiga followed us home, and told Bombay the king did not wish us to leave till next moon, and then he would like us to fight his brothers on the way.

This second performance over, from want of breath only, district officers, one by one, came advancing on tip toe, then pausing, contorting and quivering their bodies, advancing again with a springing gait and outspread arms, which they moved as if they wished to force them out of their joints, in all of which actions they held drum sticks or twigs in their hands, swore with a maniacal voice an oath of their loyalty and devotion to their king, backed by the expression of a hope that he would cut off their heads if they ever turned from his enemies, and then, kneeling before him, they held out their sticks that he might touch them.

This officer gave me a cow and some plantains, and I in return gave him a wire and some beads.

But this only excited his cupidity he watched it twirling round and pointing to the north, and looked and begged again, until, tired of his importunities, I told him I must wait until the Usoga road was open before I could part with it, and then the compass would be nothing to what I would HC-031-321-CHS Cert Guide give him.

We Huawei HC-031-321-CHS Dump Test could not get the Sultan s men to chum with the Wanguana proper they were shy, like wild animals built their huts by themselves and ate and talked by themselves, for they felt themselves inferiors and I had to nominate one of their number to be their chief, answerable for the actions of the whole.

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of what they took from travellers, paying the balance into the royal coffers.

The map HC-031-321-CHS Dump Test was then produced.

He thus assisted me in the protractions of the map, to the countries which lie east and west of the route.

I must wait a day or two, however, that HC-031-321-CHS Test Prep a proper selection might be made and when the marriage came off, I was to chain the fair one two or three days, until she became used to me, else, from mere fright, she might run away.

The king s Kisuahali now came into play, and he was prompt in carrying out the directions he got from myself to approach the hippopotami.

On consenting to do in Rome as the Romans do, when my position was so handsomely acknowledged, I was called in, and found the court sitting much as it was on the first day s interview, only that the number of squatting Wakungu was much diminished and the king, instead of wearing his ten brass and copper rings, had my gold one on his third finger.

There was no objection to his carrying arms.

The small talk of Uganda had much more attractions to his mind than the wonders of the outer world, and he kept it up with his Kamraviona until rain fell and dispersed the company.

Then, as there was no help for it Congow could not detain me when hungry he showed me a little boy, the only child he had, and said, with much fatherly pride, Both the king and queen have called on me to see this fine little fellow and we parted to meet again some other day.

At the advice of Musa, I sent Maula s son off at night to tell the old chief how sorry I was to find the Arabs so hot headed I could not even effect an arrangement with them.

From the top of this enbankment we gain the first sight of the East Coast Range, due west of us, represented by the high elephant s back hill, Mkambaku, in Usagara, which, joining Uraguru, stretches northwards across the Pangani river to Usumbara and the Kilimandjaro, and southwards, with a westerly deflection, across the Lufiji to Southern N yassa.

But though told with great apparent circumspection, I did not credit it, because my men sent on the 15th ultimo for a letter to ascertain his whereabouts had not returned, and they certainly would have done so had he been so near.

Still Rumanika could not understand how it was I spent so much and travelled so far, or how it happened such a great country as ours could be ruled by a woman.

The Wasui elders, contrary to my expectation, then came and congratulated us on our success.

FN 25 It would be necessary for me to take thirty six of Mahamed s men, besides all my own, to go there, which, he said, I was welcome to, but I should have to pay them for their services.

Whilst all this vexations business had been going on in court evidently dictated by extreme jealousy because I showed, as they all thought, a preference for the queen Maula, more than tipsy, brought a Mkungu of some standing at court before me, contrary to all law for as yet no Mganda, save the king s pages, had ever dared enter even the precincts of my camp.

The twenty remaining Wanguana, conversing over the sudden scheme of the deserters, proposed, on one side, sending for them, as, had they seen the Wanyoro arrive, they would have changed their minds but the other side said, What those brutes who said we should all die here if we stayed, and yet dared not face the danger with us, should we now give them a helping hand Never We told them we would share our fate with Bana, and share it we will, for God rules everything every man must die when his time comes.

Presently elephants were seen, also buffalo and the guide, to make the journey propitious, plucked a twig, denuded it of its leaves and branches, waved it like a wand up the line of march, muttered some unintelligible words to himself, broke it in twain, and threw the separated bits on either side of the path.

Associated with the countries Masau or Masai, and Usamburu, which he knew, there was a large mountain, the exact position of which he could not describe.

The only marked difference between the two is in the shape of their horns, as may be seen by the woodcut and in their colour, in which, in both sexes, the Ugogo antelopes resemble the picticandata gazelle of Tibet, except that the former have dark markings on the face.


After walking a mile beyond the palace, we found him in a plantain garden, dressed in imitation of myself, wideawake and all, the perfect picture of a snob.

It appeared that Kamrasi s brothers, when they heard we were coming into Unyoro, murmured, and said to the king, Why are you bringing such guests amongst us, who will practise all kinds of diabolical sorcery, and bring evil on us To which Kamrasi replied, I have invited them to come, and they shall come and if they bring evil with them, let that all fall on my shoulders, for you shall not see them.

These distant people pay their homage to Kamrasi, though they have six degrees of longitude to travel over.

The Luajerri is said to rise in the lake and fall into the Nile, due south of our crossing point.

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I thought it good policy to talk of there being many roads leading through Africa, so that Rumanika might see he had not got, as he thought, the sole key to the interior.

A chase ensued, and he was tracked by his blood when a pongo bush box was started and divided the party.

But, more formidable even than these little men, there were monsters who could not converse with me, and never showed themselves unless they saw women pass by then, in voluptuous excitement, they squeezed them to death.

I soon lost my temper whilst striving to settle the hongo.

He did not wish himself to take anything from us, and hoped we would come on to him as soon as we had satisfied his officers with the trifle they wanted.

Indeed, they said Arabs with enormous caravans had often been plundered by these people but though they had so many more guns than ourselves, they never succeeded in killing one.

A shield was the mark, stuck up at only thirty paces still they were such bad shots that they hardly ever hit it.

Rattling on again as merry as larks, over the same red sandstone formation, we entered a fine forest, and trended on through it as a stiff pace until we arrived at the head of a deep valley called Lohuati, which was so beautiful we instinctively pulled up to admire it.

I sent Maula, early in the morning, with the plundered woman, and desired him to request that the Wanyambo might be dismissed.

Moreover, the villagers, emboldened by my lenity, vauntingly declared they would attack the camp by night, as they could only recognise in us such men as plunder their houses and steal their children.

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But what does Bana want The road to Gani, says Bombay for Huawei HC-031-321-CHS me.

He then offered me his dyabir, as well as anything else that I wanted that lay within his power to give.

He objected, because he had not seen Grant, but appointed an officer to go through Unyoro on to Gani, and begged I would also send men with letters.

His Wanyapara had been despised, and I had been most unjustly treated.

There he walked about the grass with his arm up, and jingling the bell to his ear, first on one side, then on the other, till the track of a hyena gave him the clue, and in two or three more steps he found it.

To cross that tract, the dry season is the best, when all the grass is burnt down, or from the middle of December to the end of March.

It soon, however, subsided and the next day we reached the Springs, where we killed a pig and two rhinoceros.

Baraka s jealousy about his position had not struck me yet.

The punishment for such offences, however, may be commuted by fines of cattle, goats, fowls, or brass wire.

But more of this hereafter.

One of my men saw him coming along carried on a stretcher.

The king s cows, even, are kept in the palace enclosure, the calves actually entering the hut, where, like a farmer, Kamrasi walks amongst them up to his ankles in filth, and, inspecting HC-031-321-CHS Cert Exam them, issues his orders concerning them.

I had no sooner ordered the march than Vittagura counter ordered it, and held a levee to ascertain, as he said, if the Waganda were to go back for though Kamrasi wished to see us, he did not want the Waganda.

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In the best good humour now, I showed Mahamed our picture books and as he said he always drilled his two hundred men every Friday, I said I would, if he liked, command them myself.

To morrow, he added, some more Gani people would arrive here, when we should know more about it.

I saw this HC-031-321-CHS Pdf Exam land pirate Mahamed take a blackmail like a negro chief.

I then made Baraka place all my kit in the middle of the boma, which was a very strong one, keeping out only such beads as I wished HC-031-321-CHS Cert Exam him to use for the men s rations daily, and ordered him to select a few men who would return with me to Kaze when I said, if I could not get all the men I wanted, I would try and induce some one, who would not fear, to go on to Usui failing which, I would even walk back to Zanzibar for men, as nothing in the world would ever induce me to give up the journey.

I said I could not go so far in the sun I would wait till I received the HC-031-321-CHS New Questions promised palace near her.

On this he gave, by Bombay s account, the following curious reason for his conduct You don t understand the matter.

Presents of fish, caught in baskets, were sent us by Kija.

The porters then, seeing Grant all alone, unable to help him, bolted off to inform me and Lumeresi, as the best thing they could do.

it being but one hour s journey by water.

I lastly gave Sheikh Said a doublebarrelled rifle by Blissett, and distributed fifty carbines among the seniors of the expedition, with the condition that they would forfeit them to others more worthy if they did not behave well, but would retain possession of them for ever if they carried them through the journey to my satisfaction.

It is all clad in the upper regions with the slender pole trees which characterise these hills, intermingled with bamboo but the bottoms are characterised by a fine growth of fig trees of great variety along with high grasses whilst near the villages were found good gardens of plantains, and numerous Palmyra trees.

As she said she had absconded because her husband had ill treated her, she was flogged, to teach her better conduct.

The water found here turned our brandy and tea as black as ink.

Then turning to the last one, which could not escape, I asked the Wanyambo to polish him off with their spears and arrows, that I might see their mode of sport.

Shortly after starting this morning, we were summoned by the last officer on the Urigi to take breakfast with him, as he could not allow us to pass by without paying his respects to the king s guests.

He often said he did not know what to think about his guests, now he had got them to which Bombay, in rather successful imitation of what he had Huawei HC-031-321-CHS Dump Test heard me say on like occasions, replied, If you do not like them after you have seen them, cut their heads off, for they are all in your hands.

The Wahuma, although they keep slaves and marry with pure negroes, do not allow their daughters to taint their blood by marrying out of their clan.

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Bombay no sooner arrived in the palace, and saw the king upon his throne, than Mtesa asked him why he came By the instructions of Bana, was his reply for Bana cannot walk in the sun no white man of the sultan s breed can do so.

Very lavish with stale sour pombe, she gave us all some, saving the Wasumbua, whom she addressed very angrily, asking what they wanted, as they have been months in the country.

Of the Karague story, according to which all the Kidi people sleep in trees, Kidgwiga gave me a modified version.

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These Wahuma kings are not like those you ever saw in Unyamuezi or anywhere else they have officers and soldiers like Said Majid, the Sultan at Zanzibar.

Here the river, again making a bend, is lost to sight, and we marched through large woods and cultivated fields to Muhugue, observing, as we passed long, the ochreish colour of the earth, and numerous pits which the copal diggers had made searching for their much valued gum.

This double failure was a more serious affair then a mere slight for my cows were eaten up, and my men clamouring incessantly for food and though they might by orders help themselves ku n yangania by seizing from the Waganda, it hurt my feelings so much to witness this, that I tried from the first to dispense with it, telling the king I had always flogged my men for stealing, and now he turned them into a pack of thieves.

All the maidens, even at the age of puberty, did not hesitate to stand boldly in front of us for evil thoughts were not in their minds.

The country continued the same, but the grass was conspicuously becoming shorter and finer every day so much so, that my men all declared it was a sign of our near approach to England.

With at last a sufficiency of porters, we all set out together, walking over a new style of country.

That, of course, could not be listened to, as it was against the principle of our country.

In addition to the rod and line fishing, a number of men, armed with long heavy poles with two iron spikes, tied prong fashion to one end, rushed to a place over a break in the falls, which tired fish seemed to use as a baiting room, dashed in their forks, holding on by the shaft, and sent men down to disengaged the pined fish and relieve their spears.


Manua, one of my men, who is a twin, said, in Nguru, one of the sister provinces to Unyanyembe, twins are ordered to be killed and thrown into water the moment they are born, lest droughts and famines or floods should oppress the land.

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It happens, however, that they are spell bound, not 9A0-138 Practice Test Pdf knowing their strength any more than domestic animals, and they even seem to consider that they would be dishonest if they ran away after being purchased, and so brought pecuniary loss on their owners.

At last the tax having been settled by the payment of one dubani, two barsati, one sahari, six yards merikani, and three yards kiniki not, however, until I had our tents struck, and threatened to march away if the chief would not take it , I proposed going on with the journey, for our provisions were stored.

To my reply of yesterday I added, I had been led, before entering Unyoro, to regard Kamrasi as the king of all kings the greatest king that ever was, and one worthy to be my father but now, as he expected me to amuse him with toys, he had lowered himself in my estimation to the position of being my child.

Then said the king, turning to me, Did I not tell you I had sent many men to fight These are some of my army returned the rest are coming, and will eventually, when all are collected, go in a body to fight in Usoga.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had been done need not alarm any one.

As the fruit of last night s scheme, the king sent us four goats and two cows.

Again the expedition marched on in the right direction.


About noon the succeeding day, some pages ran in to say we were to come along without a moment s delay, as their king had ordered it.

The country, still flanked on the right by hills, was undulating and very prettily wooded.

The same evening I was attracted by the sound of drums to a neighbouring village, where, by the moonlight, I found the natives were dancing.

Musa remained with him eight or ten days, to his own loss in trade and expense in keeping up a large establishment, and then they parted by mutual consent, Maizan thinking himself quite strong enough to take care of himself.

I called them both together and asked what quarrel they had, but could not extract the truth.

Any one found selling anything to either yourself or your men would be punished.

Strict as the discipline of the exterior court is, that of the interior is not less severe.

This brought on another row for he said both Virembo and Vikora had returned their hongos, and until their tongues were quieted he could not speak to Suwarora.

In addition to his English dress, he wore a turban, and pretended that the glare of the sun was distressing his eyes for, in fact, he wanted me to give him a wideawake like my own.

The Gallas, or Abyssinians, who are tall and fair, like Rumanika, I said, might do so, for they live not far off on the other side of Amara, but we never fight for such paltry objects.

The whole of their country ranges from 3000 to 4000 feet above the sea level a high plateau, studded with little outcropping hills of granite, between which, in the valleys, there are numerous fertilising springs of fresh water, and rich iron ore is found in sandstone.


In the evening Kahala absconded with another little girl of the camp in an opposite direction from the one she took last time but as both of them wandered about not knowing where to go to, and as they omitted to take off all their finery, they were soon recognised as in some way connected with my party, taken up, and brought into camp, where they were well laughed at for their folly, and laughed in turn at the absurdity of their futile venture.

He promised me assistance, but with an air which Huawei-certification HC-031-321-CHS Dump Test seemed to say, What are the sufferings of other men to me So I went home to breakfast, doubting if anything ever would be done.

I had just enough, but none to spare.

The queen now taking a sporting Huawei HC-031-321-CHS Dump Test fit into her head, sent for me early in the morning, with all my men, armed, to shoot a crested crane in her palace but though we were there as required, we were kept waiting till late in the afternoon, when, instead of talking about shooting, as her Wakungu had forbidden her doing it, she asked after her two daughters HC-031-321-CHS Exam Practice Pdf whether they had run away, or if they liked their new abode I replied I was sorry circumstances did not permit my coming to thank her sooner, for I felt grateful beyond measure to her for having charmed my house with such beautiful society.

If you do your duty properly, you will take us at once into Unyoro, make your charge over to these men, and return or not as you like for in doing so you will have fulfilled both Mtesa s, and Kamrasi s orders at once.

This touching appeal was too strong for my heart to withstand, so I called up Sirboko, and told him, if he would liberate this one man to please me he should be no loser and the release was effected.

In short, his succouring petition was most admirably framed, had he stuck to it, for the welfare of both of us.

It was contrary ADR-001 Questions to the laws of our land.

They wear dried lizards on their heads, small goat skin aprons trimmed with little bells, diminutive shields and spears set off with cock hackles their functions in attendance being to administer cups of marwa plantain wine.

He also wanted himself drawn, and all Grant s pictures copied.

The Kamraviona made the following answer But there are two more things the king wishes to know about he has asked the question before, but forgotten the answers.

For instance, one cuts his teeth or tattoos his face in a different manner from the others but by the constant intermarriage with slaves, much of this effect is lost, and it is further lost sight of owing to the prevalence of migrations caused by wars and the division of governments.

In the meanwhile I prepared to call on him.

Such was the case.

I would not accept the lie, saying, How can my children at Gani detain my messengers, when they have 101-400 Exam Paper Pdf received strict orders from me by letter to send an answer quickly It was all Kamrasi s doing, for he had either hidden Bombay, or ordered his officers to take him slowly, as he did us, stopping four days at each stage.

Baker now offered me his boats to go down to Khartum, and asked me if there was anything left undone which it might be of importance for him to go on and complete, by survey or otherwise for, although he should like to go down the river with us, he did not wish to return home without having done something to recompense him for the trouble and expense he had incurred in getting up his large expedition.

Some of Kamrasi s spies, whom he had sent to the refractory allies of Rionga his brother, returned bringing a spear and some grass from the thatch of the hut of a Chopi chief.

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Sheikh Said was there even then, with my poor Hottentots, unable to convey my post to the coast.

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