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A little later in the day, as soon as we had done breakfast, both Rumanika and CompTIA JK0-022 Nnanaji came over to pay us a visit for they thought, as we could find our way all over the world, so we should not find much difficulty in prescribing some magic charms to kill his brother, Rogero, who lived on a hill overlooking the Kitangule.

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Our target practice, whilst instructing the men, astonished him not a little, and produced an exclamation that, with so many guns, we need fear nothing, go where we would.

On hearing our intention to march upon the direct line, he frankly said he thought we should never get through for my men could not travel as he had done, and therefore he advised our deflecting northwards from New Mbumi to join the track leading from Rumuma to Ugogi.

After this 10th to 12th , to my great relief, quite unexpectedly, a man arrived from Usui conveying a present of some ivories from a great mganga or magician, named Dr K yengo, who had sent them to Musa as a recollection from an old friend, begging at the same time for some pretty cloths, as he said he was then engaged as mtongi or caravan director, collecting together all the native caravans desirous of making a grand march to Uganda.

He called in great state, presented a cow and pombe, was much pleased with the picture books, and wished to feast his eyes on all the wonders in the hut.

Still it was most gratifying to myself as I had written to the Geographical Society, on leaving Bogue, that if I found Petherick in Uganda, or on the northern end of the N CompTIA Security+ JK0-022 yanza, so that the Nile question was settled, I would endeavour to reach Zanzibar via the Masai country.

Disgusted with Musa s vacillatory conduct, on the 22d I sent him a letter containing a bit of my mind.

I told her so when she returned, and that I enjoyed her parties all the more because they ended with a dinner.

Putting Dr K yengo s men in front, and going on despite all entreaties to stop, we passed the last bit of jungle, sighted the Kidi hills, and, in a sea of swampy grass, at last we stood in front of and overlooked the great king s palace, situated N.

Bombay here told us Kamrasi at the last moment wished to give me some women and ivory and when told we never accepted anything of that sort, wished to give them to my head servants but this being contrary to standing orders also, he said he would smuggle them down to the boats for Bombay in such a manner that I should not find out.

The next great obstacle in this tug and pull wilderness march presented itself on the 24th, when, after the first half of the property had crossed the Mabunguru nullah, it rose in flood and cut off the rear half.

Viarungi made a petition, on Rumanika s behalf, for an army of Waganda to go to Karague, and fight the refractory brother, Rogero but this was refused, on the plea that the whole army was out fighting at the present moment.

The bird is then sent immediately to his mother, whilst he retires to his palace, woh wohing, and taking ten to the dozen all the way and boasting of his prowess.

This over, as the guns had JK0-022 Vce Dumps to be emptied, and it was thought sinful to waste the bullets, four cows were ordered in and shot by the king.

That, of course, could not be listened to, as it was against the principle of our country.

Just beyond it the valley was clothed with fine trees and luxuriant vegetation of all descriptions, amongst which was conspicuous the pretty pandana palm, and rich gardens of plantains whilst thistles of extraordinary size and wild indigo were the more common weeds.

Now, without going into any lengthy details, and giving Rumanika due credit for everything for had he not ordered his men to give me every information that lay in their power, they would not have done so I will merely say for the present that, whilst they conceived the Victoria N yanza would take a whole month for a canoe to cross it, they thought the Little Luta Nzige might be crossed in a week.

My words must pass through his Mkungu, as well as my interpreter s, before they reached him and, as he had no patience, everything was lost till he suddenly asked Maula, pretending not to know, where my hut was why everybody said I lived so far away and when told, he said, Oh that is very far, he must come nearer.

Kidgwiga s men were deserting, and I feared I should not be able to keep my promise to Kamrasi of sending him another white visitor, who would perhaps do what I had left undone, when I did not follow up the connection of the Little Luta Nzige with the Nile.


The Kamraviona and Kidgwiga followed us home, and told Bombay the king did not wish us to leave till next moon, and then he would like us to fight his brothers on the way.

It was a pattern Unyoro march, of only two hours duration.

There was something specially aggravating in this precedence for it will be remembered that these very brass wires which they saw, I had myself intended for Mtesa, that they were taken from me by Suwarora as far back as Usui, and it would never do, without remonstrance, to have them boastfully paraded before my eyes in this fashion.

The reply to this was, CompTIA JK0-022 that Kamrasi was very much pleased with my fatherly wisdom and advice, and would act up to it, allowing Budja only to approach with one woman we need, however, be under no apprehensions, for Kamrasi s power was infinite the Gani road should be opened even at the spear s point he had been beating the big drum in honour of us the whole day he would not allow any beggars to come and see us, for he wanted us all to himself, and for this reason had ordered a fence to be built all round our house but he had got no present from Grant yet, though all he wanted was his mosquito curtains, whilst he wished my picturebooks to show his women, and be returned.

The day thus ended, and I was dismissed.

He accepted the letter, and put it into his mzungu the tin box I had given him.



At last the tax having been settled by the payment of one dubani, two barsati, one sahari, six yards merikani, and three yards kiniki not, however, until I had our tents struck, and threatened to march away if the chief would not take it , I proposed going on with the journey, for our provisions were stored.

Christian principles, I said, made us what we are, and feeling a sympathy for him made me desirous of taking one of his children to learn in the same school with us, who, on returning to him, could impart what he knew, and, extending the same by course of instruction, would doubtless end by elevating his country to a higher position than it ever knew before, etc.

My protests, however, had no effect upon the escorting Wakungu.

I was enchanted with his appearance, and so were my men, though no one could speak to him but Nasib, who told us he knew him before.

These arrived to convey us across the mouth of a deep rushy swamp to the royal yachting establishment, the Cowes of Uganda, distant five hours travelling from the palace.

They were given.

The king waived the point, and we all started, carrying as a present the things enumerated in the note.

Foraging parties, of necessity, were sent out as soon as the camp was pitched, with cloth for purchases, and strict orders not to use force the upshot of which was, that my people got nothing but a few arrows fired at them by the lurking villagers, and I was abused for my squeamishness.

Still there was a doubt, for the wires might have been cut by him without detection, as from the commencement they were of different lengths.

They were brought by my three men, with Karague pease, flour, and ammunition.


After entering his palace, I immediately called on him to thank him for the great treat he had given me, and presented him, as an earnest of what I thought, with the Colt s revolving rifle and a fair allowance of ammunition.

Moreover, it is his custom to keep visitors waiting on him in this way, for is he not the king of kings, the king of Kittara, which includes all the countries surrounding Unyoro Chapter XVII Unyoro Invitation to the Palace at last Journey to it Bombay s Visit to King Kamrasi Our Reputation as Cannibals Reception at CourtActing the Physician again Royal Mendicancy.

But where was Bombay all this while He did not return till after us, and then, in considerable excitement, he told his tale.

You fancy yourself, they said, in a magnificent army, but the enemy no sooner turn out than the cowardly Wanyoro fly, CompTIA JK0-022 Vce Dumps and sacrifice their ally as soon as not into the hands of the opponents.

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There was also another inducement for stopping here for, after stacking the loads, as we usually did on arriving in camp, against a large gouty limbed tree, a hungry Mgogo, on eyeing our guns, offered his services to show us some bicornis rhinoceros, which, he said paid nightly visits to certain bitter pools that lay in the nullah bottoms not far off.

The rain ceased on the 17th, just as we JK0-022 Exam Dump put the raingauge out, which was at once interpreted to be our Uganga, or religious charm, and therefore the cause of its ceasing.

But what does Bana want The road to Gani, says Bombay for me.

In consequence of this, Lumeresi daily assembled his grey beards and had councils of war in his drum house but though his subjects sent to him constantly for troops, he would not assist them.

This caused great confusion among them but as none of the animals knew where the shots came from, they simply shifted about in a fidgety manner, allowing me to kill the first cow, and even fire a fourth shot, which sickened the great bull, and induced him to walk off, leaving the herd to their fate, who, considerably puzzled, began moving off also.

I was not a merchant who carried merchandise, but a prince like himself, come on a friendly mission to see him and Rumanika.

As nothing further transpired, and I was all in the dark 26th , I wrote to Grant telling him of my interviews with Lumeresi, and requesting him to pay nothing but it was too late, for Grant, to my inexpressible delight, was the next person I 310-053 Practice Test Pdf saw he walked into camp, and then he was a good laugh over all our misfortunes.

Shortly after this we left the highway, and, turning westwards, passed through a dense jungle towards the eastern shores of the Murchison Creek, cut by runnels and rivulets, where on one occasion I offered, by dumb signs to carry the fair ones pick aback over, and after crossing a second myself by a floating log, offered my hand.

An officer observed to salute informally is ordered for execution, when everybody near him rises in an instant, the drums beat, drowning his cries, and the victim of carelessness is dragged off, bound by cords, by a dozen men at once.

I called and described the effects of a lightningrod, and tried to enter into the Unyoro business, wishing to go there at once myself.

Baraka next, with a kind of natural influence of affinity when a row is commenced, made himself so offensive to Bombay, as to send him running to me so agitated with excitement that I thought him drunk.

A little lighter and much more comfortable for the good riddance of those grumbling JK0-022 Guide Tots, we worked up to and soon breasted the stiff ascent of the Mabruki Pass, which we surmounted without much difficult.

He now took his seat for the first time upon the chair, for I had told him, at my last interview, that all kings were expected to bring out some new fashion, or else the world would never make progress and I was directed to sit before him on my grass throne.

During the whole of the two years warfare the loss was only three men on each side.

On the way home, one of the king s favourite women overtook us, walking, with her hands clasped at the back of her head, to execution, crying, N uawo in the most pitiful manner.

He planted himself on his throne, and begged me to sit by his side.

I thought then to myself, as I did at Rumanika s, when I first viewed the Mfumbiro cones, and gathered all my distant geographical information there, that these highly saturated Mountains of the Moon give birth to the Congo as well as to the Nile, and also to the Shire branch of the Zambeze.

The Wanguana still grumbled, swearing they JK0-022 Study Guide Pdf would carry no loads, as they got no rations, and threatening to shoot us if we pressed them, forgetting that their food had been paid for to the king in rifles, chronometers, and other articles, costing about 2000 dollars, and, what was more to the point, that all the ammunition was in our hands.


In the evening I JK0-022 Vce Dumps strolled in the antelope parks, enjoying the scenery and sport excessively.

When the hitherto noisy villagers turned into bed, the silvery moon shed her light on the desolate scene, and the Mgogo guide, taking fright, bolted.

These letters eventually reached home, but not the specimens.

Further, after doing for Manua Sera, they were determined to go on to Ugogo to assist Salem bin Saif and the other merchants on, during which, at the same time, they would fight all the Wagogo who persisted in taking taxes and in harassing caravans.

The JK0-022 Simulation Questions same roystering scene was repeated cups were too small, so the trough was employed and the queen graced it by drinking, pig fashion, first, and then handing it round to the company.

Early this morning I called all the head men of the village together, and demanded the beads to be restored to me for, as I was living with them, they were responsible, according to the laws of the country.

Usually these men despise clothes, and never deign to put any covering on except out of respect, when visiting Kamrasi.

From this, we repaired to the great throne hut, where all his Wakungu at once formed court, and business was commenced.

A gentle hint having come to us that the king s brother, Wazezeru, expected a trifle in virtue of his rank, I sent him a blanket and seventy five blue egg beads.

We were not expected to march again, but being anxious myself to see more of the river, before starting, I obtained leave to go by boat as far as the river was navigable, sending our cattle by land.

Gradually descending from the spur which separates the Lohugati valley from the bed of the Lueru lo Urigi, JK0-022 Vce Dumps or Lake of Urigi, the track led us first through a meadow of much pleasing beauty, and then through a passage between the saddle back domes we had seen from the heights above Lohugati, where a new geological formation especially attracted my notice.

The amalgamation having failed, I wrote some emanicipation tickets, called the Sultan s men all up together, selected the best, gave them these tickets, announced that their pay and all rewards would be placed for the future on the same conditions as those of the Wanguana, and as soon as I saw any signs of improvement in the rest, they would all be treated in the same manner but should they desert, they would find my arm long enough to arrest them on the coast and put them into prison.

One day the people would examine the books, at another throw them aside, say their stomachs were empty, and run away to look for food.

My men now, recollecting JK0-022 Certification Braindumps the powder robbery at Uganda, said king Mtesa would not send his horn when I asked for it, because he was the culprit himself.

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As to the Uganda question, and my desiring him to make friends with Mtesa, in hopes that the influence of trade would prevent any plundering in future, he merely tossed his head.

Should a wife commit any trifling indiscretion, either by word or deed, she is condemned to execution on the spot, bound by the pages and dragged out.

On arrival at 70-533 Dumps Sangua, I found many of them had been seized by some men who, bolder than the rest, had overtaken them whilst gutting their huts, and made them prisoners, demanding of me two slaves and one load of beads for their restitution.

On arrival at Mihambo next day, all the porters brought their pay to me, and said they would not go, for nothing would induce them to advance a step farther.

But they still urged as before, and so forced the king reluctantly to acquiesce, but only on the condition that two of their head men should remain behind until some more of Rumanika s men came to fetch them away in fact, as we had been accredited to him by Rumanika, he wanted to keep some of JK0-022 Real Exam that king s people as a security until we were out of his hands.

To make a stand for it, I turned a drum on its head, when all the courtiers flew at me as if to prevent an outrage, and the king laughed.

The left arm felt half paralysed, the left nostril was choked with mucus, and on the centre of the left shoulder blade I felt a pain as if some one was branding me with a hot iron.

There we found, to our relief, some fisherman, who gave us fish for our dinner, and directions how to proceed.

The Wanyoro had caught a Tartar.

Farther on, also, I came on a party driving one hundred cows, as a present from Mtesa to Rumanika, which the officers in charge said was their king s return for the favour Rumanika had done him in sending me on to him.

Then sending her servant for a bag full of drinking gourds, she made me select six of the best, and begged for my watch.

I wished to send a message to Mtesa by an officer who is starting at once to pay his respects at court but although he received it, and promised to deliver it, Kasoro laughed at me for expecting that one word of it would ever reach the king for, however, appropriate or important the matter might be, it was more than anybody dare do to tell the king, as it would be an infringement of the rule that no one is to speak JK0-022 Practice to him unless in answer to a question.

He had been detained at Kaze ever since I last left it in consequence of the Arabs having provoked a war with Manua Sera, to which he was adverse.

At length we reached the habitations of men a collection of conical huts on the ridge of a small chain of granitic hills lying north west.

Here the knotty question arose again, what territory they, the Arabs, would give to Manua Sera I thought he would not be content unless he got the old place again but as Cyclops said no, that was not in his opinion absolutely necessary, as the lands of Unyanyembe had once before been divided, the matter was settled on the condition that another conference should be held with Manua Sera himself on the subject.

My men had brought no food either for us or their friends, as the cloths they took with them, which were their own, were scarcely sufficient to purchase a meal famines being as bad where they had been as in Ugogo.

Antelopes were common in the jungle, and the hippopotami, though frequenters of the plantain garden and constantly heard, were seldom seen on land in consequence of their unsteady habits.

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We went as before, minus the flag and firing, and met a similar reception.

K yengo went to the palace with fifty prisoners but as the king had taken his women to the small pond, where he has recently placed a tub canoe for purposes of amusement, they did no business.

Murchison, I called at his house to show him my map for the information CompTIA JK0-022 Vce Dumps of the Royal Geographical Society.

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The king listened, but without replying and said, at the conclusion, It is late, now let us move and walked away, preserving famously the lion s gait.

The conversation then turning on London, and the way men and carriages moved up the streets like strings of ants on their migrations, Rumanika said the villages in Ruanda were of enormous extent, and the people great sportsmen, for they turned out in multitudes, with small dogs on whose necks were tied bells, and blowing horns themselves, to hunt leopards.

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To tell her I could not get anything from the king, I knew would be the surest way of eliciting what I wanted from her, because of JK0-022 Practise Questions the jealousy between the two courts and in this instance it was fully proved, for she brightened up at once, and, when I got her to understand something of what I meant by a marriage ceremony, in high good humour entered on a long explanation, to the following effect There are no such things as marriages in Uganda there are no ceremonies attached to it.

Now, having cut the beast s throat to make him hilal, according to Mussulman usage, and thinking we had done enough if I could only return to the first wounded bull and settle him too, we commenced retracing our steps, and by accident came on Grant.

1 represented beef No.

She would not admit, what I suspected, that Meri had induced her to run away but said she was very happy in my house until yester evening, when Rozaro s sister told her she was very stupid living with the Mzungu all alone, and told her to run away which she did, taking the direction of N yamasore s, until some officers finding her, and noticing beads on her neck, and her hair cut, according to the common court fashion, in slopes from a point in the forehead to the breadth of her ears, suspected her to be one of the king s women, and kept her in confinement all night, till Mtesa s men came this morning and brought her back again.

16th to 19th.

The hill tops in many places were breasted with dykes of pure white quartz, just as we had seen in Usui, only that here their direction tended more to the north.

I did not see you the first day, because you being a stranger, it was necessary I should first look into the magic horn to see if all was right and safe and now I can assure you that, whilst I saw I was safe, I also saw that your road would be prosperous.

Oh, says the king, cunningly, if Bana merely wishes to see Usoga, he can do so, and I will send a suitable escort, but no more.

The kirangozi, however, said he would not move a peg unless I gave something more, else he would be seized on his way back.

The acting officer was sent for, and asked for the boats they were all scattered, and could not be collected for a day or two but, even if they were at hand, no boat ever went up or down the river.

This was our third march in Uzaramo we had scarcely seen a man of the country, and had no excessive desire to do so.

On the present emergency I resolved to call upon the queen.

In sound, the language of these people resembles that of the Tibet Tartars.

Wondrous world it was not ten minutes since we parted from the king, yet he had found time to transact this bloody piece of business.

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He answered, I am going to send an army to Usoga to force the way from where your men were turned back.

To the right, at the end of the spur, stretching as far as the eye could reach towards the N yanza, was a rich, well wooded, swampy plain, containing large open patches of water, which not many years since, I was assured, were navigable for miles, but now, like the Urigi lake, were gradually drying up.

We now ventured on a plump application for boats that we might feel our way to Gani by water, supposing the lake and river to be navigable all the way and begged Kitunzi might be appointed to accompany us, in order that whatever was done might be done all with good effect in opening up a new line of commerce, by which articles of European manufacture might find a permanent route to Uganda.

They looked upon plunder as their fortune and right, and my interference as unjustifiable.

Monkeys of various kinds and squirrels harbour in the trees, but are rarely seen.

She halved with her son all the wives of the deceased king not stationed at his grave, taking second choice kept up a palace only little inferior to her son s with large estates, guided the prince elect in the government of the country, and remained until the end of his minority the virtual ruler of the land at any rate, no radical political changes could take place without her sanction.

We were now in U za Ramo, which may mean the country of Ramo, though I have never HP0-D31 Latest Dumps found any natives who could enlighten me on the derivation of this obviously triple word.

The gun obtained us all a speedy admittance, when the king opened conversation by saying, Well, Bana, so you really are going Yes I have enjoyed your hospitality for a long time, and now wish to return to my home.

The boys then told me that a merchant, nickname Msopora, had left the boxes in Ugogo, in charge of some of those Arabs who were detained there, whilst he went rapidly round by the south, following up the Ruaha river to Usanga and Usenga, whence he struck across to Kaze.

The bait took.

Such politeness rather took us aback so, giving our friend a coil of copper wire to keep him in good spirits, I said all our CompTIA Security+ JK0-022 Vce Dumps pleasure rested JK0-022 Exam Guide in seeing the king whatever honours he liked to confer on us we should take with good grace, but one thing he must understand, we came not to trade, but to see him and great kings and therefore the Arabs had no relations with us.


Then, turning to Frij, he said, What would you do if they came go back with them To which Frij said, No, never, when Gani is so near they might cut our heads off, but that is all they could do.

Fortunately he asked me to speak a sentence in English, that he might hear how it sounds and this gave me an opportunity of saying, if he had kept his promise by JK0-022 Test Pdf sending Budja to me, I should have despatched letters to Petherick.

Kurshid Agha became very great friends with us, and, at once making a present of a turkey, a case of wine, and cigars, said he was only sorry for his own sake that we had found a fellow countryman, else he would have had the envied honour of claiming us as his guests, and had the pleasure of transporting us in his vessels down to Khartum.

I brought them to at last by starvation, and then we went on.

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According to appointment I went early this morning to visit Congow.

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At Rumanika s request I then gave Mtesa s pages some ammunition to hurry on with to the great king of Uganda, as his majesty had ordered them to bring him, as quickly as possible, some strengthening powder, and also some powder for his gun.

Kidgwiga paid another visit, and I went to the palace without my gun, wishing the king to fancy all my powder was done, as he had nearly consumed all my store but the consequence was that, after waiting the whole day, I never saw him at all.

To this Dr K yengo, who was now living with Rumanika as his head magician, added that, whilst he was living in Utambara, the Watuta invested his boma six months and finally, when all their cows and stores were exhausted, they killed all the inhabitants but himself, and he only escaped by the power of the charms which he carried about him.

This provoked fresh squabbles.

I had sent for fifty more men on the same terms as themselves, and nothing in the world would make me alter what had been established at the British Consulate.

At length a guide was obtained, and with him came some of those men of the Pig s who returned before for they had a great desire to go with me, but had been deterred, they said, by Baraka and the rest of my men.

As all hopes of being able to get any more men were given up, I called on Bombay and Baraka to make arrangements for my going ahead with the best of my property as I had devised.

After a soaking night, we were kept waiting till noon for the forty porters ordered by Kamrasi, to carry our property to the vessels wherever they might be.

Although, in addition to the journey to the source of the river, I also proposed spending three years in the country, looking up tributaries, inspecting watersheds, navigating the lake, and making collections on all branches of natural history, yet 000 was thought by the Geographical Society too large a sum to expect from the Government so I accepted the half, saying that, whatever the expedition might cost, I would make good the rest, as, under any circumstances, I would complete what I had begun, or die in the attempt.

Further, on the death of the child, she smears herself with butter and ashes, and runs frantically about, tearing her hair and bewailing piteously whilst the men of the place use towards her the foulest language, apparently as if in abuse of her person, but in reality to frighten away the demons who have robbed her nest.

Frij was therefore sent to inspect the armament and brings us all the news.

of beads, whilst he had also paid to every officer from 20 to 40 wires, as well as cloths and beads.

Kitunzi called on me early, because he heard I was sick.

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