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It is the same piece of water we heard of in Karague as the Little Luta Nzige, beyond Utumbi and the same story of Unyoro being an island circumscribed by it and the Victoria N yanza connected by the Nile, is related here, showing that both the Karague and Unyoro people, as indeed all SFC2.5 Practice Test Pdf negroes and Arabs, have the common defect in their language, of using the same word for a peninsula and an SpringSource SFC2.5 Labs island.

Had we returned to Uganda, Mtesa would have given us the road through Masai, which, in my opinion, is nearer for us than this one.

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then Dagara, and now Rumanika.

He sent us to day two pots of pombe, one sack of salt, and what might be called a screw of butter, with an assurance that the half of everything that came to his house and everything was brought from great distances in boats he would give me but for the present the only thing he was in need of was some medicine or stimulants.

Next morning, however, on seeing me actually preparing to start, Lumeresi found he could not let me go until I increased the tax by three more cloths, as some of his family complained that they had got nothing.



The first thing in the morning I wished to have at them but SFC2.5 Labs they took the hint of daybreak to make off, and left me only the half of the animal.

He observed that, To open either of those routes, you would require at least two hundred guns.

As nothing was done all day, I took the usual promenade in the Seraglio Park, and was accosted by a very pretty little woman, Kariana, wife of Dumba, who, very neatly dressed, was returning from a visit.

Some Waganda hurrying in, confirmed the report of last night, and said the Wanguana, footsore, had been left at the Uganda frontier, expecting us to return, as Mtesa, at the same time that he approved highly of my having sent men back to inform him of Kamrasi s conduct, begged we would instantly return, even if found within one march of Kamrasi s, for he had much of importance SFC2.5 Labs Happicabs to tell his friend Bana.

When the review was over, I complimented Mahamed on the efficiency of his corps, and, retiring to my hut, as I thought I had him now in a good humour, again discussed our plans for going ahead the next day.

K yengo was sent with all his men on a Wakungu seizing expedition, a good job for him, as it was his perquisite to receive the major part of the plunder himself.

Till now, owing to the strict laws of the country, I had not been able to call upon anybody but the king himself.

Hearing this, the king looked at the boy and then at the women in turn, to ascertain what they thought of my opinion, whereupon the boy cried.

It appeared that Kamrasi s brothers, when they heard we were coming into Unyoro, murmured, and said to the king, Why are you bringing such guests amongst us, who will practise all kinds of diabolical sorcery, and bring evil on us To which Kamrasi replied, I have invited them to come, and they shall come and if they bring evil with them, let that all fall on my shoulders, for you shall not see them.

We found, however, nothing but loss and disappointment one calf stolen, and five goats nearly so.

In consequence of this, the women look after the household work such as brewing, cooking, grinding corn, making pottery and baskets, and taking care of the house and the children, besides helping the slaves whilst cultivating, or even tending the cattle sometimes.

In a little while, as soon as he had time to dress, the king, walking like a lion, sallied forth, leading his white dog, and beckoned me to follow him to the state hut, the court of which was filled with squatting men as usual, well dressed, and keeping perfect order.

The land beyond that again rolled back in high undulations, over which, in the far distance, we could see a line of cones, red and bare on their tops, guttered down with white streaks, looking for all the world like recent volcanoes and in the far background, rising higher than all, were the rich grassy hills of Karague and Kishakka.

Here, for the first time in this part of the world, I found good English peas growing.

Joining in their talk, I told them the powder must be crooked but, on inspecting my rifle closer, I found that the sights had been knocked on one side a little, and this created a general laugh at all in turn.

There we found, to our relief, some fisherman, who gave us fish for our dinner, and directions how to proceed.

To this provocation Baraka mildly made the retort, Pray don t put yourself in a passion, nobody is hurting you, it is all in your own heart, which is full of suspicions and jealousy without the slightest cause.

Baraka, who never would have joined the expedition excepting through his invitation, was indebted to him for the rank he now enjoyed a command over seventy men, a SpringSource SFC2.5 Labs duty in which he might have distinguished himself as a most useful accessory to the camp.

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I knew Bombay to be a generous, honest man, entitled by his former services to be in the position he was now holding as fundi, or supervisor in the camp.

Neither my experience with native chiefs, nor my money and guns, were of any use to S90-05A Exam Guide me, simply because my men were such incomprehensible fools, though many of them who had travelled before ought to have known better.

This promise might probably be fulfilled six blessed hours from the time when it was made but I thought to myself, every place in Uganda is alike when there is no company at home, and so I resolved to sit the time out, like Patience on a monument, hoping something funny might turn up after all.

He pressed us strongly to COG-310 Study Guide stop another day whilst he sought for them, but I told him I would not, as his magic powder was weak, else he would have found the scabbard we lost long before this.

I thought it not wonderful that we should be fleeced.

What SFC2.5 is it, your majesty I can see nothing in your face it may perhaps require a private inspection.


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A small black fly, with thick shoulders and bullet head, infests the place, and torments the naked arms and legs of the people with its sharp stings to an extent that must render life miserable to them.

Tell my brother to keep his mind at rest Bombay is now on the SFC2.5 Book boundary of Gani coming here, and will in due course arrive.

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Nowhere in the interior are natives so well clad as these creatures.

He appeared a little more affable to day, yet still delighted in nothing but what was frivolous.

FN 21 Returning home, I found the men who had charge of the dead buck all in a state of excitement they no sooner removed his carcass, than two lions came out of the jungle and lapped his blood.

Woh, woh, woh shouted the king Bana, Mzungu, Mzungu he repeated, leaping and clapping his hands, as he ran full speed to the prostrate bird, whilst the drums beat, and the Wakungu followed him Now, is not this a wonder but we must go and shoot another.

I ascertained then that the salt, which was very white and pure, came from an island on the Little Luta Nzige, about sixty miles west from the Chaguzi palace, where the lake is said to be forty or fifty miles wide.

After this, one more was shot dead and two others wounded.

There are no historical traditions known to the people neither was anything ever written concerning their country, as far as we know, until the Hindus, who traded with the east coast of Africa, opened commercial dealings with its people in salves and ivory, possibly some time prior to the birth of our Saviour, when, associated with their name, Men of the Moon, sprang into existence the Mountains of the Moon.


Next day the 28th we went on to Europa, a small island of coralline, covered with salsolacious shrubs, and tenanted only by sea birds, owls, finches, rats, and turtles.

A man was preceding her, but did not touch her for she loved to obey the orders of her king voluntarily, and in consequence of previous attachment, was permitted, as a mark of distinction, to walk free.

This was too provoking.

Beads were imported, he thought, both from the east and from Ukidi.

Slavery, I may add, is one great cause of laziness, for the masters become too proud to work, lest they should be thought slaves themselves.

For her kind condescension in assuming plain raiment, everybody, of course, n yanzigged.

It is dedicated in some mysterious manner to Lubari Almighty , and although the king appeared to have authority over some of the inhabitants of it, yet others had apparently a sacred character, exempting them from the civil power, and he had no right to dispose of the land itself.

With regret I also sent back the camera because I saw, had I allowed my companion to keep working it, the heat he was subjected to in the little tent whilst preparing and fixing his plates would very soon have killed him.

Before going home we had some more polite conversation, during which the queen played with a toy in the shape of a cocoa du mer, studded all over with cowries this was a sort of doll, or symbol of a baby and her dandling it was held to indicate that she would ever remain a widow.


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I replied, If Mtesa wishes you to see my vessels SFC2.5 Test Exam and all the wonders they contain, as far as I am concerned you may do so, and I shall be only too happy to show you a little English hospitality but the road is in Kamrasi s hands, and his wishes must now be heard.

Mahamed now disposed of half of his herd of cows, giving them to the chiefs of the villages in return for porters.

In the evening I took a walk with Kahala, dressed in a red scarf, and in company with Lugoi, to show my children off in the gardens to my fair friends of yesterday.

He advised SFC2.5 Dumps Pdf my returning to Karague, when Rumanika would give me an escort through Nkole to Unyoro but finding that did not suit my views, as I swore I would never retrace one step, he proposed my going by boat to Unyoro, following down the Nile.

In my haste to meet Petherick s expedition, I would listen to nothing, but pushed rapidly on, despite all entreaties to stop, both from the chief and from my porters, who, I saw clearly, wished to do me out of another day.

Maula now came again, after receiving repeated and angry messages, and I forced him to make a move.

Any venture attracts them when hard up for food and the more roving it is, the better they like it.

In five boats of five planks each, tied together and caulked with mbugu rags, I started with twelve Wanguana, Kasoro and his pagefollowers, and a small crew, to reach Kamrasi s palace in Unyoro goats, dogs, and kit, besides grain and dried meat, filling up the complement but how many days it would take nobody knew.

In the earliest times the Wahuma of Unyoro regarded all their lands bordering on the Victoria Lake as their garden, owing to its exceeding fertility, and imposed the epithet of Wiru, or slaves, upon its people, because they had to supply the imperial government with food and clothing.

Then emerging from the wilderness, we came into the open cultivated district of Tura, or put down called so by the natives because it was, only a few years ago, the first cleared space in the wilderness, and served as a good halting station, after the normal ten day s march in the jungles, where we had now been struggling more than a month.


I talked with him in as friendly and flattering a manner as I could, dwelling on his shooting, the pleasant cruising on the lake, and our sundry picnics, as well as the grand prospect there was now of opening the country to trade, by which his guns, the best in the world, would be fed with powder and other small matters of a like nature, to which he replied with great feeling and good taste.

Though he spoke in this manner, still I knew that there was something rankling in his mind which depressed his spirits as long as he remained with us, though what it was I could not comprehend, nor did I fully understand it till months afterwards.

To which Nasib also added, Ah, yes indeed it is so a monstrous success there is great ceremony as well as business at these courts you will better see what I mean when you get to Uganda.

When killing a cow, they kneel down in an attitude of prayer, with both hands together, held palm upwards, and utter Zu, a word the meaning of which he did not know.

I then promised I would do what I could when I reached the palace, but feared to do anything in the distance.

Then followed contests for the right of appropriating the taxes, and the whole ended in the closing of the road, which both parties were equally anxious to keep open for their mutual gain.

Still my mind was so excited and anxious that, after remaining one day here to enjoy Grant s society, I pushed ahead again, taking Bombay with me, and had breakfast at Mchimeka s.

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They then said we might go as soon as we had settled with the Wahinda or Wanawami the king s children , for Suwarora could not see us this time, as he was so engaged with his army but he hoped to see us and pay us more respect when we returned from Uganda, little thinking that I had sworn in my mind never to see him, or return that way again.

As with the tribal marks so with their weapons those most commonly in use are the spear, assage, shield, bow and arrow.

I said nothing but, with my heart in my shoes, I gave what I thought their due for coming so far, and motioned them to be off then calling on the Pig for his decision, I tried to argue again, though I saw it was no use, for there was not one of my own men who wished to go on.

To this I objected, as so many had tried it and failed, from reasons which had not transpired and, at the same time, I said that if they would give me 000 down at once, I would return to Zanzibar at the end of the year, March to Kaze again, and make the necessary investigations of the Victoria lake.

He was very handsome, and looked as I now saw him the very picture of a captain of the banditti of the romances.

I, of course, gave him beads in return.

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They had also many hundreds of cattle, which it was said they had plundered from the natives, and now used for food, or to exchange for ivory, or other purposes.

The king sent me a pot of pombe to day, inquiring after my health, and saying he would like to take the medicine I gave him if I would send Frij over to administer it, but he would be ashamed SpringSource SFC2.5 to swallow pills before me.

The king took this opportunity again to remind me that he wanted a heavy solid double gun, such as would last him all his life and intimated that in a few days the arms and robes of honour were to be sent.

The king jokingly looked at me and laughed, and then at these strange creatures, by turn, as much as to say, What do you think of them but no voice was heard save that of the old wife, who croaked like a frog for water, and, when some was brought, croaked again because it was not the purest SFC2.5 Labs of the lake s produce had the first cup changed, wetted her lips with the second, and hobbled away in the same manner as she came.

The officer sent to procure boats, impudently saying there were none, was put in the stocks by Kasoro, whilst other men went to Kirindi for sailors, and down the stream for boats.

Delighted with this unexpected prize, he immediately shot fifteen birds flying, and ordered the men to acquaint me with his prowess.

He was immensely pleased with the present I had given him, and said he was much and very unjustly abused by the Arabs, who never came this way, saying he was a bad man.

Finding the flour of the country too bitter to eat by itself, we sweetened it with ripe plantains, and made a good cake of it.

The square, flat topped tembes had now been left behind, and instead the villagers lived in small collections of grass huts, surrounded by palisades of tall poles.

Hembe, who lives in the centre of an almost impenetrable thicket, confessed that he was the murderer, but said the fault did not rest with him, as he merely carried out the instructions of his father, Mzungera, who, a Diwan on the coast, sent him a letter directing his actions.

Oh yes of course Bana wrote to Bana Mdogo the little master as soon as he arrived in Uganda and told him and Rumanika all about it.

Here we were overtaken SFC2.5 Exam Test by Rozaro, who had remained behind, as I now found, to collect a large number of Wanyambo, whom he called his children, to share with him the gratuitous living these creatures always look out for on a march of this nature.

At one place, the good natured simple people, as soon as we reached A2010-574 Pdf their village, spread a skin, deposited a stool upon it, and placed in front two pots of pombe.

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It is considered HP0-210 Test very indecorous in Uganda to call upon two persons in one day, though even the king or the queen SFC2.5 Labs should be one of them.

Two of their men fell one killed, one wounded.

It is such sad sights, and SFC2.5 Questions And Answers the obvious want of peace and prosperity, that weary the traveller, and make him every think of pushing on to his journey s end from the instant he enters Africa until he quits the country.

He did not want property it was only the pleasure of my company that he wanted, to enable him to tell all his friends what a great man had lived in his house.


He expected a chair to sit upon, and got a box, as at home he has a throne only a little inferior to Kamrasi s.

In the evening four pots of pombe and a pack of flour were brought, together with the chronometer, which was sent to be wound up damaged of course the seconds hand had been dislodged.

It is needless to say I have been a wanderer since and though I wish to make friends, they will not allow it, but do all they can to hunt me to death.

Instead, however, of seeing him myself, as he feared my evil eye, I conducted the arrangements for the hongo through Baraka, in the same way as I did at M yonga s, directing that it should be limited to the small sum of one barsati and four yards kiniki.

One bracelet of fine twisted brass wire adorned his left wrist, and his hair, half an inch long, was worked up into small peppercorn like knobs by rubbing the hand circularly over the crown of the head.

Rising betimes in the morning, and starting with a good will, we soon reached the first settlements of Mbuiga, from which could be seen a curious blue mountain, standing up like a giant overlooking all the rest of the hills.

A circumstance arose here, which, insignificant though it appeared, is worth noting, to show how careful one must be in understanding and dealing with negro servants.

Their footprints being well defined in the moist sandy soil, we soon found the herd again but as they now knew they were pursued, they kept moving on in short runs at a time, when, occasionally gaining glimpses of their large dark bodies as they forced through the bush, I repeated my shots and struck a good number, some more Core Spring 2.5 Certification SFC2.5 Labs and some less severely.

It was too late, however, to count all the things out, so they came the next day and took them.

Such precaution was only natural and reasonable on Kamrasi s part, and what had been done need not alarm any one.

It was obvious that the chief merely intended to prevent Grant from passing through or evading his district without paying a hongo, else he would not have sent his men to invite him to his palace, doubtless with instructions, if necessary, to use force.

The chief, as I have said, was a slave, placed there by the Arabs on the condition that he would allow all traders and travellers to help themselves without payment as long as they chose to reside there.

When he was gone, Bombay said there was not one man in the camp, besides his own set, who wished to go on to Egypt for they had constant arguments amongst themselves about it and whilst Bombay always said he would follow me wherever I led, Baraka and those who held by him abused him and his set for having tricked them away from Zanzibar, under the false hopes that the road was quite safe.

But what led us this way we have told you before it was to see your majesty in particular, and the great kings of Africa and at the same time to open another road to the north, whereby the best manufactures or Europe would find their way to Karague, and you would get so many more guests.

Early in the morning, as I expected, she demanded my immediate attendance and so the little diplomatic affair I had anticipated came on.

The greatest man we found here was a broken down ivory merchant called Sirboko, who gave us a good hut to live in.

In an instant all three sprang on their legs and scampered off.

Each day, SFC2.5 Vce while we resided here, cries were raised by the villagers that the Wahumba were coming, and then all the cattle out in the plains, both far and near, were driven into the village for protection.

Still it was a sight that attracted one to it for hours the roar of the waters, the thousands of passenger fish, leaping at the falls with all their might the Wasoga and Waganda fisherman coming out in boats and taking post on all the rocks with rod and hook, hippopotami and crocodiles lying sleepily on the water, the ferry at work above the falls, and cattle driven down to drink at the margin of the lake, made, in all, with the pretty nature of the country small hills, grassy topped, with trees in the folds, and gardens on the lower slopes as interesting a picture as one could wish to see.

The day after, I took pills and blistered my chest all over, still Lumeresi would not let me alone, nor come to any kind of terms until the 25th, when he said he would take a certain number of pretty common cloths for his children if I would throw in a red blanket for himself.

At night I overheard a chat between Sangizo, a Myamuezi, and Ntalo, a freed man of Zanzibar, very characteristic of their way of chaffing.

3d to 13th.

Lumeresi also having heard of it, tried to interpose, according to a plan arranged between us in case of such a thing happening, by sending his officers to Ruhe, with an order not to check my brother s march, as I had settled accounts for all.

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This, of course, was objected to on the plea that it was my own affair.

My son has tried all the roads without success, and now he is ashamed to meet Bana face to face.


He answered, with his usual courtesy, That he would be very glad to SFC2.5 Labs Happicabs oblige us in any way that we liked but he feared that, as the Waganda were such superstitious people, some difficulties would arise, and he must decline to comply with our request.

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