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I said I was an Englishman going to Kamrasi s, and did all I could, but without creating the slightest impression.

At last Bombay came back.

Chapter IX History of the Wahuma The Abyssinians and Gallas Theory of Conquest of Inferior by Superior Races The Wahuma and the Kingdom of Kittara Legendary History of the Kingdom of Uganda Its Constitution, and the Ceremonials of the Court.

I said I thought the Kaquenzingiriri could do this but they said, No Suwarora must be told first of your arrival, to prepare him properly for your coming MB2-708 Questions so stop here for three days with two of us, whilst the third one goes to the palace and returns again for you know the chiefs of these countries do not feel safe until they have a look at the uganga.

We now ventured on a plump application for boats that we might feel our way to Gani by water, supposing the lake and river to be navigable all the way and begged Kitunzi might be appointed to accompany us, in order that whatever was done might be done all with good effect in opening up a new line of commerce, by which articles of European manufacture might find a permanent route to Uganda.

Whilst this was going on, the Kamraviona, taking advantage of my having opened the door with the gun, walked in to make his salutations.

To find themselves food with, I had given them all one necklace of beads each per diem since leaving Kaze, in lieu of cloth, which hitherto had been served out for that purpose.

Kitunzi offered an ivory for beads, and when told we were not merchants, and advised to try K yengo, he said he dared not even approach K yengo s camp lest people should tell the king of it, and accuse him of seeking for magical powers against his sovereign.

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The reply was, that the medicine had not taken, and the king was very angry because nothing was given him when he MB2-708 Preparation Materials took the trouble to call on us.


This little interruption over, the articles enumerated below FN 18 were conveyed to the palace in solemn MB2-708 Dumps Pdf procession thus With N yamgundu, Maula, the pages, and myself on the flanks, the Union Jack carried by the kirangozi guide led the way, followed by twelve men as a guard of honour, dressed in red flannel cloaks, and carrying their arms sloped, with fixed bayonets whilst in their rear were the rest of my men, each carrying some article as a present.

It may be presumed that there CAT-ASM-201-518 Test Answers once existed a foreign but compact government in Abyssinia, which, becoming great and powerful, sent out armies on all sides of it, especially to the south, southeast, and west, slave hunting and devastating wherever they went, and in process of time becoming too great for one ruler to control.

Our day s march had been novel and very amusing.

Any toy will amuse them.

To avenge this, Lumeresi headed his host, and was accompanied by my men but they succeeded in nothing save in frightening off their enemies, and regaining possession of the body of the dead woman.

This was the sport Bana must shoot a nundo adjutant for the king s gratification.

Well, what is it we are all attention.

Baraka thought, in his conceit, that he could have done all things better, and gained signal fame, had he been created chief.

I therefore argued that Kamrasi s Microsoft MB2-708 Test Pdf MB2-708 Exam Prep treatment of us was easily MB2-708 Test Pdf Happicabs accounted for he heard of us coming by two routes from an enemy s country, MB2-708 Test Pdf Happicabs and was naturally suspicious of us that had now been changed by our withdrawing, and he invited us to him.

They saw the king, who simply asked, Where is Bana And on being told that I came, but went off again, he said, as I was informed, That is a Microsoft Certification MB2-708 Test Pdf lie, for had he come here to see me he would not have returned then rising, he walked away and left the men to follow me.

I went to the palace, and found, as usual, a large levee waiting the king s pleasure to appear amongst whom were the Kamraviona, Masimbi, and the king s sister Miengo.

To please myself now I had done quite enough but as the princes would have it, I went on with the chase.

I saw Mahamed march his regiment out of the place, drums and fifes playing, colours flying, a hundred guns firing, officers riding, some of them on donkeys and others yes, actually on cows whilst a host of the natives, Rionga s men included, carrying spears and bows and arrows, looked little like a peaceful caravan of merchants, but very much resembled a band of marauders.

Truly there seemed to be nothing but misery here food was so scarce the villagers sought for wild berries and fruits whilst the Turks helped themselves out of their half filled bins a small reserve store to last up to the far distant harvest.

Kasoro with his children now came before us in their usual merry manner and, after saluting, told us how the deserters, on reaching Uganda, begged for leave to proceed to Karague but Mtesa, who would only allow two of MB2-708 Test Pdf them to approach him, abused them, saying, Did I not command you to take Bana to Gani at all risks If there was no road by land, you were to go by water or, if that failed, to go under ground, or in the air above, and if he died, you were to die with him what, then, do you mean by deserting him and flying here You shall not move a yard from this until I receive a messenger from him to hear what he has got to say on the matter.

Not a villager was to be seen for miles round not a plantain remained on the trees, nor was there even a sweet potato to be found in the ground.

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I then put in a word for myself.

I found that he had a complication of evils entirely beyond my healing power, and among them inveterate forms of the diseases which are generally associated with civilisation and its social evils.

On my asking if the army was intended to fight, he replied, in short, First to feel the way.

Lastly, there was one donkey beaten to death by the savages.

Chapter IV Ugogo, and the Wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali The Lie of the Country Rhinoceros Stalking Scuffle of Villagers over a Carcass Chief Short Legs and His Successors BuffaloShooting Getting Lost A Troublesome Sultan Desertions from the Camp Getting Plundered Wilderness March Diplomatic Relations with the Local Powers Manua Sera s Story Christmas The Relief from Kaze This day s work led us from the hilly Usagara range into the more level lands of the interior.


I brought them to at last by starvation, and then we went on.

Fines of cows, goats, and fowls are brought in and presented they are smoothed down by the offender s hands, and then applied to his face, to show there is no evil spirit lurking in the gift then thanks are proferred for the leniency MB2-708 Dumps Pass4sure of the king in letting the presenter off so cheaply, and the pardoned man retires, full of smiles, to the ranks of the squatters.

Maula now came again, after receiving repeated and angry messages, and I forced him to make a move.

I declined to gratify it, taking my stand on my dignity there was no occasion for any distrust on such a trifling matter as that, for I was not a merchant who sought for gain, but had come, at great expense, to see the king of this region.

Some of M yonga s men who had plundered Grant now caught a Tartar.

Drums then began to beat, and men to hurry to and fro with spears and shields, until at last our guns were heard, and, guessing MB2-708 Certification Answers the cause, Bombay with his Waganda escort rushed out of the hut into the jungle, and, without daring to venture on the beaten track, through thorns and thicket worked his way back to me, lame, and scratched all over with thorns.

To which the great king retorted, If you have not got flour, that is not my fault, for I ordered your master to come slowly, and to bring provisions along with him.

This was alarming, for I feared I should be served the same trick, especially as all the people said this kind of treatment was a mere matter of custom which those great kings demanded as a respect due to their dignity and Bombay added, with laughter, they make all manner of fuss to entice one to come when in the distance, but when they have got you in their power they become haughty about it, and think only of how they can best impose on your mind the great consequence which they affect before their own people.

The land beyond that again rolled back in high undulations, over which, in the far distance, we could see a line of cones, red and bare on their tops, guttered down with white streaks, looking for all the world like recent volcanoes and in the far background, rising higher than all, were the rich grassy hills of Karague and Kishakka.

Mtesa, then seeing MB2-708 Test Pdf a flaw in K yengo s statements, called him a story TB0-103 Answers teller ordered him and his party away, and bade me draw near.

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Rohinda the Sixth, who was his grandfather, numbered so many years that people thought he would never die and he even became so concerned himself about it, reflecting that his son Dagara would never enjoy the benefit of his position as MB2-708 Test Pdf successor to the crown of Karague, that he took some magic powders and charmed away his life.

I called at the palace, but saw nothing of the king, though the court was full of officials and there were no less than 150 women, besides girls, goats, and various other things, seizures from refractory state officers, who, it MB2-708 Questions And Answers Pdf was said, had been too proud to present themselves at court for a period exceeding propriety.

At midnight 16th I was startled in my sleep by the hurried tramp of several men, who rushed in to say they were Grant s porters Bogue men who had deserted him.

Here the first man to meet me was the fugitive chief of Rubuga, Maula.

Hearing it would be considered indecent haste to present my tributary offering at once, I paid my morning s visit, only taking Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation MB2-708 my revolving pistol, as I knew Rumanika had expressed a strong wish to see it.

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The water ran deep between its banks, which were covered with fine grass, soft cloudy acacias, and festoons of lilac convolvuli whilst here and there, where the land had slipped above the rapids, bared places of red earth could be seen, like that of Devonshire there, too, the waters, impeded by a natural dam, looked like a huge mill pond, sullen and dark, in which two crocodiles, laving about, were looking out for prey.

Nothing as yet, I now found, had been done to further our march.

As a wind up to the day s amusement, the king led the band of drums, changed the men according to their powers, put them into concert pitch, and readily detected every slight irregularity, showing himself a thorough musician.

Early in the morning the king bade us come to him to say farewell.

The acting officer absconded, but another man came in his place, and offered to take us on the way up the river to morrow, humbugging Kasoro into the belief that his road to the palace would branch off from the first state, though in reality it was here.

Then about fighting his brothers, we MB2-708 Dump have already given answer that we never fight with black men and should the king persist in it, we will never take another thing from his hands.

Deputies came in the evening with a pot of pombe and small screw of butter, to tell me some Gani people had just arrived, bringing information that the vessel at Gani had left to go down the river but when intelligence reached the vessel of MB2-708 Prep Guide the approach of my men they turned and came back again.

One man, little Rahan rip as he is stood with cocked gun, defending his load, against five savages with uplifted spears.

Many of them were absolutely ruined, they said others had their houses full of stores unemployed.


To my surprise, the natives who were with me would not touch his flesh, though pressed by me to n yam n yam, or to eat.

This was for the purpose of making us his tools in his conflict with his brothers.

There must have been some special reason why, in a court where trifling breaches of etiquette were punished with a cruel death, so grave a crime should have been so leniently dealt with but I could not get at the bottom of the affair.

Then why did he invite me here He heard that Makaka, and afterwards Lumeresi, had stopped your progress and as he wished to see what you were like, he ordered me to send some men to you, which, as you know, I did twice.

Many mendicant women, called by some Wichwezi, by others Mabandwa, all wearing the most fantastic dresses of mbugu, covered with beads, shells, and sticks, MB2-708 Test Pdf danced before us, singing a comic song, the chorus of which was a long shrill rolling Cooroo coo roo, coo roo coo roo, delivered as they came to a standstill.

The officer sent to procure boats, impudently saying there were none, was put in the stocks by Kasoro, whilst other men went to Kirindi for sailors, and down the stream for boats.

The king them, in high good humour, said, You have called on me many times without broaching the subject of Usoga, and perhaps you may fancy we are not exerting ourselves in the matter but my army is only now returning from war meaning plundering in Unyoro , and I am collecting another one, which will open Usoga effectually.

The tricking scoundrel on quietly saying he could not be answerable for other men s actions if they stole goats, and he could not recognise a man as his chief whom the Sheikh, merely by a whim of his own, thought proper to appoint was condemned to be tied up for the MB2-708 Brain Dumps night with the prospect of a flogging in the morning.

Kind as he looked and spoke, he forgot all his promises about coveting my property, and scarcely got over the first salutation before he began begging for many things that he saw, and more especially for a deole, in MB2-708 order that he might wear it on all great occasions, to show his contemporaries what a magnanimous man his white visitor was.


These two worthies reached the palace, after crossing twelve considerable streams, of which one was the Luajerri, rising in the lake.

All the Wagungu talked in whispers, and nothing was heard but the never ceasing harps and harmonicons.

I shot a montana antelope, and sent its head and skin back to Grant, accompanied with my daily report to Rumanika.

That being negatived, he told us to put our hut in order, as Kamrasi was coming to see us.

This Baker at once undertook, though he said he did not want my property and I drew out suggestions for him how to proceed.

Grant here shot a rhinoceros, which came well into play to mix with the day s flour we had carried on from Vihembe.

There would be no danger, as Kamrasi was his brother in law, and would do all that he told him.

The presence of people who brought such results was of course by no means desirable.

They no sooner did so than the drums beat, and Makaka, in the best humour possible, came over to say I had permission to go when I liked, but he hoped I would give him a gun and a box of lucifers.

At first all the villagers, thinking us Turks, bolted away with their cattle and what stores they could carry but, after finding out who we were, they returned again, and gave us a good reception, helping us to rig up a shed with grass, and bringing a cow and some milk for our dinner.

Next we went to the queen to bid her farewell, but did not see her.

Dr K yengo s men had been sent out to our camp to observe if anybody received presents from us, as Kamrasi feared his subjects would have the fleecing of us before his turn came and these men had reported the two cows given by me as mentioned above.

Here, as we entered, we saw sitting cross legged on the ground Rumanika the king, and his brother Nnanaji, both of them men of noble appearance and size.

The whole country along the banks of the river, and near some impenetrable forests, was alive with antelopes, principally hartebeests, but I would not fire at them until it was time to return, as the villagers led me to expect buffaloes.

In the morning, when our men went for water to the springs, some Waganda in ambush threw a spear at them, and this time caught a Tartar, for the horns, as they called their guns, were loaded, and two of them received shot wounds.

Should anybody by chance happen to be seen, he is at once hunted down by the MB2-708 Vce And Pdf pages, robbed of everything he possessed, and may count himself very lucky if nothing worse happens.

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The master of the hunt exposes his spoils such as antelopes, cats, porcupines, curious rats, etc.

I said, in Kisuahili, Kbakka king , my men are afraid to tell you what I want to say when Maula, taking advantage of my having engaged his attention, though the king did not understand one word I said, said of himself, by way of currying favour, I saw a wonderful gun in Rumankika s hands, with six barrells not a short one like your fiver meaning the revolving pistol but a long one, as long as my arm.

The chief, too, said he would not sell us his donkeys, lest we should give them back to Mohinna, from whom they were taken during his fight here.

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The poor boy, in a dreadful fright, said he had acted under the instructions of the Kamraviona there was no harm done, for Bana s men were not hurt.

When this was explained to him, I showed him that it was for the interest of his own kingdom to keep a check on Suwarora, whose exorbitant taxations prevented the Arabs from coming to see him and bringing things from all parts of the world.

They did no harm, however, excepting to create a slight alarm, which some neighbouring villagers took advantage of to run of with two of my cows.

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Baraka, for instance, had with him the daughter of Ungurue, chief of Phunze Wadimoyo, a woman called Manamaka Sangizo, his wife and sister but Bombay had not got one, and mourned for a girl he had set his eyes on, unfortunately for himself letting Baraka into his confidence.

The eldest brother offered me his cup of pombe, thinking I would not drink it but when he saw its contents vanishing fast, he cried lekerow hold fast and as I pretended not to understand him, continuing to drink, he rudely snatched the cup from my lips.

I wished to be communicative, and, giving him a purse of money, told him the use and value of the several coins but he paid little regard to them, and soon put them down.

I must ascertain why he despised Englishmen without speaking with them, and I could not believe Kamrasi would prove less avaricious than either Rumanika or Mtesa, especially as Rumanika had made himself responsible for our actions.

In the evening after this, as the king wished to see all my scientific instruments, we walked down to the camp and as he did not beg for anything, I gave him some gold and mother of pearl shirt studs to swell up his trinket box.

Arguments were useless, for, simply because they were tired of going on, they WOULD not see that as they were receiving pay every day, they therefore ought to work every day.

He now took his seat for the first time upon the chair, for I had told him, at my last interview, that all kings were expected to bring out some new fashion, or else the world would never make progress and I was directed to sit before him on my grass throne.

There, after walking a short while in the bush, as I heard the grunt of a buffalo close on my left, I took Blissett in hand, and walked to where I soon espied a large herd quietly feeding.

This was a bad beginning, and caused a few of the usual anathemas in which our countrymen give vent to their irritation.

General Wynyard, the Commander inChief, to detach ten volunteers from the Cape Mounted Rifle Corps to accompany me.

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In consequence MB2-708 Test Pdf Happicabs of my having explained to the king the effect of the process of distilling, and the way of doing it, he sent a number of earthen pots and bugus of pombe that I might produce some spirits for him but as the pots sent were not made after the proper fashion, I called at the palace and waited all day in the hope of seeing him.

Further, I need be under no apprehension if I did not find men at once to go on the three respective journeys it should be all done in good time, for he loved me much, and desired to show us so much respect that his name should be celebrated for it in songs of praise until he was bowed down by years, and even after death it should be Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation MB2-708 remembered.

I asked if Kamrasi was afraid of us, and looking into his magic horn and was answered, No he is very anxious to see you, or he would not have sent six of his highest officers to look after you, and prevent the unruly peasantry from molesting you.

The perk monkeys, however, turned up their noses at such menial service, and Uledi was instructed in their stead.

To day I sent Bombay to the palace for food.

To this Kamrasi was said to have replied, I will accept your statements, but you must remain with me until they come.

At the Grand Falls below this, Kidgwiga informs us, the king had the heads of one hundred men, prisoners taken in war against Rionga, cut off and thrown into the river.

Hearing this, the Wakungu said, Oh, that can never be allowed without the sanction of the king but the queen, rising in her seat, expressed her scorn at the idea to taking advice from a mere stripling, and submitted herself for examination.

After passing, without landmarks to guide us, by an intricate channel, through foaming surfs, we arrived at Zanzibar in the night, and found that the vessel had got in before us.

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Now leaving the open parks of pretty acacias, we followed up the Mgazi branch of the Mgeta, traversed large tree jungles, where the tall palm is conspicuous, and drew up under the lumpy Mkambaku, to find a residence for the day.

which MB2-708 Test Pdf Happicabs order only changed with the eleventh reign, when Rusatira ascended the throne, and was succeeded by Mehinga, then Kalimera, then Ntare VII.

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